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  1. Obama MSNBC's Matthews On Obama: "I Forgot He Was Black Tonight"
  2. General Politics B.O.'s solution for America: More of me!
  3. U.S. Issues 2nd Amendment Comments by Ted Nugent
  4. Economics That was funny last night, when the Jackass said...
  5. Obama .FACT CHECK: Obama and a toothless commission
  6. U.S. Issues RIP Howard Zinn
  7. U.S. Issues Why did B.O. attack the Supreme Court?
  8. Economics All Senate Dem's vote to raise debt limit
  9. ChiefsPlanet For all our liberal friends, enjoy
  10. U.S. Issues Senate permits gov't to borrow an additional $1.9T
  11. Legal Another lie B.O. said last night
  12. U.S. Issues Americans sign petition to repeal 1st amendment.
  13. Obama F the public - Dems play the reconciliation card.
  14. Obama OBama's facts wrong on attack of the SCOTUS
  15. Obama White House Says Move the 9/11 Trials Out of New York
  16. U.S. Issues Send Geithner to Prison for Lying to the American People
  17. Media How to report the news
  18. Elections McSame Feingold Act PDF
  19. Economics Economy grows at fastest pace in 6 years. GDP up 5.7% in Q4.
  20. Economics B.O. administration floating new tax ideas
  21. Economics Obama to Propose $5,000 Tax Credit Per New Job
  22. Economics Economy in the toilet, and B.O. is making it worse
  23. U.S. Issues Pelosi Lives high while worried about unemployment...
  24. Obama It's freezing this morning....
  25. Obama Wait A Minute...Didn't Obama Say the Era Of Earmarks Was Over?
  26. U.S. Issues Obama taking questions from GOP house members live and unscripted.
  27. Roeder found GUILTY
  28. Obama One more Whopper
  29. General Politics One big Union. All Dem.
  30. Obama 'Nobel Peace Prize-winner Barack Obama ups spending on nuclear weapons
  31. Local To the right, and to the left
  32. Economics Obama increased the debt more than Reagan and George W.....Myth and BS
  33. U.S. Issues Fact or Fiction, this is just another email, but if true . . .
  34. Obama HC Question for Liberals....
  35. Poop “Bin Laden” Tape: Pathetic Attempt To Bolster Crumbling Global Warming Scam
  36. U.S. Issues Free life insurance for everyone paid for by tax dollars
  37. Obama A Letter To The President from the American people...
  38. General Politics Rasmussen Poll: More Americans think B.O. is a liar
  39. Obama Can't Keep your Insurance? Say it aint so Barak
  40. Obama Biden.
  41. U.S. Issues The Japanese want U.S. out of Japan.
  42. Environment Climate chief was told of false glacier claims before Copenhagen
  43. Elections Sarah Palin to Endorse Rand Paul?
  44. Economics WTH? Another $100 Billion for a Jobs Program?
  45. General Politics Riddle me this
  46. Obama Baghdad Bob Gibbs...This guy is a slimeball
  47. Nat'l Security US raises stakes on Iran by sending in ships and missiles
  48. Economics B.O.'s $3.8 Trillion Budget Forecasts a $1.6 Trillion Shortfall for 2010
  49. Nat'l Security AHMADINEJAD: 'Iran will deliver telling blow to global powers on Feb. 11'...
  50. Environment Climategate: time for the tumbrils
  51. Nat'l Security The Sharp Dressed Man Who Aided Mutallab Onto Flight 253 Was U.S. Government Agent
  52. Obama 1.6 Trillion Over
  53. Obama White House to paint grim fiscal picture: source
  54. Economics "Official" 2011 Budget thread
  55. Obama Obama tells a flat out lie....
  56. General Politics Claire Goes to Florida. This one is shameless.
  57. Elections Debra Medina picking up steam
  58. U.S. Issues What is the Left's obsession with Saul Alinsky??
  59. Obama The new Class War
  60. U.S. Issues Clyburn: 'We've got to spend our way out of this recession'
  61. U.S. Issues DST to layoff 7 percent of workforce
  62. Economics The economy is in shambles
  63. Nat'l Security This represents Homeland Security. Total Committment
