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  1. Elections McCain and Palin have spent $160k on clothes and makeup
  2. U.S. Issues Universal Health Care would be worse than this?
  3. Elections Damning 2002 Ayers tape: "I am a marxist"
  4. Elections AP: Al-Qaida supporters hoping to help McCain win w/ pre-election terror attack
  5. Elections Fact Check: Obama taxing small businesses leading to unemployment????
  6. Elections If Obama Wins on Nov 4th, did God do the wrong thing for America?
  7. U.S. Issues Wealth redistribution?
  9. Elections Does This Trouble Any Obama Supporters?
  10. Poop McCain Gets Left in Campaign Bus - Onion News
  11. General Politics Odds are...
  12. Elections Question regarding Obamas tax plan
  13. General Politics John McCain, The Socialist
  14. Elections Early Voting, post your wait times and locations
  15. Elections Why Touch Screen Voting Machines are a Horrible Solution
  16. Elections Democrat Writer calls it what it is!!!!
  17. Poop The last year Repubilcans won the WH without a Bush or Nixon on the ticket?
  18. U.S. Issues Support Bill Ayers?
  19. Misc Can Obama Pick a Fantasy Team?
  20. Elections Hardball: Tension between McCain and Palin?
  21. U.S. Issues Would the Last Honest Reporter Turn On the Lights?
  22. U.S. Issues Fox News: Why the Republicans Must Be Defeated This Year
  23. U.S. Issues Would the Last Honest Reporter Please Turn On the Lights?
  24. Int'l Issues McCain: "Enemies won't test me."
  25. U.S. Issues Immigration and were we stand?
  26. U.S. Issues Rep. Murtha Clarifies 'Racist' Remark, Calls Western Pa. 'Redneck'
  27. General Politics Rick Reilly- I needed to know: can Obama pick a fantasy team?
  28. Elections Politics on "Dancing With The Stars?"
  29. U.S. Issues FDA Running Extortion Racket: Natural Supplement Companies Threatened
  30. Elections It's okay to change: Conservatives for Obama.
  31. U.S. Issues ACORN worker big Chiefs fan evidently....
  32. General Politics Breaking news: OBAMA'S RADICAL PAST
  33. Elections Fat Lady Hasn't Sung Yet: Race Tightens
  34. Elections Robocalls. Got one tonight from the RNC.
  35. Elections Patreaus talks with his new boss...
  36. U.S. Issues Your friend and the 2nd Amendment
  37. Elections Obama and McCain in denial about deficits, economists say
  38. Elections Palin says vote Democrat
  39. Elections GOP Lawyer on Democratic District Votes: "Maybe those votes should be discarded."
  40. Elections Palin Likes Fire!! Fire!! Fire!!!
  41. Economics Wow! Greenspan changes position on regulation.
  42. General Politics Politics VS. Inter-personal relationships
  43. Elections 40% of registered voters in FL have already voted in 1st 3 days.
  44. Environment Spain’s ex-prime minister blasts ‘new religion’ of climate change
  45. U.S. Issues Pentagon Wants Packs Of Robots To Detect “Non-cooperative Humans”
  46. Elections McCain found Fake America
  47. Elections Huntley Brown
  48. Elections Another Obama friend
  49. Elections Page everyone will like
  50. Poop Black Obama supporter carves B into McCain supporters' face with knife
  51. Elections Has the Millenials' Time Come?
  52. Elections Interesting Website
  53. Elections More Whackiness: Joe McCain calls 9-1-1 to complain about traffic
  54. Elections Why blacks really vote for Osama
  55. Elections Opie, Andy & The Fonz...
  56. Elections Public service announcement to all McCain voters/racists
  57. General Politics White McCain supporter brands "M" into teenager's back
  58. Elections Obama's Grandma in Kenya
  59. Elections And now we know why the real trip to Hawaii and..
  60. General Politics Will Ferrell Returns as Bush
  61. General Politics Hate Shortage Puzzles Experts
  62. Religion Oh no! B.O.'s grandmother is ill!
  63. Elections Crisis Joe: Wham, bam, thank you,ma'am. New McCain ad.
  64. Economics Hope we're retried by the time this house of cards falters.
  65. Economics Economic Armageddon is upon us
  66. Elections Obama = drug commercial
  67. Elections B.O. The Chicago Dirtbag and hero of the left!
  68. Elections B.O. The Chicago Dirtbag and hero of the left!
  69. Elections If Obama wins the presidency
  70. Elections More change we can believe in from B.O.
  71. Elections Palin backstabbing McCain
  72. Int'l Issues http://www.ratemyturban.com
  73. ****Official thread for Tom's Personal Insults****
  74. Religion Creationist Take Up Cartesian Dualism
  75. Elections McCain's Highest Paid Staffer? Palin's Makeup Artist
  76. Elections Black Mugger Story FALSE: Girl confessed to race baiting
  77. Elections Style over Substance?
  78. Elections ROFL: McCain Campaign Advisor & Reagan Conservative Resigns, Endorses Obama
  79. Economics Markets fear Obama
  80. U.S. Issues Campaign worker falsified police report to help John McCain
