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  1. General Politics Fox News' "Huckabee"
  2. U.S. Issues Gay Activists Terrorize Church in Michigan
  3. Misc George Carlin: Education and the owners of America
  4. Religion Activist: 'Pastor to presidents' replaced by gay bishop
  5. Environment IPCC Scientists Caught Producing False Data To Push Global Warming
  6. U.S. Issues McClellan: Bush Outed CIA Agent Valerie Plame
  7. General Politics Did Programmer get banned?
  8. General Politics When identity politics is all you've got...
  9. Int'l Issues Iran's parliament ousts Ahmadinejad ally
  10. Misc Guess Tom Cash's next incarnation username.
  11. U.S. Issues THANK YOU, YOUTUBE.
  12. General Politics Keith Olbermann in Sixty Seconds
  13. Int'l Issues Bill’s business may be barrier to State post
  14. Int'l Issues Iraq, U.S. sign pact on troops withdrawal deadline
  15. Voting for Obama a Sin?
  16. Elections After Obama's win, white backlash festers in US
  17. U.S. Issues AIG Board member also belongs to the Group of 30 along with...
  18. U.S. Issues Judge Andrew Napolitano-Bailout Flip Flop Unconstitutional!
  19. U.S. Issues What are your opinions of Blackwater Worldwide?
  20. U.S. Issues Your cell phone is listening to You!
  21. Elections I thought the Libs were the party of smarterer people
  22. General Politics OOOPs: About that no lobbyist promise...
  23. U.S. Issues Like Clockwork: Paulson speaks..market tumbles
  24. Economics Priceless- by Thomas Sowell
  25. General Politics Lieberman Keeps Chairmanship
  26. Economics 30 reasons why we will be in a Great Depression 2 by 2011
  27. General Politics Obama to name black Attorney General - I'm sure that is just a coincidence
  28. Poop Catholic Bishop - Education is the devil
  29. Elections How Obama got elected
  30. Far Right Wing Stupidity
  31. General Politics In a New Climate, Former Weatherman Bill Ayers Speaks
  32. Elections Ted Stevens Loses
  33. Economics Ron Paul questions Bernanke about world currency
  34. U.S. Issues Last-minute Bush abortion ruling causes furor
  35. Religion Theological discussion: Islam
  36. Int'l Issues Is anyone else fascinated...
  37. U.S. Issues Proof Iran supports terrorism?
  38. General Politics Bahahaha. Tom Daschle for Health and Human Services...
  39. Economics So...where is rexjake tooting GM's horn during these bailout proceedings?
  40. General Politics House Negro? Are we going to stand for that?
  41. Int'l Issues How many deaths can you blame on Presidents and their Party?
  42. Elections Is this Denise?
  43. U.S. Issues Calif. Supreme Court to take up gay marriage ban
  44. General Politics OOOPs, Progressives already feeling buyer's remorse
  45. Economics Bailout For Builders—Are They Next In Line?
  46. Success: Help For Blind Kids in Baghdad
  47. Economics Corporate America has finally ruined the country..
  48. U.S. Issues Waxman wins Chairmanship
  49. General Politics Impeachment Thread! why wait?
  50. Poop Over/Under on how many threads
  51. Int'l Issues Iran has enough low-refined Nuclear material for bomb
  52. U.S. Issues Hey ....... all these businesses can have as much money as they want!!
  53. General Politics Katie strikes again
  54. U.S. Issues Auto Bailout agreement has been reached..
  55. Economics State rankings of the best states to handle "new economy"
  56. U.S. Issues Paulson Was Behind Bailout Martial Law Threat
  57. Religion Theological discussion: Budhism
  58. Elections Two Bruthas going after another brutha!
  59. Elections Play Minnesota Election Judge
  60. Int'l Issues Have you ever read the book "Origin of Species"?
  61. General Politics Where is the chosen one? Markets crash - Obama nowhere to be found?
  62. Legal Anyone know that Cheney was indicted?
  63. Economics Just bail out the auto industry already
  64. U.S. Issues Clinton Secretary of State: Official after Thanksgiving - Politico
