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  1. Nat'l Security Dangerous Rand Paul
  2. General Politics Clarus Poll: Obama leads all Republican candidates
  3. Economics The "Official" Economy and Jobs thread.
  4. Obama He cannot really believe Teaparty is based on birthers.
  5. Economics The real unemployment rate
  6. General Politics No Bounce for Obama?
  7. Obama CBS Poll. Not good for the O
  8. Obama Young Folks Premiums to Rise Under ObamaCare
  9. Obama Stupak and others Vote cost more clear
  10. Nat'l Security Canada tells Clinton troops are leaving
  11. General Politics Cleaver should come forward and tell the truth. He won't.
  12. U.S. Issues Health Care Reserve Corps?
  13. Environment Weird Question
  14. Economics Waxman Convenes the First Death Panel
  15. Obama OffShore Drilling..why the change?
  16. Economics B.O.'s economic policies have been an economic disaster
  17. U.S. Issues Obama reads 10 unvetted letters daily
  18. General Politics Tea Party Article; Racists?
  19. Media cleaver claims "i never reported anything"
  20. Obama Barack Obama is a liar
  21. General Politics Remember when protests were cool?
  22. Media Obama Considers Reconciliation to Get Kansas Back in the NCAA Tournament
  23. Local Iranian Nuke Scientist defects to the U.S.
  24. Obama Obama’s Student Loan Takeover Adds $52 Billion to Deficit
  25. General Politics Awesome - Bill O'Reilly To Pay Court Costs Of Fallen Marine's Father
  26. U.S. Issues Rove public appearance
  27. General Politics Republicans forced to choose between principles and politics this November
  28. Economics Tax Time Woes...
  29. General Politics Here Is Your Chance To Grade Obama
  30. Environment FLASH: Arctic sea ice grows back to 'normal' for first time since 2001...
  31. General Politics Are the constitutional qualifications for Congress too lax? (Rhetorical)
  32. U.S. Issues Pirates attack the wrong Navy!
  33. Religion The Shroud of Turin.....real or fake?
  34. General Politics Maxine Waters. TeaParty People wave flags. Bad Bad
  35. Obama Promices Kept
  36. Legal B.O. non-existent career as "Law Professor"
  37. Economics Dim's lying low for Easter Recess
  38. U.S. Issues My first thread ever here and most likely my last
  39. U.S. Issues Move over Bachman, the dumbest member of the congress is a DEMOCRAT!
  40. Religion EB is a Pagan!
  41. Int'l Issues China shifts away from Iran toward U.S.
  42. Obama Anti-Obama Billboards Appear on Metro Atlanta Highways
  43. Int'l Issues Israeli unveils tank-defense system of the future
  44. Obama Obama wants the "vitriol" cooled off? Really? What about what he said before?
  45. U.S. Issues Dem. Congressman admits he doesn't care about Constitution
  46. Local Palin, Liz Chaney, Fred Thompson
  47. General Politics College newspaper columnist creates stir with "rape apologist" article.
  48. Economics Obama reveals! US would go bankrupt without health care changes
  49. Economics Fed bailed out Bear Stearns without authorization from Congress or informing public
  50. Religion WTF is wrong with people
  51. Elections B.O.'s wife has a Freudian Slip?
  52. Economics B.O. berates woman for saying she is over-taxed
  53. Economics Dying cities turning on their union masters
  54. U.S. Issues When will Reps Cleaver, Clyburn and Lewis apologize
  55. Economics Prescription for disaster: Obamacare
  56. Obama Perspective. Good Cartoons
  57. General Politics Phil Hare: a veiw of how the left thinks
  58. Obama Obama's 17-minute, 2,500-word response to woman's claim of being 'over-taxed'
  59. Religion Happy Easter
  60. Nat'l Security "Special Ops forces dug bullets out of the women to hide true nature of their deaths"
  61. General Politics The Republican Party Distances Itself from Tea Parties