  81. Elections Is Bush trying to sandbag McCain?
  82. Poop Another reason to hate Mccain
  83. Economics Oh yeah. Good thing we didn't privatize Social Security amirite?
  84. Elections Barney Frank: We'll Cut Defense Spending By 25%
  85. Elections Newspaper shows Obama belonging to....
  86. Legal 2/3 of US Population lives in constitution free zone
  87. Elections McCain Campaign Linked to Bogus "B" Story
  88. General Politics Palin's special needs policy speech mocks a form of autism research
  89. Breaking News Carl Peterson is running the McCain campaign!!!
  90. U.S. Issues Ron Paul Hits Out At “Arrogant” Greenspan
  91. U.S. Issues Do you believe Obama will follow through with his tax cut plan if elected?
  92. Economics Tinfoil hats on....NOW (hyperinflation)
  93. Elections Newspaper endorsements mapped out
  94. Elections WAZZZZUUUPPP
  95. Religion 12/21/2012
  96. Elections Obama/Odinga link far from Innocuous
  97. Elections Both awesome and sad...
  98. Economics What should we do with GM/Ford/Chrysler?
  99. General Politics McCain: "I'm going to test our enemies"
  100. Elections Palin has "lost confidence" in the McCain campaign?
  101. Elections How many times have you donated to Obama?
  102. Environment Oil? Why is this hidden away?
  103. Poop What will we get with Obama?
  104. Poop SHTSPRAYER's Wife interviews Biden
  105. FYI
  106. U.S. Issues Respected Republican Senator defends progressive taxation
  107. Poop Spread the candy around
  108. General Politics The McCane can run uh the country?
  109. General Politics BUSH 7, TERRORISTS 0
  110. Elections ****Electoral Map Prediction Thread****
  111. Elections Godwin Shark Jumping McCain Campaign Sends Out Obama=Hitler Email to 75K Jews in PA
  112. Elections New poll shows McCain with 44-40 lead
  113. Elections Cass Sunstein on Obama's transparency and pragmatism
  114. General Politics The uncertain future of the Republican party
  115. U.S. Issues Like Bush Like Palin:Palin pipeline terms curbed bids
  116. Elections RSS Feed for This PostCurrent Article Amazon.com to Barack: You Are a Socialist, We’
  117. Wassssssup: 8 Years later
  118. Poop Obama is a shitbag communist
  119. U.S. Issues McCain's association with terrorist?
  120. U.S. Issues Frum: Mccain taking the rest of the Republican Party down with him...
  121. Elections Anchorage Daily News endorses Obama
  122. U.S. Issues *****The Official Chiefsplanet Republican Boo Hoo Thread*****
  123. Elections Have "We the People" lost our power?
  124. Elections (Specifically) What is the worst thing you believe Obama will do?
  125. Misc Bailout Bill subsidizes Rum
  126. Elections "I'm Joe the Plumber"
  127. Elections Biden explains VP role to 5th grader
  128. Poop You Can Vote However You Like
  129. Int'l Issues Can a Right Wing Politician be a Socialist?
  130. Int'l Issues Uh, we attacked Syria?
  131. Elections I'm Joe the Plumber & I'm a Shitbag Liar
  132. U.S. Issues Media Coverage in the US (TED Video)
  133. Elections Alaskas biggest newspaper endorses Obama
  134. U.S. Issues Major public concerns about Martial Law in the U.S.
  135. Elections 'Change' means......
  136. Elections Researchers help define what makes a political conservative
  137. Elections Dupe Visit The Other...
  138. Environment I'm "Joe the Plumber" & I'm McCain's Good Ole Shoe
  139. Int'l Issues World Government has been built underneath us the whole time!
  140. Int'l Issues US Missile Strike in Pakistan
  141. Int'l Issues Bavarian Illuminati
  142. Elections Evil Communist/Socialist/Terrorist Obama creates O flag to replace American flag!!!!
  143. Elections 50,000 voters purged from rolls in GA
  144. Economics I thought this ad was pretty funny...
  145. Elections In his own words: "A tragedy... that redistribution of wealth was not pursued..."
  146. U.S. Issues School holds surprise 'Gay' Day for kindergartners (California)
  147. U.S. Issues Daughter of slave casts vote for Obama
  148. Religion So which candidate is the anti-christ?
  149. Question from a PM
  150. U.S. Issues Senator Predicts “Revolution” If Banks Don’t Lend
  151. Elections LA Times Suppresses Obama-Khalid-Ayers Video of Party
  152. U.S. Issues Prop 8 - Blood in the Streets
  153. U.S. Issues Media's Presidential Bias and Decline
  154. Elections Hanging Palin in effigy
  155. Environment For or Against... Where do you stand
  156. Environment Global Cooling: Record Low Temperatures Hit America
  157. General Politics How should we pay the Reparations? A tax or lump sum?
  158. Elections Would Obama, Dems Kill 401(k) Plans?
  159. The official waiting for Tom's legal papers thread...
  160. U.S. Issues Palin's mentor and political ally found guilty of corruption
  161. General Politics Iran, Russia and the AP condemn US action in Syria
  162. Religion Obama on the Constitution
