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  1. Obama No Public Option = Health Care Reform? Not So Fast Say the Libs...
  2. Media Did I miss something?
  3. Local Children’s Mercy will test swine flu vaccine on 120 kids
  4. Obama Communist Van Jones going after Beck
  5. Obama For all the "Anti-birthers" out there.....
  6. U.S. Issues Canadian Healthcare System Is "Sick"..says head doctor
  7. U.S. Issues Boxer could face re-election fight of her career against Fiorina
  8. Education In Canada, You Can Do Worse Than "F"
  9. U.S. Issues Government Will Hype Fall Swine Flu Outbreak To Save Obamacare, Warns Armey
  10. U.S. Issues Stand With Dr. Dean!
  11. U.S. Issues Public Option - Mixed Signals
  12. General Politics I was on the fence about health care until
  13. Legal Supreme Court to weigh in on Executive Compensation
  14. Obama Dear Leader will not like this
  15. U.S. Issues Congressman admits he will vote against his constituents..
  16. Economics Poll: 57% don't see stimulus working
  17. U.S. Issues John Pilger: Obama Is A Corporate Marketing Creation
  18. U.S. Issues Man carrying assault weapon attends Obama protest
  19. U.S. Issues Voodoo in Obama’s White House
  20. Obama Quite frankly, we don't spend 'enough' on our healthcare
  21. General Politics Health Care Implosion.
  22. Obama Obama Backs Down To Pelosi -- Public Option Back On!
  23. U.S. Issues Dem Congressman: "Excellent Idea" To Start Over On Health Care
  24. Media RIP Bob Novak
  25. U.S. Issues I knew it was coming - Arianna conflating the Inglewood 'clinic'
  26. Obama Democrats Demand Obama Keep Government Health Plan
  27. U.S. Issues Dean says Repubs want to "Kill the President"
  28. U.S. Issues How do Republicans and Conservatives want to fix health care?
  29. Int'l Issues Thousands of surgeries may be cut in Metro Vancouver due to government underfunding
  30. ChiefsPlanet I see SHTSPRAYER came back and got banned again
  31. Int'l Issues Barney Frank Is A Condescending A-Hole...But His Town Hall Is Great Viewing!
  32. U.S. Issues NY Times: Dems To Go It Alone On Health Care
  33. Obama Obama goes astroturfing on health care...
  34. Economics Why did we bail out the banks?
  35. U.S. Issues Bad economic news...
  36. U.S. Issues AARP loses 60,000 members over health care stance
  37. U.S. Issues Block Obama’s Abject Surrender to Insurance and Drug Companies
  38. Obama IRS The New Health Care Enforcer
  39. Poop We need more Howard Dean Moments
  40. U.S. Issues Obama To Deploy Hillary To Help With Healthcare?
  41. U.S. Issues How Does Obamacare Save Money?
  42. Media 60 Minutes' Hewitt dies
  43. General Politics House Dems seek info from health insurers -Legal?
  44. U.S. Issues Tax-Payers Should Cover Auto Insurance Costs For People Who Drink and Drive
  45. U.S. Issues NY dealers pull out of clunkers program
  46. Obama Poll: Lite is doing to DEMS what Regular did to Republicans...
  47. Obama LeftyLoon Doc at Franks TownHall is a Realtor/Kook
  48. Obama Eric Massa(D-Astral Plateau) Says Grassley is a traitor
  49. U.S. Issues The Onion isn't as funny when it's true
  50. Economics Someone tell me why we have to give illegals access to our Emergency rooms?
  51. Obama Obama says Public Option not tax payer funded???
  52. Obama Paybacks are a *&^%$, America!
  53. Obama Ex-ACORN Vegas director to testify against group
  54. Elections former Memphis Mayor possibly to run in special election he caused by retiring
  55. General Politics A thought on emergency care
  56. U.S. Issues Firms with Obama ties profit from health push
  57. General Politics Interesting take....People don't like dishonesty
  58. U.S. Issues Dems moving to panic mode...
  59. Obama Vancouver is your Healthcare Future
  60. Obama Obama (sans teleprompter) Steps In It Again...
  61. Economics Glad to see this getting some press (a little late though)
  62. Obama Obama's "real agenda" becoming more clearer every day...
  63. U.S. Issues Are Conservative The New Liberals?
  64. U.S. Issues Are liberals the new fascists?
