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  1. Obama First Momma spinning HC
  2. General Politics 8 years later
  3. Poop Question for SPRAYER
  4. ChiefsPlanet So, what's with this "tag cloud"?
  5. Misc Anybody else read the Lost Symbol yet?
  6. Nat'l Security Barack Obama is in danger of giving deliberation a bad name.
  7. Obama ObamaCare will have Obortions back in the bill
  8. U.S. Issues Millions will have to repay part of tax credit
  9. U.S. Issues POLITICO: Avoiding Health Care 'I Told You So'
  10. Obama More info on the Muslim Murderer at Ft Hood
  11. General Politics What goes into Climate study anyway?
  12. Obama Don't call them Death Panels.....
  13. Poop Has jAZ's self-imposed exile helped?
  14. Elections Republicans heading for a bloodbath in Florida
  15. Economics Question for Chiefplanet economists. Interest rates.
  16. Obama Obama Admin Slashed 60,000 Jobs From Recent Stimulus Report
  17. Poop Time ripe for peace with MILF: Clinton
  18. Legal Redskins will keep name...so far
  19. Obama Stimulus Success in Congressional Districts that Do NOT exist?
  20. General Politics Sarah Palin's book
  21. General Politics Did We Elect a Beta Male As President?
  22. Economics Chasing Corporations out of U.S.
  23. U.S. Issues This Chap gets it.
  24. U.S. Issues Learn to speak "Teabag!"
  25. U.S. Issues Trouble in the white house
  26. Obama Obamas 3 Trill Tax Increase, and its not just the rich now.
  27. Obama Get Ready for this one. Africa wants to get in on the gravey
  28. Obama Obama is a big, socialist, union loving Ffhaagg.
  29. Local WWII HD on the History Channel
  30. Education Encouraging developments in Pakistan.
  31. General Politics Israel approves Jewish settlements in east Jerusalem, strikes blow to peace process.
  32. Religion Myths of Afghanistan?
  33. Misc This doesnt sound nutty, why is the left so worried?
  34. Obama The Ego in China...good heavens
  35. Poop Inventor of internet declares earth is several million degrees just down a ways
  36. Obama Pray For Obama: Psalm 109:8
  37. Brock Lesnar Update
  38. Nat'l Security Miranda rights with KSM and his butt buddies
  39. Misc America's Best Place to Raise Your Kids
  40. ChiefsPlanet Two interesting stories in politics
  41. U.S. Issues What's Scarier -- People Waiting To See Sarah Palin Or People Waiting To See Twilight
  42. Education The Future of Higher Education
  43. Int'l Issues Ok, it's now official since Obama has proclaimed it...
  44. General Politics House Concurrent Resolution 155 “Complaint Free Wednesday”
  45. U.S. Issues Ben Nelson: Senate bill's abortion provisions not good enough
  46. Religion Fox News exposed using the wrong footage -- again.
  47. Misc Holy Shit: Father kills son for molesting sister
  48. Religion AP Exclusive: Muslim countries seek blasphemy ban
  49. Obama Reid and Dems to try to Force their 2000 plus page Health Care Bill Saturday
  50. U.S. Issues Another Example Of Why the Health Care Bill and Big Government Are Bogus Enterprises
  51. Obama 18 Million reasons AARP is behind Health Care;$18 million Stimulus for Nothing
  52. Misc So I switched from Dem to Ind today
  53. Obama Down Down Down ....Barry's Ratings fallin like January Snow
  54. Misc What is the breakdown on the unemployment situation?
  55. General Politics Nelson Joins Lieberman in Threatening to Filibuster Health Bill
  56. Religion PPP poll: majority of Republicans believe Obama stole election last year.
  57. Media LA Times / Media Matters oops.
  58. General Politics Union troubled by Eagle Scout project in Allentown
  59. Obama 20 words or less, Why do you want to be President?
  60. Economics The Big Payoff
  61. Obama House whores Add to the deficit. Payoff time for AMA.
  62. Nat'l Security Global Warmers having a bit of a meltdown...
