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  1. Obama White House: Dems near accord on health care bill
  2. General Politics Same old Republican/Conservative behavior!
  3. U.S. Issues Obamutopians grieve
  4. U.S. Issues The Four Major Parties
  5. Obama Charles Krauthammer on the System
  6. General Politics Some People are trying to fix it...
  7. U.S. Issues Fed raises discount rate...
  8. Nat'l Security One Mile Killshot. Sweet
  9. Int'l Issues IAEA fears Iran working now on nuclear warhead
  10. General Politics Sestak: White House Offered Me Federal Job to Drop Out of Senate Primary
  11. General Politics Rap star says he was the one in Mitt Romney confrontation
  12. Obama Sleep with one eye opened...Napolitano should be fired tonight.
  13. Obama ObamaCareInsurance tie ins, now they want Price controls. Hello Pres Carter
  14. U.S. Issues Ron Paul CPAC speech
  15. Elton John: "Jesus Christ was a super-intelligent gay man"
  16. General Politics A comic show down I would like to see
  17. Nat'l Security Afghan war ruins the Dutch
  18. Obama Health Care and Reconcilliation
  19. Nat'l Security Bush lawyer: President has constitutional authority to order Civilian 'Massacre'
  20. Obama Obama tells another lie on health care..
  21. Nat'l Security Obama Massacres 123 innocent civilians in January 2010 while only killing 3 AQ
  22. U.S. Issues Jimmy Carter
  23. General Politics Alexander Haig
  24. General Politics Ron Paul Wins CPAC straw poll
  25. General Politics Romney loses CPAC Poll
  26. Local My Haircut
  27. U.S. Issues Anti-Gay CPAC Speaker Booed Off The Stage
  28. U.S. Issues Brietbart speaks at CPAC
  29. Nat'l Security Bet the Jihadis go bonkers over this
  30. Obama While we were watching the Olympics, Obama Gave $40mil of your Tax Dollars to the UN
  31. Poop For all the Glen Beck "fans"
  32. Obama Will they use reconcilliation?
  33. Local Gay basher gets boo'd at CPAC.
  34. General Politics Health care
  35. Media Who's the racist here? Old man beats up black guy on bus
  36. Nat'l Security CAIR throwing a "Hail Mary"
  37. Obama Obamacare's Latest: Price Controls! Whoopie!
  38. General Politics The GOP's "small government" tea party fraud
  39. U.S. Issues Obama wants power to block excessive insurance rate hikes
  40. Obama Obama Sinks further, again
  41. Obama So much for Obama reaching out on health care...
  42. Environment Climate scientists withdraw journal claims of rising sea levels
  43. Obama Obama puts forward $1 trillion health care plan
  44. Economics Credit Card reform law effective today
  45. U.S. Issues Republican Repsonse to Obama HC plan
  46. Local Local libraries are now purchasing video games.
  47. General Politics Are you a Libertarian?? Take the test....
  48. ChiefsPlanet Right Speech, Right Action and Atonement
  49. Elections Anybody read the OPR report on the "torture memos"?
  50. Misc I learned two pieces of vital information on this fine Monday afternoon
  51. General Politics Our trusted public servants
  52. Obama Same Coverage as Members of Congress get?
  53. U.S. Issues Dem's Jobs bill advances. Brown joins with the Dems and breaks the fillibuster.
  54. Poop Worth Reading ObamaCare2.0
  55. Economics I Need some help.
  56. General Politics Tea Party Answers Olbermann
  57. Economics Chairman Zero is a failure
  58. Elections Tea Partiers: do you feel betrayed that Scott Brown isn't an obstructionist zombie?
  59. Dick Cheney
  60. U.S. Issues Navy says it is ready to end ban on women in submarines
  61. Obama Lipstick on a pig.....
  62. U.S. Issues Lib clown calls Rubio a "CoConut"....Libs would rage at such a slur
  63. Economics Unemployment at 19%?
  64. Dick Cheney rumars
  65. U.S. Issues Justice Report: CIA Memo Used by Cheney to Justify Waterboarding Was Inaccurate
  66. Economics One can only hope...
  67. U.S. Issues Dems prepare to use "unprecedented" measure of reconcilliation to address health care
