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  1. Misc How about a little joke for the libs out there?
  2. Economics Direckshun - Serious Question Regarding Your Statement on Public Option
  3. Obama While dithering on Afganistan, he can get a head start dithering on Iraq
  4. is christianity and autism the same thing?
  5. Misc People do have fun
  6. Int'l Issues Good News from Pakistan Theater
  7. Nat'l Security Time to punk this traitor
  8. Obama Geithner's friends are not getting a pay cut...surprised?
  9. Obama Dem's Cannot blame it on Bush, But they will....
  10. Economics Awesome stat I got out of the Oct 09 Business Week
  11. Nat'l Security B.O. can't name one fellow student at Columbia
  12. Nat'l Security Dems maintaining their position as Weak on Defense and Homeland Security
  13. Environment Down to 57% of Americans, bad news for Algore
  14. Nat'l Security Afghan troop levels
  15. Legal A study that will shock nobody here.
  16. Economics Wall Street angered by communistic claw backs
  17. Nat'l Security MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW...take that, AKBAR!!!
  18. Obama Obama least Presidential of recent Presidents
  19. U.S. Issues Answering TJ's Questions (Or: Why Direckshun Hates America)
  20. U.S. Issues War on Fox
  21. Obama Barack Obama sees worst poll rating drop in 50 years
  22. U.S. Issues Tax breaks for pets?
  23. Obama Is denying Fox News a place at Presser Censorship?
  24. Obama Import more Oil and become more dependant
  25. Media Rev al/Rev Jesse Ohhhh Durn it!!
  26. General Politics The real reason Fox News vs WH? Ailes might run for POTUS
  27. Obama White House attacks worry moderate Democrats
  28. U.S. Issues What is everyone's thoughts on Net Neutrality?
  29. Obama Iran Makes Obama look Weak again
  30. General Politics Is FoxNews Fair and Balanced? The Poll.
  31. Media Is MSNBC "The Place For Politics?" The Poll
  32. Local Is CNN really "The Most Trusted Name In News"?
  33. U.S. Issues House health care bill over $1 trillion for decade
  34. U.S. Issues Does Fox News Have the Hottest Babes??
  35. Nat'l Security Cheney speech. Well worth watching.
  36. Media Fox News and a Generational Divide?
  37. U.S. Issues H1N1 Is Shaping Up To Be Obamas Katrina
  38. ChiefsPlanet This forum is about as hate-filled and petty as I have ever seen it
  39. Elections Obama has lost more voters than he's won over.
  40. U.S. Issues First Daughters Not Vaccinated Against H1N1
  41. U.S. Issues AP Fact Check: Health Insurance Profits Not So Fat
  42. U.S. Issues Harry Reid's Train Wreck (He Lost the Medicare Reimbursement Bill and Lost It Bad)
  43. Economics BigRedChief, I challenge you to a cage match!
  44. Obama Pelosi, Boxer Stupid does get more real
  45. Media Silent No More. Maybe this helps understand why People are growing restless
  46. Education So who wants to debate with me?
  47. Int'l Issues Afghanie army need weapons
  48. U.S. Issues Republicans battling for party's soul
  49. Environment Too many rich kids... and by rich I mean you
  50. Obama Obama plays more golf in 9 months than Bush did in over 2 years
  51. U.S. Issues Now all we need is representation
  52. Economics Most Americans agree: PORKULUS A FAILURE
  53. U.S. Issues Why is Kevin Jennings still receiving a check?
  54. General Politics This is the filth B.O. admires
  55. Economics Hey newly found deficit "hawks"
  56. U.S. Issues Dems Running Out Of Time (But Obama Now Prepared Not To "Count" Certain HC Costs)
  57. Religion Learning about Jesus from Chiefs Planet
  58. Religion Jesus Christ is Lord ! ( Bible Study, CP style )
  59. Nat'l Security RNC keeps racist pics on Facebook for nearly a week.
  60. U.S. Issues Pelosi: Health care 'public option' needs new name
  61. Religion Public Option (with opt-out) will be put to vote in Senate!
  62. Economics Afghanistan decision immiment. Likely counterinsurgency + AQ offensive.