  62. U.S. Issues Private, for profit corporations own your DNA? They have patents on your DNA?
  63. Obama Taxing the Job Creators. Insanity.
  64. Economics Interest Rates and Oil on the rise..
  65. Poop Government in action
  66. Int'l Issues Afghan leader, Karzai to lawmakers: ‘I might join the Taliban’
  67. Nat'l Security Army Lt. Col. refuses to obey orders under current Commander-in-Chief
  68. General Politics Why Do You Post in DC?
  69. General Politics So, about that ACORN scandal...
  70. Nat'l Security Obama Limits When U.S. Would Use Nuclear Arms
  71. Here we go again.
  72. Misc General Bans Fast Food in Afghanistan
  73. Economics California's $500-billion pension time bomb
  74. Education Obama's Communist Mentor Raped a 13-Year-Old
  75. General Politics Maxine Waters, then and now
  76. If you live in California...
  77. Obama michelle obama admits kenya is obama's home country
  78. Economics Heath Care Reform new taxes and tax breaks for business's
  79. General Politics Political Party Representation
  80. Economics Stores near bankruptcy. Couple of them you probably used.
  81. U.S. Issues Black conservative tea party backers take heat
  82. Economics Great day for us Canucks
  83. Legal .
  84. Economics Upper-income people would lose tax cuts in Obama plan
  85. Nat'l Security U.S. approves killing of American cleric
  86. General Politics They took our oil
  87. General Politics Teabonics
  88. Economics Moonbats try and sign up for "free health care"
  89. Economics Remember when Barney said...
  90. U.S. Issues Nearly half of US households escape fed income tax
  91. Economics What The Top U.S. Companies Pay In Taxes
  92. Obama VAT. Volcker is on board.
  93. Education KC Schools Get right board members, now the cuts begin
  94. Int'l Issues obama mocked by Ahmadinejad -Whatever happened to sitting down and talking with him?
  95. U.S. Issues Obama born in Indonesia?
  96. U.S. Issues IRS poised to steal refunds from people who don't buy health insurance
  97. U.S. Issues Liberal Naomi Wolf: Tea Parties fighting fascism in America
  98. Environment Karma's a bitch for Stupak.
  99. Education I think we all would, wouldn't we?
  100. General Politics SHTSPRAYER protege arrested ranting about government from his public housing complex
  101. Environment Economist/YouGov poll.
  102. Economics So Long To Capitalism — And Then Some?
  103. Obama Obama's VAT plans taking root in Congress
  104. Economics Is Greece a Microcosym of our future?
  105. Economics Defend Glenn
  106. Economics What a shock, unemployment is going up again
  107. U.S. Issues A New Birth of Freedom
  108. Economics Consumers shouldn't pay taxes because without us there would be no corporations
  109. Environment NASA animation shows Arctic sea ice approaching normal levels
  110. Nat'l Security Netanyahu pulls out of US nuclear summit
  111. U.S. Issues Nanny state will require nutrition info on front of packages...
  112. Obama All the Presidents Buddies. Fanny and Freddie packed with Dems
  114. General Politics Tea partiers don't really hate government spending -- they just want in
  115. U.S. Issues SC Justice John Paul Stevens if Retiring
  116. Economics Reason 4,586,853 that we need better financial regulation
  117. U.S. Issues B.O. Talkin' crap
  118. Obama All Time Low:Gallup Dems
  119. Nat'l Security Obama v Reagan Nuke Policy
  120. U.S. Issues Times: George W. Bush knew Guantánamo prisoners were innocent
  121. U.S. Issues 2012 GOP Cattle Call
  122. U.S. Issues Right to Life PAC policy bars org from endorsing Democrats
  123. U.S. Issues Real Liberty, Individual Freedom, and the American Dream
  124. Economics The Federeal Reserve: proud owners of a Chick Fil-A and AMC movie theatres...
