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  1. Local National article about how "odd" mayor of KC and Wife Are
  2. Obama Under fire, President Obama shifts strategy..No Public Option
  3. U.S. Issues Stimulus working? Hardly....ADP Says U.S. Companies Cut 298,000 Jobs in August
  4. Obama National Prayer Breakfast..nah; Ramadan...party!
  5. U.S. Issues Fat Kids caused by fast food joints near schools....Huh?
  6. Obama OUCH...it reall is worse, Harry and Nancy Show is a bomb
  7. Obama Bizzaro-land: Obama "welcomes showdown with Liberals" over excluding public option
  8. General Politics Bush's Third Term
  9. Obama Another Extremist in the Administration?
  10. Obama President Obama to address Congress
  11. General Politics Obama's losing them....
  12. Legal One reason to be against the death penalty
  13. Nat'l Security Former High-Ranking Intelligence Officer: Cheney Responsible for 9/11
  14. U.S. Issues Sentenced to Death in NHS
  15. Media Glenn Beck??? I knew it!!!
  16. General Politics Tea Party gets weirder
  17. U.S. Issues Hispanics attack Mexican in bias attack
  18. General Politics who lit those cali fires
  19. Obama WH withdraws call for students to 'help' Obama
  20. Obama Fun with Van: Reparations,Redistribution,Revolution
  21. General Politics Iraq was treason
  22. Misc Muammar "the rocket man" Gaddafi
  23. General Politics Pete Stark(D-Calaloonieville) "Get the F***out" to interviewer
  24. Obama ObamaCare supporter maims 65-year-old protestor
  25. U.S. Issues Why do conservatives support a "Public Option" for retirement but not for healthcare?
  26. Obama Charlie Rangle(D-Sleaze) says you are racist to oppose Obama Care
  27. U.S. Issues Maryland Gov Says Taking Toxic Vaccination is “Patriotic Duty”
  28. Economics American Banking News: What would the US look like without The Fed?
  29. Economics Florida incompetence,corruption and taxes driving people out
  30. Obama Chavez:"Israel has become a country that annihilates people
  31. U.S. Issues DNA to free another inmate
  32. Poop Bank Of America Asks Armless Man For Thumbprint, Then Denies To Cash His Check
  33. Media Lefty meltdowns dont stop
  34. Obama The Obama Indoctrination study guide Grades 7-12
  35. Misc I think this is what Obamacare will be like....
  36. Int'l Issues China's national flag to go up in White House on Sept 20
  37. Obama President 'O' "flipping the bird" to alot of America with this....
  38. U.S. Issues The Occidental Obama
  39. Obama Obama's selling what people don't want. Think Edsel
  40. U.S. Issues Obama, the Mortal by Charles Krauthammer
  41. Obama Dems Eating their own young
  42. Misc Don't try to out run a Hellfire Missile
  43. U.S. Issues Labor Department: Underemployment Reaches Record 16.8%
  44. General Politics Reagan preached free trade, tax cuts in nationwide broadcast to schools
  45. General Politics Problem. I want to post about a decent 2012 GOP Candidate . Obama reads our boards
  46. General Politics Man has finger bitten off by Obamabot. That's why some bring guns to protests.
  47. U.S. Issues This is a real debate on healthcare... kudos to these Tea Partiers
  48. General Politics The real reason for resistance to Obama
  49. Obama Sources: White House drafting health care bill
  50. Poop I think that I found sportsshrink's Twitter feed
  51. Economics Great comic that explains why Government intervention fails
  52. Elections Israel trying to expand settlements to the West Bank again.
  53. Int'l Issues Chinese Girl Becomes Media Darling After Expressing Desire 2 Become “Corrupt Official
  54. General Politics Should food stamps be allowed only for healthy foods?
  55. Int'l Issues CIA used Blackwater-linked mercenaries as journalists
  56. U.S. Issues Interesting public option suggestion: Reverse "trigger"
  57. Environment Before a climate tipping point expect to see lots of record heat and record cold
  58. Environment Don't Inject Me
  59. General Politics Obama's script
  60. U.S. Issues Obama Regulation Czar Advocated Removing People’s Organs Without Explicit Consent
