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  1. General Politics Kucinich a No on Health Care
  2. U.S. Issues House vote on healh care may come next week..same old bill
  3. General Politics Rand Paul Money Bomb Video
  4. U.S. Issues Fancy Nancy:Public Option Dead. Now lets kill the rest Please.
  5. U.S. Issues Pelosi: Say goodbye to the public option
  6. U.S. Issues Bart Stupak - Pro Life Dem
  7. General Politics The "Coffee Party" Political Movement
  8. U.S. Issues Pat Buchanan Free Trade Destorys America
  9. Obama Fun Stuff this HC Debate
  10. Obama Dems Make Student Loan Takeover part of Health Care
  11. U.S. Issues Scott Brown sounds off on HC
  12. Obama A Bad Fate Awaits Dems who stand with Obama
  13. Economics Big Government Is Not Stimulus: Why Keynes Was Wrong
  14. Economics True or false: State intervention tends to enable big business at citizens expense
  15. U.S. Issues Obama at bat.
  16. General Politics Best damn article ever...
  17. U.S. Issues More Pelosi delusions?
  18. U.S. Issues Wyoming governor signs pre-emptive revolt against health care
  19. U.S. Issues Should Reagan's face be on the $50?
  20. U.S. Issues Obama slams the Credit Card Co's but the IRS shows who really screws who..
  21. Int'l Issues China buying up more of world's oil & gas supply
  22. Economics China Uses Rules on Global Trade to Its Advantage
  23. Obama The Shell Game Begins...Dark on a Sunday Night
  24. Nat'l Security Pence's message. Excellent
  25. Obama Things looking bleak for those who support HC Takeover. Good News for the country.
  26. Obama Dems not gaining ground. HC issue still a huge question
  27. Obama Dealing in the backroom.
  28. Media Minnesota Boards
  29. Obama Obama Drops Objections to Sweetheart Deals as House Moves to Craft Health Care Fixes
  30. Obama Same Rathole, more Money. They have no interest in cutting a dime in spending
  31. Obama Dems Plan to stop at nothing. Ignore the Constitution.
  32. Obama Obama planting supporters at town hall meetings???
  33. Economics "Cost Containment" may kill this bill dead - and if it doesn't the Constitution will
  34. Elections Help me judge the "power" of this post
  35. Economics LOL, more of your tax dollars being sent overseas for no reason
  36. General Politics Let the Randites take over..
  37. Obama Barack Obama threatens to withdraw support from wavering Democrats
  38. General Politics Washington Post: Rep Ryan on what real health reform should look like
  40. Economics I am calling an official "bull market"
  41. Obama Clyburn says health vote could push past Easter holiday
  42. U.S. Issues How Obama and Co. are screwing banks over..
  43. General Politics Even Democrats don't want their name on the bill
  44. U.S. Issues GOP attempting to force the vote in attempt to stop Slaughter solution
  45. General Politics Senator being recalled?
  46. U.S. Issues Yikes. Can't say I blame them though
  47. General Politics Kucinich
  48. Obama FACT CHECK: Premiums would rise under Obama plan
  49. Obama Kucinich to Switch Health Vote to ‘Yes’ After Lobbying by Obama
  50. Int'l Issues China's mandatory abortions
  51. U.S. Issues Mark Levin's law firm to file suit on Slaughter Rule
  53. U.S. Issues Reports coming out Pelosi only has 192-200 votes
  54. Obama Auto Insurance vs. Health Care Insurance..
  55. Elections "Israel's intransigence could cost American lives."
  56. General Politics Idaho first to sign law against health care reform
  57. Media [Listen] to this guy? Is this where the rhetoric is supposed to lead?
  58. Int'l Issues Al-Qaeda crippled as leaders stay in hiding.
  59. Elections Dick Morris says he'd vote for Rand Paul
  60. U.S. Issues Walgreens: no new Medicaid patients as of April 16
  61. Obama Fox News interview with Obama
  62. U.S. Issues Biden makes Palin look like a rocket scientist
  63. U.S. Issues CBO Report in on health care bill...
