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  1. U.S. Issues Franken takes a Nose Dive!
  2. Economics Exxon:Biggest profit in U.S. history. McCain wants to give them your tax $'s.
  3. General Politics Profile of a liberal on DC
  4. Elections Barack Obama's Resume: A Glimpse into an Obama Presidency with a Dem Congress
  5. Elections Katic Couric asks the same but interesting questions of Obama and McCain
  6. Elections Voter's Song "I Approved this Message"
  7. General Politics The Paranoid Style in American Politics
  8. General Politics Food for Thought
  9. Elections Palin's Science Earmarks (Hypocrisy?)
  10. U.S. Issues Bailout money being used for dividends
  11. Elections Obama has been with a lot of shady characters lately.
  12. U.S. Issues Yahoo Article Calls Out Obama on Blatant Lies to the American People Last Night
  13. Economics Fed running out of rate to cut
  14. U.S. Issues Profile of a Neocon in DC
  15. General Politics Obama = Ty Pennington
  16. General Politics Just chartered 25 buses - off to vote in OHIO
  17. General Politics Well that's interesting. Red State Socialism
  18. Poop So what is a crazy old school conservative to do?
  19. General Politics You find your beloved aunt living in a slum. Do you A) Bring her to live with you; B)
  20. Elections McCain Up in Florida Early Voting Poll
  21. Elections Joe a NO Show
  22. Misc Don't block our right to know! re: food labeling in Kansas
  23. Elections B.O. is a red diaper baby
  24. General Politics Joe Biden, like most libs is a cheap f*ck
  25. Elections 3rd Party Debate today
  26. General Politics My political cock is larger than yours.
  27. U.S. Issues McCain and Obama square off
  28. General Politics Obama's grandmother - so she didn't die?
  29. Elections Has Anyone Here Changed Their Minds?
  30. Elections has there ever been
  31. Economics Grim Reaper Tells Government, 'Step Aside'
  32. U.S. Issues Why You Don't Steal A Sign From A McCain Supporter
  33. General Politics Who has been involved in giving more money to Khalidi?
  34. Elections The Politics of Crowds
  35. General Politics Murtha pleas for $1 million after calling his constituents racist...
  36. U.S. Issues Generation WE : The Movement Begins
  37. Elections Obama's Campaign Stop in CoMo--My Take
  38. U.S. Issues 24
  39. Elections Check out this ad
  40. Elections McCains Women Problems
  41. Int'l Issues World Tires of Rule by Dollar
  42. General Politics Happy Halloween
  43. Elections You know how you know when it looks bad for McCain?
  44. Elections Soldier addresses Senator Obama
  45. Elections Obama: Complete Dud on National Defense
  46. Elections Iran Endorses Obama
  47. Elections OOOPs: Lofty Rhetoric and promises to hell. NObo tries to lower expectations. ROFL
  48. OOOOkkkaayy. I believe they didn't think this one through.
  49. U.S. Issues Palin, the gift that keeps on giving.
  50. U.S. Issues U.S. Government Anticipates Bin Laden Election Tape
  51. Poop What's worse?
  52. Elections Obama campaign: Huge early voter surge for Obama
  53. U.S. Issues Engleburger: Of Course Palin is not Ready.
  54. Elections Obama in Springfield Missouri on Saturday
  55. Misc Happy Who-lloween
  56. U.S. Issues Republicans don't even like McCain
  57. Elections Vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s message smacks a homer at Bowman Field
  58. U.S. Issues KCJ, your opinion, please
  59. Elections Jeremiah Wright's Palace and Spreading the Wealth
  60. Elections Important lesson to be learned by McCainites.
  61. Elections Warren Buffett telling it like it is.
  62. Elections McCain's November surprise begins today
  63. U.S. Issues Wealth re-distribution is pro-family?
  64. Elections If there was ever any doubt about which campaign has its act together...
  65. Elections Change you Can See(good article with opinions on both sides)
  66. Elections Obama's New Attack on Those Who Don't Want Higher Taxes: ‘Selfishness’
  67. U.S. Issues The Military and Obama
  68. U.S. Issues Bush Makes Final Push To Deregulate, most controversial era. Will be hard to undo.
  69. U.S. Issues Palin: Moron
  70. Obo kicks beat writers off his plane .....
  71. General Politics Obo kicks beat writers off his plane .....
  72. Elections Is there any more room on Barack's bandwagon?
  73. Elections More racist BS from a the B.O. camp
  74. Elections The lesser of two evils?
  75. Happy Halloween
  76. U.S. Issues Montana Conservationists Defend Obama on Hunting, Gun Issues
  77. General Politics May the best person that relates to America win
  78. Elections Palin: First Amendment Rights Threatened By Criticism
  79. Int'l Issues Biological Terrorism? Biden and Colin Powell's "big event"?
  80. Elections Hilarious Obama Promo
  81. U.S. Issues Obama’s aunt living in U.S. illegally.
