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  1. U.S. Issues George Carlin talking about the war in the Persian Gulf
  2. Economics Too Big Not to Fail-Fantastic Overview of ....
  3. U.S. Issues Meltdown: Lieberman, At Least For Today, Blocks Obamacare...
  4. Environment Copenhagen stalls decision on catastrophic climate change for six years
  5. Int'l Issues Source: 'Alarming' secret document details Iran's nuclear goals
  6. Environment Sign Cap and Trade for Mars - NOW!!!
  7. Nat'l Security Terrorists in the Heartland: GitmoNorth to Illinois
  8. Misc Global Warming Christmas for Music Lovers
  9. U.S. Issues Matt Taibbi -- PhRMA Hack: Campaign Promises Are Just That
  10. Obama Dairy Poop. More Insanity from the Obama Admin.
  11. U.S. Issues 800,000 doses of kidsí H1N1 vaccine recalled
  12. General Politics The Dems Leadership. Gotta Love these people
  13. Media Why universal healthcare is a good thing.
  14. Education Soldier can't recall his course lessons...
  15. Economics This is very good.
  16. General Politics Lieutenant Colonel Allen West
  17. Obama Charles Krauthammer on Obummercare
  18. Misc TIME Magazine Person of the the Year for 2009 is.......
  19. Legal Big Pharma vs. Tort Reform
  20. Obama UK midwife: "No woman should have to give birth in these conditions"
  21. Obama Dems move to make every illegal legal.
  22. Int'l Issues Ugandans do not care for the gays
  23. Economics More fleecing
  24. General Politics Free Stuff From Sam!!!!!
  25. U.S. Issues How can you stimulate the economy?
  26. General Politics Why Universal Health care is a BAD thing
  27. Economics Banks aren't lending. Question.
  28. Poop DC poster of the year~
  29. Poop Poster of the year~
  30. Poop We should have a DC Poster of the Year thread
  31. Poop Maybe SHTSPRAYER is actually black
  32. ChiefsPlanet Nominees for the 2009 "DC" post of the year.
  33. General Politics It's official: Howard Dean has joined the screams against Health Care.
  34. U.S. Issues The Senate Health care reform bill is BS
  35. Religion Islam
  36. Economics Ron Paul spars Barney Frank on LKL
  37. Nat'l Security BorderWar heats up. Cartel leader shot
  38. Obama Obama\Dem BS hypocracy at its finest...
  39. Nat'l Security US Drones Twarted by $26 Russian Software
  40. Education Independents lolz
  41. General Politics Clinton says US willing to commit 10 BILLION dollars a year toward GW fund
  42. Obama Dean: I Won't 'Vigorously' Back Obama Re-election Bid
  43. U.S. Issues How Americans See The World Map
  44. U.S. Issues McConnell nails Reid on Health Care Bill
  45. Int'l Issues Chavez in Copenhagen
  46. Environment A Call to Misinformation Fighters
  47. U.S. Issues Dems trying to sneak health care vote on X-mas Eve
  48. Environment More fake global warming data released
  49. U.S. Issues 60 Minutes: The cost of dying
  50. Economics Why the $787 billion stimulus failed at job growth
  51. U.S. Issues Lieberman Puppets
  52. U.S. Issues DC snowstorm chills Pelosi's global warming trip
  53. Poop Teabaggers and Circle Jerks...
  54. Nat'l Security GOP votes against the bill to support our trooops. Shame. Shame.Shame.
  55. U.S. Issues Since Our New Health Care Reforms Don't Begin For the Most Part Until 2014...
  56. U.S. Issues Health Care now bought and sold - Sen Nelson bought off
  57. Economics Fraud in Europe's Cap and Trade System a 'Red Flag,' Critics Say
  58. Environment Copenhagen failure a big win for those anti-UN
  59. U.S. Issues Sen. Reidís Government-Run Health Plan STILL Requires a Monthly Abortion Fee
  60. Obama HC Buy off. What was the real cost?
  61. U.S. Issues Health Care Stocks Rise...
  62. General Politics Poking the stick at the GOP on CP
  63. Obama Claire McJoker?
  64. U.S. Issues Democrats vote against the American People, shame shame shame.