  65. Economics CEO Salaries and Government Handouts
  66. U.S. Issues Obama appoints net neutrality advocates to FCC review team
  67. Elections A very interesting Map of election 2008
  68. Environment How not to measure temperature, part 75
  69. U.S. Issues Democratic leaders balk at auto rescue compromise
  70. U.S. Issues Welcome to Kansas GOP’s version of Stalin’s purges
  71. Misc Good news for Mr. Kotter
  72. Int'l Issues US seeks 300 billion dlrs from Middle East States
  73. General Politics To All the Democrats......
  74. U.S. Issues Obama to name Tim Geithner as Treasury Secretary
  75. U.S. Issues The Stock Market officially endorsement Obama Presidency!!
  76. U.S. Issues Satan is skiing in Hell: Bob Jones Univ. apologizes for racism.
  77. U.S. Issues Nation of Dumbasses
  78. General Politics Have yourself a Barack Obama Christmas...
  79. Economics Paulson’s Cascade of Lies
  80. U.S. Issues Obama lays out plan for 2.5 million jobs
  81. Misc Georgia Guidestones
  82. Economics Looks like its Citigroups turn for a bailout.
  83. Economics Clip from 2006 predicting the current recession
  84. Environment Beyond the Origin
  85. U.S. Issues Obama skips church, heads to gym
  86. Economics Does Bank of America get the next Bailout?
  87. General Politics Crypt Keeper leaving Hannity and Crypt Keeper
  88. U.S. Issues What happens if we don't bailout anybody?
  89. Economics It would appear Obama is "rethinking" his tax hikes on the "rich"
  90. Elections Socialist shoulder "shrugger" or defender of the Constitution?
  91. Economics Sowell has it right!!
  92. U.S. Issues Do you think Citigroup should honor it's $400 million commitment to the NY Mets?
  93. U.S. Issues Government can't afford the Citigroup deal
  94. Legal OOOPs: NObama's birth case being reviewed by US Supreme Court
  95. Economics WTF? Fed Reserve to buy up another $600 billion in mortgage backed assests
  96. U.S. Issues Why the Economy is Tanking: The Reverse Wealth Effect
  98. U.S. Issues What is a fair amount of Tax?
  99. Int'l Issues Obama says he is keeping Gates as Sec Def
  100. Poop That's enough kicking moonbat ass for one night
  101. Int'l Issues Russian City: Abortions, not this week!
  102. Economics The Bailout total so far...........$4.2 TRILLION!
  103. U.S. Issues Holy Land Foundation: Guilty on all counts
  104. Misc SHTSTER, I have some bad news.....
  105. Int'l Issues Georgia started war with Russia... What was McCain campaign's role?
  106. Int'l Issues Major terror attack in India
  107. Elections Obama Popular Vote Margin Largest Ever for Non-Incumbent
  108. General Politics Come have dinner!
  109. General Politics Inauguration bill?
  110. Poop ****The Official Happy Thanksgiving to SHTSPRAYER Thread****®©™
  111. Elections Kenyan Ambassador has Freudian slip-then tries to backpeddle
  112. Int'l Issues The Assault on Mumbia
  113. U.S. Issues Why Martin Luther King, Jr. was a Republican
  114. U.S. Issues FDA Scientists Revolt Against Corrupt Food and Drug Administration Officials
  115. Economics Rove praises Obama
  116. Economics The bailout in perspective
  117. U.S. Issues Ron Paul warns of secret plans to create International Central Bank
  118. U.S. Issues The Federal Reserve
  119. Int'l Issues I want a new username
  120. Int'l Issues Kristol: give torturers Medal of Freedom and pardon them
  121. Economics Greenspan Admits the Federal Reserve is above the law and answers to no one
  122. General Politics President Dwight D. Eisenhower crushes modern Republicans
  123. General Politics Bush reflects on legacy: 'I'm leaving with the same set of values'
  124. Elections Hill Humps: Would Bill Hit It?
  125. Environment Statistician debunks Gore’s climate linkage to the collapse of the Mayan civilisation
  126. U.S. Issues Just wanted to say sorry...
  127. U.S. Issues Obama set to announce Natioanl Sec. Team
