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  1. U.S. Issues Uh-Oh...Dems At Impasse On Health Care Reform
  2. U.S. Issues "An Almost Clinical State Of Denial"
  3. Media Tragic accident befalls nuclear scientist in Tehran
  4. U.S. Issues Are public 'servants' becoming our masters?
  5. Obama ObamaCare is going to be VERY expensive. Every Change by Pelosi/Reid are big bucks
  6. General Politics Census Marketing. For crying out loud. Govt at its best.
  7. U.S. Issues Coakley Aid Shoves Reporter
  8. U.S. Issues he FED(private entity) makes RECORD PROFITS
  9. U.S. Issues Seating Mass. Senate winner could be delayed
  10. Economics Why Obama must take on Wall Street
  11. U.S. Issues Pelosi pushed to exempt Unions for HC tax
  12. Misc Relaxation Therapy. Talibunnies in Never never land.
  13. Int'l Issues Pat Robertson Blames Haiti's "Pact To The Devil" For Catastrophe
  14. Obama Health Care Talks at the White House
  15. Economics California's Stem Cell Research Failure
  16. Legal Prop 8 Trial: Day Two, Tuesday
  17. Obama Are we broke yet? Feds tell states to come up with another $1.2Billion.
  18. General Politics How's this gonna set with lefties, peaceniks, and weakniks?
  19. Economics Forcing IRA/401k to invest in Treasuries??
  20. U.S. Issues Obama Is So Naive It Borders On the Comical
  21. Obama Just 23% would "definitely" vote to re-elect Obama
  22. Media Teabaggers? Nope Nutbaggers!
  23. Nat'l Security While Obama tapes TV spots for Mass....
  24. U.S. Issues Jon Stewart - CSPAN clip
  25. General Politics Who mispells the spelling of they're home state ?
  26. Obama Obama keeping his distance from Massachusetts race
  27. Legal Supreme Court Resources
  28. General Politics Sarah Palin. Dumb.
  29. U.S. Issues It's all the damn computers' fault!!!! White House says...
  30. U.S. Issues Joe Biden update: He meets on transparency today. But the meeting is closed
  31. U.S. Issues Problem in comparing the U.S. to other countries on health care
  32. U.S. Issues EDITORIAL: Menacing turn in Black Panther case
  33. Education No surprise: Dick Cheney #1
  34. Obama Obama's cousin is a Doc. New Website pretty interesting
  35. Elections Coakley: Catholics shouldn't work in the emergency room.
  36. General Politics Qestion for Liberals & Conservatives Poll to follow !
  37. General Politics Pimpin' My Guy...#9 Most Influential Conservative
  38. U.S. Issues Scott Brown: Moves into lead in fresh poll...
  39. U.S. Issues Schumer Pulls 'Tea-Bagger' Card on GOP Candidate Brown
  40. Obama Black Panthers. Is this a new Radical Muslim front?
  41. Obama APNewsBreak: AP sources: Obama to Massachusetts
  42. Poop The Intelligence of DC
  43. General Politics Then vs. Now: Katrina vs Haiti
  44. General Politics Health Care Bill
  45. Misc yuck yuck
  46. Media Rush Limbaugh Tells People Not To Donate Money To Haiti
  47. General Politics Make The Pie Higher
  48. U.S. Issues Senate Can Pass Health With 51 Votes, Van Hollen Says
  49. U.S. Issues So if Unions are exempt from health care tax..
  50. U.S. Issues Did Coakley cross the line on this ad?
  51. U.S. Issues Another Coakley gaffe????
  52. General Politics Coakley:Curt Schilling another Yankee Fan...Ooops
  53. Obama States See Unintended Consequence Imposed by ObamaCare
  54. Obama Will Obama win it for Coakley?
  55. U.S. Issues Coakley’s Husband’s Union Endorses Scott Brown
  56. Obama Krauthammer Nails another one
  57. U.S. Issues Howard Dean: "It's Going To Be A Hard November For Democrats..."
  58. U.S. Issues WRAPUP 2-U.S. Democrats close in on healthcare agreement
  59. Education What events/people sparked your interest in politics?
  60. Obama What the hell. Somebody check this out !
  61. U.S. Issues Are the Democrats done for the next 4 years?
  62. Elections Lib Fail