  68. General Politics Greenwald: This is the Game Democrats Play
  69. U.S. Issues Obama & Dems in 2005: 51 Vote ‘Nuclear Option’ Is ‘Arrogant’ Power Grab Against....
  70. Economics Great read looking at Government size/cost employee costs
  71. Economics Ron Paul, sounding like a kook
  72. U.S. Issues Actual Bi-Partisan bill pass's the House 406-19 to end anti-trust exemption
  73. U.S. Issues Health Care Summit Distraction Watch
  74. General Politics National Health care at it's finest
  75. U.S. Issues Better Dead Than Red?
  76. U.S. Issues Pelosi: Health Reform Will Create 400,000 Jobs "Almost Immediately"
  77. General Politics No Credit for Successes Against Taliban?
  78. General Politics Killer tied to tea parties
  79. Obama Congrats Dems. You win Loon of the year Award
  80. Obama Republicans have no ideas?
  81. Obama Deal Not Possible...Obama Fail
  82. Obama Reid-D, Liarsville POS
  83. Education The Dollar Bubble
  84. General Politics Why November Scares Congress
  85. Obama Presidential Amature Hour
  86. General Politics Surprise, Rangel to be admonished for breaking House rules
  87. Obama Ouch.....NPR Pans the Summit
  88. Obama Polls mean nothing when you are the O
  89. U.S. Issues I have a problem with some conservatives on health care issues
  90. Obama Obamatons unite and receive your new orders!
  91. U.S. Issues Vet care vs. Human care
  92. Poop Obama Rewards Andy Stern/SEIU. Hes gonna plan your debt.
  93. Misc What Program Must Be First On Your Taskbar?
  94. U.S. Issues Runnin downhill, pickin up steam, out of control. Call a Moonbat
  95. General Politics April 15: Taking our Country Back.
  96. Poop Stirring the pot: The Ron Paul Delusion
  97. U.S. Issues If you don't believe in god, you are really fucking smart.
  98. Education The Nolan Chart
  99. General Politics Another shtspryr meltdown coming along shortly?
  100. Obama Obama Signs One-Year Extension of Patriot Act – on a Saturday Night Of Course
  101. General Politics Pelosi: Lawmakers Should Sacrifice Jobs for Health Care
  102. Obama Another Billboard-Lake City Fla
  103. Obama Obama Giving Black Farmers $1.25B in Reparations
  104. Obama Obama at Lowest Approval Rating Ever following ObamaCare Summit
  105. Nat'l Security They just keep making him look weak. We are in danger
  106. Economics Why does the government think they are owed $28,687.50 of my wealth?
  107. General Politics Is everyone up for the Census?
  108. Religious leaflet claims ‘ungodly’ dressed women provoke rape
  109. Economics My Man Mitch
  110. Media "Hurt Locker"
  111. U.S. Issues California failed state: A Case Study in Progressive Governance
  112. Misc The Fix ?
  113. Obama Dem controlled states Broke so why not break the country.
  114. Obama ACORN's Pet Project for the White House
  115. U.S. Issues Some Iraq, Afghanistan war veterans criticize movie 'Hurt Locker' as inaccurate
  116. Economics Sprint gives the finger to local businesses
  117. General Politics Can a leftie explain this?
  118. Environment ManBearPig's alarmist rhetoric claims three
  119. Obama Obama to introduce health care bill Wednesday, "much smaller" than House version
  120. U.S. Issues Drug Gangs Taking Over US Public Lands
  121. Economics Senate Parliamentarian has a say in Reconciliation?
  122. Obama Obama Fatigue....has a ring to it
  123. U.S. Issues What would happen if one people chose to boycott income taxes for a year?
  124. Environment Earthquakes are proof of climate change
  125. U.S. Issues Don't confuse them with facts
  126. Obama The O takes it to the max. Not a good move.
  127. Economics A coherent and accurate description of the current health care problem
  128. Environment Chilean Quake Likely Shifted Earth’s Axis, NASA Scientist Says
  129. Obama Barack Obama now has a negative approval rating in every state he flipped
  130. Economics Winter storms to distort US jobless figures-Summers
