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  1. Environment BP SPill stopped!!!
  2. U.S. Issues Congress approves sweeping Wall Street reforms
  3. Legal Taxpayer dollars at work: US Government trying to send dude that makes porn to jail
  4. General Politics If tax payer dollars end up paying for abortions.....
  5. Economics Boosting Unions, killing the economy
  6. Int'l Issues A lucrative oil deal between BP and Libya
  7. Obama We now have a "Health Foods" Czar...
  8. U.S. Issues Cal. governor race. Meg Whitman wants amnesty for illegals.
  9. Economics Republicans: Tax cuts don't in the deficit
  10. Legal Federal Judge rules Valor Act unconstitutional, dismisses case
  11. Int'l Issues Netanyaho, Hello there
  12. Economics Weigel: How 2012 will be covered.
  13. U.S. Issues Got a visit from a census worker this morning...
  14. Obama Biden fined $219k for '08 violations
  15. Obama Obama: Health Care Mandate not a tax. Obama: Mandate is a tax
  16. Religion "Hell was invented by the Church to Control People"
  17. Economics "Foreclosures bring wealth" -Florida Lawyer
  18. Int'l Issues Haiti: 6 months later, where is the money?
  19. Legal Feds shut down 73,000 blogs?
  20. U.S. Issues "Racism is tearing the Tea Party movement apart."
  21. Obama Americans being forced out of health plans because of ObamaCare
  22. Economics GM,B.O.,Chrysler moves needlessly accelerated job losses?
  23. Obama Obama Imitator
  24. Religion The Terrible Texts of the Bible
  25. Nat'l Security Bomb-making tips, hit list behind Blogetery closure
  26. Elections Pennsylvania swings right
  27. U.S. Issues Obama appointee admits on tape she discriminated against white farmer
  28. Religion Glenn Beck has an eye disorder.
  29. Elections Are you in the "Ruling Class" or the true "American Class"????
  30. Nat'l Security Tea Party "Uni-Tea" Summit to discuss race.
  31. Economics The Washington Post exposing the surveillance state.
  32. Local Ezra Klein: Cap-and-Trade is dead.
  33. Elections Late Night Partisan Bullshit
  34. Economics Housing Starts drop to lowest level since Oct. 2009
  35. Obama SO, it's OK for Obama to whack Americans...
  36. Obama Did Obamacare become law because of lies?
  37. Nat'l Security This Mexican drug violence has reached stunning levels
  38. Nat'l Security For those that support amnesty...watch this video
  39. Legal Gallup: Enthusiasm, not Policies
  40. Religion Muslim say Coffee from cat crap is clean and yummy
  41. Media Pravada Media Collusion to the Max!!!!!!
  42. Obama Liberal smear campaign: force everyone to stop talking about Reverend Jeremiah Wright
  43. U.S. Issues Charging Racism is "tactic" of the Democrats to take focus off "joblessness"
  44. Media Liberal journalists think that the gubment should shut down Fox News
  45. U.S. Issues MSNBC to Sherrod's rescue; slams Breitbart and Fox News
  46. Elections Missouri Health Care Freedom, Proposition C (2010) Yes or No?
  47. Obama Jesse Pullin those Strings
  48. U.S. Issues Heh, heh! reality show hopes fade, she "delays" wedding.
  49. Legal TPM Restrictions on the First Admendment
  50. U.S. Issues Miller Nails it
  51. U.S. Issues Power, Attention...She should have stayed fired
  52. U.S. Issues Liberals try to bring back public option for health care
  53. Obama WSJ: Does Not Look Good for Dems and Obama
  54. Int'l Issues More nation building....this time Kenya
  55. General Politics Rangel Charged by ethics committee
  56. Economics ****ing obam Administration Taxing My Kid's Tuition Savings Accounts
  57. Elections Tom Tancredo fires warning shot at GOP
  58. Poop "I'm not the white man's bitch"
  59. Nat'l Security Vigilante Justice hits the AZ border
  60. Nat'l Security Federal Judge won't block all of AZ's Immigration Law
  61. Obama Let's have the debate: Mosque at Ground Zero.
  62. Economics Chris Christie Tells Teachers Union
  63. U.S. Issues Congressional Waste
  64. Economics The Tax Tsunami On The Horizon
