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  1. General Politics A Job is a Right!
  2. General Politics Do you support smoking bans?
  3. Legal Minorities claim that criminal background checks for employment are discriminatory
  4. Nat'l Security Taliban Hunting War Pron
  5. U.S. Issues "Mexico Is Angry"
  6. U.S. Issues LOL Cindy Sheehan challenges Gibbs to a pee-off
  7. Obama A midterm pulse of the people about Obama.
  8. General Politics Maxine Waters: It's Bush/Paulson's Fault
  9. Religion Obama to host Ramadan meal
  10. General Politics um ok
  11. General Politics How times and attitudes have changed...
  12. Economics NYC disability pays $42,000 a year
  13. Int'l Issues An atheist society depopulates itself
  14. Obama Obama grows more out of touch
  15. Economics Free Market Space Exploration...
  16. Obama The stunning decline of Barack Obama
  17. Elections The Worst Americans Evar!
  18. Obama Rep. Louie Gohmert might be onto something.
  19. General Politics Skull and Bones has Geronimo's skull?!
  20. General Politics read these and tell me why they are wrong
  21. U.S. Issues Federal Government develops new abortion pill
  22. Elections So it's an extremely hot summer.
  23. Obama Obama's Mosque :Hot Potato for Dems; Obo trys to retract
  24. General Politics Does the minimum wage contribute to youth unemployment?
  25. Obama Indi's running from Obama and Dems
  26. Obama Medicare: Not gonna cover best new therapies. Sorry.
  27. General Politics Late night political ramblings
  28. U.S. Issues The Cure for Section 8 Housing?
  29. Education Teacher's Union Seeks to Boycott LA Times
  30. U.S. Issues Help name the Ground Zero Gay Bar
  31. Elections obama Losing Independent's Support
  32. U.S. Issues Buzz around the Ron Paul network is that he is planning a 2012 run...
  33. Economics McObama Happy Meal
  34. Legal 300 guns seized from homeowner in Rockford, IL
  35. Religion Haters Gonna Hate: Proposed Mosque Likely to be Relocated
  36. Elections The RINO List
  37. U.S. Issues The Left’s Lust for Black Gangstas
  38. General Politics Scotlands Cure for Capitalism
  39. Legal 300 lb teen stabs mom over a chezbrgr
  40. U.S. Issues Brit view of Mosque issue
  41. Obama Is Obama intentionally stalling the economic recovery? The Obama-Pivin Economic Plan
  42. General Politics Blago Guilty
  43. Int'l Issues A policy preference question.
  44. General Politics We're number 11!
  45. Elections Simple Question...
  46. General Politics Jesse Jackson: Back off Obama
  47. Education Schools got their bailout. But they're not rehiring teachers.
  48. General Politics Sharon Angle, like 911, is a joke
  49. U.S. Issues Pelosi: Investigate the funding for Opposition to Mosqu
  50. U.S. Issues Love it, NOW they need Bush to help. Hope he tells em all to go to hell
  51. Obama Afghanistan War Deaths Under Obama Surpass Those Under Bush
  52. U.S. Issues Kos starts campaign to end the filibuster
  53. Local Mission (KS) on a mission to implement new "driveway tax"
  54. Legal Awesome: Saudi Judge Consider Paralysis as Punishment
  55. Religion Russell Simmons on the NYC Mosque: "Did we blame Xians after the first WTC attack?"
  56. Obama New Dem message: 'Improve' health care, don't talk cost
  57. Obama Bam's lousy economic record
  58. Obama Obama Claims Police Station was Stimulus Paid. Not a Police Station, Not stimulus.
  59. Education 21st Century Enlightenment
  60. General Politics If we elect a Republican prez and a Republican Congress, would they repeal ObamaCare?
  61. Obama For the well dressed ex-Obot...
  62. Economics Why would you favor Bush again?
  63. Economics Why would you favor Bush again?