  82. General Politics Friday poll: McCain 48 - Osama 47
  83. SNL tonight
  84. Elections Governator Crushes Dems
  85. General Politics Real Change
  86. Elections US election: If Iraqis could vote it would be for McCain
  87. Elections Hawaii state officials confirms Obama born in Hawaii
  89. Poop Since we're just posting article clippings anymore
  90. Elections Black Professor calls it like it is !!!!!!!
  92. Elections Are we becoming a nation of Obama dogs???????
  93. General Politics Look at me! I'm as thoughtful, thorough and creative as ShortJeep Johnny!
  94. Elections Dick Cheney endorses John McCain because he is white
  95. Elections LMAO Sarah Palin gets prank call thinking it is French President
  96. Elections Huckabee 2012?
  97. Elections Do you want Barack?
  98. Elections McCain's 14th Amendment Problem
  99. Elections Rick Davis is clutching a gun and a cyanide capsule
  100. Economics The problem and the solution
  101. General Politics Look, I'm tired of being the bad guy around here
  102. Elections Barack Hussein: Civilian National Security Force?
  103. Elections Poll shows Obama popular among dead people
  104. Int'l Issues China And Russia Hint At Dropping US Dollar
  105. Elections Clear & Transparent Gov't -- Palin Style
  106. Int'l Issues The Rothschild Empire is taking over
  107. Elections CNN reporting that North Dakota is the closest race in the country
  108. Elections McCain: "If you vote me, I'm hot. What? Taxes, they'll be lower... son."
  109. Elections If Politico is correct...
  110. Int'l Issues European Union and U.N. call for New World Order
  111. Elections Senator Obama's Accomplishments
  112. Elections Best Obama GE ad yet
  113. Economics Abolish the Dept of Education
  114. Environment MIT scientists baffled by global warming theory, contradicts scientific data
  115. Elections FYI
  116. Elections You heard it here first!
  117. Elections Who really matters?
  118. U.S. Issues Judge tells White House to release wiretapping documents.
  119. Elections Obama as POTUS ?
  120. Elections I have regressed to "undecided!"
  121. Elections Obama's top 5 priorities , Tax breaks # 5
  122. Environment If McCain Wins All Toss-Ups He Still Loses... Unless...
  123. Elections What a McCain electoral victory looks like
  124. U.S. Issues Obama: Government Should “Change Behavior” by Raising Energy Bills
  125. Elections McCain the Socialist and Racial Dog Whistle
  126. Int'l Issues Slaves To The Orgy Of Money
  127. Elections Damn fellas! I don't know, I am feeling a.....
  128. Elections Entire campaign recap in one page
  129. Elections The Next two days will be exciting because of Big Daddy
  130. Elections The Cellphone Effect, Redux
  131. Int'l Issues Hidden Power States (NWO)
  132. Elections Obama's Top Campaign Contributers
  133. Elections McCain's Top Campaign Contributers
  134. Elections Obama in SF: My policies will bankrupt new coal plants
  135. U.S. Issues T'Was the Night Before the Election
  136. U.S. Issues Landslide victory for Obama!!
  137. Elections A new Poll Tax?
  138. Elections FACT CHECK: Myths of 08 Election that would not go away.
  139. Elections Free sex toys — and much more — for voting
  140. U.S. Issues Haven't heard much from or about Bush lately.........
  141. U.S. Issues Brzezinski: Obama Will Face “Imminent” Foreign Policy Problems
  142. Elections Poll: How many seats will the Democrats hold in the Senate in January?
  143. General Politics Now the video - Barry to bankrupt the coal industry and jack up energy prices
  144. Elections Hank Williams Jr. Wearing Derrick Thomas Jersey at Palin Rally
  145. General Politics I am voting for obama
  146. Elections Obama scratches mouth. Makes top headline on Drudge as "flipping off McCain."
  147. Elections Palin Blows off Fox News
  148. U.S. Issues How long till Barack Hussein meets his 72 virgins?
  149. General Politics IBD/Tipp - McCain 44.6 Blackkarlmarx 46.7
  150. Poop A little comedy a day before the election - Little Bill O'Reilly
  151. U.S. Issues When will McCain die of a stroke or heart attack?
  152. Poop Is Donger really a secret terrorist and a Muslim?
  153. Elections Undecided Voters
  154. General Politics Enough talk about moderation....
  155. Elections My personal observation:
  156. Environment Alternative Energy
  157. Elections If Obama wins, does he get a "honeymoon"? What does he need to earn your support?
  158. General Politics Presidential candidates and red eye campaigning
  159. Elections Palin gets punked!
  160. General Politics Obama's grandmother passes
  161. Elections How Long Before John McCain meets his 72 Virgins?
  162. Elections Clock strikes midnight tomorrow, O-Bots
  163. Elections McCain is suing the election board in Virginia
  164. Elections Proof NObama will win...it's in the sky this evening.