  128. General Politics "What happened to the 'change' we were promised."
  129. General Politics Meet the new boss, same as the old boss...20k troops to deploy IN the US
  130. U.S. Issues Did anyone else hear Bernanke's speech today?
  131. U.S. Issues Citigroup internal memo says gold could rise above $2,000 next year as World unravels
  132. Economics Official: U.S. economy has been in a recession since December 2007
  133. U.S. Issues Help me understand... how can Hillary legally become Sec of State?
  134. General Politics Obama makes first big mistake
  135. U.S. Issues The Hyperinflationary Depression - Total outstanding federal obligations @ $62-80Tril
  136. Economics Good for Ford: Ford says CEO will work for $1.00 to get loans.
  137. U.S. Issues Obama's All Star Team
  138. Legal Black\White vs. African-Amercian\White?
  139. U.S. Issues Here it is... the Men Behind Obama
  140. Misc Hillary's replacement as NY Senator is....?
  141. Int'l Issues Mumbai Terrorists Were Aided By Indian Authorities
  142. General Politics David Gregory all but officially Russert's heir at MTP.
  143. Elections Saxby Chambliss umm
  144. Int'l Issues The Mythology of the War on Terrorism
  145. Elections Supermajority ain't gonna happen
  146. Economics Absolutely enthralling article on The End of Wall Street
  147. U.S. Issues Government Bailout hits 8.5 Trillion
  148. General Politics This should have been common sense. Iraq interrogator speaks out.
  149. U.S. Issues The Government’s Argument for Deploying Troops in the U.S. is Ridiculous
  150. Int'l Issues Iraq interrogator speaks out on torture.
  151. U.S. Issues OBama taps another Clintonista...
  152. Economics Waiting for conservatives to applaud.
  153. Poop Hawaii congressman wants Obama to "tackle" the BCS system. (Get it?)
  154. U.S. Issues MSNBC can't believe terrorists are still out there!
  155. U.S. Issues Are our kids really this bad off?
  156. Ice 101?
  157. U.S. Issues FDA Reluctantly Admits Mercury Fillings Have Neurotoxic Effects on Children
  158. U.S. Issues Words of Wisdom from John F. Kennedy
  159. U.S. Issues Book recommendation for those who care about education
  160. U.S. Issues UPDATE: Gun Sales Up 50% Obama Elected...
  161. Elections Dole Institute at KU hosting "Post Election '08" Conference
  162. U.S. Issues CFR-Brookings report reveal Obama's Mideast Strategy
  163. Int'l Issues Romania removes Theory of evolution...
  164. Religion The Bible's Buried Secrets
  165. U.S. Issues Leaked Memos Reveal Holder’s Involvement In OKC Murder Cover-Up
  166. Economics 533,000 jobs gone in November. Total for 2008 = 1.9 million jobs lost.
  167. Economics Obama's Stimulus/Economic Rescue package may go as high as $1 trillion.
  168. Economics In defense (kind of) of Detroit
  169. U.S. Issues Bush is gettin crunk foo
  170. Economics MSNBC reporting a deal has been struck to rescue auto industry
  171. Poop State Capital of Washington allows athiest sign to hang next to......................
  172. Legal Washington State Capitol Festivus display coming..
  173. U.S. Issues Peter Schiff gets cut off on CNN
  174. Elections What to do with 30 Million Dollars.
  175. Misc In other news ...... Kline is a Prick
  176. Elections Will 3 other Supreme Court Justices have the NADS? I think.....
  177. Economics Obama announces the new dawning of the age of Big Government
  178. Int'l Issues Campaign Promises on Ending the War in Iraq Now Muted by Reality
  179. U.S. Issues New Obama cabinet appointment. I like this choice.
  180. U.S. Issues Idea for Big 3 Bailout
  181. Int'l Issues Indian police arrest 2 men in Mumbai investigation
  182. Int'l Issues Toronto Bans Bottled Water Sales, but Junk Sodas Remain Legal
  183. U.S. Issues Alex Jones interviews Major General Albert Stubblebine
  184. Economics Even GM admits they screwed the pooch
  185. Economics How does gas drop from $4 to $1.50/gallon in only a few months?