  163. Elections ATF Foiled Plot to Assasinate Obama
  164. U.S. Issues Russia military offers Cuba air defence aid
  165. Elections I'm Calling It. McCain wins Election.
  166. U.S. Issues Sen. Ted Stevens Guilty!
  167. Elections Who would Jesus vote for?
  168. Elections Hypothetical question pertaining to rigged elections
  169. Elections Obama will win
  170. General Politics I want this woman leading the free world.
  171. Economics The twilight of free-market ideology
  172. General Politics If McCain were Prez during Cuban Missle Crisis we would be nuclear ash heap
  173. Legal Great Supreme Court media website
  174. Economics Defining Socialism
  175. Elections Obama gonna raise all yall taxes
  176. General Politics political spam
  177. U.S. Issues White House Press Secretary refuses to comment on Syria
  178. U.S. Issues Why the election bias?
  179. U.S. Issues U.S. raids Syria
  180. Elections McCain's new add: Elect him and the US won't be tested.
  181. Elections What Would "Tightening" Look Like?
  182. Elections Chuck Hagel Endorses Obama Officially
  183. Legal What is an appropriate punishment for these f***s?
  184. Int'l Issues The New is not new (The Money Masters)
  185. U.S. Issues Palin, "the new Ronald Reagan?"
  186. Int'l Issues talk...with terrists???
  187. U.S. Issues Reality overthrows ‘history’s actors’
  188. Elections GOP Mailer Uses Kids Cartoon to invite kids to read about raping women & pornography
  189. U.S. Issues How is the next president gonna be able to do anything?
  190. Elections Justa Coinkidink?
  191. Elections The better way to decide the Election:
  192. Religion The Plot
  193. Elections Teen Shot Over McCain Sign
  194. Elections Hitchens nails it to Palin...Palins war on Science
  195. Economics What the heck, let's give communism another try!
  196. General Politics Should the LA Times release the tape of Obama and his Palestinian buddy?
  197. U.S. Issues Is the right capable of anything other than scare tactics?
  198. U.S. Issues On Tuesday, America turns it's back on this...
  199. General Politics I was just on Mark Levin.
  200. General Politics A Contest
  201. Elections Goldwater Republican, former national review publisher endorses Obama
  202. Elections Ann Coulter makes me laugh!
  203. Elections UNI Student/Sarah Palin in the News
  204. General Politics 1/2 Obama Commercial on Networks tomorrow
  205. U.S. Issues Pentagon Advisors Warn Of Coming International Crisis
  206. Elections Palin 2012!
  207. Elections ABC Reporter embarrassed
  208. U.S. Issues Pollan's Open Letter on Food Policy
  209. Elections More Fall Out on Obama and the US Constitution
  210. U.S. Issues Chuck Baldwin says get rid of Patriot Act
  211. U.S. Issues George Bush creates laws to pardon Himself frow War Crimes
  212. Environment How's that Global Warming scam working out?
  213. General Politics Rasmussen today - Obama +3
  214. Elections Obama Accepting Untraceable Donations
  215. Elections Obama and PLO Member Rashid Khalidi
  216. Elections MODS: Please delete
  217. U.S. Issues Prepare for the new Socialist America
  218. Elections Socialist or National Socialist? Take Your Pick
  219. Elections mods - please delete
  220. U.S. Issues Bush Continues to Circumvent Laws
  221. Elections Tito the Builder Stomps Obama Marxism
  222. U.S. Issues Another reason McCain is losing...
  223. U.S. Issues Is it always like this?
  224. U.S. Issues Obama-Economics
  225. General Politics Barack Obama doesn't care about white people
  226. General Politics Dreams from My Father
  227. Elections Twas the night ......
  228. Economics Biden's tax truth?
  229. Elections I anybody going to watch the infomercial tonight?
  230. Elections Could the Polls be wrong?
  231. Elections David Alinsky claims Obama learned well.....
  232. Elections Get Out The Vote Volunteers?
  233. Elections Godless Americans?
  234. Elections A little humor
  235. General Politics Proposition 8 is a serious issue folks.
  236. Elections McCain is forced to campaign in Arizona! Wow.
  237. Misc Who will win the coveted World of Warcraft vote?
  238. Elections ***OFFICIAL Barack Obama's Party Time Variety Show Extravaganza Thread***
  239. Elections Obama Coming to Springfield
  240. U.S. Issues Views on the United States of America
  241. Elections McCain lead in Arizona down to 2%
  242. Elections Chris Shays is disappointed in McCain
  243. Elections Republican Voter Suppression: A Guide
  244. Elections Obama maybe 'Sensible'?????
  245. U.S. Issues Local hate group on the news.....
  246. Elections 538's analysis
  247. U.S. Issues The video that changed the world...
  248. General Politics Joe the Plumber: Vote for Obama=Death to Israel?
  249. General Politics What if McCain...
  250. U.S. Issues Palin's Idiot Wind