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  1. Nat'l Security Homeland Security on guard for 'right-wing extremists'
  2. Poop Pretty funny
  3. General Politics Rush in full blown hypocrisy mode today???
  4. Nat'l Security George W. Bush's Legacy: Janet Napolitano
  5. U.S. Issues Savage in prime form!!!
  6. Nat'l Security Why did Timothy McVeigh carry out the bombing?
  7. Poop Just had a bowl of popcorn
  8. Nat'l Security Now conservatives know how many Muslims feel.
  9. U.S. Issues Did the DHS Report Cross the Line?
  10. Int'l Issues Obama's civil liberties Moment of Truth coming up April 16th.
  11. Legal NSA overreaches again
  12. Nat'l Security Leftwing Extremists Likely to Increase Use of Cyber Attacks over the Coming Decade
  13. U.S. Issues Great recap of TEA Party ...
  14. U.S. Issues WTF? How does this sh!t get legs?
  15. Obama Obummer's NSA breaking limits and laws just like under Bush
  16. U.S. Issues Georgetown Says It Covered Over Name of Jesus to Comply With White House Request
  17. Misc The Genius Of The Crowd
  18. Economics How Goldman Posted a Profitable Quarter: They “Skipped” December
  19. U.S. Issues Don’t Fall For the Old Divide And Conquer Trick
  20. U.S. Issues Pelosi Comment
  21. Nat'l Security Obama's going to get us all killed
  22. Misc An American Hero in Iran
  23. General Politics Why Gay Marraige Should be ILLEGAL
  24. Nat'l Security Nearly 20% of Texans in favor of Secceeding from Union
  25. Int'l Issues Scott Thomas Beauchamp's "Shock Troops" Redux
  26. Media Bill Maher at the Midland
  27. U.S. Issues AP: Centralized Planning Of Stimulus Not Working Out Exactly As Recipients Had Hoped
  28. Nat'l Security Obama and Chavez
  29. U.S. Issues Nice job by Lou Dobbs
  30. Int'l Issues Obama isn't the worst gift giver on the international head of state circuit
  31. Misc Looks like incompetency in Washington goes deeper than just our elected officials
  32. Environment Antarctic ice is growing, not melting away
  33. Nat'l Security Obama's Friendly Outreach: Good or Bad?
  34. Nat'l Security I ask for one example
  35. Obama Capt Phillips rescue actually delayed by......
  36. Economics Lower Federal Taxes?!?
  37. Economics Fannie Mae Exec Chosen to Oversee TARP: White House
  38. Obama What’s Obama smiling about?
  39. Nat'l Security 9/11 mastermind Khalid Shaikh Mohammed waterboarded 183 times
  40. Props to Miss Cali
  41. Economics Obama Demands $100,000,000 In Spending Cuts
  42. Int'l Issues Who'da thunk it?
  43. U.S. Issues Axelrod suggests ‘Tea Party’ movement is ‘unhealthy’
  44. Int'l Issues Washington Post Highlights Agenda For ‘Bank Of The World’
  45. Legal Ninth Circuit incorporates 2nd Amendment
  46. Obama Jon Stewart: Baracknaphobia
  47. Local Idiot Maricopa Co. Sherriff on Colbert.
  48. Economics Student loans default rate soaring
  49. Obama Axelrod: Anti-Americanism Now 'Not Cool'
  50. Nat'l Security Chinese hackers break into the Pentagon. Hopefully it's fake data.
  51. General Politics The history behind the Don't Tread on Me flag
  52. General Politics LOL, Obama attempts to appease his left flank..prosecute the lawyers?
  53. U.S. Issues Alan Keyes: Government Will Stage Terror, Declare Martial Law
  54. Nat'l Security Banned Techniques Yielded ‘High Value Information,’ Memo Says
  55. Economics Freddie Mac CFO found dead this morning
  56. Obama Gators to become first championship team to visit Obama
  57. U.S. Issues Insane Cop Arrests ABC News Reporter For Filming Traffic Accident
  58. Nat'l Security Obama bringing Change at CIA; Hope suffers.
  59. Nat'l Security “Explosive” Senate Torture Report Reveals What We’ve Already Known For 3 1/2 years
  60. Nat'l Security How high should prosecutions go on torture?
  61. Nat'l Security Sean Hannity offers to be waterboarded for charity
