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  1. newsweek poll=deadlock
  2. Reports Conflict on Arafat's Health
  3. OK, forget about who you WANT to win...
  4. Kerry hit with paternity suit
  5. Separate Realities of Bush and Kerry Supporters
  6. W's supporters homophobic Kerry ad...
  7. The Electoral College favors Kerry this time
  8. Dems Batting 0-For-2: Ruling On Ohio Provisional Voting Overturned (Just Like In FL)
  9. Close elections the only elections possible anymore?
  10. Cher: "Homos will be forced into a Homo 'State.'"
  11. Jon Stewart's Fake Journalism Enjoys Real Political Impact
  12. Guardian Ed: Bush during debates like a toddler showing off its first bowl movement
  13. Progress in Iraq! Things are looking up!
  14. MO 5th House Seat Poll Number
  15. iraqi soldiers found shot to death
  16. Assuming no one wins 270 EV, does the Senate still pick the VP?
  17. Old news but worth repeating.
  18. EVERYTHING you have EVER wanted to know about the Electoral College...
  19. Sample Ohio absentee ballot
  20. Ronald Reagan Comes Out Against Kerry In New Ad
  21. Here's the "devastating" article Ring-dinger promised....
  22. Bush and Kerry Cousins
  23. Security council members deny meeting with Kerry
  24. Why Change Leaders in the Middle of a War?
  25. Editor of The American Conservative will not vote for Bush
  26. Rush doing a bad job spinning the missing explosives debacle...
  27. Supreme Court Chief Justice Reinquist In Serious Condition With Cancer?
  28. length of presidential terms
  29. U.S. captives in Tehran got first taste of terror
  30. Rassmussen: Kerry "the closer" pulling ahead of Bush...
  31. The October surprise is here! WHEEEEE!
  32. California Puts Stem Cells to a Popular Test
  33. Kerry Praises Poland as a U.S. Bridge to Europe
  34. Bush IQ higher than Kerry's IQ
  35. Poll: Bush has five point lead with likely voters
  36. What can we imagine George Patton might say about the present war?
  37. Bad News for Bush, is Bad News
  38. Proof that a Chimp could do George W's job.........
  39. Elizabeth Edwards on ABC Radio News
  40. No conservative media bias?
  41. Tasteless Fool "Apologizes" For Assasination Quip
  42. Clinton Hails Kerry in Surgery Comeback
  43. Whistleblower Asks for Halliburton Investigation
  44. Media Bias Against Guns
  45. Goodwill Gesture from Russia
  46. "Vote" music video by Eminem
  47. Increase In War Funding Sought
  48. NBC News: Looks Like There Wasn't A Missing Explosives Debacle After All
  49. Good news from Iraq, Part 13
  50. Oops! Discovered papers: Hanoi directed Kerry..
  51. Florida billboards blame Bush for hurricanes
  52. War profiteering. Evidently it runs in the family.
  53. Pentagon: Weapons at Al-Qaqaa were NOT there!
  54. B*sh let Zarqawi go because he wanted to use him as pawn in case against Saddam.
  55. Zogby Poll Reveals More Kerry Trouble
  56. CBS planned to run fabricated explosives story on election eve
  57. Bush to Request $70 Billion More for War in Iraq
  58. Why are the DEMS having a COW over these so called missing weapons ???
  59. Dems Were Peddling the Fake Explosives Story LAST WEEK (and the UN Helps Out?)
  60. LA Times: White House Downplays Missing Iraq Explosives
  61. LA Times: CBS Had Iraq Story, Just Not in Time
  62. NYTrogate: Great Video Shows How Out Of Touch Kerry Is On Explosives Story
  63. Kerry Just Said the Explosives Story Is: DEVASTATING!
  64. Allawi blames Bush's "coalition" for death's of Iraqis
  65. Breaking News
  66. Producer files new allegations against Fox, Bill O'Reilly
  67. Kerry Unveils Ad On Explosives (or "Let's Make Up Stuff To Win An Election!")
  68. Court bid over 'wrong' sex change
  69. Pentagon: "No Evidence HMX Or RDX Have Been Used Against Coalition Forces In Iraq"
  70. huh??? DUHbya all of a sudden supports civil unions...
  71. oopsie-poopsie, NBC backtracking on their 'embedded' report...
  72. Apparently, Bush's relatives arent voting for him
  73. Say hello to President Kerry.
  74. Maybe the British are stronger allies than we thought?
  75. This is nuts...
  76. Weapons of Mass Asshair missing
  77. These people hate Americans
  78. NBC News off the hook; 3rd ID Arrived a Week Earlier at al Qa Qaa
  79. Insurgents pulling for Bush defeat..
  80. oopsie poopsie?