  65. Legal KS Man charged with "enticing a child to have sex". But where's the logic?
  66. Economics White House predicts record $1.47 trillion deficit
  67. U.S. Issues Racist senator says end race preference programs
  68. Obama I'm Here To Govern(so FU little serfs, do as I decree)
  69. Economics The politics of Economics
  70. Int'l Issues LEAKED VIDEO. Netanyahu: I deceived US to destroy Oslo accords
  71. Economics Britain Plans to Decentralize National Health Care
  72. General Politics Al Frankin ROFL!!!!
  73. Obama Ready for redistribution Max'ed out?
  74. U.S. Issues Migrants sell up, flee Arizona ahead of crackdown
  75. Religion Today's Word with Joel Osteen
  76. General Politics See guys, the members of the Tea Party aren't racist, the ideology is racist.
  77. Nat'l Security WikiLeaks publishes the truth about the progress of the war in Afghanistan
  78. Obama The Democratic Fisc
  79. Elections Kansans Love a Moran!
  80. General Politics Hidden in legislation, your gold will now be taxed.
  81. Legal Hate Crimes: Now available for Old Folks
  82. U.S. Issues Mitt Romney is awful
  83. Obama Black Activist Mary Frances Berry Calls for More Deliberately False Allegations of Ra
  84. Int'l Issues Where Did that Eight Billion Get To???
  85. Environment New Oil Spill in Louisiana.
  86. U.S. Issues Ryan Owns Matthews
  87. Obama Obama, just like you and me. Buuuuuuull...
  88. U.S. Issues Rep. Barney Frank causes scene demanding discount
  89. U.S. Issues 'Do not vote for my dad!
  90. General Politics Sen. Kerry avoiding taxes in Mass.?
  91. Obama Michelle and one rugrat need 30 Rooms in Spain
  92. U.S. Issues Why did Republicans fili-bust the Disclose Act?
  93. Elections Mass. Legislature approves plan to bypass Electoral College
  94. Media Sweet Jeebus...Oliver Stone has lost it...
  95. Economics You know it's bad when Browncoats predict 500,000 layoffs
  96. Religion The Roman Catholic "Church" is Not Christian???
  97. Legal Motorcyclist Faces 16 Years in Prison for Videotaping the Police
  98. U.S. Issues LOL! Pentagon cannot account for 95% of $9.1 Billion in Iraq reconstruction money...
  99. Economics Moody's, Princeton economic study: Stimulus kept us out of a Depression
  100. Media The medias Exposed as a tool of the White House
  101. U.S. Issues Obama going on the view
  102. U.S. Issues Judge grants injunction portion of AZ Law
  103. Economics New FIN Reform Bill exempts SEC from FOIA requests.
  104. Environment Dems post the Republican/Tea Party "Contract For America."
  105. Local I don't know, maybe Afghanistan's better.
  106. Nat'l Security Wal-Mart is gonna add some RFID tags to your clothes starting August 1st
  107. Local A fool and his money...
  108. Legal An Abominable Decision
  109. U.S. Issues Financial Reform Bill Contains Minority Hiring Quotas
  110. Legal Obama following in Bush's footsteps when it comes to warrentless searches
  111. Environment Here Oil,There Oil, everywhere is Oil Oil Oil.....
  112. Economics That's sloppy politics, I don't care who you are.
  113. U.S. Issues Jackass Obama visits a sub shop by me..lol
  114. U.S. Issues Joe Legal v. Jose Illegal
  115. Legal Platforms: the GOP for 2010 Midterms vs. the Bush administration.
  116. Environment Why did the Republicans filibuster the small business bill?
  117. U.S. Issues Gibbs Takes on Rush Limbaugh
  118. Nat'l Security The Amnesty Memo
  119. Obama We need a DEPARTMENT OF FAIRNESS!!!
  120. General Politics Obama not invited to wedding
  121. Economics Cnbc vid. Robert Reich throwing tantrum. Stimulus money can't create jobs! Doh.
  122. Legal Congress begins to close sentencing gap between crack and cocaine
  123. Nat'l Security Immigration Reform by Obama Decree
  124. Nat'l Security $1.7Billion in Dope Seized. Administration Applauds Hardworking immigrants
  125. Nat'l Security Feel safer? Border Issues? Naaaaaaaa fergitaboutit
  126. Obama Obamas Team brings Chicago to Michigan
