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  1. Obama Hey Bam, that's not the door!
  2. Int'l Issues CIA Station Chief accused of raping Muslim women
  3. Int'l Issues There is hope for a democratic Iraq
  4. Economics A few words under the radar that are HUGE!
  5. General Politics Canadian budget handed down
  6. Legal Hey Taco John & others who said I was full of it...
  7. Media Obama and the lobbyists.
  8. Economics Are most all of our banks insolvent?
  9. U.S. Issues The Pork Package: The Audacity of Moonbat Greed
  10. Economics B.O. celebrates spending spree
  11. Economics Rush Limbaugh coming up on CNBC...
  12. U.S. Issues Progress
  13. Economics B.O. signed an equal-pay bill into law
  14. Environment When do you suppose the dekulakization will start?
  15. Misc Bacon explosion
  16. Economics Obama slamming Wall St.!!!!
  17. Economics Taxpayers are on the hook for $8.5 Trillion in bailout money or gaurantees to banks.
  18. Environment Weather Channel founder: Global Warming greatest scam in history
  19. Legal Blago Removed from Office by Ill. Senate
  20. General Politics Obama to name Republican Senator as Commerce Secretary?
  21. Education This 2 year old is better at geography than 80% of American HS grads.
  22. Media Perfecting Ann Coulter
  23. U.S. Issues Disater releif.
  24. General Politics Michael Steele new RNC Chairman
  25. Title Loan Sham.
  26. Economics Fascinating Economics Debate on CNBC
  27. Economics WSJ: Right Forecast by Schiff, Wrong Plan?
  28. Economics The President's Campaign promises...
  29. Economics Republicans principles: Will they reject the stimulus money headed to their district?
  30. General Politics Iran calls Obama a Pussy.
  31. U.S. Issues Does Obama vet anyone
  32. Environment Moonbats
  33. U.S. Issues So whats your understanding...
  34. General Politics So - I want to run for President.
  35. Legal Hey one of my cases made the Star/AP:
  36. Int'l Issues Obama bombing Pakistan and Afganistan, killing civillians, good or bad?
  37. U.S. Issues Which party is sluttier?
  38. Religion Barney Frank throttles Republican on their spending
  39. Legal Obomba chooses to allow continued violation of international law: renditions
  40. Education 55% of Republicans think the party should be more like Sarah Palin in the future.
  41. Economics NBC Has An Erin Burnett Problem
  42. Environment No talk here of the Iraqi elections?
  43. Economics Future CP DC poster?
  44. Economics I like this Republican idea.
  45. Economics American Workers First???
  46. Economics Did Tom Daschle have any skin in the game?
  47. U.S. Issues Economy on the fast way to recovery
  48. Economics Jamie Dimon of JP Morgan: Obama needs to shutup..
  49. Economics Another tax cheat for B.O.
  50. U.S. Issues Daschle Resigns as HHS Sec.!!
  51. U.S. Issues 10 Myths About Canadian Health Care, Busted
  52. General Politics Call for pope to step down over Holocaust denier
  53. Economics Bailed out Wells Fargo plans Casino trips with your tax dollars
  54. General Politics Obama: I screwed up
  55. U.S. Issues Pres. Obama, let them fail...
  56. U.S. Issues The impending B.O. meltdown
  57. U.S. Issues "Revolution Insurance"
  58. General Politics Pelosi: 500 million Americans lose their job every month
  59. Environment Obama to limit pay for bailed companies' executives. They'll earn about what he does.
  60. Economics 500 Million Americans Lose Jobs Every Month
  61. General Politics Why law enforcement should not be privatized
  62. Economics Robert Reich Lays the Wood to the Economic Crisis
  63. Economics 4 million kids get health insurance. Cigarette tax increases 62 cents per pack.
  64. Economics To h*ll with hope. Obomba tries W's fear tactics with the stimulus pkg.
  65. U.S. Issues Crap..House passes delay to Digital TV
