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  1. Environment Kansas City To Be Put Under UN Sanctions?
  2. Elections Worthless early poll has McCain with solid lead
  3. Elections John McCain's Facebook
  4. U.S. Issues Pelosi Leading Dems into a vote losing position
  5. Elections New McCain/Palin TV AD- 9/8/08
  6. Elections NY Post Endorses John McCain For President
  7. Elections The RNC Convention Summarized
  8. Elections Jack Wheeler on Obama
  9. Elections The Tom Bradley Effect
  10. General Politics Obama calls Clinton for help, cost 20 million ....
  11. U.S. Issues Democracts - Learn it, live it or F-off
  12. U.S. Issues U.S Senate Passing Bills In Secret
  13. Elections One of the reasons Palin chose Gibson.
  14. Environment Time Rejects Climate Change as Cause of Storm Intensity
  15. Elections Very Discouraging if true
  16. Elections REAL concern over Palin
  17. Elections AP: Alaska by far the largest per-capita consumer of federal pet-project spending
  18. Elections Palin is a non-issue but NObama chooses to take her on anyway...
  19. Elections Interesting undercurrent to the election
  20. Elections Who could give a rats ass that Obama & Palin aren't experienced and McCain is a POW
  21. General Politics Bouncey,Bouncey Bouncey,Bounce
  22. Legal The posters you don't hate poll!
  23. Legal Supplementary poll.
  24. General Politics The Death of Policy in the American Electorate
  25. U.S. Issues New secret weapon?
  26. Elections OOOps: NObama and Biden voted for the Bridge to nowhere...
  27. Elections Will McCain's next ad feature NObama saying 'you can't make things up' and showing...
  28. Elections Sarah Palin FactChecked.... Liberal Smears Trashed.... Poor Jaz....
  29. Elections McCain's ads
  30. Elections John McCain's Son was Director of Silver State Bank, Nation's 11th to Fail This Year
  31. Elections Some interesting commercials
  32. Elections So, are we going to talk about voter caging in Ohio?
  33. Elections Obama On Taxes...Please Explain...
  34. Elections McCain Raises 5 Million, in 5 Hours (In Chicago)....
  35. Elections Obama Campaign "Struggling To Meet Fund-Raising Goals".....
  36. Elections Biased Media, you decide.
  37. Elections Presidential Ads of the Past
  38. U.S. Issues The Good Rev Wright Has Affair With White Chick!
  39. U.S. Issues Hillary Supporters Defend Palin Against Sexist Media Attacks
  40. Elections Biden: Palin Would Be 'Backward Step for Women'
  41. Elections Poll shows big shift to McCain among white women
  42. U.S. Issues Ron Paul on the Montana Ballot...
  43. Elections Hillary backers come to defense of Palin
  44. U.S. Issues Pro-lifers are gonna go postal over this.
  45. Elections Report: Palin tapped travel allowance at home.
  46. Elections Obama Pulling Staff Out Of Georgia....
  47. U.S. Issues 09/11/08 : If attacked again, where are we most likely to see it ?
  48. U.S. Issues Dems May Punish Lieberman for Being Critical Of Obama
  49. Elections Obama: "You can put liptick on a pig, It's still a pig"
  50. Elections OOOPs: About that NObama attack regarding Freddie and Fannie and Palin
  51. Elections Take off my Governor's Hat
  52. Elections Campaigns at War over new McCain ad that portrays Obama as a child predator
  53. Elections I can't see it.
  54. Elections McCain campaign makes Palin's plane the "No Talk Express"
  55. Elections Ooops ....It is Gods will that is guiding her...
  56. Poop McCain gets RickRolled
  57. Int'l Issues Brit Media on Palin. To bad US doesn't have media like this
  58. U.S. Issues Despite Unemployment Being at a 5-Year High House Voting on Forgien Worker Increase
  59. Elections McCain Campaign Fumes Over Paterson's Racism Claim
  60. U.S. Issues US Is "More Communist than China": Jim Rogers
  61. Elections Palin for President
