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  1. U.S. Issues Tebow (yes, this is the right sub-forum)
  2. U.S. Issues Colleague Disputes Case Against Anthrax Suspect
  3. General Politics More gov. intervention and this time they're screwing with R. McDonald
  4. U.S. Issues Goldman Sachs hearing going on now...
  5. Nat'l Security GOP's Graham: No immigration bill until 2012...Napolitano waffles
  6. Economics Some not so Fun Facts on the damage Illegals do to our country
  7. U.S. Issues Only 999 days left
  8. U.S. Issues Whitlock starts writing Op-ED's for the Star. First up...Race
  9. Nat'l Security Unruly passenger forces plane to land in Bangor, Maine
  10. Economics Cap and trade treason
  11. Economics Ron Paul bill (passed) blocks congressional pay raises...
  12. Religion I like this op ed
  13. U.S. Issues 2010 Public Employee of the Year Awards
  14. Obama Obama's double standard on debates over bills
  15. Obama Obama administration defies congressional subpoena on Fort Hood documents
  16. Nat'l Security Rep Wants AZ Immigration Law in Texas
  17. U.S. Issues Top Calif. Lawmaker: Cut Ties With Arizona
  18. Environment How to make a star on earth......the answer to our energy woes?
  19. Nat'l Security OK fess up...
  20. U.S. Issues (Practically) Unaccountable Death Panels brought to you by Obama/Reid/Pelosi
  21. Obama Puerto Rico...move to make it a state?
  22. U.S. Issues Harry Reid: Republican party's filibuster 'anti-American'
  23. Obama Bury the lies. Demos Love to do that
  24. Nat'l Security The backlash of the backlash on the Az immigration law
  25. U.S. Issues Barofsky Says Criminal Charges Possible in Alleged AIG Coverup
  26. U.S. Issues Crist to Run as Independent in FL Sen Race
  28. Int'l Issues Your tax dollars at work...paying for developing country abortions
  29. Nat'l Security Illegal immigrants plan to leave over Ariz. law
  30. Religion Researchers Claim to Have Found Noah's Ark
  31. Education The People's Republic of Standardization
  32. Obama Obama To Wall Street: "I Do Think At A Certain Point You've Made Enough Money"
  33. Nat'l Security REPORT: Following Passage Of Arizona Law, At Least Seven States Contemplate Same
  34. Nat'l Security New AZ Law Already Having Positive Effects
  35. U.S. Issues B.O. calls a SWAT team on tea partiers
  36. Int'l Issues U.N. Elects Iran to Commission on Women's Rights
  37. Int'l Issues Dane McSissy left me a private message
  38. Religion Dane McSissy threatened me again
  39. Obama Dane pweeze stop neg repping me
  40. Obama Obama takes immigration reform off agenda
  41. Economics Some more tax grabs found in Obamacare legislation
  42. Obama The slide continues
  43. Legal City of Oakland moves toward Arizona boycott
  44. Obama Obama's Reichstag Fire
  45. Economics San Joaquin Valley: Turned into a dust bowl
  46. ChiefsPlanet Hey, haters...
  47. Nat'l Security Some Hispanic Americans hope law deters illegal immigration
  48. Nat'l Security 596 immigrants convicted of crimes nabbed in South
  49. Elections See you, in November!
  50. Nat'l Security Border control
  51. Local It Is ON in AZ-Sheriff Joe to run for Governor
  52. Environment Some idiot wants govt to increase ethanol production over next decade
  53. Nat'l Security Arizona Deputy Shot By Illegal Immigrant
  55. Economics Obama's Health Care, GM, use same math...
  56. Economics Wall Street email forward...
  57. U.S. Issues It's time for the other 49...
  58. Economics Stossel Show: Is Free Trade a good thing?
  59. Environment Chairman Zero is on it!
  60. Nat'l Security Attempted Terroist Bombing in Times Square
  61. Economics The Real State of the Banks...
  62. General Politics Government Spending video
  63. Poop Dirty Deeds Done By Dems
  64. Int'l Issues Pakistan Taliban leader NOT DEAD!
  65. Obama Blagojevich Dangerous While on the Ropes