  66. General Politics WWNPD?
  67. Religion Obama signs S-CHIP. 4 million more children to be enrolled.
  68. Legal White House assessment: how the stimulus package will create jobs in all 50 states.
  69. Economics Lou Dobbs going ape sh** on Chamber of Commerce
  70. Education Making you aware: the director of the CBO has his own blog.
  71. General Politics This is what kills me about government.
  72. U.S. Issues Impending Obama Meltdown
  73. Misc Whoah, talk about a major screwup!
  74. Media Whoah, talk about a major screwup!
  75. Economics Obama's Hyperbole expands
  76. U.S. Issues New Rules: the WH addition. Can you say irony?
  77. Economics Banks fighting each other
  78. Economics Is there a list somewhere of all the banks getting TARP handouts, er, bailouts?
  79. General Politics Fred Phelps Klan is still Bat Sh*t Crazy
  80. Nat'l Security Kyrgyzstan To Close vital U.S. Base
  81. General Politics Who Decided the Stimulus Had To Be $825 Billion?
  82. Obama Obama Caption Contest
  83. Economics More BS from B.O.
  84. U.S. Issues Obama's Secretary of Labor Nominee a Crook? No Way!
  85. Economics Harry Reid: Paying Taxes Your Is Voluntary
  86. ChiefsPlanet Anyone else think DCS is Logical/Cronus?
  87. Economics Stimulus bill
  88. U.S. Issues WT? No Ginsburg threads?
  89. Botched Abortion Story
  90. Nat'l Security B.O.'s press secretary: Robert Gibbs
  91. Economics Obama losing stimulus message war
  92. U.S. Issues Very Good Obama Moment Tonight
  93. Legal Leftard's beating Fairness Doctrine war drum
  94. Economics Unemployment to 7.6% 600k jobs lost in January
  95. U.S. Issues Welfare mandates are ok but executive pay mandates aren't?
  96. U.S. Issues The rebirth of the Clinton war on our military
  97. Religion Get Your "Ex-Masturbator" Shirt Today!
  98. Economics House Oversee Chair says: Bush overpaid banks in bailout. Total Gift =$78 billion
  99. Economics Only in Washington are they Called "outsiders"
  100. Economics NYC hemorhaging taxpayers
  101. Nat'l Security Buyers Remorse: 'I think I made the wrong decision.' Black mother of US soldier.
  102. Economics Why aren't property taxes unconstitutional?
  103. Economics Size matters. 'If the package is too small it does no good'-Sen. Boxer
  104. U.S. Issues Winds of secession blowing?
  105. U.S. Issues Chicken Little
  106. Economics Moody's: Spending MOST effective stimulus... Tax cuts dramatically INeffective
  107. Obama The Honeymoon is ending. So soon? Obomba's poll numbers drop
  108. Media Online vote - Should the motto "In God We Trust" be removed from U.S. currency?
  109. Economics You get what you pay for....only at the Exec level!!!
  110. General Politics Does SHTSPRAYER ever post in the Football forum?
  111. U.S. Issues Ron Paul on the Stimulus Package "Compromise"
  112. Legal wtf
  113. Environment Ethanol Worse Than Gasoline
  114. Int'l Issues The rest of the Gitmo story? Detainee’s ‘Genitals Were Sliced With A Scalpel’
  115. U.S. Issues Instead of bailing out banks and stimulus packages
  116. General Politics The moron is already POTUS, why does he sound like he's still running?
  117. Obama President Potty Mouth: the remix. NSFW or kids
  118. Nat'l Security Crunch Time in Afghanistan
  119. Nat'l Security Afghanistan Surge Halted
  120. Poop Right to Die woman ... dead
  121. Economics How bad can he make it sound?
  122. Economics Heh... Repubilcans would have supported the bill if it had earmarks...
  123. U.S. Issues Obama Press Conference Thread...
  124. Education Who are the two biggest mongtards in the DC Forum?
  125. Economics The first "great depression" was fixed by government doing nothing...
  126. U.S. Issues Where to find Stimulus Package
  127. Education Deprogramming moonbats
  128. U.S. Issues The vast canyon between the Beltway class and the general public... on bailout