  64. Economics Why would you favor Bush again?
  65. Obama Trouble in Paradise. Major Media Turning on Obama
  66. Nat'l Security WikiLeaks Update...Say it's not so.
  67. Religion Had a couple of Jehovah's Witnesses stop by this morning
  68. Nat'l Security TSA call cops because woman had checks that there were "nearly" sequentially numbered
  69. Religion Muslim woman sues Disney for discrimination
  70. Economics The State’s ‘Inception’ Fails
  71. Legal Supreme Court upholds gay marriage law
  72. Elections CONFIRMED: Michigan Democrats Behind Fake Tea Party
  73. Religion 3 things you may not know about Islam
  74. U.S. Issues Live in Philly? Have a blog? Then you better pay the city $300 for that privilege.
  75. Economics Bury Keynesian Voodoo Before It Can Bury Us All
  76. U.S. Issues LGBT protest at target
  77. U.S. Issues "Bury The Constitution Before It Can Bury Us All"
  78. U.S. Issues Fiorina says she will push for Term Limits
  79. Elections Would you support 100% publicly funded elections
  80. Nat'l Security Just Trying for a Better Life
  81. Nat'l Security Ground Zero Imam Says U.S. Worse than al-Qaeda
  82. U.S. Issues Obama warns Americans of covert sponsored manipulation of peoples opinion
  83. Misc Am I a Racist?
  84. U.S. Issues Interesting perspective.
  85. U.S. Issues A different perspective on the immigrant issue...
  86. General Politics Conservative vs. Liberal Women
  87. Economics Change you can believe in ? Yes, Mr. President, we want the keys back!
  88. Education Should you get a tax refund if you send your kids to private school?
  89. Misc Nail Salon Charges Fee for Overweight Customers
  90. Misc PC vs Victory: How far should I go to win a game.
  91. U.S. Issues Tax changes
  92. U.S. Issues Turn on rush limbaugh show. Walter williams is hosting.
  93. U.S. Issues Rancor Over Mosque Could Fuel Islamic Extremists
  94. Media Total Eclipse Of The Moonie
  95. Economics This is how liberals would fix the economy
  96. Economics Shit is about to hit the fan PT II
  97. U.S. Issues Ron Paul on Mosque Controversy: This is all about hate and Islamaphobia.
  98. General Politics Are you really that stupid?
  99. General Politics Wheat, Weed, and ObamaCare: How the Commerce Clause Made Congress All Powerful
  100. U.S. Issues Why the Tea Party is toxic for the GOP
  101. General Politics What do you guys think of this?
  102. Obama SWEEEEEET! Backdoor Amnesty is Finally Here!
  103. General Politics Ken Mehlman Exits the Closet
  104. Legal Should we decriminalize the possession and use of marijuana?
  105. Obama One dem tells truth
  106. Elections This is getting ugly for the Democrats
  107. Religion Might be a repost: Church in Florida
  108. General Politics What is the opposition to allowing people to invest a small amount of their SS?
  109. U.S. Issues The Backlash Begins
  110. U.S. Issues Motgage Morality Double Standard
  111. Elections Voters Now Trust Republicans More On All 10 Key Issues
  112. Poop i was banned at freerepublic.com
  113. Economics DJI: 9,988.04
  114. Legal Liberalism = Radicalism.
  115. Media TDS and Colbert, aka the Glenn Beck recap.
  116. Economics Obamanomics
  117. Economics Economic Growth Rate Downgraded to Anemic 1.6 Percent in Second Quarter
  118. General Politics How the Dem's lost the middle
  119. Elections Have you (or will you) donated time to a candidate this year?
  120. U.S. Issues 8/28 Restoring Honor Rally
  121. U.S. Issues Every Racist Nutbag they can get in one place.
  122. U.S. Issues Lead bullets to be banned???
  123. U.S. Issues Fourth Amendment Rights Stripped Away
  124. Legal Judge refuses to stop missouri's new anti strip club law