  66. General Politics A Direct Message from the President to Shitty (et. al.)
  67. Obama Obamacare: "Fearmongers" were right
  68. U.S. Issues Arizona under pressure as thousands protest immigration law
  69. Obama Obama/Ayers knew each other long before '95'
  70. Environment More blame, zero action: B.O. fails to lead
  71. U.S. Issues Hey patteau still support Romney?
  72. Economics Obama fellow traveller Hugo Chavez destroys Venezuala's coffee industry
  73. Economics Obama fellow traveler Evo Morales nationalizes 4 more companies
  74. Obama Team Obama drops the ball on oil spill
  75. Elections Dobson switches endorsement now endorses Paul
  76. U.S. Issues Ronald Reagan speaks out on socialized medicine
  77. Nat'l Security Interesting read on UBL
  78. U.S. Issues Federal Government Outpaces Private Sector in Job Creation
  79. Obama Obama disparages American citizens as "Teabaggers"
  80. Economics Al Gore's new house
  81. Obama Cafferty Blasts Obama
  82. Economics Gold tanking bigtime...
  83. Nat'l Security Charges against Faisal Shahzad???
  84. General Politics Suns to wear "Los Suns" jerseys for game 2
  85. Legal The light at the end of the tunnel still eludes Iraq.
  86. General Politics How to become an independent in the American Senate.
  87. Media Should BP have to foot the entire cleanup bill?
  88. U.S. Issues Ron Paul Republican gets GOP Primary House nod in NC
  89. Economics Socialist Oil Safer?
  90. Elections The Fox News/Republican Party
  91. Environment Despite plan Federal plan, government didn't have equipment on hand for Oil Spill
  92. General Politics What's next ? Jesus tattoos????
  93. U.S. Issues Gun adovcates would you support closing the terrorist loophole?
  94. Elections An Interesting Republican
  95. Religion Disturbing video of police drug raid of Missouri household.
  96. U.S. Issues U.S. exempted BP's Gulf of Mexico drilling from environmental impact study
  97. Economics This is why the obama adminstration sucks
  98. Environment Obey knows when to quit
  99. Economics Whitehouse blocking Audit the Fed bill
  100. Religion Top anti-gay Christian activist and minister, George Alan Rekers, linked to gay escor
  101. Nat'l Security Joe Liberman bill strips people of citizenship and sends them to Gulagamo
  102. U.S. Issues PA Tax Collectors Launch Scare Ad Campaign
  103. General Politics Sad story about a bear
  104. General Politics Students Kicked Off Campus for Wearing American Flag Tees
  105. Legal Fred Phelps - There is a lawyer joke in there somewhere...
  106. Int'l Issues Greece, the joke of the world?
  107. U.S. Issues While Oil Slick Spread, Interior Department Chief of Staff Rafted with Wife
  108. U.S. Issues Nashville Flood....wheres the media at
  109. Religion Fools get off me
  110. General Politics Disinvited Evangelist Prays at Pentagon Anyway
  111. U.S. Issues Market down 900 pts!!!!
  112. Nat'l Security 97 "secret holds" on Obama appointees. Only 8 at this point for Bush.
  113. Economics Gold rebounds bigtime...
  114. General Politics I think everyone need to chill
  115. Misc The Onion: Supreme Court Upholds Freedom Of Speech In Obscenity-Filled Ruling
  116. Economics Ron Paul: Senate Guts Federal Reserve Audit
  117. U.S. Issues Blame Electronic Trading for Stocks Plunge, NYSE Official Says
  118. Nat'l Security Mad Crapper personal info revealed..
  119. U.S. Issues Just talked to my Sister who lives in flooded Tennesee
  120. U.S. Issues Texas School Suspends Student for Removing Mexican Flag
  121. Nat'l Security Another Times Square scare ?
  122. Obama Regulate Regulate Demonize and Divide
  123. Int'l Issues U.S. taxpayers are helping finance Greek bailout
  124. ChiefsPlanet This Forum Needs Its Own Avatar
  125. Economics Propaganda: Why a Rising Unemployment Rate is Good News
  126. Obama Putin Snubs Obama.
  127. Obama Shithead went golfing today
  128. Education ****The Official Sestak vs. Specter Thread****