  63. Local Interactive chart on Presidential approval.
  64. Economics Another Gem from Doug Noland...
  65. U.S. Issues Upper-Bracket Tax May Be Needed for Afghan War Cost, Levin Says
  66. General Politics Sometimes Unions and Democratic leadership yield positive results
  67. U.S. Issues Noble Experiment: Pittsburgh wants to tax tuition for college students
  68. General Politics So I guess the shitbags in DC voted to debate Obama care
  69. U.S. Issues Why not these Republicans for 2012?
  70. Local Perhaps the worst gubernatorial candidate idea ever Tom Wiggans (D)
  71. Local Tihart accuses Jerry Moran of being a Communist
  72. U.S. Issues Lawyer: 9/11 defendants want platform for views
  73. Environment Global WarmerGate Gotta love this
  74. U.S. Issues Wake up, America. This is a snapshot of your future..
  75. Obama Sen. Landrieu(D-Sleaze) Tosses Harry a Fund Raiser
  76. Obama Coburn calls ObamaCare Malpractice
  77. Obama Lefties will vote for anything if they support this crap
  78. Obama Support for socialist medicine at new low
  79. Obama Obama's Nice Guy Act Gets Him Nowhere on the World Stage
  80. Local WyCo gets a break. Moore isn't going to run for reelection
  81. General Politics Should Sarah Palin still be called Governor Palin??
  82. U.S. Issues The way to 'reform' health care...
  83. Poop SNL
  84. Nat'l Security Holder's real motive...
  85. Obama And You don't hink this will become a circus?
  86. Media NBC cancels "Green Week" Admits Global Warming a hoax to earn GE/others profit
  87. Obama So Is Obama Bowing To the Chinese Premier Or Just Admiring His Shoes?
  88. Economics BestBuy bends over for Muslims, won't say Merry Christmas?
  89. Economics Harvard Study suggests Government Spending ineffective in expanding Economy
  90. U.S. Issues Ooops!
  91. Religion Kirk Cameron and Bananas
  92. Economics Oops, Obama's economy numbers don't add up, again ?
  93. Int'l Issues Navy SEALs Face Assault Charges for Capturing Most-Wanted Terrorist
  94. Poop TeeShirts Bad? ACLU comes to the rescue
  95. Media Angelina Jolie HATES George Bush
  96. Obama So this is what "post-racial" means
  97. U.S. Issues War surtax: 'Pay as you fight'
  98. Int'l Issues Bob Ainsworth criticises Barack Obama over Afghanistan
  99. U.S. Issues Democrats push $150B stock tax on Wall Street
  100. Religion Best Buy Black Friday Eid Al Adha ad causes disappointment to many
  101. Nat'l Security Ohio Illegals Sue Cause they are being treated like illegals?
  102. Economics Kansas Budget in deep poo-poo
  103. General Politics We Pay Them to Lie to Us
  104. Environment And More from the archives of GlobalChangethedata
  105. Misc Find the Turkey
  106. Obama BRC says these Obama policies are BS
  107. Obama 20k of sensitive documents in a dumpster. Tsk Tsk
  108. Obama Obama Shatters Spending Record for First-Year Presidents
  109. Economics Pelosi, no really, the NEXT stimulus bill will create jobs
  110. Nat'l Security GOP's 10 Commandments
  111. Local Running for local office
  112. Environment Himalayan Glaciers growing (India/Tibet in Peril, Run for Gods sake, run)
  113. Environment Fraud, Hoax, Liars. Harsh descriptors being applied liberally to GW Hucksters
  114. General Politics Fox News Management Fed Up by Mistakes
  115. Economics Suckers!!!
  116. Environment Climategate Computer Codes Are the Real Story
  117. Obama Howard Dean: I wouldn't vote for this bill
  118. General Politics Is it too much to ask?
  119. General Politics One Nation Under God - McNaughton Fine Art
  120. Misc WarPornFans: Great Thanksgiving Treat
  121. Int'l Issues Flu Season
  122. Obama WhiteHouse Czar has fingerprints all ocer ClimateGate
  123. Nat'l Security Crash-Gate....funny but troubling
  124. Economics Is Capitalism the root of Anti-Scientific Sentiment?
  125. Media Sarah Palin mirror