  61. U.S. Issues Kucinich renews call for Afghan withdrawal after botched airstrike
  62. U.S. Issues Mayo Clinic Health Care Reform Proposal
  63. Obama Lite's meetings with health industry bigwigs
  64. Economics True or false: everything is worth what the purchaser will pay for it.
  65. U.S. Issues Hope y'all enjoy your Labor Day.....
  66. Environment Not Again! Media Promoting Arctic ‘Hockey Stick’ Claim Temps Warmest in 2000 Years...
  67. General Politics Obamas green czar pulls the plug
  68. U.S. Issues Sunshine
  69. Environment WHERE IS THE WARMING???
  70. Obama Harvest Organs without permission. WTF?
  71. U.S. Issues This is why Obama was only my SECOND CHOICE.
  72. Obama Is Obama One of Us?
  73. Nat'l Security Taliban’s Tank-Killing Bombs Came From CIA, Not Iran
  74. Misc Is campaign finance reform a bipartisan issue?
  75. U.S. Issues "Capitalism is evil," says new Michael Moore film
  76. Economics Credit Rating Agencies Took Bribes for Higher Ratings
  77. Economics Krugman: Most Economists, Including Nobel-Prize Winners, Are Idiots or Fools
  78. Obama Obama Learns Dictators Want "Direct Diplomacy" As Much As Bush Did...
  79. Obama Obama Has Learned Nothing
  80. Environment German Government Advisor Proposes Personal CO2 Budget For Everyone On Planet
  81. General Politics Axlerod slips up...admits what the health care issue is really about
  82. Nat'l Security B.O. rejects basic American values
  83. Legal Tommorow is the big day
  84. Economics Where we went wrong....promoting a Global Economy
  85. Economics Legal Hispanic community hardest hit by fiscal policy
  86. U.S. Issues When Bush spoke to students, Democrats investigated, held hearings
  87. Education More moonbattery from Newsreek
  88. Obama Obama asks Senate to increase debt ceiling!!!
  89. Int'l Issues UN Wants New Global Currency To Replace Dollar
  90. General Politics Laura Bush praises Obama, bemoans excessive partisanship
  91. U.S. Issues Up to $3,800 fine for failure get health insurance
  92. U.S. Issues How Obama Survived August
  93. U.S. Issues Sick and Wrong
  94. Economics Consumer credit plummets
  95. U.S. Issues *** The Official Healthcare Prediction Thread ***
  96. U.S. Issues Pelosi & Reid say "they have the votes" on health care...BUT
  97. Int'l Issues Obama to Chair UN Security Council
  98. Obama Paglia: Too late for Obama to turn it around?
  99. U.S. Issues Did Glenn Beck rape and murder a young girl in 1990?
  100. Obama Obama: Greater sin taxes an idea we should explore
  101. U.S. Issues The unintended lessons of the RW protest of Obama's Education speech...
  102. Obama What if they force a HC bill through?
  103. Int'l Issues 'Doctors told me it was against the rules to save my premature baby'
  104. Obama Sounds like same old same old. Voters be damned.
  105. U.S. Issues Supreme Court reviewing CFR Laws
  106. U.S. Issues Daughter claims father wrongly placed on controversial NHS end of life scheme
  107. Obama Tonight's Obama Health Care Speech
  108. Int'l Issues Iranian Atomic Work Nears Bomb Capability, U.S. Says
  109. Poop CNN reporting Max Baucus will unveil reform next week.
  110. Obama Obama' War, His Rules of Engagement, Our soldiers die
  111. Obama Poll numbers continue to sink
  112. U.S. Issues 11 ACORN workers accused of faking voter registration cards in Miami-Dade
  113. General Politics Sex for Energy Policy? CA lawmaker caught admitting to affair with Energy Lobbists
  114. Obama Troubled waters
  115. U.S. Issues The Time For Bickering Is Over
  116. Obama **Obama Congressional Speech**
  118. Obama Why Obama's healthcare message tonight will..
  119. Obama Obama's real crisis is his.........
  120. U.S. Issues 'You lie': Rep. Wilson apologizes
  121. U.S. Issues Poll: Speech boosts support for reform; up to 67%
  122. ChiefsPlanet Newsmax.com Ad?
  123. Obama So, what did you think?
  124. U.S. Issues HOW many people don't have insurance now??
  125. U.S. Issues FLASHBACK: Dems booed Bush during State of the Union Speech...