  65. Obama Obama: We Can't Treat Tax Dollars Like "Monopoly Money"
  66. General Politics America Moving from Kingdom of Cash to Socialism Slowly but Surely
  67. Religion I wonder how many of you will convert to Christianity now
  68. U.S. Issues What REAL health care reform would be...
  69. U.S. Issues Abortion deal may be hard to keep in health bill
  70. U.S. Issues Sen. Whitehouse: Foes of health care bill are birthers, right-wing militias, aryan gr
  71. U.S. Issues Compulsory Health Insurance is a Govt Takeover
  72. Obama Just One More Conclusion B+ Is Wrong About...
  73. Obama HC passage is hurting Obummer Polls dropping still
  74. General Politics Dems drop a House seat. A Dem comes over to the right side.
  75. General Politics $1.2 Bil Bribes and Payoffs: "Small stuff" Harkin (D-Garbage)
  76. Elections Rand Paul's big lead over Establishment
  77. U.S. Issues Republican AG's eyeing deal that landed Nelson's vote on health care bill
  78. Misc Claire's poster
  79. Obama Health Care Backlash?
  80. U.S. Issues Leave it up to Bernie Sanders to tell the truth...
  81. U.S. Issues Harry Reid attempts to make creepy death panels permanent
  82. Religion Closeted Christians
  83. Obama BO Disapproval now higher than Bush at end of his tenure
  84. General Politics Good year for lobbyists
  85. Obama As Expected, Dems refuse to clean up the ugly mess
  86. General Politics Nebraska Governor, We should all be so lucky
  87. Economics Oops...CBO says funny accounting in Senate bill hiding the fact deficit will increase
  88. Obama Barak, Harry and Nancy's Plan: Bend Over for Change
  89. U.S. Issues Senior Dem: Kill the Senate health reform bill and start over
  90. U.S. Issues For Their Next Trick . . .Reid, Pelosi..go behind closed doors
  91. Nat'l Security Is Bin Laden in Iran ?
  92. General Politics Go Green, Recycle Congress: McCaskills Office Demonstrator
  93. Obama This Sounds Bad. Why is this necessary?
  94. Nat'l Security Merry Christmas JihadiScum
  95. General Politics Send Harry an Email or call..He is delusional
  96. Economics This makes too much sense. Congress would never go for it..
  97. U.S. Issues My Solution to the Health Care Problem
  98. U.S. Issues Trial Lawyers got $50 Million from Harry for Christmas
  99. Misc True meaning of (fill in the blanks with your choice)
  100. General Politics Stick another ribbon on your SUV
  101. U.S. Issues Salvation Army murder. Bad stuff. CARRY A GUN.
  102. U.S. Issues fox news has no shame
  103. Nat'l Security Profiling is not allowed why?
  104. Obama Where are the Lawyers? Someone should help but that would be anti-union
  105. Misc Posting an Email- Fun/good read
  106. Poop Now that the holidays are over,
  107. Misc Detroit Plane Bomber. Hurts to read this.
  108. Int'l Issues The Joys of Anonymous Airstrikes
  109. Nat'l Security Napolitano: "The system worked"
  110. Education America, "a hellhole"???????
  111. U.S. Issues Drunk Sen. Baucus on the Senate Floor
  112. Nat'l Security U.S. quietly takes terror war to Yemen
  113. Nat'l Security After further review...Napolitano decides the system failed
  114. Nat'l Security Wonder if this is how Janets System "works"
  115. Obama Unionize Security? Never pass up a good crisis!
  116. Obama Terrorist, Iran in flames, and Brits asking where is Obama?
  117. Religion Did Jesus have siblings?
  118. Obama Freddie and Fannie Rewarded for Outstanding performance.
  119. General Politics Secretary of Department of Homeland Security
  120. Nat'l Security Peter King calls out the PC crowd. Dude shows some balls.
  121. Religion Additional proof of ancient aliens or ..
  122. General Politics Obama in Hawaii leaves golf course abruptly
  123. Nat'l Security Men believed behind airplane plot were freed from Gitmo
  124. Nat'l Security When is B.O. closing Gitmo?
  125. Religion Handling problems the Obama way