  126. ChiefsPlanet Happy Thanksgiving to all you crazy f*ckers
  127. Economics So, today might be a bad day on the market
  128. Obama Jihadists proud of Ft Hood Killer
  129. Media Was it just me...
  130. Environment Oh the agony of defeat.
  131. General Politics Anti-Gun Senator Shoots Intruder
  132. Obama No wonder Congress always flunks
  133. Obama Will Obama Stand up for our soldiers?
  134. Int'l Issues JohnnyV13, WTF is going on in the Phillipines?
  135. Obama **** Barack Obama - matter of time before military arrests his ass.
  136. Economics BRC says this is how we should create jobs. Tax incentives for businesses to hire
  137. Int'l Issues Iran approves building 10 enrichment sites
  138. Obama 7 Stories Obama Doesn't Want Told
  139. Obama Not just lil bitty African countries asking for Billions in Copenhagen
  140. Environment GlobalWarmisists Threw the data away...surprised?
  141. Misc Ford Ad: Awesome
  142. General Politics Spin off thread, Palin or Pelosi ?
  143. Obama Something to ponder
  144. Obama Seals are on trial so who fixes this this time?
  145. General Politics Nannystate gone mad
  146. Obama The real Angry Americans wont forget by Novemeber
  147. U.S. Issues Seattle Cop Handled the situation
  148. General Politics Reagan Still Leads GOP
  149. Obama Obama speech: More troops, no endless commitment
  150. General Politics So.....
  151. Religion CBO Report: Stimulus package saved/created 600,000 - 1.6M jobs.
  152. Obama Obama supporters/voters: What issue will make you say 'enough'
  153. Elections In Praise of George W. Bush
  154. Environment MIT Meteorologist bangs the GlobalWarming Scare
  155. U.S. Issues Ike; An American Hero- Book Review
  156. Obama I have never been more proud of my non-vote
  157. Obama Krauthammer on the added troops
  158. U.S. Issues Westpoint Cadets Asked To Respond "Enthusiastically" To Obama Speech
  159. General Politics A Pelosi challenger....
  160. Obama So Much for that love for the Big O coming from Germany
  161. Obama Michael Moore (D-Jabbathehut) on ObamaSurge
  162. Obama BarryO's Job parties. Good lord.
  163. Nat'l Security Glenn Beck's Christmas Sweater
  164. Obama Rumsfeld Cries Foul on Obama Claim Troop Requests for Afghanistan Were Denied
  165. Media Govt will need to help shape U.S. media: Waxman
  166. General Politics LittleGreenFootballs abandons the Right
  167. Media ABC NEWS: President Obama's Secret: Only 100 al Qaeda Now in Afghanistan
  168. General Politics Time for Amendment 28
  169. Environment The CBO Report, and Why Tax Cuts Won't Fix The Economy
  170. U.S. Issues Uphold the Sanctity of Marriage
  171. Economics Socialized Pollution vs. the Free Market
  172. U.S. Issues Boxer: Hackers should face criminal probe over 'Climategate'
  173. U.S. Issues Arizona Court refuses to block 'immigrant-reporting' law
  174. Media Imus chuckle. God love the old boy.
  175. Obama Obama's Job Summit Speech...
  176. Int'l Issues Where is PETA when we need em?
  177. Environment Comedy Central Scoops Network News on Climate-Gate Scandal
  178. Economics Can we get rid of Bernanke since we can't get rid of Obama?
  179. U.S. Issues Another One Bites the Dust....sing along...everybody
  180. Environment Climategate: it's all unravelling now
  181. Obama Johnson, Gorbachev, Obama
  182. Economics Joe Says No, So Far
  183. Religion Take back Al Gore's Oscar, 2 Academy members demand
  184. Obama Pollster: Bummer
  185. U.S. Issues New Dem Idea: Use Troubled Asset Relief Program As "Infrastructure" Slush Fund
  186. Environment Time to pray for global warming...
  187. Legal Take down your flagpole, your US flagpole !
  188. U.S. Issues Burton stands up for Our Soldiers, wheres Obama?
  189. Religion Sweet Sister of Mercy!
  190. U.S. Issues Just what the Cons don't want to hear!