  129. Misc What the hell is a "warning" and what are the new rules here?
  130. Economics Our tax dodging Treasury Sect. speaks and the market tanks 290 pts. Now under 8,000
  131. Misc 14 babies while living off the state
  132. Obama OMG, Odumba is telling the women to all 'sit down'...
  133. Misc Vince Lombardi has a question about the DC forum
  134. Economics Uh-oh Geithner says bank bailout may reach 2 trillion
  135. General Politics Chucky Schumer: American people don't care if we load it up w/PORK
  136. ChiefsPlanet What is acceptable and unacceptable talk in DC?
  137. Obama Henrietta gets a home from a FL state REP. Obama staffer gave her a business card
  138. Environment Roping A Dope
  139. Economics How much is $1 Trillion?
  140. Economics mark-to-market 101: Stewie please enlighten us on this rumor
  141. Obama For you Peanut!!!!
  142. Obama The Gov't will now be your doctor not.....
  143. Obama Is dissent still the highest form of patriotism?
  144. Economics September 18, 2008 at 2pm the world almost ended
  145. Economics Financial Times: Has Barack Obama’s presidency already failed?
  146. ChiefsPlanet Advice to Forum members with "cardboard badges"
  147. U.S. Issues Breaking News: The American people don't care about pork spending
  148. U.S. Issues Thoughtful perspective
  149. Poop Vailpass
  150. General Politics New Hampshire says it's On: Federal Government in Breach of the Peace
  151. Poop Ya'all are Fat Pig Fuggers! Every one of you!
  152. Int'l Issues So... the Feb 24th address to Congress?
  153. Religion A light hearted Jesus thread
  154. U.S. Issues Looks like they cut a little, not enough
  155. Economics Bill Watterson ROCKS!
  156. U.S. Issues Oh. My. God.
  157. Elections So patriotic, they want to leave the country.
  158. Economics If you are a senior then the stimulus pkg is very bad for you...
  159. Obama Oh Gracious God
  160. Obama Saw jAZ at the townhall yesterday
  161. Obama jAZ has not been this happy since.....
  162. Obama Peanut!!! Get your mom under control!!!!
  163. Obama Murphy's Law, the Peter Principle and Barack Obama
  164. Media Obumma PRE-selected reporters at the presser
  165. Economics While Obo spins the negative, the news is upbeat from Commerce Department
  166. Religion Prove Jesus existed
  167. Poop Stevieray
  168. Religion There is nothing Jesus wanted more
  169. Economics FDR Was a Great Leader, But His Economic Plan Isn't One to Follow
  170. Economics Sen Gregg Withdraws from Nomination
  171. U.S. Issues OOOPs: Another Obomba nominee quits: Gregg at Commerce out.
  172. Media Guess: what's the biggest tax cut in American history.
  173. Economics Remember when Olive Oyl sneered at the $600 stimulus checks?
  174. General Politics Transparency??
  175. Misc Turdsprayer is on a roll tonight...me he doth protest too much many gay references
  176. Local Figuring out the Gregg issue.
  177. U.S. Issues Senate Dems gutted House language requiring e-verify
  178. General Politics 'Father' at 13. Has this world gone mad?
  179. Nat'l Security Late night bullshit.
  180. U.S. Issues Pelosi...screwing Stimulus vote..it's all about HER...as usual
  181. Nat'l Security Feinstein Open Mouth Insert Foot
  182. ChiefsPlanet Patteeu
  183. Religion Prove petegz28 exists
  184. Poop I am glad I don't have a wife
  185. Economics House Passes Economic Stimulus Bill
  186. Economics Reid says Senate WILL vote at 4:30 ET
  187. Poop Flag, swastikas, idiot kids
  188. Economics What is the Republican plan to stimulate the economy?
  189. Poop Ohhhhh the rapid moral decay!!!!!
  190. U.S. Issues Specter: Republicans Support Stimulus, Don't Want 'Fingerprints' On It
  191. Economics There's something about Henrietta
  192. Economics What will you do with your extra $13 a week?
  193. Economics 300 Million for Golf Carts
