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  1. General Politics The Real Agenda of Black Liberation Theology
  2. Elections Prominent Hillary supporter endorses McCain
  3. Legal An observation: Sarah Palin blunted the Obama feeding frenzy
  4. Elections What happened to recxjake's daily poll updates?
  5. Int'l Issues Uh, Yemen anyone?
  6. U.S. Issues Nobel Prize Winning Economist: Crisis As Bad As Great Depression Or Worse
  7. General Politics Differences between Left and Right
  8. Int'l Issues Ex-Cheney aide: Bush won’t hit Iran
  9. Elections NY Times 2003: Bush Admin Proposes New Oversight Of Freddie/Fannie (Dems Oppose)
  10. Economics Recap: US Economic crisis explanation in 9 minutes
  11. Elections So have you guys ever wondered...
  12. Elections Positive messages from the Obama campaign
  13. General Politics Chris Matthews absolutely owns Eric Cantor
  14. General Politics So how long do you think it took for this Fox news blonde to get fired?
  15. General Politics I believe this is how the RNC should have gone
  16. General Politics This is the greatest campaign poster ever
  17. General Politics So I came across this article..
  18. U.S. Issues Biden says "Be Patriotic, Pay More Taxes"
  19. General Politics treat for libertarians - "Contradictions from the party of less government"
  20. Elections 9/18: ELECTORAL VOTE COUNT (Obama: 267, McCain: 223, Toss-Up: 48)
  21. Elections Man, I came sooo close to interviewing Obama yesterday
  22. Economics Black guy asks nation for change
  23. U.S. Issues Osama Bin Laden victory?
  24. Elections McCain pulls a Palin... Suggest NATO ally is enemy, doesn't know Spain or it's PM
  25. U.S. Issues McCain Says SEC Chief Would Get His Walking Papers If He Was President
  26. Poop If Palin were a Democrat...
  27. Elections KS Governor throwing out the race card.
  28. Poop Horsecrap
  29. Elections The Hispanic vote is the key to winning the election
  30. U.S. Issues Liberal Media Compares Palin to "Porn Actress" and says supporters are "White Trash"
  31. Misc Which of these people do you like and why? Also...
  32. Petrarch: The Ascent of Mount Ventoux
  33. U.S. Issues Lipstick on a Pig
  34. Economics duplicate thread
  35. Elections Huge Voter Protection Effort To Be Launched Today
  36. U.S. Issues Ron Paul Blasts “Secret Government” Running Economy
  37. Elections Obama's new add, en Español.
  38. Elections Palin not qualified according to Hagel...
  39. Elections Lord knows this is the wrong place to post this...
  40. Poop Sarah Palin: Winner of the Second Annual Rubber Dodo Award
  41. Elections Palin: "I didn't hesitate, no"
  42. Elections LOL McCain would fire SEC chairman.... except
  43. Elections Time: John McCain and the Lying Game
  44. Elections Who am I?
  45. Religion Baylor Survey Finds New Perspectives On U.S. Religious Landscape
  46. General Politics Cramer; Financial Terrorism? Who is shorting the financials?
  47. U.S. Issues We must STOP Biden and Obama from raising taxes.
  48. U.S. Issues President Bush Goes AWOL
  49. U.S. Issues Has Anyone Heard of GEN Petraeus testifying anytime soon?
  50. Elections Obama's gmail account hacked....
  51. Elections 9/19: ELECTORAL VOTE COUNT (Obama: 265, McCain: 245, Toss-Up: 28)
  52. Elections Obama's Tax Plan No Longer Gives More Than McCain To the Middle Class
  53. Elections McCain Plays the Race Card
  54. Economics The new Bush/Paulson plan...
  55. U.S. Issues My Opinion of Bush Sinks to "Unmitigated Disaster"
  56. Elections They both Suck
  57. Elections Anyone watching Obama's Press Conference?
  58. Elections How Does Taxing Business Create Jobs and Increase Wages?
  59. Elections Campaign Lies and Media Double-Standards
  60. Poop That's it... I'm votnig for McCain/Palin. They have the right judgement, IMO.
  61. General Politics The story about Obama trying To Stall GIs' Iraq Withdrawl = FALSE
  62. U.S. Issues So Would Any Republican That Got the Nomination Be Labeled As A Bush 3rd Term?
  63. U.S. Issues So Would Any Dem That Got the Nomination Be Labeled As A Liberal,Tax and spend nut?
  64. U.S. Issues Mortgage Backed Securities: The Rest of the Story?
  65. Elections ****Official Critical Thinking Thread**** Honestly Critique Your Candidate
  66. Elections Obama is the Herm Edwards of the NFL
  67. Elections Sarah Palin swinging undecideds the opposite way?
  68. U.S. Issues If Obama thinks we're in a financial crisis why would he give $50 billion to UN
  69. U.S. Issues Obama and Clintons' Economic strategists together
  70. General Politics Anyone else smelling a rat or sensing a trap? DEMS foolishly falling for W again?
  71. U.S. Issues WSJ slams McCAin
  72. General Politics McCain says you can vote Country First or Obama First
  73. General Politics 2.0 ****Official Critical Thinking Thread**** Honestly Critique Your Candidate
  74. Elections Sarah Palin Baby Name Generator
  75. General Politics There goes the 95% of Americans tax breaks ....
  76. General Politics "Where's your bailout?"
  77. Elections What would it take for you to vote for an independent this November?
  78. Economics BTW, media bias on the financial mess?
  79. Economics Fannie Mae's Patron Saint
  80. recxjake?