  65. General Politics Joe Klein: The GOP Has Become a Party of Nihilists
  66. U.S. Issues 77 Percent Support "Choice" Of Public Option
  67. General Politics Snippet from Tom Ridge's new book
  68. Obama Cash for Clunkers canceled on Mon at 8 pm...
  69. U.S. Issues Hypothetical: A Health Care World Free Market
  70. General Politics Rand Paul Money Bomb brings in $500k+ in a single day
  71. Poop GOP becoming "Pro-Choice"?
  72. Nat'l Security Is Afghanistan a good idea
  73. Obama Obama says "'We are God's partners in matters of life and death"
  74. U.S. Issues This is the kind of intelligent reasoning you get...
  75. Media More unbiased reporting from msnbc
  76. U.S. Issues Obama's Science Czar " walks on water"
  77. U.S. Issues 'Romney care' touted as a model for national health care reform
  78. Nat'l Security Detainees Shown CIA Officers' Photos
  79. Obama Obama Underwrites Offshore Drilling ..in Brazil!!!
  80. U.S. Issues Ted Kennedy wants election rules change....AGAIN!
  81. General Politics Think the US doesn't need health care reform? Think again.
  82. Obama He Doesn't seem to mind lying
  83. U.S. Issues Commerce Department: Rise of Slackers in America
  84. Economics What if everyone stopped buying health insurance?
  85. Economics Whew! We're in the clear... it's gonna get better!
  86. General Politics Obama Merchandise a Big Seller at NBC Store
  87. Obama Lite: the NINE TRILLION dollar man...yup, the deficit is bigger than expected
  88. Obama Hoyer says maybe no Public Option....its a freaking circus.
  89. Obama Proof that Real Lefty Nuts never do go away
  90. Obama Obama's looking foolish at this point
  91. Economics Cash for Clunk...Appliances Next?
  92. U.S. Issues “There’s a Growing Sense Among Progressives & Conservatives That They've Been Punked"
  93. Economics This is the crap Orange probably listens to
  94. U.S. Issues What Soviet Medicine Teaches Us
  95. Poop What Role Did John McCain Play in possible oil for terrorist deal?
  96. U.S. Issues Rachel Madow said Msnbc that 70% support public option
  97. Obama Why the Stimulus Flopped
  98. U.S. Issues Holdren Proposed Geo-engineering Option at 2007 Goldman Sachs Conference
  99. General Politics WH admits using tax dollars to send spam emails on HC reform
  100. U.S. Issues Marine Vs. Congressman...Round One...Fight...
  101. Poop delete
  102. U.S. Issues Here's a gem of B.O. from 1995
  103. Misc FYI: Link to a Point of Time Within a YouTube Video
  104. Obama Lefty Spokespersons like Garofalo help understand the Left
  105. Obama Obama is lying to you..
  106. General Politics The Health insurance lobbyists have won the "reform" debate
  107. Obama Obama's Science Czar Considered Forced Abortions, Sterilization....
  108. General Politics Socialist or not a Socialist?
  109. U.S. Issues The Shape Of Things To Come: Harry Reid Down 11 Points In Possible 2010 Match-Up
  110. U.S. Issues Millions face shrinking Social Security payments
  111. Economics Mercury Marine union in Wis. rejects concessions
  112. U.S. Issues Up to 11,000 U.S. veterans may have been mistakenly infected with HIV
  113. U.S. Issues Swine Flu Campaign Waits on Vaccine
  114. U.S. Issues ‘Go Topless’ event today in Makena
  115. U.S. Issues Foreclosure stopped, but family forced out of home
  116. Economics Country with best health care on the planet
  117. Obama Maxine Waters(D-Calinutty-o) Calls fellow dems Neandrathals
  118. Nat'l Security Obama White House v. CIA; Panetta Threatened to Quit
  119. Obama Obama to lead prisoner interrogations
  120. Local So let's do the co-op dance.
  121. Legal Breaking: Holder to appoint torture prosecutor
  122. U.S. Issues Lynching of Cynthia McKinney urged by ‘journalist’ trained and paid by FBI
  123. General Politics Save us Rahm, Barrack, Dems from the flu!
  124. U.S. Issues Health Care Industry's Plan for the long term- outsource your doctor
  125. Obama Where's that threat list when you need it?
  126. U.S. Issues Swine Flu May Cause 90,000 U.S. Deaths, Report Says
  127. Obama Lite to continue Regular's rendition policy...gotta love the change we're seeing. NOT
