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  1. General Politics Evan Bayh doin what Hillary should have done..
  2. Obama Chris Dodd throwing Obummer under the bus???
  3. U.S. Issues Pelosi Smears Legal Immigrants by calling illegals "patriotic"
  4. U.S. Issues Well, I lied. I did it. But they made me do it
  5. Poop Obo needs to keep Michelle quiet
  6. Nat'l Security Holder may Release Terrorists right here at home
  7. U.S. Issues There is hope for all
  8. General Politics We The People Stimulus Package
  9. Poop Ron Paul has a cameo appearance in next Cohen movie
  10. Religion Catholic abuse claims increase (2.6 billion in total payments?!?)
  11. Economics Scenes from the recession
  12. Environment Stop Federal Takeover of Food Regulation in H.R. 875
  13. Obama Obama Signs Deal for Post-Presidency Book
  14. Economics Why no outrage at Merrill Lynch Ceo's that got hundreds of millions in stock options?
  15. Poop Now the UN wants to tax your gas so we can build green buildings in the third world
  16. Nat'l Security House passes small tax increase
  17. Obama Obummer is not gonna like this.....Blue Dogs on the rise
  18. Obama Barack Hussein On Leno? Is This A Joke?
  19. U.S. Issues Eh..Obama may have stepped in it this time
  20. U.S. Issues Ron Paul on Senate Floor "We create these problems"
  21. U.S. Issues Was the Bailout itself a Scam?
  22. Int'l Issues U.N. Panel says World should ditch dollar
  23. Poop Gotta love it
  24. U.S. Issues The Plagiarizer and the Thief
  25. Education Does this go on in the Midwest? Educators comment?
  26. U.S. Issues So Geithner and Congress where not blindsided by AIG bonuses
  27. Obama Obama Lies
  28. U.S. Issues There are a lot of idiots in congress
  29. Economics Has Harry Reid lost his mind? Please Mr. President spare our conference rooms.
  30. Economics Attend a "TEA PARTY" near you!!!!
  31. General Politics Congress hard at work
  32. Economics Citigroup, Bank of America, JPMorgan Criticize Limits
  33. General Politics End of America as we know it???????
  34. Obama Obama a bore??????????
  35. Economics Massive understatement of Costs by Administration
  36. Economics So, now Geitner is going to turn the Treasury into the world's largest hedge fund
  37. Economics Gingrich on bailouts during Carville's class
  38. Economics Obama calls for more Communism - wants to regulate pay at banks and "other companies"
  39. Obama Friendly Fire: New York Times Hits Obama
  40. General Politics CP posters that should be in Congress....
  41. Economics Treasury's Toxic Asset Plan Could Cost $1 Trillion
  42. Obama Obama's Elf
  43. U.S. Issues GOP predicts doomsday if Obama Budget passed
  44. Obama TOTUS Shrugged, chapter 7
  45. Media Understanding Pakistan
  46. Economics Punch-Drunk Obama will not for for 90% tax on bonuses...
  47. Economics Peter Schiff: The crisis has just begun
  48. Elections ACORN investigation
  49. General Politics Wall Street loves Obama!!
  50. U.S. Issues AIG spending millions of $'s on ARTWORK!
  51. Economics T.A.R.P. funds being re-cycled into campaign donations
  52. Economics Is this the end of America?
  53. U.S. Issues Rockefeller: Internet is “Number One National Hazard”
  54. Economics Stimulus? U.S. to buy Chinese condoms, ending Alabama jobs
  55. Misc Obots on the move
  56. U.S. Issues Should Senate avoid the fillibuster on Healthcare & Energy like with Bush's Tax Cuts?
  57. Economics Inflation, nationalization, valuation. Another great piece from...
  58. Economics MSNBC: Cuomo gets 9 of top 10 AIG execs to give bonus money back
  59. Religion What is the Republican Party doing to reach out to young voters?
  60. ChiefsPlanet China calls for a communized world currency...
  61. Nat'l Security North Korea, How do my liberal friends find this ?
  62. Religion Needing advice on a community/church relations issue
  63. Religion Matthew's Zombies