  62. Elections Joe Biden dabbling into Faith Healing???
  63. Elections New McCain/Palin Ad... 9/10/08... This is great!!!
  64. U.S. Issues "You can put lipstick on a pig..."
  65. U.S. Issues Rangel says he won't quit House panel over tax dispute
  66. Elections Sullivan: John McCain is morally unfit to be President
  67. Elections John Mccains Ads
  68. Elections Could Clinton have Palin-proofed Dems?
  69. U.S. Issues Democrat Compares Obama to Jesus
  70. Elections For Democratic Candidate For President...Mike Gravel (Alaska) on Senator Palin...
  71. Elections Obamas response to all the right wing bullshit
  72. U.S. Issues Jeremiah has a whore !!!!
  73. U.S. Issues Study links oil prices to investor speculation
  74. U.S. Issues Olbermann Punished for Crying Foul at GOP Exploitation of 9/11 Tragedy
  75. Elections Uh-oh, Intrade has McCain leading. NObama led 62-38
  76. Elections Biden tab a-goes. Says Hillary may have been a better VP pick
  77. U.S. Issues This forum cracks me up.
  78. Misc DC Forum Nicknames
  79. Elections Michigan Republicans attempt to suppress votes of foreclosure victims
  80. General Politics Biden: Hillary Clinton ‘Might Have Been a Better Pick’ for VP
  81. Elections The Worst 24 Hours In Democratic Presidential History????
  82. General Politics SC Democratic Chair: Palin’s Chief Qualification is She ‘Hasn’t Had an Abortion’
  83. U.S. Issues Bristol Palin's 'choice'
  84. Elections McCain needs his wing woman
  85. General Politics Oops! Backfire: McCain advisor Torie Clarks book entitled "Lipstick on a Pig"
  86. General Politics If you could do away with one branch/arm/extension of the govt...
  87. Elections Ebert on the American Idol Contestant
  88. Elections Oreilly interview Obama
  89. Elections Matt Damon on Palin
  90. Elections Fun Facts With John McCain!!!1
  91. Elections Obama and Pres Clinton to meet in Harlem
  92. Elections McCain/Palin: fatally wounded on the "earmarks" issue.
  93. Elections OOOPs: Lipstick on a pig DNC talking point
  94. Elections Vetting Palin then and now
  95. Elections Even Biden knows Obama screwed up his VP pick
  96. U.S. Issues Kucinich: Seek truth, not 'fake political unity'
  97. Environment Cleared: Jury decides that threat of global warming justifies breaking the law
  98. General Politics Duty
  99. Economics OPEC Issues?
  100. Economics Bankrupt Cities
  101. U.S. Issues Obama and McCain together at WTC site
  102. Elections Absolute must-read: photographer's take on the RNC protests.
  103. Elections Palin: War will be necessary if Russia invades another country
  104. Elections Sarah Palin On Russia... Not Dirk Diglered.....
  105. U.S. Issues First Responders get Screwed by Bush Administration
  106. Elections Watch Palin Squirm LOLOLOL
  107. Elections Dear Mr. Obama
  108. Elections ***Official Presidential Candidates Service Forum***
  109. General Politics Gibson misquoted Palin in the interview
  110. General Politics Palin not familiar with the Bush Doctrine
  111. General Politics Watch the left squirm LOLOLOLOL
  112. Elections Palin joins McCain on Global Warming, disagrees on ANWR
  113. U.S. Issues Common Ground
  114. U.S. Issues 9-11 Movie 'Fabled Enemies'
  115. Elections Palin on Alaska's proximity to Russian
  116. Elections Obama's slide beginning to spill over to Congressional races
  117. Elections uh-oh, McCain leading in electoral college poll
  118. Elections Podhoretz: An Apology Due to Obama? He was right, Bush, McCain and Repubs were wrong
  119. Elections Sullivan: "In some ways, Obama has been a shadow president for a while"
  120. Elections JIHAD
  121. Elections While Obama worries about Lipstick...
  122. Int'l Issues McCain says Governors and Mayors lack experience in National Security
  123. Elections OBAMA: NO MORE MR NICE GUY
  124. U.S. Issues Gas Price thread...