  126. U.S. Issues Why are we not getting rid of "waste and fraud" now?
  127. U.S. Issues would you be in favor of this in a reform package?
  128. Obama Obama to speak at 9:15 AM
  129. Economics Now it's 30 million
  130. Obama FACT CHECK: Obama uses iffy math on deficit pledge
  131. Economics Greenspan Sees ‘Fairly Pronounced Recovery’ in U.S.
  132. Environment Market Confidence Low: Carbon Credits now worth 25 cents, were at $7 in 2008
  133. Local Cash for Yakkers?
  134. U.S. Issues Health Workers being forced to Unionize
  135. Economics How far do you see the dollar dropping?
  136. General Politics ACORN Helping Underage Prostitution Ring
  137. U.S. Issues Obama isn't going to like this, 46.3 million uninsured.
  138. Media Progressive Auto Insurance AD? WTF?!
  139. U.S. Issues To my progression friends:
  140. U.S. Issues Rep. Wilson is Right – Government Will Provide Obamacare to Illegals
  141. Media Stossel jumps to Fox, MSM slowly dying on the vine
  142. Obama Crazy Nan. The elderly are the target no matter what Obo said
  143. Obama Boehner takes on the Obama Myths from last night (Liar Liar Pantsonfire)
  144. Obama Pelosi thinks she knows more than the Generals
  145. U.S. Issues Communist Democrat Party attacks 2nd Amendment
  146. U.S. Issues B.O. is the Manchurian Candidate
  147. Nat'l Security Texas Does what Obama won't
  148. Misc You may not like Vitale, but he is classy.
  149. U.S. Issues Anti-abortion activist shot in front of Owosso High School
  150. Obama Getting Ready to Force HC on the country
  151. Nat'l Security Pelosi Says There's No Support for Additional Troops
  152. Obama No Bickering Or Thinking, Just Do It...
  153. General Politics Obama faces first 9/11 as President.
  154. General Politics ACORN Helps Pimp...no, not a repeat. This time in DC
  155. Obama Twenty Questions About Obamacare
  156. Obama So what IS a "Cadillac Insurance Pan"?
  157. Nat'l Security Happy 9-11. Love the Apache.
  158. Int'l Issues US says 6 powers accept Iran's offer to talk
  159. Economics Gold closes over $1000 ...
  160. Int'l Issues In dramatic shift, U.S ready for direct talks with North Korea
  161. General Politics Ok Progressives just for you....
  162. General Politics Bomb Threat Forces Evacuation of DC TEA Party Planners
  163. U.S. Issues FDA Approves “Emergency Rules” for Mass Medication of Population with Anti-Viral Drug
  164. U.S. Issues No Lie! Wilson Rakes In $750,000 in Less Than 48 Hours; Opponent Tops $1 Million
  165. U.S. Issues Joe Wilson's awesome outburst: who took the picture?
  166. Nat'l Security It's time for large # of troops to GTFO of Afghanistan.
  167. Nat'l Security Change: Obama Extends Bush 9/11 National Emergency
  168. Media Glenn Beck's 9-12 Project
  169. General Politics Obama and his gang of Chicago thugs are a scary bunch...
  170. U.S. Issues Large Crowd in DC Today
  171. Local Simple chart of healthcare reform.
  172. Media How You Know You're A Winner
  173. U.S. Issues Only 60K+ show for latest Tea Party... Freedomworks lies to audience, claiming 1.5M+
  174. Obama 9.12 March Video...Where was Obama, Nancy, Harry and the rest?
  175. U.S. Issues Are parts of the Constitution outdated?
  176. Media Before long they will say no one went to Washington, all done on a sound stage
  177. Obama It Gets Worse...
  178. Misc The Who was a real rock band
  179. Nat'l Security Talibang! IED blows up while being set
  180. U.S. Issues Link to a good report on 9.12 protest
  181. Economics Now B.O. wants takeover of the student-loan market
  182. U.S. Issues Black Speaker at DC Rally Mocks Obama’s Teleprompter Dependence
  183. Media MSNBC Says the 10th Amendment is “A Bunch of Baloney”
  184. U.S. Issues Tea Partiers Tell CNN Reporter to Go Home and Tell the Truth
  185. U.S. Issues Kucinich to U.S.: Single-Payer Needs Your Support
  186. Economics Either pay the national debt with monetary reform or kiss your assets goodbye
  187. U.S. Issues FreedomWorks "did the equivalent of telling people that (their) penis is 53" long"