  62. Poop Slash population to save the world: green lobbyist
  63. Education Yet another for the "can't help myself" category...
  64. Local Learned Helplessness, and Torture
  65. Nat'l Security Obama pushing Credit Cardholders' Bill of Rights.
  66. U.S. Issues Shepard Smith dropping Fbomb about torture
  67. Nat'l Security top officials in the Bush admin approved torture. Why are foot soldiers in prison?
  68. Nat'l Security Condoleezza Rice at the top of the waterboard scandal
  69. U.S. Issues Ken Lewis (CEO of BoA) Blames Paulson....
  70. U.S. Issues Pool: The Witchhunt of the Bush administration will OFFICIALLY begin, when?
  71. Nat'l Security Al-Qaeda Chief In Iraq: Captured, Killed, Never Actually Existed, Now Captured Again
  72. Nat'l Security Goss: Obama Decision "Crossed a Red Line"
  73. Nat'l Security A Question For Those Who Worry About Our Image
  74. U.S. Issues So much for Obama's transparency. Proof he doesn't want you to know certain things
  75. Religion Nudge-ocracy
  76. Nat'l Security FDA Eases Access to "Morning After" Pill
  77. U.S. Issues Queen Pelosi Busted????
  78. U.S. Issues 90 killed in Iraq bombings. ****.
  79. Economics Short term change you can believe in: The Obama ARM loan.
  80. Nat'l Security Obama Administration to Release Detainee Abuse Photos
  81. Environment Report: Democrats Refuse to Allow Skeptic to Testify Alongside Gore At Congressional
  82. U.S. Issues Bush in 2003: "...investigat(e), and prosecut(e) all acts of torture"
  83. U.S. Issues Why the fuck does anyone care about stupid torture?
  84. Poop How the hell?
  85. U.S. Issues Obama closes Yucca Mtn.....
  86. Economics How hard would it be to get rid of a cable channel.
  87. U.S. Issues According to someone who was there
  88. General Politics The more things change the more they stay the same Warning racist overtones...
  89. U.S. Issues Krauthammer comes out of the closet...
  90. Nat'l Security Not To Be An Alarmist...
  91. Obama The O-bot culture is out of control !
  92. U.S. Issues Horrors of Socialism in Sweden
  93. Religion Natural selection V. Evolution
  94. U.S. Issues Flu Kills The Torture Memos
  95. Economics Ken Lewis Agreed to Merril Bonuses???
  96. U.S. Issues No Dead in O-Hi-O
  97. Nat'l Security Air Force Once causes mass evacutations in NY
  98. U.S. Issues If you needed any more reason to hate Geithner
  99. Nat'l Security Colbert isn't joking.
  100. Nat'l Security Obama might release Gitmo guys into the US
  101. ChiefsPlanet ****Bestest DC Thread Ever****
  102. U.S. Issues Fox News Article: Obama's First 100 Days Most Productive Since FDR
  103. Poop A picture really is worth 1000 words.
  104. General Politics Arlen Specter to change sides .... officially
  105. General Politics Arlen Specter (D-PA)
  106. General Politics Congrats Dems....now you own EVERYTHING
  107. Religion JESUS CAMP
  108. U.S. Issues Victor Davis Hanson: Damnation of Memory
  109. Elections HJ Res 5. Get rid of the 22nd Amendment?
  110. Environment Not Global Warming
  111. Obama How Ali Soufan, an FBI agent, got Abu Zubaydah to talk without torture.
  112. Education A crucial step in winning Afghanistan taken... Pakistan starts getting tough.
  113. Legal Enhanced Interrogation Techniques
  114. Legal What kind of Democrat will Spectre be?
  115. ChiefsPlanet Media Matters' bottom 10 worst media moments of the past 100 days.
  116. Environment Yet another Jon Stewart conversation that's a must-see.
  117. Religion Missouri's GOP-controlled Congress subverting the purpose of the Stimulus Package...
  118. Economics 1st Q Exports suffer biggest decline since 1969
  119. Nat'l Security Enhanced Interrogation Techniques II
  120. U.S. Issues Obama in Arnold, Mo right now....
  122. U.S. Issues Jon Stewart and Cliff May Debate Torture