  165. Obama's grandmother dies after battle with cancer
  166. U.S. Issues Obama's grandmother dies after battle with cancer
  167. U.S. Issues Mercury Containing Flu Vaccines Pushed On Queuing Voters
  168. Elections What state will hold biggest surprise?
  169. Int'l Issues Iran Celebrates Taking of US Embassy Hostages; Expresses Hate for America
  170. General Politics Obama be payin for my gas and mortgage!!!!
  171. U.S. Issues Go Redskins!
  172. Int'l Issues U.S. Is Funding Iranian Nuclear Program
  173. Int'l Issues Thread Deleted
  174. Elections Someone just knocked on my door...
  175. Elections What's the best time of day to go vote?
  177. U.S. Issues I think it's pretty cool
  178. Elections Obama campaign knocks on 1,000,000 doors yesterday in Ohio.
  179. Elections A precursor for tomorrow
  180. U.S. Issues Michelle Obama: God damn you American Whitey
  181. U.S. Issues Repub is the new Retard..........
  182. U.S. Issues All three Presidential debates in two and a half minutes
  183. Elections Ok McCain is screwed..Obama wins Dixville Notch
  184. Elections For those still undecided character still counts and.....
  185. Elections Biden admits ... strange things.
  186. U.S. Issues I'm voting for OBAMA!!!
  187. Elections ****OFFICIAL ELECTION DAY 2008 THREAD****
  188. Elections Obama VS......... Obama¿?¿
  189. Elections Just a few of the so called facts!
  190. Elections Missouri Ballot Measures
  191. No more mortgage payments?!?!?!?
  192. Elections **"Official" Voting Wait Times**
  193. U.S. Issues So When Do I Get My Massive Tax Cut?
  194. General Politics Are liquor stores open during elections in your area?
  195. General Politics Never let your guard down
  196. Environment Amazing disucssion on MSNBC between Joe Scarborough and Pat Buchanan
  197. Elections Another empty Republican issue...the Senate
  198. U.S. Issues Ron Paul’s California write-in votes will be tallied
  199. Elections 6 KCMO precincts sent wrong voter rolls...
  200. Misc The Safety Gap
  201. Elections Your Chance to write the POTUS victory speech..
  202. General Politics My co-worker is not voting for Obama because...
  203. PSA: Ignore Features
  204. Elections A Question For Democrats/Liberals/Barack Hussein Followers
  205. Elections Choose the music of the candidates tonight.
  206. Elections A Filtered Analysis Of All The Polls (And How McCain Wins)
  207. Elections Naturalized Citizens and Voting
  208. General Politics Black panthers w/knight stick blocking polls in Philly
  209. Elections Rove say the next president is.....
  210. Elections I Didn't Vote For Obama Today
  211. Poop Hate Speech Against McCain In Denver!
  212. Elections Not only does Obama pall around with terrorists he votes with them too
  213. Elections Mitt Romney is amusing in a sad way
  214. Poop Schumer revives Fairness Doctrine discussion
  215. Elections Catholic Church: Vote for Obama = Eternal Damnation
  216. Elections McCain connecting with the regular folks... Doh!
  217. Elections This is a very sensitive thread.
  218. General Politics They way it is and will be
  219. U.S. Issues "Saved by Zero"
  220. General Politics Prediction: 5pm EDT exit poll leaks show Obama electoral landslide
  221. Poop Real voter supression by Republicans
  222. Poop Foxnews.com cracks me up
  223. Elections Where are the best Election graphics?
  224. Elections Republicans-no hard feelings
  225. U.S. Issues Bush is about to leave the White House forever
  226. Elections Who did you vote for?
  227. Elections Intrade: Indiana turning blue...
  228. U.S. Issues No president has won
  229. Elections Intrade?
  230. Elections Too bad this election isn't taking place in England
  231. U.S. Issues Should Biden be on 2 tickets?
  232. Elections Richard Pryor as Obama
  233. U.S. Issues Obama's Grandmother's vote to be counted
  234. Elections Living in Missouri.....
  235. Elections John Proctor, say hello to your new boss....
  236. Elections Big Daddy I guess Barack Obama is not a Black Man
  237. Elections 25 Key Counties to Watch....Greene County, MO at #6
  238. U.S. Issues Do you think an attempt will be made on Obama's life?
  239. Economics Nice post by a High School kid on another forum
  240. Economics Your Personal Tax Predictions
  241. Elections An important message for all Republicans:
  242. General Politics I can't believe America has just committed suicide...
  243. U.S. Issues So who does Pelosi blame now?
  244. Elections Congratulations to President Hussein
  245. Elections The Confederates vs. the Union
  246. General Politics GOP in 2012
  247. Obama Celebration thread (no haters)
  248. U.S. Issues Hail To The Chief.
  249. Elections CRUSHING Repudiation of BushCo
  250. Elections Top Ten Advantages of an Obama Presidency