  64. U.S. Issues Sunday, Bloody Sunday...heatlh care vote set for Sunday
  65. U.S. Issues CBO Report NOT in???
  66. Obama Docs looking at quitting/retire if ObamaCare is passed
  67. Obama Hawaii Earthquake...Was that Bushs deal? Why was it covered up?
  68. Obama Is this comment disturbing?
  69. U.S. Issues Republicans plotting to deal a defeat to Obama
  70. U.S. Issues Reconciliation bill has been posted
  71. Media Media Turns on Obama!
  72. U.S. Issues GOP Moves ahead of Dems..Obama and health care not so popular
  73. U.S. Issues I now officially "deem" my taxes to be paid.
  74. U.S. Issues Stossel Show: Licensing!
  75. Economics CBO estimates reconciliation bill.
  76. U.S. Issues So how was the newly passed, $17bil Jobs Bill paid for?
  77. Religion Catholic Pope officially full of shit
  78. U.S. Issues Democrat: "If you don't tie our hands, we will keep stealing."
  79. Obama BIG SHOT: Reps Gifford, Mitchell, Perriello vote to condemn Slaughter Rule
  80. Obama Kucinich's wife gets job working for Michelle Obama?
  81. Obama Oh the little buried treasures in "My Bill"
  82. Obama Do you have stocks, Bonds, CD's, Interest bearing accounts? Your taxes will rise 20%
  83. Obama First health care, now amnesty for illegals
  84. Obama The Slaughter Rule to now become standard procedure for future bills
  85. Obama Free Health Care will cost you how much?
  86. Obama Obama's Approval Rating Lowest Yet, Congress' Declines
  87. Elections Boxer now trailing Campbell
  88. U.S. Issues Do you believe the Fed Gov can add a $1tril Program and Reduce Spending and Debt?
  89. Poop Petey28 and his post!!!
  90. U.S. Issues 100,000 Federal Employees Owe $962 Million in Back Taxes
  91. U.S. Issues Highlights of health care compromise bill
  92. Economics CBO: Obamacare Would Cost Over $2 Trillion
  93. U.S. Issues Hannity's Freedom Concert a money-bilking scam using troops as props?
  94. Obama Interesting Editorial from Aspen
  95. U.S. Issues CATERPILLAR: Health bill would cost company $100M -- in the first year alone!
  96. U.S. Issues BIDEN: 'We're going to control the insurance companies'...
  97. General Politics Predict: Does HCR pass or fail?
  98. Obama Once a Whore, always a whore.
  99. Obama Oh My: 43% Now "Strongly Disapprove" of Obama, Same as Bush When He Left Office...
  100. General Politics REPUBLICANS...PART 2
  101. Economics Arizona: If Obamacare passes, Arizona will need a bailout.
  102. U.S. Issues Breakdown of Medicare Cuts..
  103. U.S. Issues LEAKED: Secret Dem plan to add $371 BILLION MORE, CBO Score meaningless
  104. U.S. Issues Kuhner: Signing Slaughter solution opens impeachment debate
  105. General Politics Should i be for or against the HCR bill?
  106. General Politics AMA decides to support HCR
  107. Obama Just drove by AF1
  108. Media Jon Stewart plays the role of G. Beck
  109. U.S. Issues Medicare fix would push health care into the red, says CBO
  110. U.S. Issues New Supreme Court justice imminent - according to Orrin Hatch
  111. Obama Cost just keeps growing
  112. General Politics Where are the people crying about this dumbass?
  113. Economics Bankers are Smarter and Better than Everyone Else
  114. U.S. Issues Report: House To Drop “Deem And Pass” Strategy
  115. General Politics ''Nancy Pelosi is the greatest speaker of the house of representitives ever''
  116. Legal Tactics, Luck and Perseverance Kept Health Bill Alive
  117. General Politics Stay Classy, Baggers
  118. Obama HC Vote
  119. Obama Colorado joins the Billboard Ranks
  120. U.S. Issues Health Care Reform - how it saves money
  121. U.S. Issues Is there tort reform in the HRC bill?
  122. Local Being virtuous is wonderful thing, but feeling virtuous is a shortcut to vice.
  123. Elections David Frum: Waterloo
  124. Nat'l Security 538: What We Learned
  125. General Politics Nancy Pelosi makes me want to puke