  125. U.S. Issues Good : Georgia Man Wins Right to Keep Flying American Flag at Home
  126. U.S. Issues Shitbrick obama Selling US OUt Again
  127. Economics Our KC federal reserve prez. 'Interest rates are too low'.
  128. U.S. Issues 500,000 Beck rally? Wow
  129. Int'l Issues Global Warming Hits Home
  130. Nat'l Security American colonel sacked after Afghan rant
  131. Obama Waiting for Mr. Obama
  132. Misc Drinkers Outlive Non-Drinkers
  133. Misc Philosophy Discussion: Objectivism
  134. Int'l Issues Something to really be scared about
  135. Int'l Issues Contrasting images: Obama and Putin
  136. Media Credit to Beck
  137. Economics Governator: Public Pensions and Our Fiscal Future
  138. Obama Free speech? Man assaulted?
  139. General Politics John Cusack Calls for 'Satanic Death' of Fox News, GOP Leaders
  140. Economics 1 in 6 Americans receive government anti-poverty support
  141. Int'l Issues B.O.'s Iraq speech tonight
  142. General Politics The Billionaires Bankrolling the Tea Party
  143. Economics 10 bailed-out banks spent $16.3M lobbying in 1H
  144. Environment Lomgorg pulls a Rosanne Rosannadanna on Climate change
  145. General Politics Glenn Beck's Happy Warriors
  146. ChiefsPlanet I'll be on another talk show
  147. Obama B.O.'s communist putsch must be stopped
  148. Obama The 2 faces of our Commander in Chief
  149. Environment Another Oil Rig Explosion !
  150. Economics Obama Administration and GM
  151. U.S. Issues Tony Blair on Clinton, Bush and Obama -- GREAT read
  152. General Politics More Dems buck plan to let taxes increase for rich
  153. Obama The Small Business 97% FALLACY
  154. Int'l Issues Iranian newpaper says France first lady Carla Bruni is prostitute and deserves to die
  155. U.S. Issues Tax Question
  156. Local Iraqis weigh in on the withdrawal.
  157. Religion Jesse Jackson Car Stripped in Detroit
  158. Obama Obama is tone deaf, blind, or not very bright.
  159. Obama Taxpayers likely to face initial loss on GM IPO-sources
  160. U.S. Issues OHHNOESS FLA Conservative/R Gov candidate picks a black female as running mate
  161. Int'l Issues Kooky Kraut Commies Corrupt Kids!
  162. Obama $700,000 pissed away
  163. U.S. Issues Another Fed Lawsuit?
  164. Int'l Issues North Korea's Commucon 2010: Do you have your tickets?
  165. Economics $50 Billion More In Infrastructure Spending In The Works.......
  166. Elections Democrats Ashamed of Health Care Bill - Running against it in election year.
  167. U.S. Issues Rand Paul Unveils Congressional Priority: Battle for Balanced Budget Amendment
  168. General Politics They talk about me like a dog!
  169. Poop MIssion Accomplished II - This Time It's Personal!
  170. Elections Comrade Daley will not seek reelection as mayor of Chicago
  171. Nat'l Security Burning the Quran...thoughts??
  172. Obama NYT: Obama will not extend Bush Tax Cuts
  173. Poop Let's get some normalcy back in this forum: Palin's "refudiate" a top word search
  174. General Politics Why generic polls are trash...
  175. General Politics Washington DC ( Doesn't Care )
  176. Obama Even America's liberal elites concede that Obama's Presidency is crumbling
  177. Elections John McCain Sent Me An e-Mail-obama Used As Anchor
  178. Obama Obama Launches Fall Fight
  179. General Politics Electile Dysfunction
  180. Elections Most unusual political commercial I've seen.
  181. General Politics Now what will Michael Moore do?
  182. Int'l Issues Afghans protest Quran burning plan, torch US flag
  183. Poop A bit oversimplified but could this work?
  184. U.S. Issues Health Care to go UP ?
  185. Nat'l Security Ground Zero Imam says no mosque = attack on Islam