  81. I Just Saw That DNC "Ostrich" Ad On TV
  82. Oct. 26: Eight Battleground States Remain (Bush 310 EVs, Kerry 227 EVs, Tied 1 EVs)
  83. Major British newspaper apologizes for encouraging assassination of George Bush.
  84. I voted early...the poll workers said it had been insanely busy.
  85. Christopher Hitchens endores W, er Kerry...
  86. 1.77 Tons of Uranium and WMD-Related Material Removed From Iraq
  87. "Iraq says 'impossible' explosives taken before regime fall"
  88. Catholic, Dem representative from Mass says the choice is clear
  89. Conflicted Evangelicals Could Cost Bush Votes
  90. Bush Bulge Revealed!
  91. Weapons Inspectors Wanted HMX/RDX Destroyed But IAEA Sided With Saddam
  92. ABC sitting on terror warning video
  93. Poll: So has anyone decided changed their vote after hanging out in D.C. Forum?
  94. Regardless of whom I support, the most effective ad has been...
  95. George W. Bush + Gary Busey =
  96. How Undecideds Have To Break For Bush Or Kerry To Win
  97. Documentary outlines Albanian arms dealer's support of Kerry camp
  98. E.C.: Computer Analysis Shows 33 Ways To End in a Tie
  99. Bush, Kerry Trade Attacks Over Missing Explosives
  100. If We Knew Then What We Know Now
  101. Arafat Taken By Ambulance To Hospital ("Health Deteriorating")
  102. The "American Conservative" Magazine endorses...
  103. How Much Do You Like Your Candidate?
  104. Vote for me
  105. The Catholic Church
  106. This vote for Kerry and die stuff has gone to far.
  107. Four Saddam Loyalists Say Al-Qaqaa Was Looted...That's Good Enough For the NY Times
  108. Hey Denise...
  109. The Electoral College Really Blows...
  110. "One Fingered Victory Salute"
  111. Press Freedom Under Threat Most In Asia, Mid-East
  112. Sproul & Assoc accused of destroying Dem voter reg
  113. Weapons at Al-Qaqaa Looted BEFORE Troops Arrive
  114. 2nd mistake of a thread.
  115. uh-oh, yellowcake and HIV also 'disappeared' with looters in Iraq????
  116. ABCNews: IAEA Docs Show RDX Explosive Moved Before Jan. 2003, Admit Seals Didn't Work
  117. Gretz: Russian special forces moved weapons into Syria in the weeks before March 2003
  118. The meat behind why Bush will lose: employment picture
  119. Redskins Game Could Determine Next President
  120. Video of explosives from Al QaQaa left for looters....from April 18th
  121. sKerry, wrong for geese, wrong for America
  122. Judge Rebuffs GOP Effort to Contest Voters in Ohio
  123. Pathetic!
  124. When will the Supreme Court finish its selection process of the President?
  125. Oops! Paul Bremer debunks looting theory at Al-Qaqaa
  126. No, THIS Is Pathetic
  127. Kerry Cites Bay Of Pigs As An Example Of How Dems Are Better Than Bush
  128. Looks Like Arafat Is Getting Out Of Dodge
  129. that'll learn her...
  130. Ha, that didn't take long: Kerry uses W's words against him...
  131. I'm SOOO Sorry..........
  132. Hate to be bearer of bad news. Jaz found. j/k
  133. Only 5 more days until KC has a member of congress again!
  134. Compare and Contrast: Bush vs Edwards
  135. John Kerry 's visit with the Queen .......
  136. Will there be more or less bitching once the president is re-elected?
  137. Did anyone watch South Park last night?
  138. MO polls looking good!
  139. 4 ex-detainees sue Rumsfeld, 10 others
  140. Whatever it takes? Including cloning
  141. Did ABC withold parts of terrorist threat tape from the CIA?
  142. Good News For Denise: Kerry Once Again Trails In All the Tracking Polls
  143. Terrorists want Kerry elected
  144. Terrorism has a silent partner...., no, it's not Al-Qaeda
  145. Bush's gift to the Iraqi people.
  146. Curt Schilling's endorsement
  147. FBI Investigating Hallibuton Contracts
  148. Is that Robert Smeigel on the new "terror tape"?
  149. Guliani launches attack on troops for weapons issue
  150. Bill Oreilly pays the hush money...
  151. ABC News: Video Suggests Explosives Disappeared after U.S. Took Control
  152. This board is in full spin mode
  153. Sharpton lays a from the top rope B*tchslap on one of the GOPs best.
  154. bunnytrader, your post is too long.