  64. Economics Backdoor taxes to hit middle class
  65. Religion The Moon, the true giver of life???
  66. Media Article on Olbermann
  67. Economics Reuters Pulls 'Backdoor Taxes' Story
  68. U.S. Issues bipartisan deficit commission. What happened?
  69. Local MO State Employees screwed again...
  70. Int'l Issues Photo by: AP Ahmadinejad: Iran ready to send uranium abroad as UN wants
  71. Economics Please Send This Letter to Your Senators in Opposition to the Bernanke Nomination
  72. Obama Is Obma breaking the law on TARP?
  73. U.S. Issues Treasury says we will hit new debt ceiling in Fed of 09
  74. Obama Illinois Primary
  75. Economics IRS is arming up!
  76. Nat'l Security Underwear Bomber talking/snitching on Al-Quaeda
  77. U.S. Issues B.O. "I don't think I said that"
  78. U.S. Issues Arrested TSA worker asked girl to be his ’sex slave’
  79. Legal Campaign Contributions Pay off:NLJ: Temporary Estate Tax Repeal Creates Boon
  80. U.S. Issues Treasury says we will hit debt ceiling in FEB of 2010
  81. Obama Rahm: Classless Piece of Human Waste.
  83. Obama Obama rips Republicans for 'obstruction'
  84. U.S. Issues Senator McCain's Health Care Reform Views
  85. Media Acorn Pimp in Hot Water
  86. Education Teachers Union, NAACP sue to keep failing schools open
  87. Nat'l Security Salon Mag asks what did Bush and Cheney do wrong?
  88. Nat'l Security Serious DADT question...
  89. Economics Fiscal Armageddon
  90. Economics Another B.O. tax hike
  91. Obama Fun is Bad. Obama says don't do Vegas.
  92. U.S. Issues Phoenix gives OK to 2% tax on food
  93. Economics First-time jobless claims rise unexpectedly
  94. U.S. Issues US debt to hit proposed ceiling by end-February: Treasury
  95. Economics Will the DOW drop under 10,000 today?
  96. U.S. Issues NY's Cuomo Charges Ken Lewis of Bank of America
  97. Economics Senate to pass a bi-partisan jobs bill?
  98. Environment Air for Sale?
  99. Misc NBC celebrates Black History Month
  100. Legal Obama’s Auntie Still Freeloading
  101. Obama Obama proved a lot of us right on health care reform...
  102. U.S. Issues Investigation Chief: Swine Flu Pandemic Was A Hoax
  103. Economics Somebody worked hard for this money...
  104. Environment Climategate spreads like an ozone hole
  105. Obama Obama Praises Navy "Corpse-Man" (Ron Burgundy Alert)
  106. Environment India pull out of UN Climate Panel...says UN is not reliable
  107. Environment The IPCC’s Love Guru ROFL
  108. General Politics For all the complaints about back room deals and bribes
  109. Economics Gee I thought the MSM said the recession was over?
  110. Economics 20,000 jobs lost in Jan. Unemployment rate down to 9.7%
  111. General Politics Where Do you Stand?
  112. Obama What the groundhog saw beside his shadow...
  113. General Politics Paul Ryan Gets It
  114. Environment Netherlands adds to UN climate report controversy
  115. Obama Reality vs Obamas/Totus words....
  116. Obama This Pretty Much Sums Up Where We Are With Obama and Dems...
  117. General Politics Gov. Palin and Todd Palin emails released
  118. Obama Cash for Clunkers: the Toyota Recall fallout. Epic FAIL
  119. Education Harvard
  120. Obama The Ego-in-Chief is atarting to get creepy
  121. U.S. Issues Will the Tea Party move further towards an identity?
  122. Environment Global Warming is kicking the shit out of D.C.
  123. Education Corpsman or Corpse man
  124. Obama The Dick Swett Incident
  125. U.S. Issues Politicians in Wonderland
  126. General Politics Palin: Hypocrisy and fear of Limbaugh's effect on her bottom line?
  127. U.S. Issues Ted calls out Ted
  128. General Politics My Dog
  129. U.S. Issues Health Resolution 615: Call on members of Congress to enroll in the public option.
  130. General Politics Palin paid $100,000 and $550 to get in! A MOVEMENT it sure is!