  125. U.S. Issues Union Memo Hints At N.J. Gov.'s Death
  126. General Politics Polish Government Wiped Out in Plane Crash
  127. Poop Is Banyon Henry Waxman?
  128. Misc Is SHTSPRAYER/Mad Crapper David Berkowitz?
  129. Obama Does banyon have a vagina? and is it severley bruised?
  130. Obama Obama never a professor????????
  131. Obama You is a Racist
  132. Int'l Issues Obama threatens to wipe Iran off the map with nuclear weapons
  133. General Politics More liberal meddling with free enterprise
  134. Religion Dawkins and Hitchens plan to arrest Pope in Britain
  135. Media Glenn Beck this week on Fox News, heads up for everyone.
  136. Religion Are you smarter than a 5 year old? NSFRN!!
  137. Economics Mitt Romney is a dumbass Pt II
  138. U.S. Issues Evolution
  139. Economics Federal deficit slashed by 8 percent
  140. Legal hatch floats HRC as SC nominee...
  141. Elections Indiana Town Elects Village Idiot
  142. Economics Moonbat run Los Angeles no longer investigating crime
  143. Nat'l Security President O and the Big One
  144. Nat'l Security What is America's biggest threat to her national security today?
  145. Int'l Issues My big board.
  146. U.S. Issues As Ranks of Insured Expand, Nation Faces Shortage of 150,000 Doctors in 15 Years
  147. Economics Democrats: The party of Not Taxed Enough By Michelle Malkin
  148. Economics B.O. is a moron
  149. U.S. Issues Immigration Reform ... Issues/Links
  150. Int'l Issues Hells Angels beating the shit out of muslims
  151. Obama Obama's disregard for media reaches new heights at nuclear summit
  152. U.S. Issues How A Prankster Plans To Infiltrate And Destroy The Tea Party Movement
  153. General Politics Sarah Palin's contract for a speaking engagement revealed
  154. Nat'l Security FBI had a file on Stanley Armour Dunham
  155. Economics rizona doctor says Obamacare will force him to close shop
  156. Misc just a lil philosophy on a Wed Morning...
  157. Elections Rassmussen: Obama, Ron Paul virtual tie for 2012
  158. Economics Obamacare socks middle class with $3.9 Billion in new taxes
  159. Nat'l Security Birther' Lt. Col. Terry Lakin to be court-martialed for refusing order to deploy to A
  160. U.S. Issues Waxman to seek MLB ban on chewing tobacco
  161. Economics 2010 Top Pork Spender is....
  162. Obama Waxman(D-Pignose CA) cancels Obamacare CEO hearing
  163. General Politics Gotta Love Governor Christie. He gets it.
  164. Obama Creepy stuff
  165. Obama Tax Increases for all
  166. Elections Jim Bunning endorses Rand Paul
  167. Economics New American Agenda set by Tea Party
  168. Economics Poll: Opposition to Obama's Health Law Surges
  169. U.S. Issues Kenyan-born Obama all set for US Senate
  170. Economics Senate Dems Prepare to Sneak Through Tax & Charade
  171. Obama Typical Obots, the few that are left
  172. Economics The horrible economy isn't hurting B.O. none
  173. General Politics Axelrod's unguarded moment
  174. Misc Tea Party Tax Day Salute to Republican Women
  175. Obama Non Union Carpenters Don't need work
  176. Legal Clarence Thomas has the joke of the day
  177. Religion Wisc. court: National Prayer Day unconstitutional
  178. Economics US Corporate Taxes are SO burdensome
  179. Economics Obama/Democrats passed 25, thats right 25 tax cuts without the support of Republicans
  180. General Politics Kansas City Tax Day Tea Party Photographs
  181. General Politics Whats going on at Fox?
  182. U.S. Issues SEC to sue Goldman Sachs for Fraud
  183. U.S. Issues Obama: Expand hospital visitation rights to non-family members
  184. Economics Another $18 Billion down the toilet
  185. Economics What day did the recession end?
  186. General Politics Your gut reaction on government
  187. Education Geocentrism