  125. U.S. Issues How do conservatives feel......
  126. Int'l Issues Experts say Iran resumed nuke weapons plan
  127. Elections Biden/Palin tax returns?
  128. U.S. Issues Glenn Beck on Palin and Matt Damon
  129. Elections http://blogs.abcnews.com/politicalradar/2008/09/fact-check-pali.html
  130. U.S. Issues Something awful PWNS politicians
  131. Elections Sarah Palin- A "Nucular" Disaster
  132. Elections IMO: Obama's Best Ad So Far
  133. Elections Palin and Rape Kits
  134. EVERY American should see this!!!!!!!!!
  135. The biggest difference between the Lounge and DC
  136. Elections The Spectrum of Candidate Support
  137. General Politics Obama mocks McCain over war injuries...
  138. Elections Gibson mis-stated Bush Doctrine in interview
  139. Elections Let the race card excuses begin. NObama losing because of whites
  140. Misc Hockey mom versus soccer mom
  141. Elections Palin Interview w/ Charlie Gibson
  142. Int'l Issues Royal Mail Honors Eugenicist & Nazi Sympathizer
  143. Poop Be Offended
  144. General Politics This is it, it's what Obama is missing .......
  145. Elections Sarah Palin's accent makes...
  146. Economics Ticking Time Bomb Explodes, Public Is Shocked
  147. If I see anybody touching that sign, I got a club sitting right over there
  148. Elections Its your duty to vote
  149. General Politics Obama admited trying cocaine
  150. Elections Frameshop: The Winning Frame has Emerged
  151. Elections McCain: "What specific area have I, quote, 'changed?'"
  152. Elections Been a long time, If McCain wins a close one, and asking Palin hard questions.
  153. Elections The Bush Doctrine
  154. Elections More Lies and BS from McCain-surprise
  156. Elections Obama Under Fire For Ignoring Advice (Lots Of Dem Insider Quotes About What's Wrong)
  157. Elections Here are the top 10 reasons not to vote for Obama or the Democrats:
  158. Elections John McCain gets his ass kicked by The View
  159. General Politics Funny, but wrong in many ways .......
  160. Environment Sarah Palin vs. Putin
  161. Elections Palin Drawing big Crowds
  162. Elections NH Democratic State Representative Endorses McCain
  163. Elections August $$$
  164. General Politics "Change We Can Believe In"
  165. Elections SNL: Palin and Clinton
  166. Elections Republicans: How do you feel about McCain's campaign?
  167. Economics Lehman Brothers preparing for liquidiation
  168. Elections Greenspan: McCain's tax cuts rely on an "infinite piggy bank" that doesn't exist.
  169. Legal 6 out of 10 evangelical Christians believe torture can be justified.
  170. U.S. Issues A poll for Conservative about Torture
  171. Misc A torture poll for all (subject of the day)
  172. U.S. Issues Bank of America Reaches Deal For Merrill Lynch...
  173. Elections Obama's Problem: It's the Message
  174. Elections New McCain/Palin Ad- 9/15/08... Economy
  175. Elections Herm Edwards is one of Mccains top advisors
  176. U.S. Issues Do we rake your $ out?
  177. Misc How Pollsters Affect Poll Results
  178. Elections Obama Tried To Stall GIs' Iraq Withdrawl
  179. Elections Change You Can Believe In: Guess Who Got More Money From Freddie/Fannie
  180. Elections Analysis: McCain more bipartisan than Obama
  181. Elections FOX News grills McCain surrogate Bounds on campaign's lies
  182. Elections Rove says McCain has gone too far
  183. Elections If the media gives "McCain is a serial liar" the same treatment they gave Gore...
  184. U.S. Issues Newspapers Distribute Neocon Propaganda DVD in Swing States
  185. Elections McCain Takes The Lead in Colorado... Tied in Penn!!!!
  186. Elections McCain's VP wants to bring to Washington what Obama and Coburn already brought
  187. Elections Did Bush bring bipartisanship, improve tone, restore honor to White House?
  188. General Politics Demographics of this forum