  191. Misc Couple giggles...
  192. General Politics Baucus Nominated Girlfriend for U.S. Attorney
  193. General Politics Is Reid willing to lose his job over health care reform?
  194. Media Climate Hot n Cold
  195. Int'l Issues Insurgents Not gonna be around to negotiate. Sunday WarPorn
  196. Environment Gulf Streams and Limos and hookers, oh my!
  197. Environment Climate issue made more simple
  198. U.S. Issues New national health insurance plan instead of a public option
  199. Environment Obama administration prepared to contain global warming without congressional action
  200. Obama Non Religious Christmas. They have no shame
  201. U.S. Issues Harry Reid Compares Opponents Of Health Care Reform To Supporters Of Slavery
  202. Obama Obama: We've Stopped Losing Jobs and Tarp Funds Can Go To Deficit Reduction...
  203. Environment A Link worth saving.
  204. Int'l Issues See, these are things we never even think about.
  205. Obama Obama might have competition from another Black Man...
  206. U.S. Issues More Obama Broken Promises
  207. Int'l Issues How can he be taken seriously?
  208. Obama New Gallup Poll: Lite approval at 47%
  209. Obama EPA out of control could be a bad deal for the O
  210. Obama Obama is now looking out for me, the small businessman.
  211. Obama ObamaMouthpiece Gibbs Attacks Gallup.
  212. Obama New Obama plans: 'spend our way out' of downturn
  213. Economics Do you support another Bernanke term? Consensus is growing against him.
  214. U.S. Issues 111 New Bureaucracies in Health Bill. Imagine how many govt ass sitters to run
  215. Obama How They play it and plan it
  216. Environment Copenhagen climate summit in disarray after 'Danish text' leak
  217. U.S. Issues Senate rejects Nelson amendment on abortion
  218. Economics The Repeal of Glass-Steagall and the Uptick Rule
  219. Environment More climate fraud being exposed...
  220. U.S. Issues Sen. Feinstein Says It’s ‘Morally Correct’ to Force Taxpayers to Fund Abortion
  221. Education What is "due process"?
  222. General Politics ACLU loses 25% of Operating Budget
  223. 9/11: Pentago Aircraft Hijack Impossible
  224. Environment Copenhagen climate summit: global warming 'caused by sun's radiation'
  225. U.S. Issues Socialist writes "Liberals Are Useless"
  226. Religion Neptune's Bones Dissolve - Al Gore seriously wrote a poem about Climate Change.
  227. General Politics The message cannot be said enough....
  228. Int'l Issues Double-Barreled Threat to U.S. Sovereignty
  229. Int'l Issues Sarkozy is a Leader.
  230. Obama These Norwegians just dont understand. He is The one.
  231. Economics If there is no roof can there be a ceiling?
  232. Nat'l Security Obama Cuts Funding....on immigration. Go figure.
  233. Obama Bush vs Obama: Near a dead heat. Sucks to be the O.
  234. U.S. Issues If you are anti-abortion voice it to Congress
  235. U.S. Issues Dems to lift debt ceiling by $1.8 trillion, fear 2010 backlash
  236. Environment Island Nations Fight For Survival At Climate Talks
  237. Nat'l Security Senior Al-quaeda leader killed in drone attack
  238. Int'l Issues Obama's Hawkish Nobel Prize Speech. Already calling it the Obama Doctrine.
  239. Environment Al Gore is a Big Fat Liar
  240. U.S. Issues Equal Opportunity vs. Equal Results
  241. Economics Sweeping bank reform bill clears House.
  242. Obama A thread about Obama
  243. Economics Pat Buchanan: Ron Paul's Hour of Power
  244. Legal Judge stops ACORN funding ban
  245. General Politics Book Titles You Will Never See People Write
  246. Environment Climate Data Not Faked - AP States
  247. Obama Rasmussen Poll. Seems its a trend?
  248. Obama Obamaville, Colorado. Cant Make this up.
  249. Obama Things are heating up in Copenhagen
  250. U.S. Issues George Carlin talking about the war in the Persian Gulf