  127. Obama Interesting article explaining how Dear Leader fudges unemployment numbers
  128. General Politics Protesting Six Flags Muslim Day
  129. General Politics What has America become? - Letter to the Editor
  130. General Politics What has America become? - Letter to the Editor
  131. Elections Candidate For GA Gov: Sex with Mules & Watermelons is Behind Me!
  132. U.S. Issues White House: Don't Post More Secret War Papers
  133. Poop Iran To Arrest Tan Women To Uphold The Islamic Dress Policy
  134. Economics So, I got a job....sorta
  135. Nat'l Security obama Trying to Skirt Congress on Immigration
  136. U.S. Issues Democrat Memo: Republicans will come up short this fall.
  137. Legal You guys are going to love this.
  138. Nat'l Security Graphical Representation of IED attacks in Afghanistan
  139. Obama Simple Look at ObamaCare
  140. Obama Rules of Ramadan Fast.
  141. Economics Ryan's Roadmap. Pretty interesting.
  142. Economics ObamaCare:Sales Tax when you sell your home. Were you aware of this?
  143. General Politics 73% of all Americans now feel Government has too much power...
  144. General Politics Draining the Swamp?
  145. U.S. Issues Palin: Gov. Brewer has 'cojones' ; asskicker does not.
  146. Obama Two democrats say B.O. campaign used intimidation
  147. U.S. Issues The Republican Fisc
  148. Elections Conservatives Look for November Victories in SC, CA & IL
  149. Elections House Democrats Head for a Thumping at the Polls
  150. General Politics Pete Stark is at it again
  151. Economics How the dims deep sixed our economy
  152. U.S. Issues Boston College Law Prof: Fifth Amendment Complicates Net Neutrality
  153. Environment Chinese River of Sh*t!
  154. Economics Competing Currencies Popping Up in Michigan
  155. Economics Small businesses: Optimism plunges
  156. Nat'l Security Anchors Away?
  157. U.S. Issues Net Neutrality: Let's have a discussion
  158. Obama Virginia's Lawsuit to stop ObamaCare clears procedural roadblock
  159. Legal Ignorance of the law is no excuse...unless you work in law enforcement
  160. Legal Who does this remind you of?
  161. U.S. Issues "You sir, and people like you are destroying this nation."
  162. U.S. Issues Reminder to vote today
  163. Obama Illegal, drunk kills nun and two are in bad shape
  164. Elections Best. Campaign. Video. Ever.
  165. Elections All you Missouri Voters....Go Vote and Vote Yes on Prop C
  166. U.S. Issues Single Al Gore
  167. General Politics Confessions of a Tea Party Casualty
  168. Obama Missouri Prop C Results
  169. U.S. Issues Missouri rejects Obamacare in landslide...
  170. U.S. Issues EPA to Crack Down on Farm Dust
  171. U.S. Issues Deeply Wrong. Rapist Deported 9 times
  172. U.S. Issues Taliban, our onetime friends and current enemy
  173. Obama Gallup shows continuing declines for Obama
  174. Nat'l Security Mexican Fun with Bombs....Keep moving, ignore this, no threats here
  175. General Politics democraticunderground.com: Republican F*ckwits haven't read the Constitution
  176. U.S. Issues Perry v. Schwarzenegger upholds right to gay marriage
  177. Nat'l Security SURPRISE! Turns out the feds ARE storing those naked pictures of you.
  178. Obama Big Money Dems Hide from the public
  179. Media One more Sherrod story
  180. Obama 70 Secret Service Agents for Mrs. Obama's Trip??
  181. General Politics Steve Wynn takes on Washington - Do not try the other thread, it's hosed.
  182. General Politics GM donates $41,000 to lawmakers' pet projects
  183. Obama An August Surprise? Fannie and Freddie to forgive mortgage debt?
  184. Media Al Franken shares his thoughts on net neutrality.
  185. Misc Portland lemonade stand runs into health inspectors, needs $120 license to operate
  186. Nat'l Security Food for thought-Illegals and Cost
  187. Nat'l Security Kerry wants to bring in Muslims
  188. Nat'l Security Pelosi has to be stopped, dems out of control at this point
  189. Legal Civil Forfeitures: The government's get-rich-quick scheme
  190. U.S. Issues Barak the Angry Negro.