  123. U.S. Issues Obama: End of life healthcare
  124. U.S. Issues FACT CHECK: Obama disowns deficit he helped shape
  125. Media Fox does not carry presidential news conference?
  126. Obama British Shot Down Planes Filled With German "Detainees" In WW2
  127. U.S. Issues FBI E-Mail: Bush Authorized Abu Ghraib Abuse?
  128. Nat'l Security Are you an American?
  129. Media Stop H.R. 1913.
  130. U.S. Issues Churchill vs Cheney
  131. Obama Why does America need to be remade?
  132. Environment Swine flu: 'All of humanity under threat', WHO warns
  133. U.S. Issues Biden would avoid subways, planes after swine flu outbreak
  134. U.S. Issues Chrysler to file bankruptcy....
  135. U.S. Issues Exxon Mobil 1Q profit falls 58 percent
  136. U.S. Issues Condi's Nixon Moment? "...if it was authorized by the president (it wasn't illegal)"
  137. Environment MSNBC reporting David Souter is leaving the SCOTUS.
  138. Economics Taxpayers to get rude surprise
  139. Nat'l Security Hugo Chavez gives more than a book.......
  140. Media Mission Accomplished
  141. Media Miss Cali's Boobs Under Attack!
  142. Economics Public health care option too good, so Ben Nelson won't support it
  143. Nat'l Security Stanford Student confronts Condoleezza
  144. Obama Attorney: Adminstiration threatened to sic press corp on law firm
  145. Economics The Enronization of America
  146. General Politics Velvet Jones
  147. Poop Direckshun
  148. Misc Food Inc. Trailer
  149. U.S. Issues Never Remember
  150. ChiefsPlanet J Diddy
  151. U.S. Issues Obama cracks down on overseas tax loopholes
  152. Nat'l Security Jeb Bush says GOP needs to turn their back on Reagan
  153. Education Shattered Illusions: Ten Things about the Natural World You Thought You Knew But.....
  154. Nat'l Security Sculpture Makes CIA Crypto Spooks Koo Koo for Coco Puffs
  155. Religion Do you believe because....
  156. Nat'l Security DHS Document Lists “Alternative Media” As Potential Terrorists
  157. Int'l Issues Zombie Strain of Swine Flue
  158. General Politics John Edwards is scum...
  159. Legal Pedophiles close to getting their.....
  160. Legal Jeff Sessions (Racist-AL), Ranking Republican Member of Senate Judiciary Committee
  161. Religion Baptism
  162. Religion Your Image of God
  163. Int'l Issues Who'da thunk it? (the sequel)
  164. Legal The new Highwaymen...
  165. Int'l Issues Merck Makes Phony Peer-Review Journal
  166. Obama "Unafraid In Greenwich Connecticut"
  167. U.S. Issues Savage Considers Legal Action Against UK Travel Ban For Political Opinions
  168. U.S. Issues Here's something everyone can argue about!
  169. General Politics Looks like having the name 'Murtha' really does PAY
  170. Obama Cinco de cuatro
  171. Poop is this racist??
  172. Media Obama Democrats Accent Bullying Over Governing
  173. Poop Hey Wilson, why don't you be a man
  174. Economics Chrysler WONT repay bailout money
  175. Religion U.S. Military forces chaplans to destroy Bibles written in Aghan languages
  176. U.S. Issues Savage just hit the jackpot...
  178. U.S. Issues Ron Paul on Rachel Maddow
  179. Local My pick for the Supreme Court: Sonia Sotomayor.
  180. U.S. Issues Your Blog is a Weapon? House Bill suggests Hurting Feelings illegal
  181. Legal Maine becomes 5th state to legalize gay marriage...
  182. U.S. Issues House bypasses governor’s veto to claim Oklahoma’s sovereignty
  183. Nat'l Security Torture and Mr. Obama
  184. Misc Cancer is not a Disease - It's a Survival Mechanism
  185. U.S. Issues Obama will slice budget by $17 billion. Mostly social programs.
  186. General Politics "Marginal tax rates are the lowest ... in generations, and all we (talk) is tax cuts"
  187. Economics Obama to quadruple IRS enforcement spending
  188. Poop CIA: Pelosi was briefed on interrogation tactics
  189. Economics Bill Richardson 2012
