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  1. Economics China benefits as well
  2. Elections Dems countin their chickens already
  3. Elections And the McCain campaign shifts again..
  4. General Politics Palin booed loudly at Flyers game
  5. Poop Racists for Obama LEAD THE JIHAD!!!
  6. Elections Palin: Church & State
  7. Elections Best McCain Ad
  8. Elections Republican calls out John Sidney McCain III about inciting Hate Mongering
  9. Elections NY County Absentee Ballots
  10. Elections Global Electoral College
  11. U.S. Issues More on ACORN: not good
  12. Elections Palin KOs Obama on the most important issue of our times
  13. Elections McCain missed an opportunity to say 'yes, fear an Obama presidency'
  14. Elections Obama buys a half-hour block from Networks
  15. Elections What an adorable Palin supporter!
  16. General Politics Political Cartoons about either party
  17. Elections Obama with his cabinet
  18. Economics Obama's inaugaration party
  19. Elections History shows that 53-44 leads in October can be precarious
  20. Elections Why does B.O. find it necassary to cheat?
  21. Religion Creationology
  22. U.S. Issues Parah Salin
  23. Waterloo will not consider high school Bible class
  24. Elections McCain Caught Lying
  25. Elections McCain's Spiritual Advisor
  26. Elections Newsweek Poll: 59% of voters say Obama shares their values...only 47% say McCain does
  27. Elections Hey, stop thinking so hard. It's really simple now: "good guys vs. the bad guys."
  28. U.S. Issues The Quadrillion Dollar Powder Keg Waiting To Blow
  29. General Politics Yahoo Sports: NFL players struggle with election choice
  30. Economics Nations beginning to structure their economics for world government...
  31. Elections 10% of registered voters
  32. U.S. Issues We're all socialists now
  33. Elections Obama's 95% Illusion , it's a tax credit, not a cut.
  34. Economics Obama's Economic Rescue Plan for the Middle Class
  35. Elections McCain reboots campaign
  36. Elections Candidates differ on female draft
  37. U.S. Issues Chicago Wants To Segregate
  38. U.S. Issues Ronald Reagan on Election 2008
  39. Elections It's over in NC: Dean Smith endorses Obama
  40. U.S. Issues The Dow is back over 9000
  41. General Politics Howard Stern questions Obama's base
  42. Elections "Spread The Wealth Around"
  43. Elections The Myth of ACORN fraud: They are required to turn in bogus forms.
  44. Elections Is Barack Hussein A "Closer?"
  45. Elections Drudge: Obama says "Pie" a lot!
  46. Elections Who are these 8%?
  47. Elections Palin cheats on taxes??
  48. Elections ROFL: McCain Headlined 2006 ACORN Event Pushing Immigration Reform
  49. Elections Palin Accidentally Reprimands Her Own Supporters
  50. Elections Nixon up 22 pts against Hulshof for MO Governor
  51. Elections Whoa.
  52. Elections Wait I thought Republicans said Bill & Hillary would not support Obama/Biden tickent?
  53. What Ballot would You like to see?
  54. Elections John McCain or Elmer Fudd?
  55. U.S. Issues Why are the Republicans candidates such dumbasses?
  56. U.S. Issues BARONE: The coming liberal thugocracy
  57. General Politics Bradley Effect Again
  58. Elections The official "Political Pix and Cartoons" thread.
  59. Elections Obama on McCain trying to change the subject
  60. Elections Did you guys know that McCains campaign can be a catalyst for racism because..
