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  1. Economics 2 ways to lower health care bills.
  2. Obama Bush Lite continues Regular's policy re: Block Whitehouse Visitor List
  3. U.S. Issues Media Bias?? No way!!! ABC says "Obama is only one who matters"
  4. U.S. Issues Not liking this at all...Should the President control the internet...
  5. U.S. Issues State gasoline price passes $3 mark again
  6. General Politics House OKs $106 billion war funding bill
  7. Poop We're Screwed.
  8. Int'l Issues Ahmadinejad could rule forever thanks to Obama
  9. Local Obama's slowwwwww, steady march for gay rights continues.
  10. U.S. Issues Divided We Stand...United We Fall
  11. Obama What keeps Obama up at night?
  12. Economics Human Action by Ludwig Von Mises
  13. General Politics A question for the masses
  14. Religion Republicans shooting themselves in the foot AGAIN.
  15. Nat'l Security Torture lovers: WH to release CIA Torture document on Friday
  16. Obama The Phantom Uninsured
  17. Legal Judge denies man convicted of drug charges release to see mother for the last time
  18. U.S. Issues What is a "Moderate" ??
  19. Economics "The success or failure of a nonviolent uprising depends on the willingness...
  20. General Politics The Deficit
  21. U.S. Issues Why do Republicans claim a public option would lead to "rationing" by "bureaucrats"?
  22. Media Ebert on OReilly!
  23. General Politics Ensign quits leadership post in wake of extramarital affair
  24. Nat'l Security USN lowering standards
  25. Obama Gibbs can't name countries where a single payer system works
  26. Economics "Safeway" healthcare plan
  27. Int'l Issues Secret Iranian Interior Ministry Memo: Ahmadinejad came in third place???
  28. Environment Obama ruthlessly kills innocent creature.
  29. U.S. Issues Oh No!!! Obo falling in polls!! Say it aint so!!
  30. Economics Strange Inconsistencies in the $134.5 Billion Bearer Bond Mystery
  31. U.S. Issues Obama fires two more inspector generals who were critical of him?
  32. Legal SCOTUS Infographic
  33. Nat'l Security NKorea plans to fire missile toward Hawaii
  34. General Politics What would happen to the Democrat party if votebuying was banned?
  35. Economics Dems Attack CBO over Healthcare Costs
  36. U.S. Issues Insurance companies testify they will keep dropping coverage of sick policyholders
  37. General Politics Rep. Peter Hoekstra is now a meme.
  38. U.S. Issues How snobby is Babs Boxer?
  39. General Politics 1984
  40. U.S. Issues Los Angeles is going to save 270 million by ...
  41. Misc Survivalists in Urban settings, Interesting
  42. Obama So much for Obama Lobbyist bans. Dems go for the cash
  43. General Politics Images of people Bush and Cheney wanted to kill
  44. Nat'l Security Affirmative Action at Naval Academy
  45. U.S. Issues Cash for Clunkers - some random thoughts
  46. U.S. Issues White House: Firing AmeriCorps IG an act of "political courage"
  47. Int'l Issues Hope and Change -- but Not for Iran
  48. General Politics Westboro Baptist Church Leader Fred Phelps is a Democrat
  49. Poop Census may get you a $500 fine
  50. Obama Condoms. Your Tax dollars at work. Stimulus?
  51. Obama Whats good for Mrs Obama may not be good for you but thats not the point..
  52. Int'l Issues Funny how words are an urgent priority with the NeoCons and the GOP
  53. Int'l Issues Once again, Ron Paul is the single voice of reason in the house...
  54. Int'l Issues "the Iraqi people should put (Saddam) aside"
  55. U.S. Issues Ron Paul Slams Federal Reserve’s New Dictatorial Powers
  56. Poop Give Ritalin to healthy people to boost their brain power, says medical expert
  57. Legal ACLU, Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty sue TSA over ‘illegal’ detention
  58. Local Why is this shitpile still drawing breath?
  59. Obama "Under the Age of Obama"
  60. Nat'l Security Reporter: NSA analysts spied on own wives and girlfriends
  61. Economics Cash for clunkers is stupid