  131. Media Palin...using cheat notes?
  132. Environment RFK. Jr. 15 months ago: Global warming means no snow or cold in DC
  133. U.S. Issues To all you Palin Haters....
  134. General Politics New Orleans Elects First White Mayor Since 1979....
  135. Obama White House announces televised health meet
  136. Environment Green Police
  137. Obama A Climate Change Agency? Theater of the Absurd
  138. Environment George Carlin says it best..Saving the Planet
  139. General Politics John Murth Dead at 77
  140. Religion Private religious college being challenged to sponsor a Student Secular Group
  141. Obama And now...the Good for the Obama admin thread
  142. Obama Obama Sinks further
  143. Int'l Issues Iran moves closer to nuke warhead capacity
  144. Environment NOAA: Blizzard Rearranges Climate Change Announcement
  145. U.S. Issues Residents Fumed Over Weekend Alcohol, Firearm Ban
  146. General Politics Senate celebrates with lobbyists over defeating health care bill
  147. U.S. Issues Think Government Is Corrupt? You May Face 10 Years In Jail
  148. General Politics For the liberal minded
  149. General Politics Health Care Reality TV: Bogus from the very get-go
  150. Obama Obama Homies are just not having any fun
  151. Obama WH: Some Critics 'Serving the Goals of al Qaeda'
  152. Obama Excellent approach suggested by Republican Leadership
  153. General Politics Republicans send private letters to get stimulus money
  154. Nat'l Security Obama is killing to many terrorists and to fast
  155. General Politics Miss Me Yet? Billboard
  156. Obama What has Obama done?
  157. U.S. Issues Whoops: Palin advocates war with Iran, apparently misreading column
  158. Economics GOP's hypocrtical cash-and-trash strategy for the stimulus.
  159. Elections Ron Paul influence is a threat to the GOP
  160. Obama Napolitano/Obama Border Security Cuts
  161. Int'l Issues Hillary to China: Vote for Iran Sanctions, or Face Gulf Conflagration and Oil Cutoff
  162. U.S. Issues Lets Fix health care. Come up with a Bi-Partisan Chiefs Planet solution.
  163. U.S. Issues Tea Party movement takes aim at Ron Paul
  164. U.S. Issues House shuts down for the whole week?
  165. Obama Where is Jesse and the ACORN Folks?
  166. Obama Business Understanding stays at zero in White House
  167. U.S. Issues Republicans Central ideas are already in Senate Health Care bill
  168. Economics Sprint stock down 9% after reporting earnings..
  169. Elections Chris Matthews proves hes a douche (again)
  170. Economics Ouch: CA Blue Cross health insurance rates skyrocket 39%
  171. Media Chris Matthews admits he's Marxist...
  172. Environment "its just a frozen wasteland"...Wonderfulness
  173. Obama Millions being Spent to attack the folks
  174. Obama Do "they" believe this stuff or are they artful liars?
  175. General Politics Obama lubing up the Middle Class
  176. Obama The Administration Straw Man..
  177. Nat'l Security Someone should tell them not to fly
  178. Legal Should an 11 year old...
  179. General Politics Time to end the Fillibuster option in the Senate. Effective 2012.
  180. Legal SCOTUS: Religious student groups and public school funds
  181. Legal Feds push for tracking cell phones
  182. Environment Climate-Change Debate Is Heating Up in Deep Freeze
  183. Obama Say what???
  184. Obama More Taxes fuel Job growth?
  185. U.S. Issues What's the Fed Gov's role? Game....lets play!!
  186. Obama Sooooo glad the Dem party supports the family...10K fine? Really?
  187. U.S. Issues A Four-Step Health-Care Solution
  188. General Politics Reid derails ObamaJob2. Dems eating their young
  189. U.S. Issues Reid continues temper tantrum..tells ABA to "get a new life"
  190. U.S. Issues The Tip of Evil's Finger
  191. Nat'l Security Ron Paul Deceived. BucEyedPea Believed. (The Fabricated Reagan Quote)