  63. Environment It might be Hotter
  64. Int'l Issues U.S. official resigns over Afghan war
  65. Elections Palin vs Gingrich
  66. U.S. Issues Whatever happened to Hillary Clinton?
  67. Economics Line up for more Obama bucks...
  68. U.S. Issues Dem moderates challenge Reid on health care plan
  69. U.S. Issues Mich. Democrat: Pelosi 'not happy with me' over abortion and health care bill
  70. Obama Hail Satan! (Satanic Bible Study, CP Style)
  71. U.S. Issues Governator to California Legislators: "#@(& YOU"
  72. Nat'l Security Is Obama a war criminal?
  73. Economics MoveOn...what a bunch of petty little people
  74. Religion NBC/WSJ poll is very interesting.
  75. General Politics Another Failed Presidency - Repost?
  76. Poop It's that time of year again?
  77. U.S. Issues House Democrats prepare to unveil health bill
  78. U.S. Issues Amendment Would Let Kansas Opt Out of Potential Health Reforms
  79. Nat'l Security Obama to pay Taliban members to switch sides
  80. Poop With SHTSPRAYER and TFG gone, who is now the most abrasive and offensive poster in DC
  81. Obama PelosiCare: Please let this die
  82. Obama $24000 COST PER CAR=Cash for Clunkers
  83. U.S. Issues Obama attends return of fallen troops from Afghanistan
  84. Economics Economy grows at best pace in 2 years. Third-quarter GDP reading shows growth at 3.5%
  85. Media "Pudge"--the Pillsbury Dough$ Boy
  86. U.S. Issues The Two Sides of the Democratic Mouth
  87. Poop Good Old Fashioned Book Burnin'
  88. Obama U.S. Stimulus Dollars (pounds) for the UK??? WTH
  89. U.S. Issues Pelosi "public" unveiling...Closed to Public
  90. Obama The Danger here at home grows
  91. U.S. Issues Defense Bill pays for Taliban to switch sides
  92. U.S. Issues California - Not sure what this means, but sounds like I'm getting less money
  93. Int'l Issues Decade or two of Global Cooling...say it aint so!
  94. U.S. Issues Is Mandated Health Care Constitutional?
  95. U.S. Issues CBO Puts House Health Bill Total Cost At $1.055 Trillion
  96. Economics Deficit Question
  97. General Politics Your representatives in action!
  98. General Politics Why Dems should start to sweat....interesting take
  99. Poop Million dollar question = why was SHTSPRAYER banned? and is it permanent?
  100. Obama FLOTUS and her court of attendants
  101. General Politics Looks like Paul has some opposition at home
  102. General Politics Where's Obama when you need him?
  103. General Politics Another birther lawsuit smacked down
  104. Media CBS...yes CBS....Tears WH a new one for Jobs claims
  105. Obama PelosiCare ...the emerging content of the 1990 page monster
  106. Economics Why do public schools not teach how start a business ?
  107. Religion Oh-oh...who has the nads to call a Bishop a liar? Playing with fire there you are.
  108. Environment Follow the Calculations
  109. Obama PelosiCare Protects the Lawyers.
  110. General Politics Should congress and their staff be required to accept the proposed coverage?
  111. General Politics Here you go, Jenson71. Are you a "Catholic traitor"?
  112. U.S. Issues GOP Candidate Drops Out Of NY-23
  113. General Politics How would you describe yourself politically?
  114. U.S. Issues CBO: Public option won't do much
  115. U.S. Issues George Will: More Evidence Of Liberal Intimidation
  116. U.S. Issues CIT Files For Bankruptcy...Nikkei Tanks In Early Trading...
  117. Obama As if you needed more proof - be proud D's - you elected a Socialist.
  118. Obama Oregon Stimulus Bucks
  119. Int'l Issues Obama may have an exit strategy (for Honduras)
  120. General Politics Pretty Good Piece
  121. Obama 111 New bureauacracies: PelosiCare
  122. Obama :The worst bill ever written" WSJ takes PelosiCare apart
  123. Nat'l Security Freedom Fighting in Iran
  124. So, HALF of all bankruptcies are Healthcare related?
  125. General Politics Hmmm?
