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  1. Elections Top Ten Advantages of an Obama Presidency
  2. Elections I am so proud of our country tonight.
  3. Elections Swing State Blowout
  4. Elections Thank you.
  5. Elections 2000 vs. 2008 erection
  6. Elections How long until Big Daddy posts his last 72 skanks in the girly pic thread?
  7. U.S. Issues OFFICIAL Obama bitching thread
  8. U.S. Issues Who wins the fight for the soul of the Republican party?
  9. U.S. Issues This new regime scares the shit out of me
  10. U.S. Issues What happens to Biden's Delaware Senate spot?
  11. Elections Two Excellent, Excellent Speeches
  12. Elections Guess the headline for tomorrow
  13. General Politics Anybody see Nader on FOX?
  14. Elections It's too bad Obama succumbed to the Bradley Effect!
  15. Elections this is my opinion
  16. General Politics Is he a man of his word?
  17. U.S. Issues Thanks for forgetting the past...
  18. General Politics Dense come choke on your crow...
  19. Int'l Issues News from around the world
  20. Elections Kotter, You belong to me now.
  21. U.S. Issues OK Predict Barack's future the next 4 years..
  22. Elections 61%
  23. Economics How that "no tax increase for 95% of Americans" thingy works....
  24. Elections Anyone catch the funeral procession at Fox (Fixed) News?
  25. U.S. Issues We are re-living history.
  26. Elections Obama's Election Headlines
  27. U.S. Issues Perfect: Dems fail to get fillibuster proof majority
  28. General Politics Rahm Emmanuel Offered Obama's Chief Of Staff Position
  29. Poop Hello libs, you seem to have what you want ...
  30. Elections Come on dems, Murtha?
  31. U.S. Issues Obama: The war in Iraq was a mistake
  32. Elections Ouch, just ouch. Letter to Peggy Noonan
  33. Elections Well it appears the polls were right
  34. A Thank You Letter.
  35. Elections So was the black turnout low?
  36. U.S. Issues The Treatment of Bush Has Been a Disgrace
  37. Elections Newsweek: Obama and McCain campaign records hacked by foreign country
  38. Elections We're Better Than That...
  39. Elections Bill Ayers speaks
  40. U.S. Issues My mind is blown.
  41. U.S. Issues So what happens at the White House now?
  42. General Politics Default OMG! The Riots Are About to Start! Rush was right!
  43. Int'l Issues Iran warns U.S. military after Obama win
  44. Elections Other side of the elections - Ballot Initiatives
  45. Elections 2008 campaign costliest in U.S. history
  46. U.S. Issues Should There Be Presidential Term Limits?
  47. U.S. Issues John Kerry: Secretary of State?
  48. U.S. Issues For All You Racist McCain Supporters Like Me Out There
  49. U.S. Issues Why are people racists?
  50. Economics Obam's presidential impact on Golf
  51. U.S. Issues Peter Schiff's predictions on Obamanomics
  52. U.S. Issues I have a question for the President elect Obama supporters
  53. Elections Bow Down to Nate Silver and 538
  54. Elections What a beautiful moment!
  55. General Politics Obama elected - market down 520 pts
  56. Elections Rush Limbaugh: Get rid of all the moderates in the Republican Party
  57. U.S. Issues Obama appoints the first cabinet member (after Biden)
  58. U.S. Issues Conservatives...please do not act like the Dems did...
  59. General Politics Not Being a sore Loser
  60. U.S. Issues Little kid does hilarious O'Reilly impersonation
  61. Elections ****Official Remaining Senate Races Thread
  62. Elections "Last night was the first time I've EVER been proud of my country" & "I'll get $...
  63. Economics Mobocracy
  64. Elections Palin didn't know that Africa is a continent (seriously)
  65. Elections Seattle gets drunk for Obama
  66. U.S. Issues 1 step forward, 2 steps back
  67. U.S. Issues Ron Paul Warns Of Great Shift Toward Global Government Under Obama
  68. Elections The morning after...
  69. General Politics Anybody watch South Park tonight?
  70. U.S. Issues Palin Sailed Into the Room Wearing Nothing But a Towel
  71. General Politics Who is Barack Obama, the person?
  72. General Politics The Official Obama's Cabinet Thread
  73. U.S. Issues Barriers Broken?
  74. U.S. Issues Obama taps Paul Begala?
  75. Economics It's No Joke: Fed Hires Failed Bank Executive
  76. General Politics Chuck Shumer really really wants Fairness Doctrine (ie to restrict speech)
  77. Economics B.O.'s dour vision
  78. General Politics Is this Chicago Tribune article racist?
  79. Elections ***Official Palin did what during the campaign
  80. Elections The 7-part election exposé you absolutely have to read
  81. Poop Proposing a little cultural adjustment:
  82. U.S. Issues Bump.
  83. U.S. Issues What is "Anti-Americanism"?
  84. General Politics Chris Matthew's Job As A Journalist Is To
  85. U.S. Issues Obama’s Treasury Candidates: Old Guard Of The Corporate Elite