  81. U.S. Issues I just heard 500,000,000,000 tossed out as "the number"
  82. U.S. Issues Democrats Threatened To Attack Jewish Groups' Tax Exempt Status?
  83. U.S. Issues The Presidential Term no party should want???
  84. Int'l Issues China Blames Wall Street Meltdown On Fed Overissuance Of Currency
  85. Elections Keep making fun of the "Redneck Red States" all you want, but.....
  86. Poop Colbert's on Fire lately
  87. Poop the Justice Department...made republican
  88. Elections McCain: Let me do for healthcare what I've done for banking the last decade!!!!
  89. Elections Palin: McCain did not need an Economic Plan when he was a POW
  90. Elections Check out it, Palin is on the Cheney Page..
  91. Elections Poll: Racial views steer some white Dems away from Obama
  92. Elections Palin, she spends money on proper things...
  93. General Politics Explanation for Dems obsession with Palin?
  94. Elections LOL... Karma sucks. Saga of a Republican convention delegate.
  95. Economics Oldie, but a Goodie: Ralph Nader, "Corporate Socialism"
  96. Elections 9/20 ELECTORAL VOTE COUNT (Obama: 293, McCain: 245, Toss-Up: 0)
  97. Economics Bailout to cost $700 billion
  98. Elections Dems Bemoan Dems McCarthyite Tactics In Group's Anti-Iran Rally
  99. Elections Troopergate: ABC has docs showing Palin lied?
  100. Economics How does Empirically Testing the GOP Philosophy and Having Pure Failure Not STFU GOP
  101. General Politics The Dark Side and their
  102. Elections Some Debate agreements
  103. Elections Wow...
  104. Legal Strict Constructionists: Was this judge out of line?
  105. U.S. Issues Dick "I am Untouchable" Cheney forced to preserve documents.
  106. Elections Food for thought
  107. Economics Does our economy have any more room for McCain's or Obama's tax cuts?
  108. Economics McCain and Obama on 60 Minutes
  109. Elections Another Obama Lie
  110. Environment Energy and the Democrats desire to cripple the country
  111. U.S. Issues We Have DAYS To Stop the $700 Billion Stick-Up (and Fascist Power Grab)
  112. Elections Yard signs, and why the Obama campaign doesn't care about 'em.
  113. Elections They aren't this dumb are they? Really...
  114. Elections How many automobiles do you own?
  115. Economics No More Investment Banc
  116. Elections Obama Pulls Staff Out Of North Dakota....
  117. Elections New McCain/Palin Ad- 9/22/08
  118. General Politics 50 richest Members of Congress, Kerry #1, McCain #13
  119. Elections DELETED
  120. Elections Bloomberg: How the Democrats Created the Financial Crisis
  121. General Politics All's fair in Love and war, but what about Politics.
  122. Elections Hope, Change, & Lies: Orchestrated "Grassroots" Smear Campaigns. Whodunit?
  123. Elections Poll shows gap between blacks and whites over racial discrimination
  124. Int'l Issues Why Would “Terrorists” Want To Decapitate Anti-US Leadership In Pakistan?
  125. U.S. Issues Reporter Warns Staged Financial Crisis Part Of Fascist Coup
  126. Economics This is BS, oil jumps $ 25.00 per barrel ....
  127. Elections Exclusive: McCain closes huge gap on key question for women
  128. Elections Obama becomes budget minded. Finally
  129. General Politics Hillary nails Obama's terrorist relationships
  130. Misc Why is it OK for Pakistan and Not OK for Iran (Nukes)
  131. U.S. Issues Explanation for GOP obsession with Bill Clinton?
  132. Economics Newt Gingrich explains why bailout is wrong on NPR
  133. Elections John McCain's Roommates.
  134. Environment Bloomberg: Obama, Not McCain, Shows Steady Hand in Crisis
  135. General Politics Abortion, gun control & gay marriage