  192. U.S. Issues Told Ya: Dems Readying Strategy To Reconcile Obamacare First
  193. Environment Flashback...Dems say little or no snow is PROOF of AGW..video
  194. Nat'l Security U.S. successfully tests airborne laser on missile
  195. General Politics The Obama trap!!!
  196. U.S. Issues Wellpoint hikes rates 39% after profits: Republicans? Yawn- status quo is awesome!
  197. General Politics Another republican lie exposed. Snopes is your friend.
  198. U.S. Issues Is Socialism OK?
  199. Obama More Billboard Fun
  200. Obama Asskissery
  201. Nat'l Security Per Big_Daddy's Poll
  202. Economics Regulators Hired by Toyota Helped Halt Acceleration Probes
  203. Economics The Snare of Government Subsidies
  204. Environment More Global Warming isnt
  205. General Politics Governor Christy Dealing with Reality. Thats Change we need everywhere
  206. U.S. Issues US debt will keep growing even with recovery
  207. U.S. Issues ConocoPhillips Alaska president killed in avalanche
  208. Nat'l Security Biden says Iraq war wasn't worth `horrible price'
  209. Environment U.N. climate panel admits Dutch sea level flaw
  210. Obama Obama: no "reasonable" expectation of privacy for cell phones
  211. Environment Climate gate scientist admits "no global warming since 1995"
  212. Nat'l Security Magazine Subscriptions
  213. General Politics My small contribution to the booming voice of the people
  214. Obama A White House in denial / Poor poll numbers driven by policy, not ‘anti-incumbent’ mo
  215. Obama Obama trying to reverse the "negative liberties" of the Constitution.....
  216. Economics Joe the Plumber, dumber than Palin
  217. General Politics Democrats in full flege retreat... Evan Bayh to..
  218. U.S. Issues Henry Paulson on Palin rubbing him the wrong way
  219. General Politics Military service of Delaware Sen. Joe Biden: None
  220. U.S. Issues Probably a repost but I couldn't find it.
  221. Poop If you have a problem with emails, don't look and then bitch.
  222. Int'l Issues Top Taliban Commander captured alive. Biggest capture since the war started.
  223. Education Textbooks, Texas, and the Founding Fathers' Christianity (?)
  224. U.S. Issues McCain faces Senate threat
  225. Nat'l Security Daniel Rubin: Another case of TSA overkill
  226. Obama Obama unveils plan to build nuclear plant
  227. General Politics Founding Fathers
  228. Economics North Dakota's "Socialist" bank one of the reason the state is doing well?
  229. Economics One more nail in the cap and trade legislation coffin...
  230. Poop Remember when this place used to be the cesspool?
  231. General Politics California Election ad - pretty amazing
  232. U.S. Issues Problems? Who ya gonna call?
  233. Elections CNN Poll .... Obama Doesn't Deserve 2nd Term
  234. Obama Stimulus Bill 1 year Anniversary Today
  235. Media Hollywood Loves Obama...like that's news...
  236. U.S. Issues Biden on capital: 'Washington right now is broken'
  237. Obama Stimulus funds going to slashed programs
  238. Obama Obama Defeats FDR (in Spending Other People’s Money)
  239. General Politics Wanted: Obama Twitter Czar
  240. Media This is exactly why I detest PETA
  241. Economics Dems should rejoice. They can add this to the Cost of liberalism
  242. Obama Illegals just let go. No big deal...
  243. General Politics Breitbart: Clinton Machine moving into gear
  244. Economics U.S. Economy Grinds To Halt As Nation Realizes Money a Mutually Shared Illusion
  245. U.S. Issues New American: Rise of the "Tenthers"
  246. General Politics Trial Lawyers: Dem Money Machine
  247. Obama Awesome...This should be shown over and over and over
  248. U.S. Issues Pilot Crashes Into Texas Building in Apparent Anti-IRS Suicide
  249. Economics Some states have trillion dollar pension gaps
  250. General Politics The Mt. Vernon Statement