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  1. U.S. Issues HBO documentary: Right for America....feeling wronged
  2. Transportation Secretary: Considering taxing you by the miles you drive
  3. U.S. Issues Is the Government REWARDING bad behavior?
  4. U.S. Issues REpublicans: Do you honestly believe things would have been that different w/McCain?
  5. Legal Ron Paul: Like with the The Patriot Act, nobody had time to read this bill...
  6. Economics VisualizingEconomics.com: Changes in Household Income by Quintiles ('79-'03)
  7. Elections Campaign Finance Laws and Illinios' culture of political corruption
  8. Economics Great article. Blame Clinton for Global collapse.
  9. U.S. Issues Will Obama restore Constitutional Government?
  10. U.S. Issues The loss of a legend
  11. U.S. Issues Are some members here black? I think they maybe related to Keyes
  12. Economics Volcker: Economy falling faster than in Depression
  13. Nat'l Security Al Qaeda attacks Bin Laden?
  14. General Politics Copy of Non-Stimulus bill - Make over $75k? You pay for others tax cuts
  15. U.S. Issues Obama aims to cut deficit in half by 2013
  16. Obama Obama vs Cicero
  17. General Politics April Fools
  18. U.S. Issues Peter Schiff predicted current economic crisis.
  19. U.S. Issues Glenn Beck predicting massive Civil Unrest possibly on the way
  20. U.S. Issues Coming Soon to a Hospital Near You...sorry you just have to wait
  21. General Politics Benjamin Franklin was REALLY smart...
  22. U.S. Issues Hillary Begs China....
  23. U.S. Issues Lyrics to "American Bailout Pie"
  24. General Politics What would our forefathers think?
  25. Nat'l Security WTF is going on in Mexico?
  26. Economics Obama team drives imports...few American made cars...
  27. Economics Tax Breaks for hiring Americans...
  28. Economics Someone explain to me why we can't refi our loans anytime we want?
  29. U.S. Issues Lansing Mayor takes out frustration on TV reporter
  30. U.S. Issues Will you vote differently
  31. U.S. Issues Fair Tax Act of 2009
  32. U.S. Issues Unemployment is a good thing apparently
  33. General Politics Obama Honeymoon is over among Conservative Republicans...
  34. Economics 6,000 here we come. YIKES!!! Doombama is tanking Wall Street
  35. Media Liberals, conservatives agree that media did s****y job covering stimulus bill
  36. Religion I think it's shameful for Obama to go on a honeymoon
  37. Economics AIG says "give us more money or else..."
  38. Obama Henrietta Hughes - Obama's homeless real estate investor
  39. Nat'l Security Interesting... Maybe Bob Johnson is there too..
  40. Economics As if we haven't spent enough money that doesn't actually exist....
  41. Economics US pledges $900 million to rebuild Gaza
  42. General Politics What Do You Make of This Statement?
  43. U.S. Issues House Democrats propose $410B spending bill
  44. Economics Northern Trust Spends Millions of Your Tax $'s
  45. General Politics Obama Poll Ratings: Strong But Average For New President
  46. Int'l Issues Officials: Obama to announce 19-month Iraq withdrawal plan
  47. Environment Marijuana to the rescue - California moves to legalize, tax recreational pot
  48. Environment Global Warming
  49. General Politics Obama: Has any other President wasted all of their political capital this quickly?
  50. Elections Steele willing to purge GOP of 3 Senators for voting for Bailout
  51. General Politics These should be quite interesting.
  52. General Politics Dems who created and run Freddie and Fannie are....
  53. U.S. Issues Obama: No more tax breaks for Corps who ship jobs overseas!
  54. General Politics Bobby Jindal, SUPERSTAR IN THE MAKING
  55. U.S. Issues Why didn't they have Sarah Palin deliver the Republican Response?
  56. General Politics Why the grandeur?
  57. Economics Fast Talking by Obo but hes spending us into a pit
  58. U.S. Issues Good analysis. We are France