  128. Economics AP source: Obama to nominate Bernanke to 2nd term
  129. Economics Drug War produces new Meth innovation
  130. Economics This guy speaks the truth
  131. U.S. Issues GOP: Medicare is a disaster! Long live Medicare!
  132. U.S. Issues Democrats Plan 500 Pro-Health Care Rallies
  133. Obama Administration raises deficit projections by 19%
  134. Economics Fed Must Release Reports on Emergency Bank Loans, Judge Says
  135. Obama Obama: Medicare is a disaster! Long live Medicare!
  136. Economics Labor Leader Named Head of New York Fed
  137. U.S. Issues Feingold: No health care bill before Christmas
  138. U.S. Issues McCain town hall
  139. Obama Ability to kerb inflation is how Bernanke should be judged
  140. Economics Geithner: Auditing the Fed is a “line that we don’t want to cross”
  141. Obama Obama's Summer of Discontent-Charisma now is gone
  142. Environment ExxonMobil has ‘donated more than four times as much’ money to global warming groups
  143. U.S. Issues Senator Ted Kennedy has died
  144. U.S. Issues I Like the Pretty Signs the Pro-Health Care Supporters Hold...
  145. General Politics Title of forum
  146. Misc National Debt Clock.....
  147. General Politics Medicare Part D Vote: Reconciliation? Cloture? Passage.
  148. Nat'l Security Top Sunni rebel on Iran death row says US ordered attacks
  149. Religion Pastor Pray's for Obama to die and member brings gun to Obama forum...
  150. General Politics Teddy not even cold yet & Politics rule
  151. Obama Reichstag Fire Redux
  152. Obama Obama has started his "Brown shirt" recruiting on...
  153. Economics Whole Food CEO John Mackey makes sense on Health Care
  154. General Politics How many czars does it take to run the USA ?
  155. U.S. Issues The babies born in hospital corridors
  156. General Politics Dems better sleep with one eye open
  157. U.S. Issues 'Win One for Teddy,' Say Dems Pushing for Health Reform
  158. Economics Why hasn't the public joined forces into suing the healthcare industry?
  159. General Politics Republican: "(We) are struggling right now to find the great white hope"
  160. U.S. Issues Push Grows for Fast Choice on a Successor to Kennedy
  161. Int'l Issues British Medical Journal: Half Of Health Workers Reject H1N1 Vaccine
  162. Nat'l Security CIA collusion with “Al Qaeda” financiers and attack planners
  163. U.S. Issues AARP Poll: 79% Back Public Option, 61% of Republicans too
  164. Misc Should "In God We Trust" be removed from our money?
  165. Obama DOJ kills Richardson probe
  166. General Politics Very interesting video: Not sure how to label this: Manning speaks out against Obama
  167. Education Public service announcement for conservatives:
  168. General Politics You Vill Show Me Your Papers!
  169. Economics What point will the rich start leaving the USA?
  170. Obama Burton defends new vacation
  171. General Politics ABC, NBC Won't Air Ad Critical of Obama's Health Care Plan
  172. U.S. Issues Pelosi asks for $100K to fight 'smears'
  173. General Politics Dean says Obamacare authors don't want to challenge trial lawyers
  174. U.S. Issues Democratic Health Care Bill Divulges IRS Tax Data
  175. Media The good thing about FOX News
  176. U.S. Issues CIA Will Cover Legal Fees, Policy Will Help Officers Ensnared in Interrogation Probe
  177. U.S. Issues Why are Dems agaisnt out of State health insurance?
  178. Obama Obama Administration continues to disgrace itself over Honduras
  179. Int'l Issues Lockerbie evidence shows grave miscarriage of justice
  180. Obama Hahaha! Clunkers program requires people to pay taxes on their $4500.
  181. U.S. Issues Outrage over progress 4 years after katrina
  182. U.S. Issues Dem Chairman Responsible For Writing Tax Policy Failed To Report Millions...
  183. U.S. Issues Would Mary Jo Kopechne think her death was "worth it"?
  184. Nat'l Security The torture debate summed up perfectly
  185. Economics Leverage Rising on Wall Street at Fastest Pace Since ‘07 Freeze
  186. U.S. Issues Fluoride Linked to Arthritis, Study Shows