  62. Obama Bill Maher has seen the light...
  63. Int'l Issues Everything you know about Iran is wrong, or at least more complicated than you think.
  65. Nat'l Security Proposed Law Allows AG Holder to Block Gun Sales to Over a Million Americans
  66. Int'l Issues We Will Never See Iranians The Same Way Again
  67. Int'l Issues And whatever fight there might have been over healthcare, has ended.
  68. Obama The data are not friendly
  69. U.S. Issues Obama losing Independents...
  70. General Politics Jim Brown running over Tiger and Michael....
  71. Int'l Issues "Death to dictator!" "Death to potatoes!"
  72. Int'l Issues Guardian Council: Over 100% voted in 50 cities
  73. Nat'l Security VA State Police Say Anti-NWO and Gun Rights Activists are Terrorists
  74. Misc Jib Jab Obama video
  75. Media "The money is why ... Democrats are facing an uphill battle on the healthcare."
  76. Local SC Gov Sanford disappears for several days. Even his wife doesn't know where he is.
  77. General Politics Robert Bork: choosing Sonia Sotomayor 'a bad mistake.'
  78. General Politics France grows a pair? Who knew?
  79. U.S. Issues Barney Frank Files Bill To Decriminalize Pot
  80. Obama Obama calls on HuffPost for Iran question
  81. Media Orbitz Travel commercial features Human Rights Campaign's "=" logo
  82. Economics Bankster “Holiday” Planned for September?
  83. U.S. Issues "Oppose HR 2749." Please read and sign.
  84. Economics Tesla, Nissan and Ford to get US $$
  85. Economics Ron Paul Worlds Most Popular Congressmen
  86. Legal Judge orders kid to Chemo.
  87. Int'l Issues Whistleblower Who Linked “Taliban” Leader To US Intelligence Is Assassinated
  88. Legal NO JAIL?!! Are You Shitting Me??
  89. Religion Hannity v. Maddow, in Direckshun's home.
  90. Int'l Issues Mr. McCartney, Bono, et al, is this not enough of a humanitarian issue?!
  91. Int'l Issues Jason Jones last night
  92. U.S. Issues Fannie, Freddie asked to relax condo loan rules: report
  93. U.S. Issues Obamacare=Rationed Medical Care....?
  94. Economics Take their bonuses away and give them permanent raises..that'll fix those banker guys
  95. U.S. Issues Obama sent letter to Iran leader before election, sources say
  96. Elections Does power corrupt or what!?
  97. U.S. Issues Pelosi pushing Cap and Trade to Vote Friday
  98. Media Fox News labels ANOTHER Republican as "(D)"
  99. Obama RationCare/ObamaCare....Bad Health Care
  100. General Politics The "C Street" Group
  101. Int'l Issues We should smuggle in some automatic rifles,explosives and scrambling electronics
  102. Int'l Issues Learning From Iran's Past Revolutions
  103. Education 700 NYC teachers paid to do nothing
  104. U.S. Issues Obama's ABC Infomercial.....
  105. Nat'l Security Zbigniew Brzezinski discusses “intelligent manipulation” in Iran
  106. Economics Minds change when facts are viewed
  107. U.S. Issues Will Congress Read Bills Before Voting?
  108. Environment Climate Cops To Fine “Wasteful” Homeowners & Businesses
  109. Obama He's Barack Obama!
  110. U.S. Issues The Cap and Tax Fiction
  111. Michael Jackson dead
  112. Economics $73 Million to Zimbabwe
  113. General Politics Adultery is a Crime Under South Carolina Law
  114. General Politics Ronald Reagan at fault for DC Metro crash
  115. Nat'l Security Saudi royals funded 911: Lawyers
  116. Int'l Issues So when is it gonna go down with N Korea?
  117. Obama Acorn. First stop the IG. Then stop Congressional questions
  118. Religion Ark of the Covenant about to be unveiled?
  119. U.S. Issues Chicago Tribune: Slow down on Climate Change Vote
  120. U.S. Issues John Conyers' Wife Pleads Guilty On Corruption Count
  121. Environment Cap and Trade...follow the action
  122. U.S. Issues Carve this into some stone
  123. Economics So, Time to kill this off once and for all (dedicated to dishonest)
  124. U.S. Issues Unions’ Health Benefits May Avoid Tax Under Proposal (Update1)
  125. U.S. Issues Mounting Jobless Claims Force States To Borrow Funds