  63. U.S. Issues SEIU Members for Scott Brown??? Say it ain't so, Martha!!
  64. Nat'l Security Obama making the same Mistakes as Truman, Bush, Lbj....
  65. U.S. Issues Yes, ANOTHER Coakley Gaffe...
  66. Elections High voter turnout expected on Tuesday
  67. U.S. Issues DEMS IN MA: Brown Is A Right-Wing Birther Who Hates Rape Victims And Loves Corruption
  68. U.S. Issues Precedent: Kirk Loses His Vote In Senate After Thursday
  69. Obama Geez...What Does Obama Have Against Truck Drivers?
  70. U.S. Issues White House Plan Unfolds -- Push House To Accept Senate Bill
  71. U.S. Issues Liberal Mass. Paper endorses Scott Brown???
  72. U.S. Issues Brown rally draws more than Obama\Coakley
  73. U.S. Issues Sources: Obama advisers believe Coakley will lose
  74. Elections Intrade likes Brown
  75. U.S. Issues Brown up in latest poll by 9.6%...
  76. Obama Latest "problems we inherited" sightings
  77. Nat'l Security Taliban Militants Launch Attack on Afghan Capital
  78. Economics B.O. is killing the economy
  79. U.S. Issues Lawyers in Mass. are gearing up for result decision
  80. U.S. Issues Coakley turns MLK breakfast into poltical forum
  81. General Politics Who watches this guy????????
  82. U.S. Issues Dem Mayor of Quincy, MA endorses Scott Brown
  83. U.S. Issues Poll: Scott Brown surges to double-digit lead over Martha Coakley
  84. U.S. Issues This came as an email and I can't disprove it.
  85. Elections Ed Schultz we should cheat them bastards..
  86. Int'l Issues Idiot who shot Pope will probably get millions.
  87. U.S. Issues PELOSI: "We Will Have Health Care One Way Or Another"
  88. Obama State of the Union to be held Jan. 27th
  89. Obama Obama's New Strategy: FIGHT HARDER! BLAME REPUBLICANS!
  90. ChiefsPlanet Tim Tebow becomes ChiefsPlanet's favorite for Round 1
  91. U.S. Issues Amazing Speech
  92. ChiefsPlanet Will Massachussettes save us from socialism?
  93. Int'l Issues Chavez: US occupying Haiti
  94. Economics Feds punishing Texas
  95. Education Olbermann gets his ass chewed out
  96. Elections Post all mass democrat voter fraud here
  97. General Politics Barney Frank: God Didn't Create the Filibuster
  98. U.S. Issues Mass. Exit Polls.....kinda
  99. U.S. Issues Boston Globe calls election for Martha Coakley?
  100. U.S. Issues Coakley adviser memo: D.C. Dems 'failed' Coakley
  101. General Politics Black Conservatives Take Lead Role in Tea Party Movement
  102. Elections B.O. is a Pariah
  103. Int'l Issues Israel aid to Haiti
  104. Elections Luntz can't muster up a focus group of Moxley supporters
  105. U.S. Issues **Official Massachusetts Election Results Thread**
  106. Economics Unemployment duration exploding
  107. Obama What can Brown do for you???
  108. General Politics Hey republicans...you're no different than what happened in Mass.
  109. General Politics So, Is Teddy Rolling Over In His Grave?
  110. Obama Lite=Epic Fail. Read em and weep
  111. U.S. Issues The fallout: Democrats rethinking health care bill
  112. General Politics How many Dems will jump off the healthcare ship?
  113. Elections You are on notice
  114. Elections Best Brown Line Paraphrasing
  115. General Politics I could be late to the party. "Street Fight" - Anyone else see this?
  116. U.S. Issues Obama 2010 State of the Union...
  117. U.S. Issues Buchanan: Is America Moving Right?
  118. Obama Ed Schultz just conceded that Lite is weak
  119. U.S. Issues Pelosi to push for the worst option of all on health care
  120. Obama November 2012 will be a bloodletting for Obamunists!
  121. General Politics Lanny Davis: It's the Left's fault
  122. General Politics B.O.'s one year anniversary
  123. Elections B.O. Backlash
  124. Int'l Issues That must have been a very annoying ring tone
  125. Elections Obamunists calling Scott Brown a "date rapist"
  126. U.S. Issues There doesn't seem to be alot of Moonbat activity today