  59. Economics Jindall: "Who among us would ask our children for a loan, so we could spend money..."
  60. Elections W Ice Cream?
  61. General Politics Robert Byrd can't contain his racist roots: Slams Obama..
  62. General Politics Biden explains in detail how stimulus helps small business
  63. U.S. Issues U.S. arrests 750 in Mexican Drug Cartel raid
  64. Economics Fact Check
  65. Elections Politico: Coming back to Romney
  66. U.S. Issues Help Me Explain The Current Economic Situation
  67. Int'l Issues Some kids forced to eat cold cheese sandwhiches
  68. U.S. Issues Biden, Obama, and the Stock Market
  69. Economics Watch this crater the Market tomorrow
  70. Economics Shocking answer to How much gold is at Fort Knox.
  71. General Politics Congress opts out of pay raise for next year ... still get cost of living this year
  72. Economics Obama seeks $634B over 10 years for health care
  73. U.S. Issues Obama claims $2 trillion savings. Duplicity, yes. Transparency, not so much.
  74. Poop I told you so: Obama to seek gun bans
  75. Economics More class warfare. "Tax the wealthy! They can afford it"!
  76. General Politics This weeks bullshit pork bill from the left
  77. General Politics Dick Morris nails it
  78. General Politics FAIRNESS DOCTRINE~!
  79. Obama National Tea Party
  80. Economics What would you cut first?
  81. General Politics SC house passes bill requiring photo ID to vote - Black Caucus walks out
  82. General Politics Even Reid/Schumer now pissed at Dumbo over troops in Iraq.
  83. Poop Another reason I am tired of Huckabee
  84. Economics An updated chart of the U.S. Federal Budget Deficit
  85. U.S. Issues Ron Paul "The Federal Reserve is the Culprit"
  86. Economics 4rth qrtr GDP much worse than earlier reported...
  87. General Politics Liberals at it's finest, tax and spend.
  88. Obama Is this racist II?
  89. Economics Income Tax = "From each according to his ability, to each according to his need."
  90. General Politics Kudlow Nails It. Better jIZ?
  91. General Politics Filibuster-proof Democratic Majority In Reach After All
  92. Elections Republicans: Who do you want in 2012?
  93. Education Iowanian
  94. Int'l Issues Schoool's out for summer
  95. Economics Stimulus spending in relative terms...
  96. Economics Ben Stein: In Class Warfare, Guess Which Class Is Winning
  97. Int'l Issues Your luck.
  98. Media Rush Limbaugh saying some crazy stuff on CNN right now
  99. ChiefsPlanet Hey, Dipshits....Chiefs Traded for Cassel.
  100. Poop mylonsd
  101. U.S. Issues White House: Obama asks Sebelius to be HHS secretary
  102. Economics Two more Wall Street Crooks defrauded retirees
  103. Economics What is seen and what is not seen....good and bad economists
  104. General Politics What if...?
  105. Economics How much did your dinner cost tonight?
  106. Nat'l Security Place this thread in the "can't help myself" category...
  107. Religion Man sentenced to 60 days in jail for blasphemy
  108. Nat'l Security Possible Threat To Obama's Security Discovered
  110. U.S. Issues Washington state to allow ‘dignity’ deaths
  111. U.S. Issues Open discussion regarding renewable resources
  112. Nat'l Security Militants' sudden unity threatens Obama's Afghanistan strategy
  113. General Politics Hey Teh GOP... RuSH LimBaW OwnZ JoO!!!11!!eventyone
  114. U.S. Issues Posistion yourself now for $300 a barrel oil
  115. Economics He'll tax the rich for the health benefits everyone else wants."
  116. Nat'l Security U.S. offers deal to Russia tied to Iran, missiles
  117. Economics If you could make millions for taking high risks with other people's money would you?
  118. Poop Another One: Cabinet-pick Kirk owes $10,000 in back taxes
  119. U.S. Issues Which level of government is more important today? National or the state? Why?
  120. U.S. Issues Obama is seizing your Health Records!
  121. Economics How the Great Depression finally ended...