  186. General Politics How to respond to liberal bullshit propaganda - by Chris Christie
  187. Nat'l Security At least OUR guys are civilized
  188. Nat'l Security Living Medal of Honor Recipient Approved
  189. Obama Obama Appoints Carp Czar
  190. Obama What he should have said in Cleveland
  191. Nat'l Security My stump speech...
  192. Nat'l Security A Little Islamic History Lesson for those....
  193. Nat'l Security Oooh-rah!
  194. Nat'l Security Gunmen behead, set alight Sunni cleric in Iraq
  195. U.S. Issues Got Prozac ?
  196. Nat'l Security Flash backs for those who choose to forget
  197. U.S. Issues new blog post
  198. Obama 41 Obama White House aides owe the IRS $831,000 in back taxes -- and they're not alon
  199. General Politics How Obama Thinks
  200. Obama Do Not Blame Obama...so says Sebelius
  201. U.S. Issues Rand Paul attracts nearly 40% of African Americans in Kentucky...
  202. Nat'l Security 9/11 still brings up ?'s
  203. U.S. Issues Teaching 9/11 in the classroom
  204. Int'l Issues Kuran has been burned...Oh noes!!!
  205. Environment Fareed Zakaria asks the difficult, necessary question about 9/11.
  206. Environment New Element Discovered
  207. Legal Don't plant a garden in GA...
  208. Elections A Pre-Mortem for the Dems
  209. Economics The Tax Cuts
  210. U.S. Issues Libertarian solution to drug issue has been "resounding success" in Portugal
  211. Obama First Wookie tells restaurants to cut creme
  212. Economics 545 people..
  213. U.S. Issues The rules are anything goes. Dems Days are numbered
  214. Elections Well, so much for taking the Senate (DE Primary)
  215. Elections Tea Party wins in Delaware!
  216. U.S. Issues Koran burner fired from job
  217. U.S. Issues Gov't say banks should share Fannie, Freddie costs
  218. Education Texas Board of Education targets pro-Muslim texts
  219. Economics $800K of stimulus goes to study African men washing their pee-pee's
  220. U.S. Issues Understanding the Tea Party divide...
  221. Local Attack on the Dean, an assassination attempt?
  222. U.S. Issues Pelosi gives Obama credit for Bush tax cuts???
  223. Education Standards Express
  224. Obama 1099's, the HC Bill and Obama's dumbass
  225. U.S. Issues Democrat Congresswoman Leaves Voicemail for Lobbyist Cash
  226. Economics L.A.: $111M in Stimulus Saved Just 55 Jobs
  227. Economics Obama, Reid & Pelosi has helped our deficit.
  228. Nat'l Security Harry Reid Sneaks Amnesty Measure into Defense Bill
  229. U.S. Issues O'Donnel speech hits home...
  230. U.S. Issues Oh noes!!! Blakc people at a Tea Party???
  231. Local Cooper in Iowa
  232. General Politics NY Times : Heh, Obama to the rescue ?
  233. Int'l Issues What is up with the bedbug infestation?
  234. Obama Comrade Obama's dreams of his "father"
  235. General Politics New Political Logo's
  236. Obama Fact check : More lies !
  237. Economics Firefighters Save Homes of Wealthy Libertarians (not really)
  238. Economics The Deficit
  239. U.S. Issues Searching Students - How Far Is Too Far? (latest iteration)
  240. General Politics Contract With America 2010 Edition
  241. Economics One must laugh at corporate America....
  242. Environment Why did Republicans filibuster a repeal of DADT?
  243. Environment Why did Republicans filibuster the Dream Act?
  244. Economics Why did another Obama economic advisor quit ?
  245. U.S. Issues Making sense of the Tea Party...
  246. Economics Scalia: Equal protection clause doesn't bar sex discrimination.
  247. Economics Taxing My Patience
  248. Economics Best commentary on Summers I have read
  249. Economics Fannie/Freddie Acquitted
  250. Legal Do you enjoy reading statutes from medieval England?