  129. Religion Ancient Aliens
  130. Elections "General Birther" is great on television.
  131. Economics BP says oil clean-up costs $10 million per day
  132. Nat'l Security American citzens committing treason or terriost acts against America.
  133. Religion The Rapture vs. Fido & Fluffy
  134. Economics JP Morgan artificially depressing silver prices? Federal probe
  135. General Politics Did you know the US Constitution states that:
  136. Local Get ready for Elena Kagan: the most frustrating SCOTUS debate ever.
  137. Economics The NIKKEI is smokin'
  138. U.S. Issues Arizona Governor Has Serious Video Message for President Obama
  139. U.S. Issues Danny Glover chided for not putting hand over heart at flag ceremony
  140. Education Teacher and Superintendent should be canned
  141. Religion Ga. Seniors Told They Can't Pray Before Meals
  142. General Politics Did you know the US Constitution states that:
  143. General Politics Are you as badass as Tim James?
  144. Nat'l Security I heard 15 Marines were killed in Afghanistan today
  145. Religion 'Starving yogi' astounds Indian scientists
  146. Obama The New Age Fat Cats: Government Workers
  147. Int'l Issues Global treaty may make your ISP spy on you
  148. Obama Tax bills in 2009 at lowest level since 1950!
  149. U.S. Issues The 1790s? Really not all that.
  150. U.S. Issues Senate Votes Down a Real Audit of the Fed.
  151. Local Well that was worth the time: Mojave cross stolen.
  152. U.S. Issues Hard Drives in Leased Copiers
  153. Legal Thoughts on deteorating women's rights in countries we occupy?
  154. Int'l Issues What? No thread about the new British PM?
  155. Religion Swedish Artist attacked by muslims over artist
  156. Economics 2 YRS later Fannie/Freddie still hemorrhaging...dems want to 'study' it
  157. Poop Exhausted Noam Chomsky Just Going to Enjoy the Day
  158. Economics Atlas Shrugged
  159. Economics Why work when you get paid not to? They're Turning Jobs Down in Michigan
  160. Nat'l Security Somali Pirates, Russians, Shoreline too far away
  161. Obama Says it all
  162. Economics Cap & Tax is back
  163. General Politics Swedish "Mohammad-Depicting" Cartoonist Harrassed Again...
  164. Obama Health Care cost Rising like a rocket...and it has not even begun.
  165. Economics Oops. Duplicate thread. Please delete.
  166. General Politics How does healthcare reform effect me?
  167. Media Obama: Information is a bad thing
  168. General Politics Tea Party leader: Politicians such as Palin aren't the real Tea Party
  169. Obama Damn! What's "Lite" doing with a Connecticut....
  170. Economics Ron Paul: Stop Bailout of Foriegn Banks
  171. U.S. Issues Arizona bans ethnic studies in public schools
  172. Obama Obamadeficits growing faster than predicted
  173. General Politics Lewis Black - Glenn Beck Has Nazi Tourette's
  174. Education Teacher beats up 13 year old
  175. Nat'l Security Holder can't even say "radical islam"
  176. Poop Year 40, The war on Drugs
  177. Economics Illinois Shows U.S. a Glimpse of the Future
  178. Nat'l Security Inspekteur der Sicherheitspolizei Holder Never read Arizona law
  179. U.S. Issues NJ Governor tells reporter to get thicker skin!
  180. Media More from The Onion: Joad Cressbeckler
  181. Economics Must be another "fat finger" day
  182. Economics Bill To Protect Taxpayers From Bailing Out European Countries
  183. Obama A walk down memory lane
  184. Obama Obamas desire to give us over to the UN continues
  185. Nat'l Security How can we allow this? When will we stand up and say enough?
  186. Nat'l Security It's official: Cronkite provided propaganda to Commies
  187. General Politics Pelosi lays down new travel rules for lawmakers
  188. Nat'l Security Sniper Rifles to get an upgrade. Now will the Chicken in Chief let them Fire?
  189. Nat'l Security Russians Manages their Pirates way better than USA is