  188. Education geocentrism
  189. U.S. Issues Trying to stir racial Tempest in a Tea pot
  190. U.S. Issues McCain primary challenger pulls within 5 point reach
  191. Local 1 government worker to fire
  192. U.S. Issues School issued laptops were used to spy on students
  193. Economics Peter Schiff Senate Ad
  194. Economics Dick Morris has B.O. pegged cold
  195. Economics To pee or not to pee
  196. U.S. Issues You might be surprised to learn the most homosexual part of America is...
  197. Obama No surprise here...
  198. Misc George Washington, Founding Father - Deadbeat
  199. Obama Obama has already played more golf than W.
  200. Int'l Issues The two most senior leaders of Al Qaeda in Iraq leaders killed
  201. Local Kansas gubernatorial candidate arrested
  202. Education Interesting argument wrt Tea Party & British Response
  203. Economics Tea Partiers Fight Culture of Dependence
  204. Environment Last in Class: Critics Give U.N. Climate Researchers an 'F'
  205. Nat'l Security Iranian Missile May Be Able to Hit U.S. by 2015
  206. Obama Goldman fraud suit more politics than fraud??
  207. Education "Unschooling" small but growing
  208. ChiefsPlanet We need a thread on financial regulation reform.
  209. Nat'l Security Way to Go Arizona!
  210. U.S. Issues Testimony Could Undercut SEC Charge Against Goldman
  211. U.S. Issues For those that don't understand the Goldman suit (cough pete cough)
  212. Economics Democrats: dedicated to keeping the poor in their place
  213. U.S. Issues George W. Bush in outer space
  214. Economics Financial "Reform"
  215. Education Presidents and Their Books
  216. Economics NYC: Looks like B.O. is in town
  217. Economics White House/Goldman Connection
  218. U.S. Issues Wow - ACORN CEO: Tea Parties a 'Bowel Movement'
  219. Obama What does Obama say that the Chiefs should do at #5 overall?
  220. U.S. Issues 'Muhammad' now a dirty word on 'South Park'
  221. U.S. Issues Chicago Union Workers support Tax Hike "Give up the bucks!"
  222. General Politics Another Liberal Loon sounds off !
  223. Economics Dodd bill sends wrong message
  224. Economics Another one of B.O.'s commie buddies
  225. U.S. Issues Report says health care will cover more, cost more
  226. Education Gene study: 5 main human populations
  227. Nat'l Security Allen West talks about Islam
  228. Media This is how you conduct an interview
  229. Obama More Force feeding of this crap.
  230. Obama GM Plays it big on payback...but they used another government loan to do it.
  231. Legal Blagojevich, B.O. connection
  232. Environment Earth Day: 40 years of imminent catastrophe
  233. U.S. Issues Eric Holder keynote speaker for Racist-Separatists
  234. ChiefsPlanet Draft....
  235. Obama New Billboard fun-Texas
  236. Obama Republican Governors:We Will Remember
  237. U.S. Issues Good link for videos concerning Arizona Invasion
  238. U.S. Issues The Kenyan nosedive
  239. Economics Inspekteur der Sicherheitspolizei Holder to investigate Arizona law
  240. Economics Moonbat run failed state NY broke by June
  241. U.S. Issues Make Sure You Call Him An Extremist
  242. U.S. Issues GOP lawmakers seek to halt immigration reform push
  243. Nat'l Security So the Left threatens violence over Arizona law???
  244. Nat'l Security And now, your token illegal immigration bust...
  245. U.S. Issues Obama’s National Security Advisor Tells Joke Depicting Jews as Greedy Merchants
  246. Nat'l Security Janet Napolitano calls Arizona law "misguided"
  247. Economics The case against the Dodd Bill
  248. U.S. Issues B.O. continues his racial polarization of the USA
  249. General Politics Heads up - Bush Book release set for Nov. 9
  250. Environment My prediction for the Supreme Court: Diane Wood.