  127. U.S. Issues Stossel, your Stimulus tax dollars and Global Warming
  128. General Politics Anyway we can push to have Olberman removed?
  129. Nat'l Security The Best Part about this Mass Defeat...
  130. Media What has the Republican Party really changed about itself since 2008?
  131. Economics OK, so let's assume that B.O.'s agenda is dead in the water
  132. U.S. Issues Dems to wait on Brown vote...
  133. Obama Bush Reason Brown Elected
  134. Religion Too Far or Has it's Place?
  135. General Politics I love gridlock
  136. Obama The Day ObamaCare Died-Song/Video
  137. Obama Stupak: Senate bill wouldn't get 100 votes in the House
  138. Poop Olberman vs. KarmaBites 1
  139. Elections Hitler Finds Out Scott Brown won Massachusetts
  140. U.S. Issues Ann Coulter: That Old Obama Magic is Back
  141. U.S. Issues Democrats propose $1.9T increase in debt limit
  142. Nat'l Security FBI uncovers...............
  143. Obama Where Obama and the Dems went wrong on health care...
  144. Economics America is fast becoming a banana republic
  145. Legal Massive SCOTUS decision related to corporations and campaign finance
  146. Elections Why Scott Brown really won
  147. U.S. Issues Optimism
  148. U.S. Issues Ron Paul Delivers State of the Republic Address
  149. Environment Lisa Murkowski wins Dem support onfight against EPA
  150. U.S. Issues Breaking: Dems To Pursue Reconcilliation On Health Care
  151. Media Air America Goes Under
  152. Local I wish I could just laugh at the absurdity of life
  153. Obama Bloomberg Hammers Obama, Congress Over Bank Plan
  154. U.S. Issues Today is the first day of the unravelling of Democracy...
  155. U.S. Issues Americas elections will be even more of a joke
  156. Elections Buyer's Remorse...
  157. Misc Independence Test
  158. Nat'l Security Little Rock killing was jihad
  159. General Politics B.O.'s just wild about Harry!
  160. Economics I found a group of people who are happy with B.O.
  161. Obama Has Obama effectively paralyzed the economy?
  162. Economics Unsustainable debt and B.O.'s impending folly
  163. Economics Obama inspiring investor confidence/sarcasm
  164. Obama Gitmo was to be closed today....
  165. General Politics The "B.O. is doing a great job" thread.
  166. Poop Question for E. Norma Stitz
  167. General Politics Evan Bayh leading the scamper to the dem-right
  168. Economics Senate Dems Not Sure They Can Get Enough Votes to Reconfirm Bernanke
  169. Elections would you favor smaller government with fewer services? From Denver Post
  170. Media The Daily Show: Special Comment Keith Olbermanns Name-Calling
  171. Obama While dems spout rage over SCOTUS...lookie
  172. Elections 40 Executives Ask Congress to Stop Pestering them for $$
  173. Nat'l Security Britain raises international terrorist level to "Severe"
  174. Poop Heard in the Barbershop today:
  175. Obama Obama Seen as Anti-Business by 77% of U.S. Investors
  176. Nat'l Security Marc Thiessen Confronts Christiane Amanpour on Waterboarding Propaganda
  177. Education The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
  178. General Politics Mathews slams Liberal Hero Grayson....
  179. General Politics Obama now knows more about constitutional law than the SC
  180. U.S. Issues An example of what any single citizen can do to influence politics
  181. Obama Totus Goes to Grade School. Un-Freaking-believeable
  182. Elections 5 States where GOP might pull another Brown
  183. General Politics Link: Glenn Becks Communism special
  184. General Politics How hope, change turned into bum year for President Obama
  185. Nat'l Security Good news...US Marines end role in Iraq
  186. Media Why the Left hates SCOTUS....
  187. U.S. Issues Senior White House Advisers Can't Agree On Their Own "Jobs Saved" Number
  188. General Politics Holy Cow. The Astroturfing is everywhere