  191. General Politics Sunset of the State: You need to watch this.
  192. U.S. Issues President Obama Explains Healthcare.Gov
  193. U.S. Issues Government, Health Care, Political Correctness. All rolled together=madness
  194. Economics Using Stimulus $ to Study Stimulus $
  195. Obama Jobs picture getting worse.....131,000 Losses
  196. Economics New Hope....Romer resigns
  197. Obama Democrooks hang together in Chicago.
  198. Int'l Issues U.S. to Send Envoy to Hiroshima Ceremony
  199. U.S. Issues Time for a divorce: Why government should get out of the marriage business
  200. Nat'l Security AP: New al-Qaeda leader lived in U.S. for years
  201. Economics The Return of the $1,000 Down Mortgage
  202. General Politics I want your money: Movie Trailer...looks excellent
  203. Misc Cooking. Try this.
  204. U.S. Issues Back to the topic: Perry v. Schwarzenegger upholds right to gay marriage
  205. Religion Religion/Politics
  206. General Politics Black TeaParty Leaders vs. Press
  207. Int'l Issues A Glimpse of Whats to come?
  208. U.S. Issues Lawyer For Bin Laden’s Driver? Welcome To Obama Administration!
  209. Int'l Issues One for Pink Frankie
  210. Nat'l Security Why We Still Talk About Bush
  211. Media Obama is victim of Bush's failed Promises
  212. U.S. Issues Democrat poses as racist at Rand Paul function
  213. Economics "Plutonomy": Class War is Over. You Lost
  214. General Politics The commencement address written but never delivered, per se.
  215. Int'l Issues Peace loving Taliban. Maybe we should talk over a beer
  216. U.S. Issues Fucking Obama and those ICE assholes
  217. Obama Caption this
  218. U.S. Issues What's ANOTHER $26 bil?
  219. Obama Obama attacks Bush.....again.....
  220. Int'l Issues Pentagon downsizing, with focus on private contractors.
  221. Legal My Fellow Conservatives, Think Carefully About Your Opposition to Gay Marriage
  222. General Politics Should the 14th Amendment be changed?
  223. Economics Greg Gutfield: You know what would look good next to a Ground Zero mosque?
  224. Local Leader of the Republican party speaks with a constituent.
  225. Religion Ted Stevens killed in plane crash. Wow.
  226. Religion Ryan's "Roadmap" was only partially scored. Fully score it, and guess what happens.
  227. Legal HuffPo pits Senator Obama vs. President Obama in a vigorous debate on Afghanistan.
  228. Nat'l Security Iran preparing graves for U.S. soldiers
  229. U.S. Issues "Pat's not with God. He's f*cking dead!": The Tillman Story
  230. Legal Kansas Man Arrested for Posting a Sign In His Yard
  231. Legal Top officials in California urge judge to allow same-sex marriage
  232. U.S. Issues UPS and FedEx are in a fight? I didn't know. But here's a video explanation.
  233. Int'l Issues U.S. to send imam in ground zero debate to Middle East
  234. Obama Chaos As Crowd Waits for Section 8 Housing Assistance
  235. Economics Q2 GDP Growth Could Be Revised To Just 1% After Trade Data
  236. General Politics Reid is a scumbag.
  237. Legal Proper government intervention? Chicago couple refused to sell home to black buyers.
  238. Nat'l Security 1 in 15 kids in US has an Illegal Parent
  239. Obama Even Mainstream Mediarats are jumping ship
  240. Legal Time to do our part to protect CP: Copyright vultures on the prowl
  241. Economics Deficit in July Totals $165.04 Billion
  242. Obama List em. Another Obama line of crap
  243. U.S. Issues Democrat party in civil war?
  244. U.S. Issues PANIC! How the Google/Verizon proposal could KILL the internet in 5 years
  245. ChiefsPlanet Keeping Birthright Citizenship
  246. Economics Bank repo's drive up July home foreclosures
  247. Obama New claims for unemployment aid reach 484K
  248. U.S. Issues Looking for input: What Bush policies has Obama overturned?
  249. Economics Reagan Administration Appointee on How The GOP Destroyed the U.S. Economy
  250. Elections KS GOP Cand. Removes Tweet Attacking Indian-American Challenger As ‘Evil Turban T..