  131. Int'l Issues How would Ron Paul deal with this kind of attitude
  132. Economics Unemployment
  133. Environment Al's Latest Global-Warming Whopper
  134. U.S. Issues Bunning says "Pay-Go"..Dems cry..
  135. Misc Supreme Court Weighs Chicago's Strict Gun Ban
  136. U.S. Issues Supreme Court Weighs Chicago's Strict Gun Ban
  137. Religion Clarify it, what is a Modern Satanist exactly?
  138. Obama President Obama to Say Democrats Will Use Reconciliation to Pass Senate Health Care R
  139. U.S. Issues Damage of passing sweeping reform using parlimentary tricks and loopholes
  140. Obama Fuel Taxes Must Rise, Harvard Researchers Say
  141. Elections Good job Tea Partiers
  142. General Politics Charles Rangel thread
  143. Obama Obama ‘American Agenda’ Flashback: Dems Should Not Pass Healthcare With a 50-Plus-1
  144. Economics Senator on Toyota: Should U.S. consider ban on Japanese cars?
  145. U.S. Issues Dem Congressman to retire amid allegations he sexually harassed a male staffer
  146. General Politics Rahm Going Rogue
  147. Legal The William Rehnquist You Didn't Know
  148. U.S. Issues Should General Motors vehicles be banned in the US?
  149. U.S. Issues Rove on Iraq: Without W.M.D. Threat, Bush Wouldn’t Have Gone to War
  150. U.S. Issues Astroturf "coffee party" campaign in motion...
  151. Obama Excellent read and the last line of this article....
  152. Obama Board openings give Obama a rare chance to remake the Federal Reserve
  153. Obama 25% Say U.S. Heading In Right Direction, Lowest Since Obama Took Office
  154. General Politics Tea Party Continues to Confuse and Anger Liberals
  155. Obama Tiger Woods in the White House
  156. Local Kansas Rep proposes mandating allowance of firearms in public buildings. Good idea?
  157. General Politics National Health Care - What are the odds
  158. U.S. Issues Health Reform: Can the Democrats Cross the Finish Line?
  159. Economics Frank asks Bernanke to Prob Fed On Watergate & Iraq
  160. Int'l Issues This whole Turkey/Armenia Thing
  161. U.S. Issues Pelosi repeats the lie again on health care
  162. Poop Taking our Country back Tour coming to Sprint Center
  163. Economics SNL Presidents Unite
  164. Obama Howard Dean: Health bill hangs Dem incumbents and Obama out to dry in elections
  165. Education Should Americans be given a choice when it comes to education?
  166. U.S. Issues Rangle on a break, Stark out after 24 hours, Levin now in.
  167. U.S. Issues Rowdy protesters block campuses amid funding rally
  168. U.S. Issues Durbin admits to the huge cuts in Medicare
  169. Economics U.S. lawmakers launch push to repeal NAFTA
  170. Economics Time to kick Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac out of the housing market
  171. U.S. Issues Obama looking to give new life to immigration reform
  172. General Politics Just a question here...do you think...
  173. U.S. Issues Truther? Consequences.
  174. Economics Nobel Econ. Prize Winnder Edmund Phelps nails it on jobs...
  175. Economics S&P cuts Sprint's credit rating; Fitch reaffirms
  176. General Politics Heading Into a Town Hall with Sen. McCain and Sen. Scott Brown from Mass.
  177. Nat'l Security Cotton Balls. Two MU students arrested, suspended
  178. General Politics Education, another example of how screwed it is
  179. Education How was your K-12 school?
  180. Obama National debt to be higher than White House forecast, CBO says
  181. Obama CBO: Huge deficits to average $1 trillion per year over the next decade
  182. Nat'l Security U.S. Citizens training for terrorism
  183. Obama Finally a place for thosebex-Obots to become clean again
  184. Local 1% KC and St. Louis Earnings Tax Repeal Initiative
  185. Nat'l Security Taliban Jihadis walking home after a raid.
  186. Misc Very Cool video on how they drill for shale oil
  187. Economics Why banks aren't lending still. Bad assets.
  188. U.S. Issues Ron Paul spells out plan for a Ron Paul presidency