  186. General Politics OOOPs: Liberals losing faith in HIM
  187. General Politics David Horowitz: Get over Obama derangement syndrome
  188. Int'l Issues Pakistani ISI General Hamid Gul says Zionists and Neocons responsible for 9/11
  189. Elections It would NOT matter if Obama's parents were both African citizens.
  190. DC Thread prefix Icons (round 2)
  191. U.S. Issues Supreme Court declines to hear challenge to Obama's citizenship
  192. Media Sean Hannity with some hard hitting investigative journalism
  193. U.S. Issues Illinois governor taken into custody
  194. Int'l Issues Should we execute Khalid Sheikh Mohammed & Co.?
  195. Int'l Issues And now for a World Government
  196. Elections Fund predictions: Franken, Obama
  197. Economics Interesting quote
  198. U.S. Issues Swearing in: Barack Hussein Obama
  199. Legal Caption these photos: Gov Blago and the President Elect
  200. General Politics Same-Sex Marriage and the Failure of Justificatory Liberalism
  201. Int'l Issues This is beyond FUBAR
  202. U.S. Issues B.O. flunkies tied in with Hot Rod
  203. Elections Historic victory in Louisiana
  204. Religion Coal Industry turns Hymn about Jesus's Birth into cute marketing campaign
  205. Environment Over 650 Scientists Challenge Global Warming “Consensus”
  206. Economics The REAL Reason the Big Three Auto-Makers Are Raping Taxpayers
  207. Economics Some of the Real Reasons (REALLY!) the U.S. Automakers are in Dire Straights
  208. Int'l Issues Obama's atomic umbrella: U.S. nuclear strike if Iran nukes Israel
  209. Media The Internet and the Proliferation of Tinfoil Hats
  210. Int'l Issues Americans kicking ass in Afghanistan
  211. Religion Come on admit it ... You have missed Rev. Wright
  212. Economics Get ready for National Bankruptcy Day!
  213. U.S. Issues Korean Widower Doesn't Blame Pilot for F-18 Crash
  214. Religion Did Jesus get boners?
  215. U.S. Issues " assign the job to the engineers, instead of to the lobbyists."
  216. U.S. Issues DC Mall set to be swamped by 7 million?
  217. Elections Minnesota Ballots: Land of 10,000 Fakes
  218. Obama Obama is a Wise Man
  219. Elections Looks like Al Franken might actaully win...
  220. Nat'l Security Any good books on Afghanistan?
  221. U.S. Issues Jim DeMint(R-SC): This is all about union busting
  222. U.S. Issues Does Obama Want to Ground NASA's Next Moon Mission?
  223. Economics Company Christmas Party Cancelled
  224. Media Hannity breaks out the claws on Jon Stewart.
  225. Economics Which company was more poorly run?
  226. Misc David Sedaris, Christianity, French Language
  227. Environment DNA replication
  228. Economics heads up--History channel
  229. Economics Don't give in to Evil
  230. Misc Bush gets a free pair of shoes!
  231. Environment Oh no! We are all going to melt, I mean feeze, I mean melt...
  232. Economics IOUSA is free to view on Lycos Cinema
  233. Int'l Issues The Free Market and Morality
  234. Nat'l Security Graphic representation of immigration to USA
  235. Education Wow... Norm Coleman taking payoffs?
  236. Elections democrats' latest strategy to steal the Minnesota election
  237. General Politics What is a "neo-con"?
  238. Economics Fed cuts the key interest rate to near 0%
  239. Poop New York Taxtravaganza!!
  240. Elections Are the Republicans Still a National Party?
  241. Obama The Obama Administration
  242. Media Robin Williams on the Election
  243. Environment I Like this from Obama and hope it isn't just rhetoric...
  244. Nat'l Security Cheney admits to war crimes
  245. U.S. Issues Pelosi is laying down the law....
  246. Economics Same as it ever was...NObama picks Wall Street insider for SEC chair.
  247. Legal Jesse Jackson Jr.
  248. Economics B.O.'s economic stimulus strategy
  249. U.S. Issues Gay leaders furious with Obama
  250. U.S. Issues Jesse Ventura says CIA embedded in Minnesota state Govt.