  187. Obama Senate Bill Would Give President Emergency Control of Internet
  188. Economics “When Governments Reach the Point Where They Are Borrowing to Pay the Interest on ...
  189. ChiefsPlanet Pakistan wusses out -- again.
  190. Obama LA Rep: ObamaCare Opponents Want to Destroy ‘First President Who Looks Like Me’
  191. Int'l Issues Tutu to Haaretz: Arabs paying the price of the Holocaust
  192. Elections Simply one of the best pieces I've read during the Obama administration.
  193. U.S. Issues "Fall of the Republic" movie trailer
  194. U.S. Issues Men Who Stare at Goats...official trailer.
  195. Obama Keith Olbermmann replaces Robert Gibbs
  196. Economics I wanted to thank you republicans for your tax dollars
  197. U.S. Issues Diss aint America no mo
  198. U.S. Issues 4 Black Marines murder and rape...
  199. Obama Harry Reid is a twit
  200. General Politics 57% Would Like to Replace Entire Congress
  201. U.S. Issues Ted Kennedy: A life of debauchery
  202. Religion suck it, xtians
  204. Int'l Issues Why Not Crippling Sanctions for Israel and the US?
  205. Economics Taxpayers begin to see profits from the bank bailouts
  206. General Politics Experts see double-digit Dem losses
  207. Environment In a Flu Pandemic, What Can the Government Do to You?
  208. Obama Oh geeze another bad poll
  209. Obama Guess we see the results of playing nice in a War.
  210. Obama "Van the man" wantin to spread the wealth
  211. U.S. Issues Security Goon Crushes Free Speech: ‘This Ain’t America No More’
  212. U.S. Issues AP: If Obama Is "Successful" He Will Create A $23.1 Trillion Deficit
  213. Nat'l Security War Porn
  214. Obama UK prisoners eat while hospital patients hunger
  215. U.S. Issues Just curious about your view of the Constitution.
  216. Obama GOP may cave on ObamaScare!!
  217. Environment Sun Run of 51 Days Without a Spot Now Among the Top 5 Longest
  218. U.S. Issues Student suspended for doing what is right. No wonder people are fed up.
  219. Int'l Issues McCaskill's townhall in Springfield.
  220. Obama Obama Admin steps in it...AGAIN
  221. Elections Factcheck.org dismantled anti-reform chain email.
  222. U.S. Issues Anti-war groups turn against Barack Obama after Afghanistan surge
  223. Media Canadian Female Conservative hit Kennedy Issue dead on
  224. U.S. Issues "the right of the people to keep and bear (nuclear) Arms, shall not be infringed"?
  225. U.S. Issues Obama approval ratings hit a new low
  226. U.S. Issues Schools Ban Touching To Fight H1N1
  227. Misc Great to see Sharpton and Joe Jackson hanging together
  228. Obama Pay Raises and Ophoney math
  229. Obama Zogby Poll: Obama Down To 42% Job Approval
  230. U.S. Issues FactCheck.org Dismantles Obama's Own Claims On Health Care
  231. U.S. Issues NY Times' David Brooks: The Obama Slide
  232. U.S. Issues Barney Frank: "We will subject [The Fed] to a complete audit."
  233. Environment Hitler is pissed.
  234. Legal Do you feel safe?
  235. U.S. Issues Dealers Still Waiting For Clunker Cash
  236. General Politics Harry Reid (D-ickweed) Townhall...by invitation only
  237. Obama Obama's website "Rightwing domestic terrorists"..those who oppose Obamacare
  238. Local Three men convicted by jury of defrauding gullible likely Prison planet readers
  239. U.S. Issues George F. Will: Time to Get Out of Afghanistan
  240. U.S. Issues Incoming Union Boss Warns Dems They Will Be Punished If No Government Option
  241. U.S. Issues Sen. Grassley: No public option in health reform
  242. Int'l Issues After Apartheid, South Africa becomes another 3rd world dung heep
  243. Obama Iran allows rapes of enemy....we read them their rights.
  244. Nat'l Security Disgusting: US Embassy in Kabul in "Lord of the Flies" environment
  245. Misc The Truth Of Iraq's City Of Deformed Babies
  246. U.S. Issues Provocateurs At End The Fed Rally?
  247. U.S. Issues This is Big Government
  248. Media Dumbest Ad in the history of advertising?
  249. Economics From the Pinkos at WSJ: U.S. Economy Gets Lift From Stimulus
  250. Media Regardless what you think