  136. Economics Clinton on Letterman.....
  137. Elections Sarah Palin seems very misinformed about Iran
  138. Elections Maybe this is just me, but does anyone else think this?
  139. Elections Disappointed with McCain and Obama
  140. U.S. Issues Rolling Stone exposes Palin the liar
  141. Elections Financial Crisis reality
  142. Elections McCain to avoid and discourage peace talks in the Middle East
  143. Elections Biden: No Clean Coal Plants In US (Build 'em in China!)
  144. Elections Biden: Claims FDR Got On Television When the Stock Market Crashed In 1929
  145. General Politics Joe Biden is a cartoon character
  146. U.S. Issues Anti Obama Shirts Banned in Colorado School
  147. General Politics AP: Pelosi & Co. secretly negotiating $500+ Billion in legislation
  148. General Politics Biden to be replaced as VP candidate
  149. Elections Biden 80 interviews, Palin just 2 since being named VP
  150. U.S. Issues My house cost $152k Over 30 years, Ill pay $400kish Current mortgage system FAIL!
  151. Environment Heavy Snow Fall In South Africa Blamed On Global Warming
  152. Elections Ringleader: Best Interests of the USA be Damned. Vote for GOP Morons
  153. General Politics Real or photoshop?
  154. U.S. Issues Your Urgent Help Needed
  155. Environment Toxic Rocket Fuel Chemical In Drinking Water Can Stay Says Government
  156. U.S. Issues Has anyone actually contacted their Congressman?
  157. Economics FAIL
  158. Elections "We do not support government bailouts of private institutions...
  159. Elections The No-Talk Express: Media Revolts Against McCain's Bushian Censorship
  160. Environment "It is the canary in the coal mine, and the canary is definitely in trouble."
  161. General Politics Oops - Chris Dodd and Barney Frank are screwed...FBI
  162. Environment Dems cave and allow Offshore drilling ban to expire
  163. Elections The Big, Happy Thread of Bill Ayers
  164. Misc New Study Shows Cell Phones Are No Friend of Gonads
  165. U.S. Issues America:Freedom to Fascism
  166. Economics Let's Play "Wall Street Bailout"
  167. Elections Iraqi PM Maliki: Bush Tried To Delay U.S. Withdrawal To Help McCain
  168. What would you do if tomorrow was the last day of the earth?
  169. Economics Experts offer alternatives to bailout
  170. Elections Given the realities of the economy
  171. Int'l Issues How many more days till Doomsday ?
  172. Environment Anyone for Ice Cream
  173. Economics "How Main Street Will Profit"
  174. Elections Biden, Obama helped keep 'Bridge to Nowhere' alive
  175. General Politics McCain wants to postpone Friday debate
  176. Elections McCain votes "present" when asked how he'd vote on bailout if his was the swing vote
  177. Economics Bush to speak tonight at 9 ET in support of Paulson's bailout proposal.
  178. Int'l Issues Iraq Parliament Approves Provincial Elections Law
  179. Elections Why McCain might have wanted to postpone the debate.
  180. General Politics Chris Rock On Letterman
  181. U.S. Issues Brigade homeland tours start Oct. 1
  182. U.S. Issues Ron Paul's letter on the bailout farce...
  183. General Politics Palin out of her league against Couric
  184. Misc Schoolhouse Rock
  185. U.S. Issues Dumbasses Presidential Address a place for your comments.
  186. What does Jesus offer that makes your life a real life?
  187. U.S. Issues Men to Boys: The Making of Modern Immaturity
  188. Economics In responce to Ron Pauls letter, I present..
  189. Legal McCain campaign flailing; running scared. Officially suspends campaign.
  190. Elections Should Obama publicly invite Palin to "succeed" McCain in the first debate on Friday?