  126. Int'l Issues Saudi court upholds child rapist crucifixion ruling
  127. General Politics Its a Conspiracy
  128. General Politics The President talks about decline in dollar being good, New World Order.
  129. Economics Be Prepared for the Worst
  130. Obama Maybe the Failed Presidency is sinking in
  131. Economics Audit the Fed legislation gutted to the point of meaninglessness
  132. U.S. Issues Speaking of Health Care - GOP Draft their own propsal
  133. U.S. Issues Dems on the ropes in elections
  134. General Politics Maybe we can all agree with this letter, even though it was addressed to Glenn Beck
  135. Obama V-Aims at Obamania
  136. Media The Daily Show 11/03/09
  137. General Politics Independent is the place to be
  138. Obama Where will YOU be on the Waiting List? PelosiCare
  139. Obama NO Earmarks. Obama style.
  140. Elections BRC - Contact the Media and Straighten Them Out
  141. Education Finally people are catching on...
  142. U.S. Issues First Read: Interpreting Last Night
  143. U.S. Issues Ronald Reagan
  144. Economics Cash for Clunkers....the aftermath of not being able to see past your nose
  145. Elections Results for other issues on last night's ballots...
  146. U.S. Issues Pelosi dismisses Dem losses in Virginia and New Jersey
  147. Economics Federal Reserve keeps rates at zero for extended period
  148. Religion NRSC will not spend money in a contested primary.
  149. General Politics Some interesting notes from the White House's visitor list.
  150. Obama Cookin the Books Chicago style- A raise is counted as "saved" job
  151. Misc And we wonder why education is in the crapper?
  152. Misc 6500 dollar tax break for any homebuyer
  153. U.S. Issues Pelosi to require monthly abortion premium
  154. Poop It is the end of the world, AGAIN AGAIN
  155. Breaking: 7 Dead, 12 injured in Fort Hood shooting spree
  156. General Politics Conservatives Attack Health Care With H1N1
  157. Nat'l Security 7 Dead, 12 injured in Ft. Hood Shooting
  158. U.S. Issues Dems say Pelosi is "delusional"
  159. U.S. Issues Uh-oh...AARP & AMA Both Endorse House Healthcare Bill
  160. Nat'l Security Iran tested advanced nuclear warhead design
  161. U.S. Issues Unemployment rises to 10.2%
  162. U.S. Issues Pelosi Breaks Pledge to Put Final Health Care Bill Online for 72 Hours Before Vote
  163. Obama So, AARP will benefit? Say it ain't so!!
  164. General Politics Ft. Hood shooter posted on Democratic Underground
  165. Obama Obama about to sign a $24bil stimulus bill
  166. U.S. Issues Act if You Disagree with the Abortion funding in the Health Care Package
  167. General Politics Shooter advised Obama's transition team on Homeland Security issues
  168. Misc Mother****er. Another shooting?
  169. Obama Not enough Votes....
  170. Religion Myth of '08 demolished
  171. U.S. Issues Comply With Pelosi-Care or Go To Jail
  172. U.S. Issues BREAKING: ACORN's New Orleans Office Raided by AG
  173. General Politics MSNBC
  174. Obama I took Obama's advice, and he was right.
  175. U.S. Issues Former Miss California Carrie Prejean has a sex tape out in the wild
  176. Obama Obama's Frightening Insensitivity Following Shooting
  177. U.S. Issues Delusional Obama Thinks Americans Want Government To Make Their Lives Better...
  178. U.S. Issues Dem Strategist Warned By White House To Stay Off Fox
  179. Media Denver Post's American Soldier picture blog
  180. General Politics Awesome debate in the house....
  181. U.S. Issues House passes healthcare bill
  182. U.S. Issues Health Care Bill passes the House
  183. General Politics Contact Senator McCaskill
  184. U.S. Issues The Best Way to STOP The Senate Health Bill!
  185. General Politics Are we in the midst of Red Scare 3?
  186. Media Citizen Journalism & Human Condition
  187. General Politics Motive for Ft Hood shooter still unknown???