  126. General Politics Detroit - interesting read
  127. U.S. Issues Phone points illegal border crossers to water
  128. Nat'l Security Janet is on top iof it. But which "it" is the question???
  129. Obama Words from the past....
  130. Obama Obama: US intel had info ahead of airliner attack
  131. Obama Barack Obama gets an 'F' for protecting Americans
  132. Obama Ben Nelson down 30 points in reelection bid
  133. Obama Obama appoints new C.O. at Ft. Leavenworth?
  134. Obama Obama Admin: Dont profile Muslims....How safe do you feel?
  135. Religion 'Hundreds of al-Qaeda militants planning attacks from Yemen'
  136. Inside job to infringe more freedoms?
  137. Media Conspiracy Theory
  138. General Politics OK, it was on Fox News
  139. Int'l Issues BigRedChief
  140. Nat'l Security Suspicious white van that caused Times Square shutdown
  141. Nat'l Security TSA attacks bloggers for being critical of them!
  142. Misc Rush Limbaugh taken to hospital in serious condition
  143. Obama DCCC: Obama 'more aggressive in fighting al Qaeda' than Bush
  144. Obama Looking for blame, ignore the problem
  145. Economics Harsh lessons we may need to learn again-Stiglitz year end column
  146. Obama 10 Most Corrupt list for 2009
  147. ChiefsPlanet New Years
  148. ChiefsPlanet Happy New Year to all of my friends at Chiefs Planet.
  149. Environment No Rise of Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Fraction in Past 160 Years
  150. U.S. Issues Mayo Clinic in Arizona to Stop Treating Some Medicare Patients
  151. Obama Ben Nelson: "Call off the dogs"
  152. Nat'l Security Kick off 2010 with a Bang
  153. Obama Danish Newspaper Says 'Obama Greater Than Jesus'
  154. Obama Cluelessness. Interesting read. Even the faithful are growing weary.
  155. Environment No Rise in Carbon Dioxide
  156. Int'l Issues Iran is starting to push
  157. Obama MIchelle Obama on the PETA bandwagon.
  158. Obama Shouldnt a Sherrifs Department get Obama bucks?
  159. Obama Post-Modern Race Problem- PC
  160. Obama Obama's War-lite will get us knowhere and our soldiers killed
  161. Obama Numbers bad? Attack the pollster!
  162. Environment The SeedyCock-FlipFlap Global Warming Scientific Method...
  163. Nat'l Security Underwear Bomber NOT An Enemy Combatant
  164. Obama Shades of things to come: Great Britain
  165. General Politics Obama Handshake Snub
  166. Obama NO Conference on HC Bill. Force it Down the peoples throat
  167. U.S. Issues Medicare for all!
  168. Obama This outfit should be told to go pound sand
  169. Obama Lieberman understands. Weakness is bad.
  170. Economics Now I know why UP retired
  171. Nat'l Security Obama's method of handling terrorists...How about a plea bargain?
  172. Obama If you didnt think things were bad enough...
  173. U.S. Issues Ariz. border agent fatally shoots suspected illegal immigrant
  174. General Politics Obama the campaigner: Health Care negotiations will be on C-SPAN
  175. Obama Obama Transgender Appointment
  176. Obama Democrat Sens. Dodd, Dorgan won't seek re-election
  177. Obama The C-Span Lie? See Eight Clips of Obama Promising Televised Healthcare Negotiations
  178. Nat'l Security Obama "soft" on terriosts? Try selling that BS to these guys.
  179. Obama Sources: Obama, Dems to sidestep GOP on health care
  180. Obama Islamisation of Europe...scarey stuff
  181. U.S. Issues Kids in trouble for 911 tee shirts.
  182. Obama Scared Yet? You should be.
  183. Environment Whale Boat Nutjobs get run over by Jap Whalers
  184. Obama Another Flip Flop. Unions won't be happy.
  185. General Politics 200 Million $$$$ COST for the trial of KSM
  186. U.S. Issues If B.O. gets his way...
  187. U.S. Issues Obama security adviser says bomb report a shocker
  188. U.S. Issues Geithnerís Fed Told AIG to Limit Swaps Disclosure
  189. U.S. Issues Nelson: We should have waited on health care