  126. Nat'l Security AP sources: Obama eyeing order for Gitmo detainees
  127. Environment House Passes Nightmare “Cap And Tax” Bill
  128. U.S. Issues A message to the US Government....Power to the People!!
  129. Economics Max Keiser: “Goldman Sachs’ crash of markets last year was a false flag operation”
  130. Economics Gold to $1500 and beyond...
  131. Obama Window into Obama becoming more.....
  132. General Politics Was Harry Truman a good President?
  133. Obama FWIW I couldn't pass this up for some of you...
  134. Environment Cap and Tr8tors Can Change Vote by July 2 Deadline!
  135. Education Liz Coleman on Education
  136. Environment Boehner: Climate bill a 'pile of s--t'
  137. Int'l Issues Zakaria: a (near) military coup d'etat by Ahmadinejad & Islamic revolutionary corp
  138. Int'l Issues TED: Paul Collier's new rules for rebuilding a broken nation
  139. Obama Supreme Court reverses Sotomayor
  140. Obama CO2 not an issue...says EPA..but but...
  141. Int'l Issues No topic on Honduras?
  142. Environment Polar bear expert barred by global warmists
  143. Economics If this Socialism fails then will more states consider ceding?
  144. Obama Canadian Press View
  145. Poop Danger - Horror Grannies on the loose
  146. U.S. Issues The Emperor’s Seven Signing Statements
  147. U.S. Issues States beginning to prepare to Opt Out of ObamaCare
  148. Elections Minnesota Supreme Court: Franken Wins
  149. Economics Idea for California. Shut the government down and
  150. Environment Ron Paul: Democrats Who Opposed Climate Bill Voted For It Anyway
  151. U.S. Issues White House announces new lighting standards
  152. Religion The timeline begins? American troops withdrawing from Iraqi urban areas.
  153. Environment Climate Change Alarmist Claims Arrival of Summer Is Really Global Warming
  154. U.S. Issues Goat: It's what's for dinner
  155. Legal Some love for SCJ Scalia
  156. Economics Hawaiian Senator Helps Unqualified Bank he Founded Get Federal Bailout Money
  157. Education World War Two History lessons........
  158. U.S. Issues Why you should support Ron Paul on abolishing the Federal Reserve..
  159. Media Glenn Beck Agrees US Needs Another Al Qaeda Attack To Protect Us From Immigrants?
  160. Local Pelosi's work behind the scenes in getting Waxman passed.
  161. ChiefsPlanet The only thing she's good for.
  162. Int'l Issues US remains silent over McKinney arrest by Israel
  163. Nat'l Security Now it's really hitting home
  164. Religion Sad State of Fox News
  165. Nat'l Security The Surge goes to Afghanistan
  166. Economics Stimulus Bill is failing.....
  167. Media Washington Post sells access, $25,000+
  168. General Politics Congress's Excellent Adventures Increase
  169. Int'l Issues US: American soldier captured in Afghanistan
  170. Economics Freddy Fanny and Barny...do it one more time
  171. U.S. Issues Dependence day
  172. Int'l Issues Saddam bluffed....
  173. U.S. Issues Dems set to force employers to provide insurance..
  174. Religion So Today
  175. U.S. Issues 4th of July Protests
  176. Int'l Issues I aint gonna play sun city!
  177. Poop Bureaucrats Will Carry Out Mandatory Home Inspections Under Climate Bill
  178. General Politics Politico: The Republican Class of 1994 plagued with scandal
  179. U.S. Issues Mass Of New Docs Support White House Reasons For Firing AmeriCorps IG
  180. U.S. Issues Palin to resign as Gov of Alaska...
  181. Economics 50 Reasons to stop Cap and Trade
  182. U.S. Issues Powell airs doubts on Obama agenda
  183. Environment Polar Ice growing...no...surely not...
  184. Poop Coming soon in a town near you...
  185. Poop There is no evidence....
  186. Environment Even the journalists see it as propoganda
  187. Environment Banksters Love Cap-and-Trade
  189. U.S. Issues WH gives "incomplete and misleading" information in probe of AmeriCorps IG firing
  190. Int'l Issues ***OFFICIAL Fuck The British Empire thread***
  191. General Politics So who is the best president of the 4 latest former presidents.