  188. General Politics House health care bill has nowhere to go in Senate
  189. U.S. Issues Maddow & Your Favorite News Shows
  190. Poop A book for all fans of political dumbasses - profiles in liberal hypocrisy
  191. General Politics ABC - Hasan tried to get al Qaeda'd up - Time Mag - It was just stress caused by Bush
  192. U.S. Issues Holy balls.
  193. General Politics Where has all the HOPE gone?
  194. Obama The Road From Serfdom
  195. Media Gotta love Google
  196. Obama Obama's Berlin Wall Snub
  197. Nat'l Security CBS: Obama to send about 40,000 troops to Afghanistan
  198. Misc Why the left's lost enthusiasm.
  199. Economics An actual disturbing trend
  200. Legal William "cold cash" Jefferson set for sentencing
  201. General Politics Fort Hood Hospital Visit, No cameras? What?
  202. Int'l Issues Persian singer sings the National Anthem at NBA game.
  203. Media News clip from CNN
  204. Obama You will Comply. Jail time for those who resist
  205. Economics Senate Dems move to curb Fed's powers
  206. U.S. Issues Chicago Mayor Daley blamed the Ft. Hood Jihad Massacre on America’s love of guns!
  207. U.S. Issues John Allen Muhammed Is Dead
  208. Obama Did it all start with Lew Alcinder.
  209. U.S. Issues Boston Globe: Stimulus Job Boost Exaggerated New Report Finds
  210. U.S. Issues Looks Like the Civil War Is Inside the DEMOCRATIC Party...
  211. U.S. Issues Gallup: GOP Now Preferred Party (Dems Drop 20+ Points From Independents Since July)
  212. Misc Philosophy Referee
  213. General Politics Frontline's "Sick Around the World"
  214. Obama What the bill really says
  215. Religion NRO - Jihad in Texas
  216. General Politics Oh, The Irony!!!
  217. U.S. Issues NPR reporting concerns that Hasan was psychotic. Might commit fratricide
  218. U.S. Issues Will You Child Get the Swine Flu Shot Now?
  219. Economics Report: 10 states face looming budget disasters
  220. Education Remember that Oklahoma Civics Test Fiasco?
  221. Environment Oh god yes, Republicans introduce term-limits.
  222. Legal CNN will now suck a little less: Dobbs is gone.
  223. Misc An unfortunate event
  224. U.S. Issues A sad irony on this Veterans Day
  225. Economics Bailouts
  226. Nat'l Security Hey Hadji, want fries with that???
  227. Nat'l Security New York-Based Radical Muslim Hails Fort Hood Massacre
  228. General Politics LOL, Acorn to sue Feds over 'Unconstitutional' funding cuts
  229. U.S. Issues In Over His Head...Obama Sends Generals Back To the Drawing Board To Find "Off-Ramps"
  230. Nat'l Security Huge Anti-terrorism Operation
  231. Legal Peter W. Galbraith
  232. U.S. Issues A horrifying 'comedy' of errors.
  233. General Politics Whoops! RNC cancelling insurance plan that covers abortion!
  234. Nat'l Security 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed to be tried in New York civilian court
  235. U.S. Issues Make Mine Freedom - (1948 Cartoon) As true today as it was back then
  236. Economics Small Bsn. owners and job employment incentives
  237. General Politics Gay Chicagoans for Hillary thank GWBush and applaud Cheney
  238. General Politics Individual Right Are Not Absolute
  239. General Politics Political Theory - Vol. 1 - Pericles
  240. Legal Yet another staggering set of photos from Afghanistan.
  241. Int'l Issues John King replaces Lou Dobbs. CNN cares little about ratings, apparently.
  242. Economics Gold, a 6000 year bubble?
  243. General Politics Glen Beck show last night.
  244. Legal Is KSM presumed innocent?
  245. U.S. Issues A question for those of you who have moral issues with human cloning:
  246. U.S. Issues A question for those of you who have moral issues with human cloning:
  247. Obama bow: verb - to bend the knee or body or incline the head, as in reverence
  248. Nat'l Security Interesting youtube about Afghanistan
  249. Poop Have the bans helped?
  250. Obama Immigration Reform Obama Style: Let em stay