  122. Obama Get your Pork, Senate passes bill, Will Obama veto it or sign it ?
  123. Int'l Issues Afghan tech boom: Mullah embraces iPhone
  124. Economics Obama plan to help 9 milliion homeowners stay in their homes.
  125. Economics Merryl paid over $100 mil in bonuses to 10 execs
  126. Elections The Obama Budget
  127. General Politics Rain Man: What do you think of the design of this Rasumssen poll & question.
  128. Legal Rove going to testify before Congress
  129. Economics Democrats $400B Omnibus Spending Bill in Trouble
  130. Nat'l Security U.S. rattled as Mexico drug war bleeds over border
  131. Economics Where in the world is Hillary Clinton?
  132. U.S. Issues Senate votes to preserve earmarks in spending bill
  133. U.S. Issues Assistance needed please!
  134. Economics A Run On The Banks Coming?
  135. Local No smoking in public places in South Dakota...
  136. Economics And Now...Your Economic Recovery Advisory Board
  137. Media Electronic Media and America
  138. Economics Recession or Depression, What steps you taken ?
  139. Poop While the world burns - Nancy f'n Pelosi is hangin' w/Brad Pitt
  140. Education The Daily Show, Destroyer of Worlds
  141. Obama So the teleprompter is an issue....NOW?
  142. Environment This may be the ticket
  143. Economics FDIC going broke ? Ouch !
  144. U.S. Issues Gorbachev criticizes Putin's party.
  145. Economics Earmarks...What if taxpayers in states receiving them pay for them in Federal taxes?
  146. U.S. Issues Thomas Jefferson is spinning in his grave
  147. Economics Obomba Treasury team imploding. Deputy and Under Secretary withdraw their nominations
  148. Economics Senate Republicans force delay on spending bill
  149. Poop I don't know if this is a repost.
  150. Economics Interesting Read: Obama Budget Adds More Debt Than All Previous Presidents Combined
  151. U.S. Issues Sen Bob Bennett (R-UT) - We will be better off when healthcare isn't tied to your job
  152. Local Mark Levin vs. David Frum
  153. Elections Gingrich Floats Possibility of 2012 Presidential Run
  154. Religion Chavez Calls on Obama to Stay the Course
  155. U.S. Issues For sportsshrink. "Obama Citizenship Case A Waste Of Time: Federal Judge"
  156. U.S. Issues The things no one wants to discuss
  157. U.S. Issues Back on Uncle sams Plantation
  158. Misc Right to die
  159. U.S. Issues Obama Lied; The Economy Died
  160. U.S. Issues How does one Know what the Actual Reality Is?
  161. Media Idiocracy on Comedy Central right now
  162. Economics Let 'Em Fail
  163. Legal One way in how the legal profession has changed
  164. Economics Laissez-Faire Capitalism Has Failed
  165. Int'l Issues Obama kickin' butt on foreign policy...
  166. Economics Interesting Read in Forbes
  167. Economics Earmarks: Much Ado About Nothing
  168. Int'l Issues North Korea Threatens War.... WooHoo
  169. Economics Tooth Fairy Economics
  170. Economics David Brooks: Repubilcans' propsed "spending freeze... is just insane".
  171. U.S. Issues House GOP: “Our goal is to bring down approval numbers for Pelosi and for House Dems"
  172. Obama overturns Bush policy on stem cells
  173. Religion More Americans say they have no religion
  174. Economics Hey BEP and TJ: What is your/Austrian School of Thought on...
  175. Religion Hell filling up at a rapid pace
  176. Economics Does Obama's Budget Project 4% Growth Next Year?
  177. Economics Buffet not real big on Obama , Right Now !
  178. Economics Volcker advocating bringing back Glass-Stegall
  179. Economics The fake unemployment rate is at 8.1%, real is at 14.8
  180. Economics a tad bit of personal advice
  181. General Politics Was the Iraq War Necessary
  182. Economics Easy way to fix the Dow: just take out the sh***y companies
  183. U.S. Issues Obama's Budget and Status Quo Democrats
  184. Obama Obama 50 days in 17 promises kept, 2 promises broken
  185. U.S. Issues $400B Spending bill, only 8,570 earmarks