  190. Media Silly Drudge Headline of the day
  191. Economics Should we sell off government bullion?
  192. Nat'l Security Holder 'doesn't deserve to be attorney general'
  193. Misc Gotta love creativity
  194. Obama Ten Mental Mistakes of Obamatons. Well done!
  195. U.S. Issues Email I got, any truth to it?
  196. Obama Obama for the "little guy" ????? Really?????
  197. U.S. Issues 7-year-old girl killed in Detroit police raid
  198. Legal SC: Some Sex Offenders Can Be Held Indefinitely.
  199. General Politics Obama's Flunkie APOLOGIZES to China For Arizona Immigration bill
  200. Nat'l Security Secrets From Inside the Obama War Room
  201. Legal SC: Life Sentences for Teens 'cruel and unusual' (for non-homicide crimes)
  202. Nat'l Security UN Millenium fund in line to help build mosque at 9/11 site. The O is so proud.
  203. Nat'l Security Mosque Number Two at 9/11 site?
  204. Obama Fannie Mae's Involvement in Global Warming Caper
  205. Obama Obama signs press freedom act -- then refuses press questions...
  206. Nat'l Security Napolitano Admits She Hasn't Read Arizona Law But Says She Wouldn't Sign It
  207. U.S. Issues Congress Must be flushed. This is business as usual Dem Sleaze
  208. Nat'l Security State Department Spokesman Critical of Arizona Law Admits He Too Hasnít Read It
  209. Elections Dem Senate seat in Connecticut may be in play
  210. Economics Nancy is a moron
  211. Legal Obama's aunt gets preferred treatment?
  212. U.S. Issues Kagan's discovered college thesis laments lack of socialism in America.
  213. Nat'l Security This will never happen here, England is just uncivil.
  214. Elections Happy Rand Paul Day
  215. Local This should be good
  216. General Politics AZ utility board member responds to LA boycott over SB1070
  217. General Politics Great political ad
  218. Economics National Debt by President
  219. General Politics Child shot in drive by: Nobody cares
  220. Obama Shithead comments on Daniel Pearl beheading
  221. Economics What Tuesday Really Meant
  222. Obama Obama says "My Administration is take a very close look at the AZ law"
  223. U.S. Issues Mexican President Knocks Arizona Law From White House Lawn
  224. Int'l Issues The collapse of the Euro
  225. U.S. Issues The Hill: Rand Paul's success may propel Ron Paul to presidency
  226. Nat'l Security KC Man Admits To Helping al-Qaida
  227. Religion Why Does God Hate Amputees?
  228. Obama While Tucson burns, Obama fiddles
  229. Nat'l Security The AZ Anti-Illegal Immigration Law..in print
  230. Obama Dinner with the Obamas-Tonight.
  231. Nat'l Security So, you oppose the Az illegal immigration law.....WTF is your solution then?
  232. Obama Obama calling in political favors to bail out Chicago bank???
  233. Poop Tom Corbett is a pussy
  234. Int'l Issues Oh Crap! Could War be breaking out between North and South Korea.
  235. Economics Deere 2Q profit rises on improving equipment sales
  236. Nat'l Security Who will have the Balls to tell him to pack his case and head home
  237. Nat'l Security Draw Mohammed Day
  238. Int'l Issues Michelle Obama has awkward illegal immigration moment
  239. Obama Obama has awakened the sleeping giant
  240. Poop Tea Party Leader: Muslims worship a "Monkey God."
  241. Nat'l Security Mexican Pres Standing Ovation from Dems
  242. Economics Market was thrashed today
  243. U.S. Issues Draw Rosa Parks day
  244. U.S. Issues Running From Rand
  245. Religion Online budget simulator allows you to try to stabilize the debt.
  246. Nat'l Security Federal Law allows Feds to stop ANYONE and ask for immigration papers!!
  247. U.S. Issues Senate passes financial reform bill
  248. Economics U.S. Entrepreneurial Activity Rises in 2009 to Highest Rate in 14 Years.
  249. Obama Krauthammer on Obama not supporting the USA
  250. Nat'l Security Ariz. Governor to Obama, Napolitano: 'Do Your Job!'