  189. Economics CNBC tonight...scary sh*t.
  190. Economics Interesting Picture
  191. Elections Palin temporarily wows lower IQ Caucasians
  192. Elections recxjake Obama raised an all time record $66 million in August are you worrying yet
  193. General Politics I need some help for a class...
  194. Elections McCain attendance plummets, McCain-Palin attendance 3 times less than reported
  195. Economics Chris Matthews eviscerates Nancy Pfotenhauer
  196. Elections WaPo Columnist jumps off McCain's ship
  197. U.S. Issues Obama's Foreign Policy Advisors
  198. Elections Economic disaster waiting to happen.
  199. Elections My Gal Palin
  200. Elections The Election is Over: Obama will be the next President
  201. Elections McCain Invented the Blackberry?
  202. Economics Biden on AIG
  203. Elections 9/16 Electoral Count: McCain = 266, Obama = 228, Toss-Up = 44
  204. Elections Why should Pat Roberts continue holding his Senate seat?
  205. Elections Who am I?
  206. General Politics CNN's Crowley - Obama campaign rooting for horrific Wall St. headlines.
  207. Poop Palin's very own, personal $600,000,000 Bridge to Nowhere (Wasilla, AK)
  208. Elections Carly Fiorina: Palin Doesn't Have Enough Experience to Run HP
  209. Elections Bad voter applications found
  210. Elections New McCain/Palin TV Ad- 9/16/08
  211. Economics AIG may need to be rescued by the feds
  212. U.S. Issues Genetically Engineered Merck Cancer Vaccine Made Mandatory For Immigrants
  213. General Politics CP's jiveturkey - McCain campaign rooting for horrific terrorist attack
  214. Elections Pelosi: Dems Bear No Responsibility For Economic Crisis
  215. Religion Autism vaccine whackos causing increase in Measels cases.
  216. U.S. Issues I'm a dumbass. Help me out.
  217. Int'l Issues IAEA shows photos alleging Iran nuclear missile work
  218. Int'l Issues Teach 'the pleasure of gay sex' to children as young as five, say researchers
  219. Elections Registered (fill in blank)
  220. Elections ABC NEWS Last Year: Sex Ed For Kindergarteners "The Right Thing To Do" Says Obama
  221. Economics Ron Paul predicted Freddie and Fannie issues in 2003
  222. Economics Bush Buys 80% of AIG with $85,000,000,000 taxpayer "loan".
  223. Elections Banning Library Books
  224. Environment McCain camp pulls "sexist" card on Tina Fey's Palin Portrayal...
  225. Economics Honestly, explain to me "Fundamentals of the Economy."
  226. Elections I know "bizarre elecion year" is redundant, but jesus...
  227. Economics Economists far FAR prefer Obama over McCain, according to survey.
  228. Elections The Official Addictionary Thread
  229. Int'l Issues Obama tries to KEEP troops in Iraq?!
  230. Elections Prominent Clinton backer and DNC member to endorse McCain
  231. U.S. Issues Key Witness to WTC 7 Explosions Dead at 53
  232. Elections Who do you agree with?
  233. Elections Vets For Freedom Up With New Ad.....
  234. General Politics Obama's Socialist Agenda
  235. Elections Let us sit down for a comparison, shall we?
  236. Elections National Polls: Definite Move Back To Obama
  237. Elections McCain-Palin Flash Card Training
  238. Elections Obama Foreign Policy: Spend $845 Billion In Next 7 Years On Foreign Aid
  239. General Politics A Modest Proposal
  240. General Politics Where the Clintons ?
  241. Elections "Anonymous" hacks Palins personal email account
  242. Elections Sarah Palin's Personal Emails
  243. Economics Capitalism is Dead. Paultards, Attack!!
  244. Economics So how did you do today?
  245. Elections Sarah Palin, and rape kits.
  246. Elections Obama Winning in Unscientific Online Poll
  247. U.S. Issues Enough of the Palin feeding frenzy
  248. General Politics Jews don't like Barry O
  249. General Politics Rush Limbaugh
  250. Economics WaMu is next, downgraded to junk yesterday