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  1. U.S. Issues "Life begins at conception"?
  2. U.S. Issues Neocon Frank Gaffney: 4,000 U.S. Troops "Had to Die" In Iraq
  3. Elections 2008 Election turnout highest since 1960
  4. Economics Conservative religious figures furious with Warren.
  5. Religion Evangelicals, Abortion and the Repubilcan Party
  6. General Politics Hey RRL308
  7. Economics Where some of the bailout $$ is going...
  8. Nat'l Security I'm bad cause I don't care about bin Laden's "feelings"!
  9. U.S. Issues Emanuel talked directly to gov: source
  10. Nat'l Security Anyone Have Any Thoughts on The Verichip?
  11. U.S. Issues Congress is giving itself a pay raise
  12. Religion The Salvation Market
  13. Economics SEC Chair Cox "Worked to Dismantle The SEC," Says Commission Vet
  14. U.S. Issues LOL,.... Hockey Mom, my a$$!
  15. Legal Why Christmas tree lights don't set your house on fire.
  16. Elections Bush Insider Who Planned To Tell About Rigged Bush's elections Killed In Plane Crash:
  17. General Politics Does anyone here realize the gov't of Belgium is no more?
  18. Poop George W Bush is NEO!!!
  19. U.S. Issues Prop 8 proponents seek to nullify same-sex marriages
  20. Obama ABC News: Obama's Blago Report: Only One Rahm Call to Governor
  21. Economics There is no fix...
  22. General Politics Conservatives More Charitable Than Liberals
  23. Obama Obamas fly charter to 9 mil mansion. Asks you to tighten YOUR belt
  24. Economics Where'd the Bailout Money go? Shhhh it's a Secret.
  25. U.S. Issues Obama's Energy Sec. Wants Gasoline prices to be 3 times higher
  26. Religion AIG Bailout money is endorsing religion
  27. Economics Obama wears a business suit to work. Asks you where YOUR business suit is!
  28. General Politics Obama drinks Dr. Pepper
  29. Obama there goes another myth Obama will use LIncoln's bible
  30. U.S. Issues Depression hits Detroit: Avg home price $18,513
  31. Int'l Issues United Nations General Assembly
  32. Environment Student's "shill bids" push up final price of oil and gas drilling leases
  33. General Politics Obama is littering again!!!
  34. Religion The best gift of all
  35. Nat'l Security Viagra gives spying a Lift?
  36. Economics Bridges to everywhere
  37. Education Idea for Mr. Kotter...and other teachers/professors
  38. U.S. Issues A view from this side of the culture.
  39. Int'l Issues Have you seen the UAW golf course?
  40. Int'l Issues Hamas called down the thunder
  41. Elections Alaska Officials delay Palin-related drug arrest until after election.
  42. Environment New energy source- make our own sun?
  43. U.S. Issues Is Obama from Afica?
  44. U.S. Issues An Environmental 9/11 in Tennessee
  45. Int'l Issues The Room for Error in Afghanistan
  46. General Politics Caroline Kennedy
  47. General Politics Politics explained
  48. Obama So, Is This Over-The-Top or Acceptable Satire?
  49. Elections DRAMA: Number of uncounted ballots in Minnesota still unclear...
  50. Religion Shocking! Abstinence Pledges Ineffective, Sex Just as Likely but More Unsafe
  51. Misc Tripp? Are you kidding me...who names a kid TRIPP...the crap he is gonna have
  52. General Politics Blago picks Obama replacement...Illinois rep. asks not to hang or lynch him.
  53. Elections Is a peaceful revolution possible?
  54. What do you hope will be accomplished in the New Year politically?
  55. Legal Corporate Personhood
  56. Elections The Minnesota Recount Folly
  57. General Politics General George Patton was assassinated to silence his criticism of allied war leaders
  58. U.S. Issues Nationalize the newspapers to "save" them
  59. U.S. Issues Price of gas too low?
  60. Environment Morning philosophizing - Freedom, Republicans, Libertarians and Environmentalists...