  190. ChiefsPlanet It's only torture when it happens to us.
  191. Economics Under Restructuring, GM To Build More Cars Overseas
  192. U.S. Issues Calif. Union Workers Could Nix Stimulus Aid to the State
  193. General Politics Obama administration winning where the Bush administration meekly accepted defeat.
  194. Elections The Next KS Gov. Will Be...
  195. Religion Smashing babies on rocks is a good thing and other fun bible stories
  196. U.S. Issues Obama budget to add Thousands of Federal 'Regulators'
  197. Legal Protection Act stirs 200k....
  198. U.S. Issues Keyes and 10-20 other abortion protesters arrested at Notre Dame
  199. Religion Rock and Roll is the devils music
  200. Media Is Glen Beck fucking insane?
  201. Legal Criminal misconduct at the Obama-Holder Justice Department
  202. U.S. Issues Second Amendment Heroes for 2009
  203. General Politics Huckabee: GOP Could Become As "Irrelevant As The Whigs"
  204. Poop Private healthcare industry volunteers $2 trillion in cost savings. Wow.
  205. Nat'l Security Obama to put more illegal criminals on the street
  206. Nat'l Security Obama’s Middle East Imperialism
  207. Obama Obama is a dijon mustard eating elitist
  208. Int'l Issues Top Nazis Planned EU-Style Fourth Reich
  209. Economics This woman is the Federal Reserve Inspector General- No idea who is tracking $9 Tril
  210. U.S. Issues Speaking of hack news commentary...
  211. Economics For those think that only domestic auto makers have problems
  212. Religion Confess Your Sins....Via E-mail!
  213. Religion The absolute most dickish, borderline criminal thing this administration has done.
  214. Obama Obama Cuts Funding for Hydrogen Cars
  215. Nat'l Security Blind interpreter detained at Philly airport says he has nightmares from arrest
  216. Poop Comanche spin off thread Miss California :)
  217. Economics Murtha's Earmark Airport approved. Direckshun starts no thread about it...
  219. Int'l Issues Police Encourage Citizens To Report People Who Drive Nice Cars
  220. U.S. Issues Source: Aide told Pelosi waterboarding had been used
  221. Obama Imperial Presidency
  222. Obama Obama: Don't Release Detainee Photos
  223. Int'l Issues EU Fines Intel $1.45 billion in anti-trust laws, that are LEGAL in the states
  224. Economics Democrat Plan? Cigarettes, Soda, Chips, Booze for the Wealthy Only
  225. Int'l Issues Panama in the sites of free trade abolishment groups
  226. Obama Someone soon to be fired at the EPA
  227. U.S. Issues Tillman's parents want general's record reviewed
  228. U.S. Issues National Office for CyberSpace
  229. Economics Freedom of Information Act Disclosure Busts Paulson, Geithner, Bair
  231. Int'l Issues Google CEO In Attendance At Bilderberg 2009?
  232. Obama Michelle Obama irreplacable?
  233. Legal Did Cheney order waterboarding in order to justify Iraq War?
  234. Obama Crazy Nancy
  235. Nat'l Security Homeland Security Trains Scouts To Fight Terrorism
  236. Religion Christians for Torture
  237. Elections The reason repubs are losing elections...
  238. Misc State Sen. Hendren falls in hole, keeps digging
  239. Obama Obama's Political Awakening
  240. Economics US's biggest LTL freight company asks for TARP funds....
  241. Economics Insurance Company Bailout
  242. U.S. Issues Dems: CIA briefers may have broken law
  243. U.S. Issues Pelosi video of her lying...
  244. Nat'l Security Ticking Time Bomb Scenario - KC, Nuclear Bomb, AQ, 1 Hour
  245. Nat'l Security Obama to resurrect military commissions for terror suspects
  246. Obama The economy is going deeper down the sh!tter
  247. Legal If Torture Stopped In 2004, How Is Obama Endangering Americans By Banning It?
  248. Legal Obama is a piece of shit, pt. 45
  249. General Politics Book People May Enjoy
  250. Obama George Will Makes some good Points