  64. Obama Obama seeks power to communize non-bank financial companies
  65. ChiefsPlanet Hotel-industry complaining about communist ban on travel hurting their industry...
  66. Legal Scalia a 'homophobe'
  67. U.S. Issues Dodd's Wife a Former Director of an AIG Controlled Company
  68. Education So I went to a feminist conference today
  69. U.S. Issues Legalize Drugs to stop the violience
  70. U.S. Issues Buick, Jaguar top J.D. Power Dependability Study
  71. Legal Greenwald: a major difference between conservatives and progressives.
  72. General Politics Obama press conference...
  73. General Politics Best academics? Florida?
  74. Religion Child prodigy preacher
  75. U.S. Issues U.S. bill seeks to communize faltering newspapers
  76. Obama Obama to communize...
  77. General Politics UK's Brown gets called out
  78. U.S. Issues Modern Day Thomas Paine
  79. Economics Outsourcing the Drive-Thru
  80. U.S. Issues House Budget whacks Cap-n-Trade
  81. General Politics What This Guy Said...
  82. U.S. Issues Energy Independence?
  83. Economics Dear AIG--I QUIT
  84. Int'l Issues England is broke. UK PM Gordon Brown ripped apart
  85. Economics Nouriel Roubini predicted economic collapse, now endorses Geithner's new plan
  86. General Politics For those that care what the rest of the world thinks of us
  87. Religion Should Congress give up their pay?
  88. General Politics Israel to begin controversial construction on West Bank. Ummm.... yikes?
  89. Education China's Navy, & What It All Means
  90. Poop South Park's Economy...
  91. General Politics Republican are a bunch of hypocrites on the budget reclaimation process issue
  92. Int'l Issues Sunni Awakening at risk of falling apart?
  93. Obama First Obamaville Sprouts up in CA
  94. Environment Banning CFC's avoided destroying 2/3rd of earth's ozone layer...
  95. General Politics States consider drug tests for welfare recipients
  96. Economics Charity is a tax dodge- B.O.
  97. U.S. Issues Spread the guilt with The Peoples Tools™
  98. Economics Obama unveils plan to communize financial sector; kill the golden goose
  99. Education Notre Dame: NO B.O.!
  100. Environment Obama says North Dakota floods caused by global warming
  101. Int'l Issues Stuart Smalley Diplomacy. LOL..Thought this was great!
  102. Economics Republicans unveil plan to communize American banks
  103. Environment The Myth of Man-Made Climate Change...
  104. General Politics Gitmo guard converts to Islam.
  105. General Politics Hypothetical: You run a small country and are assigning taxes.
  106. Religion How's the budget battle shaping up?
  107. Economics The Republican "budget". What a laffer.
  108. Misc Another black eye for Oakland...
  109. Economics AIG Risk Takers: 5 of 10 still employed
  110. Int'l Issues Brazil’s President goes racist; blames “white people with blue eyes" for Econ crisis
  111. Legal Obama's new Afghanistan plan.
  112. Economics More 'Change': Rahm Emanuel and Freddie Mac
  113. Religion Atheists are deluded
  114. Obama Obummer sides with RIAA. Same as the old boss...
  115. Obama Disturbing reminder of how bad our banks have gotten.
  116. Legal Your medical records i.e. to new stimulus???
  117. General Politics Obama: Bush got it right
  118. Economics Why are the malls full?
  119. Economics Holy hell, there were three people in front of me at the convenience store!
  120. Religion Obama's greatest failure
  121. Int'l Issues Obama, UN, Global taxes
  122. Int'l Issues Johnson and McNamara all over again
  123. U.S. Issues Kudos to USO Honorees
  124. Media The News Media and You
  125. Economics What will inflation be at a year and a half from now?
  126. Obama Obama stacks the deck with........
  127. Int'l Issues Obama Is Wrong: The loyal opposition of Paul Krugman.
  128. Nat'l Security Barack Obama offers new strategy to tame Pakistan
  129. Int'l Issues Experts On Third World Banana Republics: The U.S. has Become a 3rd World Banana Repub
