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  1. U.S. Issues GM to shut down Saturn...
  2. Economics If you are gonna die, do it in 2010. 0% tax rate!
  3. Obama Michelle "sacrifices" for us... by flying to Europe on taxpayer dime
  4. U.S. Issues Exposed: American Police Force Is A Blackwater Front Group
  5. Economics TARP Watchdog Says Program Has Worked... Sort Of
  6. General Politics Is this Grayson dude nuts? What say you dems
  7. General Politics Why some ChiefsPlanet Right-Wingers insist that they're "moderates"
  8. Legal Waiting on the Afghanistan decision...
  9. Int'l Issues Iran’s Nuclear Threat Is a Lie
  10. U.S. Issues Revealed: millions spent by lobby firms fighting Obama health reforms
  11. General Politics Napalitano gives almost a mil to ACORN?
  12. Misc Mayan Calendar
  13. Obama So much for all those jobs Lite 'saved' or created...UE highest rate since 1983
  14. Poop Chicago Olympic Logo
  15. Obama Politics as usual, screw whats correct, do whats expedient.
  16. Obama Obama's VAT. The Tax that is coming for everyone
  17. Media KCTV 5 Story on Billboard
  18. Legal Diplomacy > sabre-rattling.
  19. Obama Stealth Taxes. Gotta love it.
  20. Int'l Issues Chicago Out of Olympic in 2016 in First Round Vote
  21. Obama Obama can't bring Olympics to Chi-town
  22. Obama BLOWS IT again! No Olympics for Chicago. Obama's credibility in the toilet.
  23. U.S. Issues Per Wyden amendment to Finance bill may allow states to try single-payer.
  24. General Politics Naw, its to confusing to read.....another idiot Dem
  25. Obama Maybe they should have sent Bill...
  26. Nat'l Security Actions vs. Words = Reagan and Israel
  27. Obama Times of London: Olympic failure will only add to doubts
  28. U.S. Issues Reagan loved libertarianism. Today's "GOP" does not...
  29. Media Krugman: Mission Not Accomplished
  30. Local 538 lists the most likely Senate seats to flip in 2010. Guess who's #1.
  31. Economics September jobs report: -263,000, unemployment at 9.8 percent
  32. Misc Olympic Bid Websites - You be the judge...
  33. U.S. Issues "Americans for Prosperity" doesn't include Chicago...
  34. Int'l Issues is Joe Klein an anti-semite?
  35. Obama Garofolo serves the Left well
  36. Economics There is no 'Jobless Recovery'
  37. Economics Market Manipulation
  38. U.S. Issues Chicago..."It's all the fault of Bush!"
  39. Obama More empty threats from Obama. Laughingstock.
  40. Int'l Issues Treaty of Lisbon
  41. Obama T-Pain Does Obama
  42. Poop I bet if I asked TGF "what kind of beer you drink"
  43. Religion Some stunning photography of Afghanistan.
  44. Environment Cooling off: time to take a different look at global warming
  45. Economics The Failure of Obama's Economic Forecasters
  46. Misc Florida cop attempts drive-by Tasering, runs over suspect
  47. Obama Lite losing the left...ROFL at SNL
  48. Obama Maybe we need to have a bber summit to work it out
  49. U.S. Issues Pervert Kevin Jennings and his sicko agenda
  50. Int'l Issues Why B.O. loves Mel Zelaya
  51. Economics The Washington Times (not the Post) says W's Dem/Zionist economic team "misled."
  52. Media MSNBC Shows how desperate the Admin is
  53. Nat'l Security The Neoconservative Wet Dream
  54. ChiefsPlanet "Mr president, why don't you have a nice steaming cup of shut-the-fuck-up?"
  55. Obama Dem Govs Know ObamaCare is Bad for States
  56. General Politics Freedom works, lets fight for it. I like Jim DeMint.
  57. Obama Obama about to lose the military..or what little he had of it
  58. Obama Barack Obama cancels meeting with Dalai Lama 'to keep China happy'
  59. Economics Fed needs to inflate the dollar to decrease the value by half
  60. Int'l Issues How will we ever get out of Afghanistan with it being run by Kharzai?
  61. Media The FIXED lies and distortions that keep coming
  62. Obama ACORN antics come to light