  190. Economics Walk Away From Your Mortgage!
  191. Obama Jack Cafferty Rips Obama on Failed Openness Pledge: 'Just Another Lie Told...
  192. Economics Our Budget director with the bad hair piece is quite the ladies man.
  193. Nat'l Security Obama says anti-terror 'buck' stops with him
  194. Obama Obama needs to create 6.3 million jobs in 2010...
  195. Obama This is why we need higher, tighter security
  196. Economics Do you think Obama regrets HC and Climate Change over jobs and security?
  197. Economics Is Corporate America ****ing the Country?
  198. Nat'l Security Want to be an Air Marshal?
  199. Nat'l Security Christmas terror suspect pleads not guilty
  200. Nat'l Security Need more prrof that Napolitano has no business in her position??
  201. Obama The sheer Insanity of this is hard to imagine
  202. Obama France of all places Takes a hard line
  203. Obama Peggy Noonan Hits it out of the park.
  204. Obama I know people hate it when someone posts an e-mail, but it nails the Obama mind set
  205. Obama Terrorist Catches a Break. I bet we made a lot of RadicalIslamists stop being Radical
  206. U.S. Issues My first and only thread/post in DC
  207. General Politics Comes back to bite him on the ass. The white racebaiter.
  208. Nat'l Security The World is going Mad.
  209. Elections Massachusetts Election will be one to watch closely
  210. Obama Obam's New method on signing statements..ignore the law
  211. General Politics Knowing that whatever change would pass
  212. Nat'l Security Mexican Border violence grows worse.
  213. Nat'l Security duplicate (NM)
  214. Nat'l Security B.O.'s executive order granting immunity to Interpol
  215. Poop Amercia Rising
  216. Nat'l Security Question about border control
  217. U.S. Issues Bottom line...was Goldman Sachs the reason AIG failed?
  218. Nat'l Security Underwear Bomber to get plea bargain???
  219. Environment FEDS: December was 14th coldest in 115 years...
  220. Economics The Age of the Porkulus
  221. Religion Faith Issue
  222. Environment The mini ice age starts here
  223. General Politics LOL : Palin to join Fox News.
  224. U.S. Issues Kaite Couric to call out Dems on spening on Copenhagen trip???
  225. Obama Another Wackjob Appointee. This time is TSA
  226. Environment Why in the hell did take so long?
  227. Obama ObamaYouth turning away
  228. Obama Obama Health Care Approval - 36%
  229. Obama Poll: Obama Health Care Marks Hit New Low
  230. Obama CBS sharpens their crayons
  231. U.S. Issues Harry Reid and the Dems set the Black Community back 50+ years..
  232. Obama Is Cynthia Romer Insane? Why cant these people tell the truth for once?
  233. Economics Wal-Mart's low prices to go up??
  234. Elections "It's the peoples seat"
  235. U.S. Issues Just As I Predicted...
  236. Obama I have often wondered about this
  237. Obama Yikes!! New estimate of Trial costs to NYC. Change we cant afford.
  238. U.S. Issues Real Clear Politics Average: Obama Goes From +43.5 To +1.5 In One Year
  239. Obama Obama 'strengthened America' in first year: White House
  240. General Politics Will Georgia Nullify National Health Care?
  241. Economics ARM's about to reset, gas prices going back up...
  242. U.S. Issues Labor angry over Obama-backed insurance tax
  243. Nat'l Security Sick Man On 'Do Not Board' List Flies From Philly
  244. U.S. Issues U.S. Chamber warns of 'double-dip' recession because of Dem policies
  245. Economics Mosquito Coast
  246. Religion This is amazing. Islamist killings over 2 months
  247. U.S. Issues Harold Ford Jr. is pissing off the Dem party Gods..
  248. U.S. Issues MA Senate Race: Dem Coakley Admits GOP Brown's Gains Are "Frightening"
  249. U.S. Issues Rory Reid's Gubernatorial Bid Suffers as Dad Harry Faces Declining Polls
  250. Obama White House changes stimulus job accounting