  61. U.S. Issues McKinney relief boat hit by Israeli ship
  62. General Politics Colorado Gets A New Senator
  63. Economics States with highest/lowest unemployment
  64. Elections In Minnesota, it's all over but the suing.
  65. U.S. Issues I just figured out how some of you loathe Bush so much
  66. U.S. Issues Richardson to withdraw as Commerce secretary
  67. Int'l Issues God damn it. Iranian pilgrims targeted by suicide bomber in Iraq. 40 dead.
  68. General Politics Government Reductions!!!!!!!!!!
  69. Economics The "Official" Stimulus Package thread.
  70. Int'l Issues Are the NeoCons moving toward action through Israel?
  71. Nat'l Security Leon Panetta as CIA Drector?
  72. U.S. Issues Pelosi Erases Gingrich's Long-Standing Fairness Rules
  73. Legal wow, just wow....
  74. U.S. Issues Cheney's Nixon Moment...
  75. Environment EPA considering Cow Tax of $175 per Dairy Cow to curb Greenhouse Gases
  76. Int'l Issues Godwin in 1: Hamas ≠ Nazis; ...
  77. Legal If you saw someone being beaten up or shot in New Jersey or NYC, what would you do?
  78. U.S. Issues Burris REFUSED!?!?
  79. Economics Kremlin Cuts off Gas to Eastern Europe
  80. U.S. Issues It Obama's fault .... Who knew??
  81. Nat'l Security Do you believe there are other universes?
  82. General Politics Dr. Sanjay Gupta - Surgeon General
  83. Economics Deficits for Years to Come
  84. General Politics Pete really is jake
  85. Poop Joe the Plumber to become war correspondent
  86. General Politics 2008, the year that was.
  87. Economics The economy problems are now a serious issue...Porn Industry seeking stimulus.
  88. Misc Third-Hand Smoke?
  89. Obama Bush and Clinton seem to have a lot to talk about
  90. Poop The Awesomeness of Norm Coleman's Lawsuit: This Whole Election Stinks -- And I Won
  91. Elections Massive Repubilcan/Coleman Voter Fraud Scheme Broken up in MN
  92. Economics Obama looks to cut medicare and social security
  93. Economics Traffic Tickets and Recession
  94. Economics Elected Repubs need to shut it about spending
  95. General Politics Really Wish Obama Wouldn't Have Said Only Government Can Save Us
  96. Elections Kit Bond to retire in 2010
  97. U.S. Issues Rush Limbaugh: Still out of touch
  98. Legal New Ammo registration bill?
  99. Elections Obama inauguration poster
  100. U.S. Issues Worf, Data, Riker and Crusher debate 9/11
  101. Obama Greatest song satire ever
  102. Economics 1.3 jobs lost in Nov.& Dec. Total for 2008 2.6 million
  103. General Politics Blagojevich Impeached by Illinois House of Representatives
  104. U.S. Issues Obama: Let's Postpone Digital TV Switch
  105. Elections This ain't goin away
  106. Nat'l Security Bush reportedly rejected Israeli plea to raid Iran
  107. Nat'l Security What Gen Patton would say to you 20-30yr "Lefty Liberals"....
  108. General Politics Democrats to Keep Estate Tax
  109. U.S. Issues Sex Offender Wins Lottery Designed to Help Rape Victims
  110. Economics Madoff: Judge says "Stay at home"
  111. Religion Well, because I'm just happy about this
  112. Religion Christian love...
  113. Int'l Issues Trilateral plan to corner World Gold Market?
  114. General Politics House Democrats re-implement the good ole boy system
  115. Int'l Issues Olmert called down the thunder
  116. Media How's that Global Warming working out? GO GREEN!
  117. Economics Stimulating our way to the bottom
  118. Media Hannity cracks me up
  119. U.S. Issues Sarah Palin sex tape
  120. General Politics Ben and jerry's new ice cream flavor (LIA)
  121. Economics Bank of America crys for TARP $'s???
  122. Media ESPN to cover Obama inauguration
  123. General Politics Bush Farewell Address
  124. Legal New AG knows what torture is.
  125. Religion So... what exactly ARE the Republicans going to do to rebuild their party?