  130. Int'l Issues Germany saves the world from Global New Deal!
  131. Obama Hand on the Quran
  132. Int'l Issues Obummers selling us out as predicted. Bad Science, Activist Kooks
  133. Economics Why Keynesian Economics is not scientific or empirical!
  134. Economics GM CEO to resign
  135. General Politics Interesting website
  136. Education What might be the next big issue that nobody will talk about...
  137. Economics Auto Industry at 2 minute warning....
  138. Economics Matt Taibbi: I Quit AIG Guy's a BS Artist
  139. Economics This is not communism. Do not click here. I repeat, this is not communism...
  140. Local Albert Hunt: Geithner Will Outlast AIG Outrage, Public Pounding
  141. Gun ban list is out.........
  142. Economics BAC, Citi's Jan/Feb Profits an AIG scam?
  143. General Politics Angie Harmon = racist
  144. Obama Louis CK in Iraq, USO tour.
  145. Obama Obamas to use own cash to redecorate White House
  146. Religion God's Social Life
  147. U.S. Issues Scandal for the White House after Vice President Joe Biden's daughter...
  148. Environment Obama Intimately Tied To Carbon Trading Scam
  149. Legal Glenn Beck kicks Connecticuts AG's arse..
  150. U.S. Issues Beyond AIG: A Bill to let Big Government Set Your Salary
  151. Economics The Free Market in action - Companys find ways to innovate in troubled times
  152. Local Sebelius forgot to pay her taxes too
  153. Economics Who is to blame for the economy?
  154. Religion The 18 Kids and Counting show on TLC
  155. General Politics HR 1388
  156. U.S. Issues 'US graft adds to Mexico's woes'
  157. Economics Government website now offers ’suicide warning signs’ for victims of recession
  158. Int'l Issues Hannity, Morris agree with Conspiracy Theorist about New World Order
  159. U.S. Issues Glenn Beck and the Incovenient Debt
  160. U.S. Issues Operation Mindcrime????
  161. U.S. Issues Obama promises NO new taxes on families under 250k a year
  162. Obama Please Tell Me This Report is Wrong
  163. Economics The G-20's Hidden Issue: A Global Trade Imbalance
  164. Nat'l Security Uhhhhhh..... NSFW
  165. Economics Murphy beating Tedisco in NY-20 -- by 25 votes.
  166. General Politics Hannity, Morris Agree with “Conspiracy People” About New World Order
  167. Economics G-20: $1 Trillion stimulus approved. Does Obama get the credit?
  168. Obama Obummer REALLY does it now...bows to Saudi King
  169. Nat'l Security Navy Carriers Rendered Irrelevant as China puts American Consumers' Money to Use...
  170. Legal Iowa High Court Strikes Down Gay Marriage Ban
  171. Legal With the Iowa ruling, how long before polygamy is legal?
  172. Nat'l Security Bruni gives Obama the slip
  173. Misc What in the heck are we going to do with North Korea?
  174. U.S. Issues Should the legality of gay marriage be left to the states?
  175. Legal Are there any constitutional amendments that are unconstitutional?
  176. Obama The Real Obama behind closed doors.....
  177. General Politics Wisconsin Rep. Ryan Seen as Future of GOP
  178. Obama Eligibility Update.....
  179. Economics Outraged Obama Takes Action On Wall Street Pay Limits: helps firms sidestep rules
  180. Nat'l Security N.Korea launches rocket
  181. Obama Obama won't allow bank to return TARP money
  182. Misc Dikipedia
  183. Int'l Issues Inside Guantanamo: On National Goegraphic Channel
  184. Environment Greenwald blowing the lid off overt government theft.
  185. U.S. Issues Homeless in Tent City, USA
  186. Legal Marriage, Civil Unions, State, Religion
  187. Media Obama Overseas
  188. Int'l Issues Kim Jong-il, China & Russia = BFF
  189. Religion "Clinging to guns and religion"
  190. Economics Hussman Nails it again
  191. Religion Republicans will go nuclear on Obama's DOJ appointees if torture memos are released.
  192. Nat'l Security Why is that scumbag B.O. opening the floodgates...
  193. Education Conservatives: what news outlets do you trust?