  189. Int'l Issues Ahmadinejad: Sept. 11 attacks a 'big lie'
  190. General Politics Walesa:Pole warning
  191. Media The Wilkow Guide to Media Perception...
  192. Obama Skyrocket Cost, No hope to pay for it. ObamaCare
  193. Economics Federal pay ahead of private industry
  194. Nat'l Security Officers: Pakistan arrests American-born spokesman for al-Qaida
  195. Education Bull horn preacher for socialism
  196. Obama Is Rahm positioning himself for 2012?
  197. Misc Racism/sexism at the Oscars?
  198. U.S. Issues Eric Massa: Democrats ousted me over health care
  199. Obama Public still not on Obama's side for health care...
  200. Obama SNL Rips Obama on unpopular health care plan
  201. General Politics Lawmaker Pushes Congress to Take 5 Percent Pay Cut
  202. General Politics Another Anti-Gay Politician caught switch hitting
  203. Economics Why no debate about Democrats funding healthcare from their own rich pockets?
  204. General Politics Palin: The hits just keep on coming...
  205. Obama Mitt Romney is a dumbass
  206. Environment California watchdog sees climate policy job losses
  207. U.S. Issues ABC News to Rahm's Rescue
  208. U.S. Issues Dems and Unions organizning health care protests
  209. U.S. Issues Pelosi: "We have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it.."
  210. Economics The dangerous growth of public-sector unions
  211. Economics Recession's Mental Toll
  212. General Politics Senate Staffers Warned to Stay Clear of Drudge Report
  213. U.S. Issues Wind or Nuclear?
  214. U.S. Issues Crist alleges his opponet gets his back waxed
  215. General Politics Why does it seam that republicans only cater to white voters?
  216. U.S. Issues ESPN Outdoors: Angler's fearing Obama
  217. Nat'l Security Jihad Jane and any other traitor should be shot by military firing squad.
  218. U.S. Issues Blacks in baseball diminishing doesn't = racism. It = simple economics.
  219. U.S. Issues All that needs to be said about the direction our health care is going..
  220. U.S. Issues Impact of 'Cash for Clunkers' was underestimated, Independent researchers say
  221. Nat'l Security Iran Begins Cruise Missile Production
  222. U.S. Issues Ohio State shooter complained bosses were unfair
  223. U.S. Issues Interesting Rasmussen Poll stats
  224. Obama Dems seen as incompetent more and more. Good for America.
  225. Obama Rasmussen. Every week the same thing. Obama falls further.
  226. Misc Tastefully plump
  227. Obama a good Yuck Yuck
  228. Obama Change the system to Pass ObamaCare
  229. U.S. Issues Progressive government and our food
  230. Obama Robin was too busy working with Louisiana Deal queen to see Obama
  231. Obama Good News for Middle East Oilmen
  232. Obama What Cashill learned from Obama's Pop
  233. U.S. Issues Democrats Reveal Facts About Health Care
  234. U.S. Issues Senate Health Care Bill Dead on Arrival, Pro-Life House Democrats Say
  235. Nat'l Security Kennedy goes ballistic
  236. Misc Speculate as to why the Dept. of Ed needs to purchase shotguns.
  237. U.S. Issues House Dems look at passing Senate health care bill..WITHOUT A VOTE!
  238. Nat'l Security Why did Robert F. Kennedy tap MLK's phones?
  239. Education Shortbarrel Shotguns for Dept. of Education?
  240. Economics Interesting read on the fraud of 'Nonprofit hospitals'.
  241. General Politics Congrats to KC School Super.
  242. Obama Everytime he gets involved on HC, Obama's numbers fLL
  243. Obama Vote counts, pressure, and special interests
  244. U.S. Issues New Yorkers being A-Salted??
  245. U.S. Issues If Democrats ignore health-care polls, midterms will be costly
  246. U.S. Issues Budget deficit sets record in February
  247. Economics The difference between price and cost
  248. General Politics Yeah, we were naked, but we didn't do anything. We just sat there.
  249. General Politics Harry Reid's family injured in Car accident.
  250. U.S. Issues Do you care how health care comes out in the forced vote?