  126. Environment Santorum: McCain poised to be Obama's box monkey in the senate...
  127. Religion Never doubt the word of God!!!!!!!
  128. Int'l Issues U.S. Military reports "sudden collapse" of Mexico is possible
  129. U.S. Issues Obama takes on 3rd rail, Obama pledges Social Security, Medicare, entitlement reform
  130. Obama What will SNL do for the next 4 years?
  131. Economics A Letter from the Boss
  132. Economics American Communism: Washington wants to reduce milk supply; bolster prices
  133. Religion Can anyone tell me about Priesthood?
  134. Poop Bush Drops Fake Cowboy Shtick
  135. Economics The economy is about to do a hatchet job on my industry
  136. Religion Newsweek: "How My Church Responded to Violence"
  137. Religion New Recruiting Tool?
  138. U.S. Issues 8 years in 8 minutes
  139. Obama All Hail King Obama Forever!!!!!!
  140. Nat'l Security Obama, soon to embrace torture
  141. Religion I'll admit, it's the little things that add to Obama's allure.
  142. Environment Absolutely stellar piece by Sullivan as we ramp up to Inauguration.
  143. U.S. Issues Ford starts producing Ford Fiesta in China
  144. Media Media Watch: Post the most over the top moments from the week
  145. General Politics Good job Bush: Commutes the sentence of the Border Patrol agents
  146. Media A sign of the times...
  147. Economics What Recession? The $170 Million Inauguration
  148. Education No bad mouthing Obama, says school
  149. Obama Bush's pardons?
  150. Obama Dr. King joins RFK's prediction of a black president in 40 years
  151. Poop Cheney wins his battle destroy records and coverup his actions
  152. U.S. Issues On this historic day, I'd like to give thanks
  153. Elections An editorial from the Londan Daily Mail
  154. Obama ***Official Inauguration thread***
  155. General Politics Dow down 115 today.
  156. Obama What were you doing when Barack Obama became President?
  157. Economics Greedy scientists line up for their bailout share
  158. General Politics Nervous Obama flubs Oath of Office
  159. Obama Obama's speech
  160. Poop Obama screwed up the Oath of Office...... twice!
  161. Obama What would your color be for the presidence helicopter
  162. General Politics Happy National Celibacy Day!!!!
  163. Elections Poll: Do you support the President of the US?
  164. General Politics Obama's first 100 hours as POTUS
  165. U.S. Issues Sen. Ted Kennedy collapses at inaugural lunch
  166. Obama In case you were wondering: Obama's civil defense corp
  167. Nat'l Security If Obama fails
  168. Economics Wall St. has died...
  169. Poop WSJ: Justice Roberts' Trips Up Obama with Oath Mistake
  170. Legal Crowd sings "Na Na Hey Hey Goodbye" to Bush at Inaguration
  171. U.S. Issues Whitehouse.gov - Before and after Obama takes oath
  172. Obama Obama President Na!
  173. Media It's over.
  174. Misc Barack Obama Officialy Becomes 44th American President
  175. Economics It has begun!
  176. General Politics Tim Geithner Hearings.....
  177. Nat'l Security WSJ: Several Excutives Receive Envelopes With White Powder
  178. U.S. Issues "I pledge to be a servant to our President and ALL Mankind ???/
  179. Obama Change has come to Washington
  180. U.S. Issues Several Promising Developments
  181. Obama The Inaugural Address: Disected....Memorable Lines?
  182. Obama Judge Obama on Performance Alone
  183. Obama 'You Feel God is Speaking to You,' Inaugural Attendee Says...
  184. Obama I just met someone who went to the inaugruation
  185. U.S. Issues Here Comes Socialism
  186. U.S. Issues Clinton Confirmed!
  187. Religion Funerals
  188. Obama Obama Kills Babies
  189. U.S. Issues Can you identify all the buildings in The Mall?
  190. Obama Rev. Joseph Lower's Speech.
  191. Media Snufalufagous cried on inauguration day.
  192. Obama Coolest Action Figure EVER!!!