  188. Economics Cap and trade also on the ropes
  189. General Politics ACORN Pimp issues in NY
  190. Obama House Democrats Will Seek Massive $540 Billion Tax Increase
  191. Obama Howard Dean: People Wont Care if we cram ObamaCare down their throats
  192. U.S. Issues Police Train To Forcibly Draw Blood From Drunk Driving Suspects
  193. Education Anyone need a new avatar?
  194. Obama Re: Fight over HC has ended thread...
  195. U.S. Issues Obama: My good friend Barney Frank.
  196. Legal Moonbats going after reporters who taped ACORN
  197. Economics Banking and Regulatory Reform has to happen
  198. U.S. Issues Obammunistic health care proposal is as bad as some are saying!
  199. U.S. Issues Surprise, Immigration raids mean more jobs, wages for Americans willing to do work
  200. Obama OOOOPPPS!!! Wnhite House clarifys Obummers Illegal statement ( He did lie!!)
  201. U.S. Issues Scientific Poll: Only 29% Of Americans Trust Mainstream Media
  202. U.S. Issues Jim
  203. General Politics Boy, Oh, Boy
  204. General Politics 9/12 was a transformative event and.....
  205. U.S. Issues ACORN Founder Wade Rathke Wanted Terrorist Attack on Republican Convention to Succeed
  206. Obama Racists
  207. Environment Oh no, not this rubbish again: “Recent projections suggest polar bears could be....
  208. U.S. Issues 63% of doctors support public option along with private insurance
  209. U.S. Issues 55% of public now supports public option, up 3% from August low
  210. Obama Obama Pushes Banker Takeover Plan at Federal Hall
  211. U.S. Issues Joe Wilson goes nuts on CSPAN tells Rep he has a "Hatred of America"
  212. Economics Ron Paul, CNN “American Morning,”
  213. U.S. Issues Senate cuts off ACORN
  214. General Politics Obama: Kanye is a jackass
  215. Obama 9.12 Video fun to watch
  216. 2 Black Kids Beat the White Kid...everyone cheers
  217. U.S. Issues Support For Health Care Falls Back To Pre-Speech Levels
  218. Economics Treasury chief:Obama against middle class tax hike
  219. Education Today is a good day...
  220. Environment EPA Insane with Power
  221. Obama Lite's 'get outa Dodge' campaigning...
  222. Economics Bernake declares recession 'likely over'...wasn't he just reappointed
  223. Economics Great, now B.O. is going to #@%* up the economy even more
  224. General Politics Quotes from Bush
  225. Elections Good God JR is that Mrs. McMahon's Music?
  226. Obama Let's move Gitmo to Bagram! Problem solved.
  227. U.S. Issues More moonbattery
  228. General Politics Democratic party politics 101 - if all else fails play the race card
  229. U.S. Issues Guidelines For Presidential Put-Downs
  230. Misc Newest Obacorn video - murdering madam
  231. Obama BOA supports extending Patriot Act provisions
  232. U.S. Issues The Growing Problem in Afghanistan
  233. U.S. Issues (DEM) Senator Jay Rockefeller Dumps On Baucus Bill
  234. Int'l Issues Do any conservatives here take right wing radio seriously?
  235. U.S. Issues The whole "eliminate fraud and waste" tactic didn't last a week
  236. U.S. Issues Race card played AGAIN from Libs....
  237. Obama Carter Claims there is a "racist" tone against Obama
  238. Int'l Issues What the hell? Institute of Health actually says CBO's numbers are wrong?
  239. Nat'l Security Afghanistan — like Iraq — another magnet for corporate malfeasance
  240. General Politics Why Propaganda Trumps Truth
  241. Media HuffingtonPost Comes To Denver
  242. General Politics The Republic of TEXOARKLA!
  243. General Politics Pat Tillman and others on TWNBTS George W Bush
  244. U.S. Issues Dem Senator Warns of 'Big, Big Tax' on Middle Class in Baucus Bill
  245. Obama Well, we knew it was coming and now...
  246. Obama Obamas Unhealthy Speech (or Reasons To Shun Obamacare For Reasons Other Than Race)
  247. U.S. Issues You Know You're In Trouble When You Can't Get Olympia Snowe On Board
  248. Int'l Issues Finance Committee bill is out!
  249. U.S. Issues B.O. is bringing us all together
  250. Economics Even monkeys know free markets work