  63. Obama Arabs working secretly to replace the dollar...& some think they'd try to 'help' us.
  64. Obama White House's botched 'op'
  65. Obama While Obama Checks Polls, Our brave men keep fighting even without backup
  66. Obama Red State Update
  67. Nat'l Security Gates blames past lack of troops for Taliban edge
  68. U.S. Issues Congressional leaders fight against posting bills online
  69. Obama Who Has the Highest Medical Claim Rejection Rate?
  70. Obama Soft on Crime, even terrorists
  71. Obama Here is what Government Run HC looks like
  72. U.S. Issues The Obama "Jobs Saved" Deception v. CNBC
  73. Legal Do we have too many Lawyers? Are they unproductive?
  74. General Politics Is TFG a re-tread?
  75. Obama HR 3200 Micro chip implant? Check out.....
  76. Int'l Issues Getting the MOP ready for Iran?
  77. Religion DHS: Stop Arresting Illegals
  78. U.S. Issues DHS strips Arizona sheriff of authority to patrol for illegal immigrants
  79. Int'l Issues How to be a Pali apologist
  80. U.S. Issues Geoff Morrell is Atrocious
  81. Religion David Duke comments on Bible burnings in Israel
  82. Poop Let me know how that works out for ya, Johnny.
  83. Environment The option we don't want to talk about?
  84. U.S. Issues House: Working hard or hardly working?
  85. Economics Michael Moore exposes Paul Ryan’s bank bailout bluster
  86. Obama School Kids Sing For Health Care Reform On Set Of CNN
  87. U.S. Issues CBO says health care bill costs $829B over decade
  88. Obama CBO: Budget deficit to hit $1.4 Trillion in 09
  89. Economics US Foriegn Policy: Bombs and Bribes
  90. Environment Government screws up again: gives $ to Dow which develops solar shingles
  91. Obama Accordign to a Yahoo Poll the president isn't doing so well with the economy.
  92. U.S. Issues DHS Video Portrays Average Americans As Terrorists
  93. U.S. Issues KC Star: Bob Dole urges time for health care reform
  94. Nat'l Security American troops in Afghanistan losing heart, say army chaplains
  95. U.S. Issues This Proposal Is A Way To Discourage [Cadillac] Insurance Plans
  96. U.S. Issues Detroit: the moonbattery continues
  97. U.S. Issues Former White House Speechwriter Suggests Military Coup Could Oust Obama
  98. Economics FHA Shortfall Seen at $54 Billion May Lead to Bailout
  99. Int'l Issues Afghan Taliban say they pose no threat to the West
  100. U.S. Issues Baucus Bill=Tax Now..Health Care Later
  101. U.S. Issues Detroit: Thousands Line up for Obama Bucks!
  102. Obama If this is true or comes to pass, no telling the turnover next election
  103. U.S. Issues Voters Do Not Count. Sleeze in Congress Out of Control
  104. Religion The Conservative Bible Project
  105. Int'l Issues B.O. says he'll allow the Taliban back into Afghanistan
  106. U.S. Issues text size: A | A | A School Children Banned From Kensington Public Parks
  107. Nat'l Security FBI-Stung Terrorist Targeted Dallas Office Tower where CIA Agent/County Republican...
  108. General Politics Dems sneak hate crimes legislation on defense bill
  109. Int'l Issues Mitterrand faces calls to quit over ‘boys’ for sex claim
  110. Religion Moonbat Amy Ephron wants you to help save the moon
  111. General Politics How do you describe you feeling of distain for this woman?
  112. U.S. Issues Proposals to create jobs add up to second stimulus
  113. ChiefsPlanet Opt-Out Public Option Plan Gaining Steam
  114. Obama Obama wins 2009 Nobel Peace Prize
  115. Obama I won't appoint lobbyists... except when I appoint lobbyists.
  116. Int'l Issues Mr. President, you don't gain respect by accepting it
  117. Obama Typo: Lite was to get Nobel SPEECH Prize
  118. U.S. Issues Michelle Malkin: Awarded (once again) for doing nothing
  119. Media Holder's Blogging team. Direkshun is that you?
  120. Obama World Reactions. Flabbergasted maybe?
  121. Media Rove would be proud of the DNC.