  86. Int'l Issues Ahmadinejad welcomes Obama change
  87. General Politics FWIW- Persian pop singer writes an Obama-inspired song.
  88. U.S. Issues Republican back biting...
  89. U.S. Issues Rush Limbaugh still don't get it....
  90. Elections Voting Shifts Map... Amazing
  91. Int'l Issues Let the Games Begin!
  92. General Politics Change.gov: Pres. Elect Obama's Transitional Website
  93. General Politics What to do with Deputy Dawg
  94. Economics Does Pelosi believe in Magic Money Trees?
  95. Pakistan
  96. General Politics Jimmy Carter Part II
  97. U.S. Issues Divorce and Taxes
  98. Misc It's OK to fly a flag in Seattle again..
  99. Elections There's some sports related politics..
  100. Elections I'm Voting Democrat
  101. Poop Free Republic is boycotting Fox News...
  102. U.S. Issues Will Obama Keep His Promise To Reverse Bush Executive Orders?
  103. U.S. Issues Jared Allen Chimes in....
  104. U.S. Issues Dems Target Private Retirement Accounts
  105. U.S. Issues I'd think the right would love Obama's Chief of Staff
  106. Poop Gun sales up in Kansas
  107. U.S. Issues Bailouts: Banking vs. Auto Industry
  108. Int'l Issues The History of The Rothschild Family
  109. General Politics Lieberman being stripped of chairmanship, McConnell reportedly making overtures
  110. U.S. Issues The difference between Obama and Clinton/Carter...
  111. U.S. Issues Obama mulls Cabinet picks as he prepares to meet press
  112. U.S. Issues On Concerns Over Gun Control, Gun Sales Are Up
  113. U.S. Issues Obama's aunt to fight to stay in US
  114. U.S. Issues Compulsory Universal Service
  115. Int'l Issues Obama-Vatican Relations
  116. Misc Sportsline article on Nate Silver
  117. Elections Most ridiculous news items of the past election
  118. General Politics Props To President-Elect Obama
  119. U.S. Issues Obama will be our Commander and Chief
  120. U.S. Issues Get Your War On: New World Order
  121. Elections Republicans view on Obama victory...
  122. U.S. Issues Obama’s chief of staff choice favors compulsory universal service
  123. U.S. Issues Obama's chief of staff choice favors Mandatory Civilian Service age 18-25
  124. U.S. Issues Ralph Nader: An Open Letter to Barack Obama
  125. General Politics Is Anyone Watching Cory Booker on "Real Time"?
  126. The Election May Be Over...
  127. Economics Total U.S. Liabilities exceed net worth of all American Households.
  128. Misc Cal Thomas: Religious Right should "Try something else"
  129. U.S. Issues Good week for this Frontline documentary if you haven't seen it: A Class Divided
  130. Poop Obama: The Movie
  131. Elections Where was all of the widespread ACORN voter fraud on election day?
  132. U.S. Issues The next black president?
  133. Misc Architectural plans of Auschwitz death camp found in Berlin
  134. U.S. Issues I sure like the sound of this..
  135. Elections ACLU wants probe into police-staged DNC protest
  136. U.S. Issues Barack Obama at the roast of Representative Rahm Emanual
  137. U.S. Issues Presidents & Congress Ignoring the Constitution!
  138. Environment Mini-nuke reactors?
  139. General Politics Obama positioned to reverse Bush actions
  140. Elections Obama's First Big Test...
  141. U.S. Issues The state religion and it's main sacrament, abortion
  142. We blew it
  143. You can't tell me moonbattery isn't a religion
  144. General Politics Barack Obama: The 50 facts you might not know
  145. Misc Fair and Balanced?
  146. U.S. Issues AIG seeking another Bailout
  147. General Politics Tin foil hat time? UK's Brown: Now is the time to build global society
  148. U.S. Issues International Crisis?
  149. Poop Sarah Palin offered $2 million to appear in porn film
  150. Elections LIZZA - Battle Plans: How Obama Won
  151. U.S. Issues Obama Website Scrubs Mandatory Community Service Call
  152. Elections Humor: Where are they now?
  153. U.S. Issues Obama Plans Guantanamo Close, US Trials
  154. U.S. Issues Pentagon tells Obama he needs to cut Defense budget
  155. Elections Berg is still waiting to see B.O.'s birth cirtificate
  156. U.S. Issues Fed says "Fuck You!" to tax payers....
  157. Elections Change has come
  158. Economics Ron Paul's Economic Advisor predicting crisis back in 2006
  159. Int'l Issues If killing somone was made legal...
  160. Poop Caption this picture.
  161. Poop Joe Scarborough, you card
  162. Economics American Express wants its piece of Bailout Pie
  163. U.S. Issues Conned Again?
  164. General Politics Official: Bush sucks.
  165. Religion Son of Fred Phelps escapes and tells of childhood
  166. Elections Whitlock: Obama's election serves as reaffirmation of our inclusiveness
  167. U.S. Issues "It's great to worry about Reagan, I loved Reagan, but those days are over."
  168. Religion Bible Prophecy, Religious Agendas, and the New World Order
  169. Poop Political Joke