  186. Economics Awesome: Mark Stanford says he'll use the stimulus money to pay off state debt.
  187. Economics Is your bank a "zombie bank"?
  188. Misc Nine Principles
  189. Economics Ford: Deal with UAW would trim wages to about $55 per hour
  190. Economics Video: Charlie Rangel confronted about his tax issues!
  191. U.S. Issues Rush Limbaugh: Obama's war to save the economy is lost
  192. Education The NYT replaced Kristol with the best possible conservative.
  193. Elections Classic piece on Salon.com about CNBC.
  194. Economics Not nearly as bad as it seems?
  195. Nat'l Security Pelosi turns Pentagon into personal travel agency
  196. General Politics Obama takes advantage of Bush's expansion of government with signing statements.
  197. General Politics Things I noticed at tonight's "Is Racism Still Alive?" forum
  198. Economics Government spending will save us!!!
  199. Economics Lex Luthor Needs A Billion Dollar Bailout
  200. Environment Soccer is destroying America.
  201. U.S. Issues What if Perot was elected in 92?
  202. Nat'l Security Obama: Troop move to Mexican border under consideration
  203. Porkchop luv's Rush's attention
  204. Media Iraq, Am I missing something?
  205. General Politics Chuck Schumer hanging up on Madoff victims?
  206. Legal Judge says he will jail Madoff
  207. Nat'l Security 2 arrested in FBI raid at Obama appointee's office
  208. Economics LETTER FROM THE BOSS...
  209. Economics Good for Chrysler: Chrysler threatens to pull out of Canada
  210. General Politics AFL-CIO vows support for Arlen Specter If He Supports Employee Free Choice
  211. Poop IRS
  212. U.S. Issues Obama's pick for 'drugs tsar' signals change in US policy
  213. Int'l Issues Why are we part of the UN still?!!
  214. Economics Since we have been discussing taxes so much recently..
  215. Economics Smart businesses stimulated to leave for low-tax Switzerland
  216. Economics Opps...Obama may be on the right track
  217. Economics Fed Rules Tangle with State Budgets Long Term
  218. Obama Its Not My Fault, Bush Did it!! Not my responsibility
  219. U.S. Issues Stem-Cell Doubletalk: More lies from B.O.
  220. Nat'l Security States that are the best and worst for personal freedom
  221. Obama Unchecked Narcissism
  222. Economics Stewie's take...
  223. Media Will Ferrell:George W Bush
  224. Economics AIG paying out $165M in bonuses
  225. U.S. Issues Is Rand Relevant?
  226. U.S. Issues What do you do in your profession that improves the advancement of the human race?
  227. U.S. Issues Wal-Mart: High Cost-Low Value
  228. Religion More Catholics embrace traditions
  229. Obama Hey 'ZACH'! Not so fast!!!! HeHeHeHe
  230. Legal Seriously? We're not going to discuss Stewart/Cramer?
  231. Economics Foreign banks getting loads of our bailout money.
  232. Economics Bernanke: We've gotten past threat of "depression"; Recession could end in '09
  233. Elections This is one thing that is wrong with politics
  234. Poop Barney makes me want to gag
  235. Local How Bush and Cheney Tortured
  236. Obama Only in America
  237. Economics Rush displays more hypocrisy
  238. Economics On rating agencies (S&P, Moody's etc) and regulation...
  239. Economics Yes, the crisis was that bad (a great piece on systemic risk too)
  240. U.S. Issues Obama's Desperate Search for $$$
  241. General Politics Dodd Adds Language To Exempt the Bonuses He Now Wants To Tax
  242. U.S. Issues Hybrid Car Sales Go From 60-0 At Breakneck Speed
  243. Misc Even Merriam-Webster is pressured to acknowledge the 'gays'
  244. Economics AIG's Ed Liddy to testify today...
  245. General Politics Obama: Don't Look At Me...
  246. U.S. Issues Rush says "Not 1 Repub voted for the bailout"...
  247. Economics SS and Medicare
  248. Economics Fed to Buy $1 Trillion in Securities to Aid Economy
  249. Obama OOOPs: teleprompter error causes Obumbler to thank himself in speech...
  250. Economics Fannie Mae to Pay Bonuses of up to $611,000 for Four Execs