  122. Obama Would you accept an award you admit you do not deserve?
  123. Religion Identify these idiots.
  124. Obama And the 2010 Heisman Award goes to...
  125. Obama The downside of His O-ness being awarded
  126. Obama Kanye West does it again
  127. Economics 'Atlas Shrugged': From Fiction to Fact in 52 Years
  128. Poop You know what FUCK YOU
  129. Misc Radar Traps...good or bad?
  130. U.S. Issues Your Census Taker May be a Criminal. Hired by our Government
  131. U.S. Issues "They are going to tax you to death"
  132. Education The Classical Period of ancient Athens
  133. Obama Look for Obama to silence Conservatives by following Fernandez of Argentina
  134. U.S. Issues Fortune Magazine: The Dangerous Secret In the Baucus Health Care Bill
  135. Obama Ron Paul responds to Obama's Peace Prize
  136. Obama Obama has nuetralized the anti war left.
  137. Environment Must view of Algore
  138. Nat'l Security Sunday War Porn
  139. Misc Malpractice reform worth $41Billion. But No Dem/LawyerLobby wants to address it
  140. Economics Where's my recovery?
  141. Int'l Issues Whole world Needs A Leader Like This!
  142. Environment BBC: What happened to global warming?
  143. Education Catching up or Leading the Way
  144. U.S. Issues Example Of Why Transferring Control Of HC To Government Will Be A Bad Thing For You
  145. U.S. Issues The world should catch up to our health care
  146. Poop Homeland Security May Use Wii Balance Boards to Test if You’re Nervous
  147. Economics More happy economic news
  148. Int'l Issues Journalist vows to follow up on ‘Israel organ theft’
  149. Obama Obama policies averted economic "abyss": Summers
  150. U.S. Issues The Real Sicko Movie
  151. Obama This will be Obamacare in America in due time...COUNT ON IT !!!!!!
  152. Obama Direckshun and jAZ have their own business on the side..check it out!!
  153. Economics Rural Bale Out
  154. U.S. Issues Michigan(Cesspool)Gov vs Steve Wynn
  155. U.S. Issues Who Else Is Going To Drop Insurance Until They Need It Under Obamacare?
  156. U.S. Issues Baucus bill is set to pass
  157. Economics Debt and Deadbeats
  158. Obama White House Escalates War of Words With Fox News
  159. U.S. Issues Lieberman opposes Baucus health bill
  160. Education How to be Liberal
  161. U.S. Issues America's shift to a Socialist Republic....
  162. General Politics And we wonder what the future will be?
  163. Misc Jaw dropping story.
  164. U.S. Issues Three heroes of 9/11 die of cancer in five days
  165. Nat'l Security GQ: 50 most powerful people in DC.
  166. Economics Dollar loses reserve status to yen & euro
  167. Elections Are we bipartisan now?
  168. Economics Debunking the "Too Big To Fail" Myth
  169. Economics What will the Republicans sneak onto the Health Care bill?
  170. Obama Incompetent Dems Cant even Give Money Away.
  171. Obama They cannot be trusted and that is a sad statement.
  172. Environment Vilsack pitches GMOs to room of experts and gets booed
  173. Media Olberman is a sad embarrasment
  174. U.S. Issues Colorado minimum wage to drop as living costs fall
  175. General Politics The Left is Holding Obama's Feet to the Fire
  176. Obama In Obama's America they can Ban the American Flag
  177. Economics Dow Jones ready to hit 10000. My 401K is up 67% since Obama took office.
  178. Int'l Issues Russia: Pre-emptive nukes are on the table
  179. General Politics A real yawner...
  180. Int'l Issues Palestinian hopes in Obama evaporated
  181. Religion Yes! We've rode the horse to its logical conclusion!
  182. General Politics Humorless Witch......
  183. Int'l Issues Rio?
  184. ChiefsPlanet Not too many libs posting in this forum these days
  185. U.S. Issues Afghanistan: America sacrifices its blood & treasure, China reaps benefits. WOW!
  186. U.S. Issues Paul Slams Neo-Con Graham For “Angry White Guys” Jibe
  187. U.S. Issues AP: Dems Seek To Increase the Deficit While Claiming Deficit Neutrality