  155. Arafat choke on his own snot yet?
  156. John Zogby Predicts.....
  157. The final straw- missing weapons used against our troops
  158. And From www.electoral-vote.com: Kerry 260 Bush 254
  159. LOL O'Reilly's ratings up 30% since lawsuit filed was it a scam?
  160. Who the hell is HIRING these people?
  161. uh-oh, Russia summons diplomat over accusation about missing explosives
  162. I just don't understand people sometimes
  163. Herbert Writes about the Troops
  164. Bush admin admits faking ads.
  165. GOP Challenging Voter Registrations
  166. Bush on Saddam a summary
  167. From the American Conservative
  168. Halliburton Contracts Bypassed Objections
  169. Drudge Offering Another Pentagon Fabrication...
  170. uh-oh GI comes forward about missing explosives
  171. Will we have a definitive winner on Wednesday?
  172. If Kerry wins........
  173. Polls Find Most Voters Prefer Bush To Pick Supreme Court Justices
  174. This Is the Kind Of Leader Kerry Supporters Want To Elect...
  175. Right wing nut-job rips Bush a new a-hole
  176. Which of you were on here telling us it was no big deal to be registered in Fl and NY
  177. From the American Conservative, Part II
  178. Bin Laden Appears on New Tape
  179. Pentagon says further study needed on missing explosives in Iraq
  180. Everybody get your fill of this ****ing cesspool of a forum now...
  181. ooooops, OBL knows about My Pet Goat...
  182. Drudge: Confettigate
  183. The real Kerry/Edwards!!
  184. A Call to Arms in Defense of The True Visionary of our Time
  185. oh good grief, the OBL tape is NOT unexpected...
  186. Who hates who more??
  187. You right wingers are gonna love this...
  188. Kerry Channels Bob Dole: "WAKE UP AMERICA!"
  189. Poll Shows Undecideds Splitting Evenly Between Bush and Kerry
  190. Bill Maher...
  191. Since we were reminded tonight that Bush can't capture Osama Been Hiding...
  192. The Choice..
  193. uh-oh, Zogby has Kerry in the lead...
  194. Walter Cronkite: Karl Rove Set Up the Usama Video To Get Away From Al-Qaqaa
  195. Newsweek: Breaking For Bush (Bush 50, Kerry 44)
  196. Something we can probably all agree on
  197. Fox News/Opinion Dynamics: Bush Loses 3 Points From Yesterday
  198. Make your neighborhood a better place, get forced out
  199. William Lind's take on the Presidential candidates.
  200. Please, no post-election heroic measures
  201. Anyone recieve phone calls from the Chiefs about BS2?
  202. BTW...Has anyone voted yet??
  203. The Kerry Monument
  204. Radio Blowfish Election Special
  205. AP: White House Electoral Race Nearly Tied
  206. Can Someone Bring An Extra 6-Pack to B-5?
  207. Bin Laden given safe haven?
  208. new attacks on Falluja
  209. Democracy Corps internal poll results (partial)
  210. OUCH! thats gotta hurt
  211. IT Finally on TV!!!!!!!!!!!!
  212. uh-oh, Blair's Mrs. attacks DUHbya...gotta love those O-pinionated wives
  213. hum, latest FAUX News poll after OBL tape shows KERRY leading...
  214. Mason-Dixon, Most Accurate State Pollster In 2002, Shows Bush Winning 296 EVs-242 EVs
  215. New Poll: Bush Registers Highest % Of Strong Supporters Since Ronald Reagan
  216. Im impressed with the get out the vote in AZ
  217. Redskins lose in "barometer game"
  219. Hearst Opinion Story
  220. Something to look at before you vote...
  221. Lawyer to Post List of Accused Priests
  222. Swing states and early voters in Florida leaning Kerry...
  223. Does the weather favor Bush?
  224. Gallup Poll: Kerry moves 8 points
  225. Ralph Nader...will he pull a last minute shocker?
  226. Russ, should I still be a Chiefs fan?
  227. Schilling tells owners ****, campaigns with Bush
  228. A preview of Bush's 'Police State'....
  229. Interesting Kerry Quote
  230. Fla. State Elections Office Evacuated
  231. oooops, Tommy Franks may be CYA in his version of Tora Bora...
  232. You thought the internals from Gallup were bad for Kerry, just look at Zogby . . .
  233. UBL warns "Red States"!
  234. Okay. Its one day before the election. Vote for your candidate here...r
  235. Chiefs kicked the Colts ass
  236. Cheney: Kerry Took Poll on Bin Laden Tape
  237. Oil slumps below $50 a barrel
  238. I got a phone call from Spike lee last night...
  239. Egyptian Idiot Doesn't Know Where X & Y Chromosomes Come From.
  240. Just Curious: Have You Ever Been Intimidated Or Had Your Vote Challenged?
  241. "The World Is Watching."
  242. Politics Aside: Great Site on Iraq: www.optruth.org
  243. OFFICIAL: Election Day Predictions
  244. delete
  245. Predict the election outcome
  246. The OFFICIAL Kerry @ Bush Game thread... 2004
  247. The OFFICIAL Kerry@Bush game thread!
  248. A Question For Kerry Supporters
  249. Interesting article on the ING.
  250. Why Is Kerry Making Up Military Endorsements If His Credentials Are So Strong?