  191. Elections McCain caught lying on live TV on reason for canceled Letterman appearance
  192. Misc Eerie Parallel.
  193. U.S. Issues Foreign Leaders that Joe Biden Has Met
  194. Economics US News interview with Dr Paul on the 'bailout'
  195. Elections God I came across some dumbass people today
  196. General Politics I'm sure this will get some interesting responses, Slacker Uprising
  197. Elections John McCain:Maverick of the Grandiose yet Meaningless Announcements
  198. General Politics McCain is sexist
  199. Int'l Issues BBC uncovers lost Iraq billions
  200. Elections McCain: The Little Twerp Express
  201. Environment PETA Urges Ben & Jerry's To Use Human Milk
  202. U.S. Issues Best i've seen Bushie look
  203. U.S. Issues Florida Congressman: Palin 'Don't Care Too Much What They Do With Jews and Blacks'
  204. Misc have you ever read the bible?
  205. U.S. Issues An Economic Plan That Doesn't Cost $700 BILLION
  206. General Politics Lawmaker mulls old Duke idea: Paid sterilization
  207. U.S. Issues Can/Will we really be able to buy low and sell high?
  208. Economics Bailout appearently done "Agreement in Principle"
  209. U.S. Issues House clears $25bn for carmakers
  210. Elections McCain asks to Cancel VP Debate
  211. General Politics McCain taking credit for bailout agreement
  212. Int'l Issues Pakistan fires on Nato aircraft
  213. Environment Ron Paul's rebuttal to Bush's financial crisis address
  214. U.S. Issues Are You For Or Against The $700 Billion Bailout Plan
  215. U.S. Issues Bill Clinton Lavishes Praise on McCain
  216. Int'l Issues Palin/Couric round 2
  217. U.S. Issues Palin is an honorary Viking
  218. General Politics Bailout talks close, then McCain arrives and now they've stalled
  219. U.S. Issues This is your nation on white privilege
  220. Elections How the Hell is this even a race?
  221. Elections Sarah Palin Disney Trailer
  222. Economics WAMU failed tonight
  223. Poop The Dark Bailout
  224. Elections Election tampering, or innocent mistake?
  225. Poop Pathetic: Paulson takes a knee to plead with Pelosi
  226. Elections Obama Campaign Asks MO Law Enforcement To Target Anyone Who "Lies" About Obama
  227. Poop Shit meet fan: China banks told to halt lending to US banks
  228. Economics CEOs who got out before crisis left with millions
  229. Elections I thought this was pretty damn funny
  230. Elections Debate question
  231. Economics Understanding more than talking points
  232. U.S. Issues Ron Paul: Congress Has Opted For 10-Year Plus Depression
  233. General Politics Obama has some explaning to do , Tax break my butt.....
  234. Elections The inevitable post-debate distraction.
  235. Elections Head of Skate
  236. Elections McCain will attend the debate tonight
  237. U.S. Issues Possible Sticking Point for the Bailout
  238. Poop A fannie mae blast from the past
  239. Elections McCain Wins Debate!
  240. Elections Republicans turning on Palin?
  241. Legal Propaganda in Action: McCain already has produced ads saying he won the debate...
  242. Elections Poll: Did McCain choose the correct running mate?
  243. U.S. Issues Simple Question: If we have a deal, what's the hold-up?
  244. Elections Is she for real?
  245. U.S. Issues Sen. Ted Kennedy Taken to Cape Cod Hospital
  246. General Politics Entertainment Weekly's Cover
  247. Elections Joe Biden puts foot in mouth
  248. Elections **** OFFICIAL 1ST 2008 PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE THREAD****
  249. Elections What if Sarah Palin were President and trying to bailout the economy?
  250. Economics Senate Republicans to middle America: f*** you we are bailing out our wealthy buddies