  188. General Politics BREAKING NEWS:
  189. Nat'l Security U.S. troop funds diverted to pet projects
  190. Obama I apologize I was just fucking around
  191. Obama LEAKED NETWORK MEMO REVEALS: Obama Controls Your Television Set
  192. U.S. Issues Grayson calls on American public to ‘Unmask the Fed’
  193. U.S. Issues Dem Controlled Senate Insurance Bill
  194. Poop Limbaugh: Obama did it
  195. Obama Anita Dunn another Obama Commie Lover
  196. Economics Minimum wage laws should be expanded.
  197. Environment The question I ask myself when it comes to Afghanistan.
  198. U.S. Issues Harry Reid Suggests Health Care to Cost $2 Trillion
  199. U.S. Issues California appears poised to be first to ban power-guzzling big-screen TVs
  200. U.S. Issues Obama Poised to Cede US Sovereignty, Claims British Lord
  201. Education Mmmmm mmmmm mmmmmmmmm
  202. Economics Lucrative pensions ream taxpayers
  203. U.S. Issues Louisiana Parish needs to fire a justice of the peace....
  204. Obama Credit and thanks where it's due. Thanks Obama
  205. Legal Jon Stewart - not that bright or shameless propagandizer?
  206. Nat'l Security Torture Saved British Lives...Hmmm
  207. Obama NFL has diversity problem
  208. Obama Bo Snerdley NAILS IT PRECISELY!!!!!!!!
  209. U.S. Issues Conservatives are Done after 2010 Census
  210. Religion The sad state of the GOP
  211. U.S. Issues Obama And Bush Snr Join Forces To Tout Public Service
  212. Poop CTTCS_WLR confirmed via first stupid pm
  213. U.S. Issues Obama threatens health care antitrust exemption
  214. Nat'l Security Will the Taliban be defeated?
  215. Int'l Issues Helicopter downed in Rio violence; two police dead
  216. Education Bill Cosby on so called "African Americans"
  217. Economics Ah this is awesome
  218. Economics Yet, another reason we are far from out of this mess
  219. Misc Obama gets pot policy right
  220. Poop Red in South Dakota
  221. U.S. Issues Great Article on Innovation vs. Protectionism aka offshoring
  222. Obama Obama to agree to let Iran enrich uranium
  223. Obama Obama's tantrum against Fox continues
  224. Local Still wondering about Afghanistan.
  225. Economics Ron Paul on the Situation Room - Oct 14
  226. General Politics Why are no spending cuts being proposed?
  227. Obama Lite is no Regular. 22 fundraisers compared to 6.
  228. Economics National Socialism
  229. U.S. Issues Moveon.org tells Democrats "stay off Fox News"
  230. Nat'l Security The danger of Obama's dithering
  231. U.S. Issues Democrats lock Republicans out of committee room
  232. Obama CNN Poll: Half the country disagrees with Obama on issues
  233. General Politics Medical marijuana- Republicans and coservatives.
  234. Obama ABC’s Jake Tapper Challenges Gibbs On Fox News Attacks (Update)
  235. Nat'l Security Sources used for anti-Obama threads on the front page.
  236. U.S. Issues How is Health Care going to be cheaper under Obamacare?
  237. Misc Will you and your family get the H1N1 vaccine?
  238. General Politics 7 Obama lies in less then 2 minutes.
  239. Economics B.O.'s first year in office
  240. U.S. Issues Dems Try To Sell Obamacare, Episode 27: Let's Call It "Medicare Part E"
  241. U.S. Issues Roll Call: Fed HHS Website Lauds Obamacare (Propaganda Alert)
  242. U.S. Issues We're Being Led By Children...
  243. U.S. Issues Sources used for pro-Obama threads
  244. Obama Obummer Heads for the bottom in Poll
  245. General Politics 2009 RNC census
  246. General Politics Bush still trying to kill grandma/flu shot shortage
  247. General Politics Lindsey Graham "Republican Party not built around Liberterian Ideas"
  248. Religion Chemistry Student's Proof that Hell does not exist (yes, this is meant to be funny)
  249. Economics Obama to slash salaries of the bailed out banks executives
  250. Obama North Dakota in lead. Gained Jobs in 7 months post Stimulus