  189. Obama Obama: Stimulus will create 4.1 million jobs
  190. General Politics We want Jaz
  191. Int'l Issues Chemical Ali Hanged.
  192. Economics A blueprint for Financial Reform-Dr Hussman
  193. Poop Sources: John Edwards Has a Sex Tape
  194. U.S. Issues Biden's own son doesn't want to run for US Congress
  195. U.S. Issues The New Dem Health Care Strategy -- You're Not Going To Believe This
  196. General Politics Glenn Beck For Dummies
  197. Obama Obama Administration Steers Lucrative No-Bid Contract for Afghan Work to Dem Donor
  198. General Politics Obama Administration Steers Lucrative No-Bid Contract for Afghan Work to Dem Donor
  199. Elections The Mad as Hell Party
  200. Economics Obamao: Water is a privilege
  201. Economics Middle Class: Be afraid
  202. U.S. Issues OBAMA To Dems: "The Big Difference [Between Now] and In '94 Was You've Got Me"
  203. U.S. Issues Obama targets middle class with new aid plans
  204. Environment China and India won't sign Copenhagen accord.
  205. General Politics Rush Limbaugh - I Don't Even Want To Be Alive Anymore
  206. Economics Will B.O. target middle class retirement nest eggs?
  207. Obama The Next Takeover: Obama targets Student Loans
  208. General Politics Internal Fox News Poll
  209. Economics Government unions win, you lose
  210. Economics Obama to Gauge Economy by the next Boss Album
  211. U.S. Issues Obama Seeks Freeze on Many Domestic Programs
  212. U.S. Issues Copenhagen costs over $1 mil
  213. Economics AP: Figures on government spending and debt
  214. Economics Song that raps Keyne's theories
  215. General Politics Cynicism
  216. U.S. Issues Verizon to cut 13,000 jobs!
  217. Economics The "What B.O. would say on truth serum at State Of Union" thread
  218. Economics Some people never learn
  219. U.S. Issues Eliminate the Income Tax
  220. General Politics Oh, this is going to get good...
  221. U.S. Issues Bipartisan group of Senators call on Holder to pull the plug on NY terror trials
  222. Media Poll: Fox is most trusted name in news
  223. Obama Pols: Tri-Staters Not In Love With 'New' Obama
  224. Obama Proposed spending freeze to save $250 bil by year 2020??
  225. Obama Obama On The C-SPAN "Mistake"
  226. Economics Walmart Haters - Apple is fighting to drop TV episodes to $0.99 cents
  227. Economics Scandal? Documents show Bernanke acted unilaterally in bailing out AIG
  228. Nat'l Security Who knew Christopher Columbus was an asshole?
  229. Obama 132: The Number of Times Obama Refers to Himself in One Speech
  230. Obama Obama aims to ax moon mission
  231. Int'l Issues Oliver Stone Says Banksters “Enabled” Hitler and the Nazis
  232. Proposition 8 Trial
  233. Economics Morons in Oregon vote in favor of decreasing employment
  234. U.S. Issues Geithner gets his ass CHEWED!!!
  235. Economics B.O.'s puppetmaster George Soros wants more debt
  236. Nat'l Security Would you assassinate an American citizen who is part of AQ?
  237. U.S. Issues Obama to seek repeal of Don't ask, Don't tell tonight
  238. Environment Roll out solar panels?
  239. Obama Excerpts of the State of the Union Speech
  240. U.S. Issues Bob McDonnell's GOP Response: Full Text
  241. Obama **Official State of the Union comment thread**
  242. U.S. Issues Hillary skips SOTU - Distancing for electoral positioning?
  243. General Politics Katie and Barrack
  244. Nat'l Security Obama's new Military...
  245. Misc People sign petition to "increase inflation to 100%" to cause hyperinflation.
  246. U.S. Issues Democratic anger goes public in prime time
  247. Obama MSNBC's Matthews On Obama: "I Forgot He Was Black Tonight"
  248. General Politics B.O.'s solution for America: More of me!
  249. U.S. Issues 2nd Amendment Comments by Ted Nugent
  250. Economics That was funny last night, when the Jackass said...