  61. Elections Palin being booed at Flyers game...story gets better!
  62. Economics A free education in Economic Reasoning
  63. Economics The Great Bailout Swindle
  64. Elections BARONE: The coming liberal thugocracy
  65. General Politics Florida Dem Mahoney is a pimp
  66. Economics McCains Economic Plans to Rescue the Middle Class
  67. General Politics If you really think abortion is an important issue..
  68. Elections Democrats on Wealth Redistribution: Good for America
  69. Elections John Lewis throws a race grenade
  70. Elections B.O. spreading more harmony
  71. Misc DT 6-4/292 Mizzou recruit that returns kickoffs on special teams
  72. U.S. Issues Mayor: Feds turned my town 'topsy turvy'
  73. Elections Obama is now in video games
  74. Elections The Young Vote will show, IMO
  75. U.S. Issues Question from Pro-Life/Creationists:
  76. General Politics Mccain Transition Chief Lobbied for Saddam
  77. Elections Some more Obamacorn
  78. U.S. Issues The Fall of Democracy
  79. Elections Palin is corrupt ?
  80. Elections The 'O' Jesse Knows: Jackson On Obama's America
  81. Misc Does Programmer deserve Jihad on his reputation???
  82. Legal Worst state law of the year award: Winner - Nebraska!
  83. U.S. Issues Glenn Beck Highlights Threat Of Martial Law Following Economic Crisis
  84. Elections Is Carville predicting riots?
  85. U.S. Issues A Trillion Dollar Bait and Switch: The Bailout and the Smell Test
  86. Elections Any White guilt?
  87. Elections Catholics: Life is Issue #1
  88. Int'l Issues NYT/CBS - Obama widens lead by 14 points
  89. Elections Palin as President. This is great fun.
  90. Elections B.O.'s Secretary of State
  91. Elections Why the Weather Underground/Ayers association matters
  92. Int'l Issues Police State America: Feds studying World of Warcraft to determine criminal behavior
  93. U.S. Issues Palin still using her kids as a shield
  94. Economics If we can't afford Medicare now
  95. Int'l Issues Another one bites the bust
  96. Elections A Message from Sarah Palin
  97. Elections Why have the last several elections are about refighting the 1960's?
  98. Elections Word is Colin Powell will endorse Obama later this week
  99. Elections Murtha: Western Pa. 'racist' but Obama should win
  100. Elections McCain received free cell towers from Verizon and At&T
  101. Environment Oh god... CNN is killing me.
  102. General Politics Tranny/ACORN worker flashes reporter
  103. Elections *****Official "DEBATE III: THE BLOODENING"***
  104. General Politics Palin calls New Hampshire 'the great Northwest', crowd baffled
  105. Poop Palinaspresident.com
  106. U.S. Issues Obama and McCain are both left handed?
  107. General Politics Vouchers
  108. Elections Did this debate change the dynamic of the race?
  109. Elections The storyline of the debate is McCain is a grumpy old man
  110. Elections Hayden Panetierre has something to say about this election
  111. Elections Politico: Joe the Plumber not registered to vote
  112. General Politics Once every 20-25 years...
  113. General Politics How long would it take to license and build 40+ Nuclear Power Plants in the US????
  114. General Politics Caption this pic
  115. Elections How much have you been following the race?
  116. Economics Paulson's pick doesn't instill confidence
  117. Elections OOOPs: Secret Service says 'Kill him' unfounded.
  118. maybe we should hire obama as head coach....