  126. U.S. Issues So a little more of America dies tonight....
  127. General Politics What profession do you respect the least?
  128. U.S. Issues REPUBLICAN PART 3...
  129. Pleae ban this guy dottefan
  130. Economics Ron Paul on the Unconstitutional Health Care Bill
  131. Obama Get ready for the Tidal Wave of praise....
  132. Economics Well, Monday morning, 5-7 new jobs may be cut or delayed.
  133. Economics This Bill is "Moral"? What are you smoking?
  134. Obama Alright, someone break down this Healthcare Reform for me
  135. U.S. Issues Nullification in a Nutshell
  136. U.S. Issues Bart Stupak called 'baby killer' on House floor
  137. General Politics A list of how your Rep voted on Health care
  138. U.S. Issues Republican Part 4
  139. U.S. Issues BLAISE....
  140. U.S. Issues Can anyone actually explain this bill to me?
  141. General Politics Great Speech By Paul Ryan
  142. ChiefsPlanet Why do you folks keep responding to the Troll?
  143. U.S. Issues Ralph Nader v. Kucinich on why this health care bill sucks
  144. U.S. Issues NRO: Obamacare Isn’t Inevitable
  145. General Politics Hypothetical situation with Health Care
  146. Obama Newt Gingrich on hostile health care takeover...
  147. Nat'l Security About those Obama successes in Pakistan...
  148. Religion This is what is wrong with religion today
  149. U.S. Issues MSNBC Poll...oops.
  150. General Politics Goodbye, little nuts: ACORN disbanding
  151. General Politics Time for the GOP to ditch the elephant
  152. General Politics Why stand on a silent platform? Fight the war. Fuck the norm.
  153. U.S. Issues The whole "America hates this bill" thing being good for the GOP
  154. U.S. Issues 11 States slated to file suit over health care
  156. U.S. Issues How much credit does Pelosi get for this bill?
  157. Obama Obama, SCOTUS, Karma and Irony
  158. U.S. Issues BRC supports the health care reform bill? Why?
  159. General Politics Ralph Nader debates HC Bill
  160. Poop Gordon Gekko, right or wrong?
  161. Obama New Harris Poll: Republicans are crazy?
  162. Economics America's Most Underwater Housing Markets
  163. U.S. Issues 235 years ago today.
  164. Economics B.O.'s base welcomes more handouts
  165. General Politics Are conservatives the new fascists?
  166. General Politics Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness (yeah, I know...property)
  167. General Politics GM is One of the First Automakers to Publicly Support Mandatory Black Boxes
  168. U.S. Issues Missouri Billboard. Long Hot Summer to come.
  169. Misc Biden: Health care signing 'a big f-ing deal'
  170. Education Poll: What will HC reform do to our budget deficit in the next 15 years?
  171. General Politics Oppose Obamacare for this reason if nothing else
  172. General Politics Great News
  173. U.S. Issues So Stupak was indeed bought off...
  174. U.S. Issues Rand Paul money bomb: $2.3 million and ticking
  175. Media So about those racists....
  176. Elections What a Proud Party . . .
  177. Nat'l Security Illegal Immigration Amnesty March Last Week
  178. Nat'l Security Illegal Immigration Amnesty Meeting at DC Last Week
  179. Misc Songs for a savage beast...
  180. Misc Tanning Bed Tax
  181. Economics Not even 24 hours later and the lies start to unfold
  182. U.S. Issues Real Looters: Those Who Refuse to Buy Health Insurance
  183. U.S. Issues An ebullient Pelosi: watch out insurance companies, and Rahm is a 'softie'
  184. U.S. Issues Mother furious after in-school clinic sets up teen's abortion
  185. Poop Dottefan needs an avitar...
  186. U.S. Issues Threats to Dems who voted for HC
  187. Economics Krauthamer "Obama to propose European type vat tax"
  188. U.S. Issues Hoyer worried about threats on House Dems??? This is funny
  189. Obama Congressmen Moore admits he didn't read the bill
  190. U.S. Issues Civic rebellion as patriots fight for repeal