  194. Religion Gospel Discussion Anyone
  195. General Politics Good Read
  196. Economics Time Magazine: Top 25 People Responsible for Meltdown
  197. U.S. Issues Bush's Torture Lawyers Are Sweating.
  198. Economics Why the big spending bill is a disaster using simple math.
  199. Economics Miami banker doles at $60 million to his employees
  200. U.S. Issues Provisions the communists didn't want you to read
  201. U.S. Issues What? Burris apparently was asked by Blago for fundraising, but forgot about it?
  202. U.S. Issues America: It's Now a Nation Ruled by Emotion Rather Than Reason
  203. Economics They're talking about nationalizing the banks, now ...
  204. U.S. Issues Who do you believe was the greatest President of the United States?
  205. Economics Let's Throw Him In Prison!!!!!
  206. Economics Why aren't people angry at Herb Sandler & Exec options that profited billions?
  207. U.S. Issues Thomas Jefferson on Banking Institutions
  208. Economics Banks to stick Credit Card customers with their tab
  209. Religion How Did The Right Become the Party of Religion?
  210. Economics Living in KS?? Getting a refund??
  211. Economics Just another way to try to get amnesty granted!!!
  212. Economics work for the State of Ks...don't expect a check. GOP playing with your lives
  213. U.S. Issues B.O. is a lying sack of...
  214. Environment Wowzers... Spc. Brandon Neely insider testimony on Gitmo.
  215. Education Filibuster Reform? (I await Republican scorn.)
  216. Elections A rare gleam of hope for Afghanistan: Zakaria's plan to salvage it.
  217. Economics New Pres chopper isn't made in USA
  218. Economics Predictions for the stock market today now that the stimulus bilk has passed?
  219. Obama A kudos to Obama: personal letters honoring fallen troops
  220. Misc Hey MODS
  221. Economics Paul Krugman on CNBC says Stimulose 2 will be on the way...
  222. Nat'l Security Pakistan, You afraid of the mullahs taking over and getting their hands on 100 nukes?
  223. General Politics Wall St. hates Obama - Dow down 3500 points
  224. Obama A Stimulus Poll -- Do You Support This Bill?
  225. Poop Good Book-NOT Political
  226. Legal LA destroying gangbanging POS's drug houses
  227. Int'l Issues Council on Foreign Relations & the Trilateral Commision
  228. U.S. Issues 17000 troops going to Afganistan
  229. Nat'l Security Navigating the stimulus bill?
  230. Economics Stimulus Bill: New Car Purchase
  231. Economics The cause of the financial crisis... it wasn't really poor people.
  232. Nat'l Security Gitmo, Obama, and who he plans to put in a jail near you
  233. U.S. Issues Chickens coming home to roost?
  234. General Politics Palin has to pay back taxes
  235. General Politics Obamunists new housing rescue plan: Give more to Fannie/Freddie
  236. General Politics Who do you think was the greatest vice-president of the United States?
  237. U.S. Issues North Dakota: Fertilized Egg Has Human Rights
  238. Economics R. Allen Stanford: Total douche & Dem liability
  239. Int'l Issues Christopher Hitchens insults Lebanese Nazis & gets ass kicked
  240. General Politics Shocking. More racism talk by Obama's pals.
  241. ChiefsPlanet AG Holder goes to town on race. Yikes.
  242. Media Probably the dumbest article I've read in a while.
  243. General Politics ABC: Allen Stanford, Mexican drug cartel, Pelosi and Bill Clinton
  244. Economics Continuing Jobless Claims At Record High
  245. Economics Is This Cartoon Racist?
  246. Nat'l Security This CANNOT be True!
  247. General Politics Do you plan to game the system to receive mortgage bailout money?
  248. Int'l Issues Serena Williams is a GUTLESS Fraud
  249. Economics Idea to help our banking system. Your thoughts.
  250. ChiefsPlanet Secret video of Honest Chieffan's and Bootlegged's family reunion.