  119. Elections Why Ayers, Wright and ACORN matter
  120. Elections why?
  121. U.S. Issues Capitalism Without Capital?
  122. Poop KCJohnny wants to know Obama's "pro-American credentials"
  123. Economics EU calls for new economic order with lesser US focus
  124. Elections Why did McCain keep saying pro abortion movement?
  125. Poop Wow! "Joe The Plumber" Caught in Ohio Voter Fraud Scandal
  126. U.S. Issues Should I vote for Mangino or Self?
  127. General Politics Why do you support Barak? Is it because of his Policies?
  128. Elections McCain/Palin's pro-American credentials
  129. U.S. Issues The more i get to know John McCain..
  130. Elections Quotes taken from Obama's Books.
  131. Elections Republicans: Obama = Watermelon, Kool-Aide, Ribs, Fried Chicken and Food Stamps
  132. Elections Ambinder: Obama, the friendly socialist?
  133. Economics Fed signals movement towards a command economy
  134. Elections I knew I had seen last night's debate before
  135. Elections Blatantly Racist McCain Supporters in OH
  136. Elections FOX news reporting the FBI will investigate ACORN
  137. Elections Late-Night Comics Skewer Republicans 7-to-1, Study Finds
  138. U.S. Issues Glenn Beck: What are the Odds?
  139. General Politics Today's Gallup likely voter poll; Obama 49 McCain 47
  140. Elections Is ACORN calling Barry a liar?
  141. Elections My letter to John McCain
  142. Legal DC Examiner, use RICO on ACORN
  143. Elections Politico: McCain map strategy prompts head-scratching
  144. Int'l Issues Is this racist?
  145. General Politics Republican Faux Outrage Topic #9804186: Game 6 of WS Pushed Back for Obama
  146. Economics Get ready for more economic trouble ahead
  147. Elections Just for Hamas, UP, CRONUS, Mecca, Holmezzz
  148. Elections The Al Smith Dinner
  149. Elections Post your excuses here thread
  150. Elections Obama to be in KC on Saturday at Liberty Memorial
  151. Poop "Joe The Plumber"'s Grandfather-In-Law is Charles "Keating 5"?
  152. General Politics McCain Brings down the house
  153. Elections Secret Service: 'Kill' Obama Report Unfounded
  154. General Politics "Joe the Plumber has done more interviews than Sarah Palin"
  155. Legal Caption this presidential moment
  156. Elections Channel 5890 on Dish Network
  157. General Politics Jib Jab
  158. General Politics Joe the Plumber laying Pipe in Obama
  159. U.S. Issues The October surprise.
  160. Elections Supreme Court rules in favor of Dems in Ohio
  161. Elections Palin: I enjoy visiting "Pro-America" parts of the country
  162. U.S. Issues How can McCain posssibly think he can detach himself from Bush now?
  163. Economics Dow to 5,000
  164. Elections Peggy Noonan unloads on Palin
  165. Walking a Mile in Their Shoes
  166. Economics In place of class warfare: Would this tax plan work? Why or why not?
  167. Environment SNL isn't even waiting for Saturday... Already on Joe the Plummer
  168. Elections If Obama Wins, Damage Likely to Be Permanent
  169. General Politics will SNL
  170. General Politics Americans Flunk Simple 3-Question Political Survey
  171. U.S. Issues Fallujah To Be Turned Over to Iraqis As Marines Leave in Droves
  172. Elections Is Todd Palin a pussy or at least pussy whipped?
  173. Elections Obama visits KCís Liberty Memorial tonight
  174. Elections 100,000 showed up at Obama Rally in St. Louis today
  175. Elections Watch a hateful b**** pine for Joe McCarthy
  176. Elections Just a reminder!!!!
  177. General Politics AP: Plumber bad, Ayers good
  178. General Politics McCain Campaign: Northern Va. is not 'real' Virginia
  179. Misc lessons for today?
  180. General Politics Poll : Should POTUS candidates have to submit to a polygraph tests ?
  181. Elections Palin on SNL thread
  182. Elections GOP Voter Fraud: Decieving voters into registering as Repubilcans
  183. Elections Are McCain & GOP using innuendo to tie Obama to Arab Terrorism & black stereotypes?
  184. Economics Philisophical question: Do we live in a service society?
  185. General Politics "W"
  186. Elections HOLY SHIT! Obama raises $150 million in Sept.