  192. Nat'l Security The Neutron Bomb.. We should use this more...
  193. Obama Good read and very true
  194. Economics Why Won't Obama Support Tort Reform
  195. U.S. Issues Biden doing damage control on economic situation
  196. Int'l Issues Rumor: Swiss Govt on verge of breaking off relations with US govt?
  197. U.S. Issues FBI: "We are not investigating" Sarah Palin
  198. Economics Should the "too big to fail" financial firms go the way of Bell Telephone?
  199. U.S. Issues California’s Nightmare Will Kill Obamanomics: Kevin Hassett
  200. U.S. Issues Analysis | With new charge, saving electricity could end up costing Missourians
  201. Religion Bipartisan humor
  202. General Politics When O&S is wrong, he admits it...
  203. General Politics Taibbi - the great American bubble machine
  204. Religion Oldest Known Bible Goes Online
  205. Economics ‘Sucker’s Rally’ Beginning To Unwind?
  206. Environment Repeat after me, "Regulation is always bad, except..
  207. Int'l Issues Kelly Was Working On Book Exposing Government Before “Suicide”
  208. General Politics Ft. Worth Cops Raid Gay Bar on Stonewall Anniversary
  209. General Politics How's the Stimulus Working For You So Far?
  210. U.S. Issues Obama Admin All Discombobulated...
  211. Media Afghanistan - Are we fighting there?
  212. Poop Made me chuckle.
  213. Int'l Issues Obama left teleprompter back in the US....
  214. Environment Al Gore likens fight against climate change to battle with Nazis
  215. Economics Senate Blocks Bill To Audit The Fed As Government Prepares For Second Round Of Loot..
  216. General Politics Are Conservatives just too nice and naive to fight fire with fire???
  217. U.S. Issues Obama Adviser Says U.S. Should Mull Second Stimulus (Update2)
  218. Religion Jenson: Pope Benedict defines true charity
  219. Economics Communism's legacy
  220. Obama Sharpton: Michael Jackson got Lite elected...ROFL
  221. U.S. Issues Shreveport Citizens Disarmed By Police For 2nd Amendment Bumper Stickers
  222. U.S. Issues Study: Kid Smoking up 20% watching Movie Smoking; Down 50% with Team Sports
  223. Religion All you religion gurus....the Book of Enoch???
  224. Environment EPA Head says U.S. action alone won't change CO2 levels
  225. Education Brilliant breakdown of all 100 Senators on cap-n-trade.
  226. Misc Scientists create human sperm from stem cells
  227. Nat'l Security North Korea Suspected in Cyber Attacks!
  228. Economics Public is fighting property taxes.
  229. U.S. Issues States aren't using stimulus funds as intended
  230. Obama Is Obama still the "radical son"???????
  231. General Politics Cap Taxes and Trade Congress...
  232. U.S. Issues Obama's Approval #'s starting to take a hit...
  233. U.S. Issues Pool Boots (Black) Kids Who Might "Change the Complexion"
  234. U.S. Issues Byrd Blasts ‘Cap and Trade’
  235. Legal Ginsburg and Roe vs Wade
  236. Economics Congressional Report: Freddie Fannie "Mortgage Tsunami"
  237. U.S. Issues Health Bills: Waste, Pork, Special Favors Will Obama Veto Earmarks?
  238. U.S. Issues Warren Buffet: 1st stimulus was BS but we need 2nd..
  239. U.S. Issues So is this a "hate crime"?
  240. Economics Ron Paul On Fed Audit: We Will Not Be Stopped
  241. Obama MSNBC Says "It's a promise he's already broken"...
  242. Economics Good Article on Illegal Immigration
  243. Media Uh, okay, this is more than a little fucked up.
  244. Elections Panetta: CIA has lied to Congress.
  245. General Politics Tom Coburn encouraged John Ensign to give bribe to Girlfriend's family?
  246. Nat'l Security Robert McNamara deceived LBJ on Gulf of Tonkin, documents show
  247. Poop Burger King - today's entry in "What were they thinking?"
  248. Int'l Issues Whatever happened to North Korea's missile test?
  249. General Politics Roland Burris sees the light (apparently) - pigs seen over Chicago
  250. General Politics Resolution honoring Michael Jackson squashed by Repu... no, make that Pelosi.