  170. Economics Big Oil bailout next?
  171. Int'l Issues B.O.'s road to Damascus
  172. Elections MAGICAL VOTES APPEAR... for Franken?
  173. General Politics Open Message to Programmer / - ahem, shut your mouth -
  174. U.S. Issues McCain wanted lieberman
  175. U.S. Issues Thanks for the Freedom, Vets
  176. Poop Biased Media Bans Conservatives; Selects "That One"
  177. U.S. Issues So How will you feel when Obama
  178. General Politics Newt v. Steele
  179. U.S. Issues How many WWI veterans are left?
  180. Elections David Brooks: Darkness at Dusk
  181. U.S. Issues Fed Hides Destination Of $2 Trillion In Bailout Money
  182. Elections Did McCain really run a bad campaign?
  183. Should SHTSPRAYER Be Put on Universal Iggy?
  184. Int'l Issues Has everybody seen Ann Coulter's website?
  185. Chiefs Planet Religious Fanatic Thread 2008
  186. Int'l Issues Hamas met with Obama advisors
  187. Elections Another potential Obama star for AG
  188. The Klan killed a white person
  189. General Politics Ron Paul on marijuana prohibition and personal freedom
  190. U.S. Issues Obama meets tyrannical despot without preconditions
  191. General Politics the obamas on election night
  192. General Politics Obama's Anti-Lobbyist Pledge Makes Its Way to Washington DC
  193. General Politics Should the government bailout the big 3 auto companies by loaning them more money?
  194. Economics The market continues to tank
  195. U.S. Issues Biggest threat to National Security?
  196. U.S. Issues Two Presidents...
  197. Int'l Issues Iran tests precision missile able to reach Europe
  198. Elections If you ever need evidence of the Repubilcan voter supression...
  199. General Politics Holy shit... I can't believe it's finally happening.
  200. U.S. Issues Boehner Demands Fed Identify Recipients of Loans (Update2)
  201. Poop Who is a phony?
  202. U.S. Issues Should 'Hamas' Jenkins Be Put on Universal Iggy?
  203. Int'l Issues Baron David de Rothschild: Economic Crisis Will Bring New World Order, Global Governa
  204. Int'l Issues If you won't listen to me, maybe you will listen to her?
  205. U.S. Issues The Great Vaccine Cover-Up
  206. Economics From TARP to Trap: the bait and switch trap DEMS embraced
  207. U.S. Issues Celente Predicts Revolution, Food Riots, Tax Rebellions By 2012
  208. Poop Do you think SHTSPRAYER
  209. Economics Summer School
  210. U.S. Issues Obama Transition Team Examines Congestion Tax
  211. Obama's Christian Faith - An Interview from 2004
  212. Economics Banks/Credit Card companies want to forgive up to 40% of debt. Cost to taxpayers= $0
  213. Economics Empire state implosion
  214. Economics Another Bailout
  215. Int'l Issues what is the name of this paradox?
  216. U.S. Issues Peter Schiff the economic prophet...
  217. Int'l Issues Hillary? For State?
  218. Economics Limbaugh/Hannity start labeling recession "Obama Recession"
  219. General Politics Anyone read this?
  220. General Politics A Checklist Of Obama's Many Promises
  221. Legal Catholic Hospitals and Abortion
  222. U.S. Issues Obama Pushes for $50 Billion for Automakers, Oversight Czar
  223. General Politics Rahm Emanuel set up Clinton?
  224. Economics The Federal Reserve is Engineering the Economic Collapse
  225. Economics Paulson says subprime woes contained (Article from Aug. 2007)
  226. Int'l Issues Storm looms over N Korea balloons
  227. U.S. Issues Move over Obama's.....the Clinton's are moving back in!
  228. U.S. Issues America’s economic crisis is beyond the reach of traditional solutions
  229. General Politics Tolerance? Not from the Libs.
  230. Poop The last intelligent debate on abortion.
  231. U.S. Issues Chrysler asks for a government handout.....while writing 30million in bonus checks
  232. So what happens to a new born baby?
  233. U.S. Issues Absolutely hilarious: Peter Schiff called the mortgage crisis to scorn and ridicule.
  234. Int'l Issues Ron Paul talks about the Global Economic Summit
  235. Economics Jim Rogers Tells it Like it is!!!
  236. Poop For Cronus, bunnytr, and other California Residents:
  237. Int'l Issues NYtimes Interviews Ron Paul
  238. Legal If Americans support abortion, let's vote
  239. Elections Nobody's Dummy
  240. U.S. Issues So they spent all 700 billion....
  241. Elections Secret Service investigates Idaho man who wants Obama hanged
  242. Environment The socialization of the auto industry begins...
  243. U.S. Issues Obama to do weekly YouTube addresses
  244. U.S. Issues Yon: "THE WAR IS OVER AND WE WON"
  245. Economics WSJ: Just Say No to Detroit
  246. Economics Mr. Kashkari, is AIG playing you for a chump?
  247. Misc college student beats old cranky lady for County Treasurer
  248. General Politics naylin Palin
  249. Elections Potential Constitutional Crisis looming...
  250. What church are you attending?