  187. Elections Obama, Black Liberation Theology, and Karl Marx
  188. Elections It's Official: Powell Endorses Obama
  189. Elections If Powell had won the Repub nomination, who would get your vote?
  190. General Politics Fox News calls McCain out on robocall hypocrisy
  191. U.S. Issues Terrorist Attacks between Election and Inauguration?
  192. U.S. Issues Mandate: At what point would Obama and Dems state that they have one?
  193. Economics The Origins of Life on Earth?
  194. Elections GOP Voting Fraud Alert: Obama votes being switched to McCain in WV early voting
  195. General Politics Social Security
  196. Elections What would happen if a "reformed" domestic terrorist ran a 527 to help elect Obama?
  197. Elections YPM = Repubilcans' ACORN... Founder Arrested for Voter Registration Fraud Today
  198. Elections I haven't seen any REJECT REXCJAKE threads lately... why is that, do you think?
  199. U.S. Issues Kucinich calls for probe of bonuses for Wall Street aid recipients
  200. Int'l Issues Nuremberg Trials: Big Pharma's Crimes Against Humanity
  201. Elections Military Times Poll Show Soldiers Pick McCain Over Obama 68-23%
  202. Elections Ah, why the world wants NObama...
  204. Elections Got a media pass to cover the McCain event in KC today.
  205. General Politics Biden gives his word a crisis 6 months in and begs for love
  206. Int'l Issues Iraqis raise reservations over pact with U.S.
  207. Poop Return of the fairness doctrine
  208. Elections Republicans getting desperate: Rudy and Huck bring up Obama's past drug use
  209. U.S. Issues Fareed Zakaria officially endorses Obama.
  210. Elections McCain conceding? CNN reporting McCain is giving up on Colorado, Iowa, and NM
  211. U.S. Issues Hawaii Ends Universal Child Health Care 7 Months After Start
  212. Poop Where's recxjake?
  213. General Politics Neoconservatives
  214. Elections Obaama cancels all Thrusday and Friday events to be with his dying Grandma
  215. U.S. Issues Cpl. Kareem R. Khan
  216. U.S. Issues McCain Heathcare plan funded by Medicare/Medicaid cuts and new healthcare tax
  217. Elections Biden: Obama Will be 'Tested' by World in First 6 Months of Administration
  218. General Politics Palin Becomes Increasingly Accessible To The National Media
  219. Elections Uh-oh, NObama KNEW the 'kill him' story was a lie at the debate but said it anyway...
  220. Legal Stealing Yard Signs
  221. Legal Weird: Please Delete.
  222. Int'l Issues Iran busts 'spy pigeons' near nuclear site
  223. Elections I changed my mind... there won't be a "Bradley Effect" this year.
  224. Religion Chat with God
  225. Elections Michael Smerconish endorses Obama... First time he'll ever vote Dem in 30 years
  226. General Politics Look what I found..
  227. Int'l Issues hahaha
  228. Economics Is there another stimulus package in the works?
  229. Elections Here it Comes...
  230. Misc Avoid Flu Shots With the One Vitamin that Will Stop Flu in Its Tracks
  231. Elections This says it all...BO vs JM in MO...
  232. Elections Sarah Palin: Pointing a loaded gun at the environment?
  233. Elections McCain can't even get the music right.
  234. U.S. Issues Drill in Alaska to help Japan
  235. Elections Respect....
  236. U.S. Issues Is the increase of presidential signing statements of importance to you?
  237. Elections What does BO as president mean to you?
  238. Elections NC Congressman: Liberals Hate Real Americans
  239. General Politics Palin: "Vice President is in charge of US Senate"
  240. U.S. Issues Environmentalism Is Racism
  241. Elections McCain begins PA push by saying he thinks "nasty things" said about them are true
  242. Elections His Pastor?
  243. Elections *****Late Night, Tired of Studying Thread*****
  244. Elections $150,000 VP Make-Over
  245. Elections Credit to McCain supporters at a rally... did I just say that?
  246. Elections Awesome historic photo gallery of Obama's campaign
  247. Elections McCain & the Line Item Veto
  248. Misc John McCain stars in a new blockbuster!
  249. Elections Arkansas in play?
  250. Elections So did anyone watch the frontline movie about the election?