  194. Local Gates moves to cut major defense programs.
  195. Obama Give the man your vote ,Grade him Good or Bad
  196. Economics Up close and personal with the "Bullies" who....
  197. Poop Madden: A message war the Republicans won.
  198. Nat'l Security Huge partisan gap in Obama's approval ratings. 538 explains why.
  199. Economics TARP estimates double in just a couple of months
  200. Education Conservatives....I'm here to admit I'm a total failure.
  201. Int'l Issues Leftist Lies. Like in Chicago, do whatever it takes
  202. U.S. Issues Sarah Palin can now see Kim Jong-Il from her front porch...
  203. Nat'l Security Why no more 9/11’s?
  204. Int'l Issues Air Force One is in Baghdad for surprise Obama visit to the troops.
  205. U.S. Issues Ward Churchill wins court case...
  206. General Politics VT legislates Gay Marriage
  207. Economics At least some people are starting to come around to what needs to be done to fix..
  208. U.S. Issues Somali pirates hijack a U.S.-flagged cargo ship off Africa
  209. U.S. Issues The Communist Black Caucus goes down on Castro...
  210. Int'l Issues US Drones and Pakistan: What will Obama do?
  211. General Politics Who are the 10 worst U.S. Presidents of all-time?
  212. Economics Does history repeat itself?
  213. Obama Green Obama looking into polluting the earth
  214. General Politics Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-OK), America Hater and the GOP hypocrites enabling him
  215. Obama Obummer Administration offering 'new and worse' secrecy & immunity claims re: DOJ
  216. Misc Baltimore Sun interview: Projecting politics & baseball with Nate Silver
  217. Nat'l Security China and Russia hacking into US power grid.
  218. Media MSNBC is officially the mirror opposite of Fox News
  219. Economics Dubai's Slave Society
  220. U.S. Issues Say Hi to the new US Citizens who speak perfect...Spanish
  221. General Politics The Facebook Politicial Idealogy Quiz
  222. Media Dissent not allowed
  223. U.S. Issues White House hit by swarm of bees
  224. Environment Can Government Scientists Save the Planet by Nuking Yellowstone National Park...
  225. Education Somebody lock Biden in the bar again...
  226. Economics Warren Buffett: "The world *did* almost come to a stop in September"
  227. U.S. Issues War Funding Method. Bush Bad. Obama Good
  228. U.S. Issues Shortest Debate in Oregon House EVAH
  229. Environment 2 small galaxies are currently colliding with....
  230. Economics Will the highest taxes in America prevent bankruptcy?
  231. General Politics Overseas Contingency Operation
  232. Misc How far would you go for pizza?
  233. Int'l Issues Blunt's website lists the pork he asked for in the next budget.
  234. General Politics ASU's 'Dumbest Decision Ever Made'... refuses Obama an Honorary Degree
  235. Int'l Issues If the Somali Government is permitting these attacks then
  236. Int'l Issues People who illegally detain ships at sea (pirates) Vow Revenge
  237. Nat'l Security Obama administration passes its first critical national security test
  238. U.S. Issues North and South for the 21st century
  239. U.S. Issues Bailout total is now over $7 trillion
  240. Nat'l Security Who is going to a TeaParty Tomorrow...
  241. General Politics Birthright Citizenship Issue
  242. Nat'l Security Somali militants fire at plane carrying U.S lawmaker
  243. Elections Al Franken wins Minnesota senate seat
  244. U.S. Issues God Bless Texas???? Texas Gov. Back Resolution Affirming Sovereignty
  245. Int'l Issues U.S. may drop key condition for talks with Iran
  246. Economics Greenwald: Obama=Bush on detainee rights. (Must read.)
  247. Nat'l Security Obama's Homeland Security ready to start rounding up Right wing extremists
  248. Nat'l Security LMFAO Somali Pirates
  249. Media Rate the Supreme Court judges.
  250. Nat'l Security Homeland Security on guard for 'right-wing extremists'