  193. Poop The Obama's fist each other.
  194. Environment Antartica not yet ready for colonizing.
  195. General Politics Socialism?
  196. Economics Merril Lynch Chief's ofice redecoration
  197. U.S. Issues Cheney irritated that Bush wouldn't pardon Libby, maaah, maaaah!
  198. General Politics Prayer in Kan. House decries abortion
  199. Obama A perspective from the U.K. Daily about Obama.....
  200. General Politics Evidently Obama was a citizen
  201. Int'l Issues Uh-oh, US airstrike kills 5 in PAAAHkistan. Obama's got muslim blood in his hands now
  202. Obama Obama signs order saying US funds can be used on overseas abortions
  203. Nat'l Security Gitmo and helping the unemployed
  204. General Politics Smokers won't be happy
  205. Local Two Kansas Bills that would affect my job, one good, one unbelievably stupid
  206. ChiefsPlanet Change the DC forum
  207. Nat'l Security About that new no lobbyist rule. Meet William Lynn, the latest exception.
  208. Economics Cue Hannity: Obama quoted saying "I won" without any context.
  209. Religion Liberal blogosphere mocking the NRCC website.
  210. Media Interesting. I guess the Daily Show will now be forced to take shots at Obama
  211. General Politics White liberals who voted for Barak the Magic Negro
  212. Obama Intended mockery or delusional disorder?
  213. Legal Obama continues Bush policy. Asks to kill wiretap lawsuit
  214. General Politics B.O.'s biggest priorities: More abortions, Close Gitmo
  215. U.S. Issues President Joe Biden...
  216. Education Andrew Sullivan bulls-eyes the struggle of civilizations.
  217. Media Diane Sawyer and Anderson Cooper hammered on-air after inauguration
  218. Nat'l Security B.O. kills 16 Afghanistan civilians
  219. Education United Negro College Fund needs your support
  220. Education I martyr myself
  221. Media Comments on message boards don't mean anything in the real world
  222. Nat'l Security White people! Proof Obama is a racist!
  223. Environment Obama adopts yet another Bush policy...
  224. Environment The Carbon Credit Scam Exposed
  225. Economics It's pretty dishonest to push birth control in an economic stimulus bill
  226. Economics The Guardian lays the blame for UK/US economic peril
  227. U.S. Issues Barney Frank wrote provision into TARP to provide money for Homestate Bank
  228. Misc How the heck does this even happen?
  229. Economics Financial Predictions by Schiff in 2007
  230. Nat'l Security CIA: Change in interrogation tactics will not hurt us
  231. Misc birth control help the economy?
  232. Misc Do you think that the Media has a negative affect on the Economy?
  233. Economics Citigroup gets in on the fun!
  234. ChiefsPlanet What was the argument against Geithner?
  235. Media Crazy Blago taking calls on Larry King
  236. Environment The Al Gore Effect Strikes Again
  237. Economics Erin Burnett of CNBC on the Citigroup plane deal
  238. Int'l Issues More Obama = "same as it ever was"...
  239. General Politics Gitmo : Liberal style ?
  240. Economics "Buy American Mandate" ??
  241. Economics Kind of a repost but whatever... Ron Paul on Morning Joe show 1-27-09
  242. General Politics The Failed Presidency of Barack Obama
  243. Guns, Ammo, Obama and Panic Buying
  244. Nat'l Security Clothing designers upset at Michelle Obama
  245. Economics The WORSE Economy Since the Great Depression?
  246. General Politics Boehner: Stimulus bill contains too much spending-Are you ****ing kidding me?
  247. Obama What does Obama need to do to succeed in the first four years?
  248. General Politics Dems load "Economic Stimulus" bill with $335 million for STD prevention
  249. Economics Where should Obama give a major Middle East speech?
  250. General Politics Jessica Alba schools Bill O'reilly. Yeah, Jessica Alba.