  191. U.S. Issues In case you wondered, yes, Congress is exempt from the laws of health care bill
  192. U.S. Issues Why Term Limits are a good Idea
  193. Obama ObamaCare Day One ..companies warning of higher health care costs
  194. U.S. Issues Judge strikes down ordinance banning illegals from renting...
  195. Obama Senate Gonna Send it back to House
  196. U.S. Issues Breitbart Challenges Congressional Black Caucus Members to Offer Proof of Alleged Tea
  197. General Politics Are dems crazy? Rep. Cantor's Richmond Campaign Office Shot at Overnight
  198. Nat'l Security Bin Laden message
  199. General Politics Coulter Speech canceled after protester threats
  200. Economics Fidel Castro Applauds Passage of Obama's Health Care Overhaul
  201. U.S. Issues Senate passes health care 'fixes' bill
  202. General Politics Political Violence
  203. Poop Ex-Presidents in Haiti
  204. Religion In 1996 the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, led by Cardinal Ratzinger...
  205. U.S. Issues The most disgustingly hilarious political protest EVER
  206. Elections TRUE representative democracy - new political oversight org
  207. U.S. Issues DeFrum-estration
  208. Obama Obama readies steps to fight foreclosures, particularly for unemployed
  209. Media Breitbart addresses "Tea Party" violence
  210. General Politics Bush passing "something" to Clinton
  211. Misc Glock 18. Amazing. Cute Shooter too.
  212. Int'l Issues USA/Russia to announce new nuclear arms reduction treaty.
  213. General Politics Even CNN has starting in on Nobama
  214. Obama Obama humiliates Netanyahu at White House
  215. Obama Obama Zombies
  216. U.S. Issues CBO report: Debt will rise to 90% of GDP
  217. Int'l Issues S.Korean navy ship sinking, North suspected-media
  218. U.S. Issues How I filled out my Census form
  219. Media Finally. Video of the spitting incident.
  220. Obama More Fun with Korea....
  221. Economics Hope. Ultimate power to control 'The Tax,Spend,Buy vote Party'.
  222. U.S. Issues AT&T to Book $1 Billion Cost on Health-Care Reform
  223. Economics The economic case for tax havens
  224. Economics Caterpillar and AT&T tax hit - $14 billion dollars.
  225. Obama Obama's Healthcare Army????????
  226. Economics Ron Paul on Morning Joe - 3/26/2010
  227. Obama Another Bomber Found. CAIR will express outrage. Obama will fiddle.
  228. Obama SEIU Lawyer gets his appointment from President Sleeze
  229. Int'l Issues President Obama is in Kabul right now
  230. Obama Amazing. Rassmussen confirms People are smarter than Obots.
  231. Nat'l Security Seven arrested in FBI Raids connected to Christian Milita
  233. Religion Are you a Pagan??? Probably just a little bit...
  234. Nat'l Security Where are the Christian terrorists?
  235. U.S. Issues Democrats furious at insurance companies interpretation of new law
  236. General Politics With No Jobs, Plenty of Time for Tea Party
  237. Int'l Issues Suicide bombers hit moscow
  238. U.S. Issues 1965 all over again? The reach of persistent progressivism.
  239. Economics U.S. to sell entire stake in Citi at hefty $7 billion profit
  240. Elections KMBZ Running Ads for Missouri White Suprematist
  241. Obama When the next wave of CRE failures hit, maybe they can use the Citi profit...
  242. Environment Germans showing common sense about Global Warming
  243. U.S. Issues Harry Reid supporters hurled eggs at Tea Party bus, threatened violence...
  244. Int'l Issues Global Warming Activist Freezes to Death
  245. Economics Our Unhealthy Financial Future: Looters enjoy your seeds of distruction
  246. General Politics Sometimes I'm just to damn smart
  247. U.S. Issues Senators form bipartisan climate bill..here comes more taxes!!!
  248. Nat'l Security Dangerous Rand Paul
  249. General Politics Clarus Poll: Obama leads all Republican candidates
  250. Economics The "Official" Economy and Jobs thread.