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  1. baahaa, DUHbya just made a funny...
  2. Delete
  3. Rather has lost it...
  4. What do you pro-abortioners think of this?
  5. DNA and Blood transfusions
  6. Dollar Update.... Weak. Asia Stocks Down
  7. So what do ya'll think of this video of arab attitude toward jews?
  8. This place needs a little levity......white trash
  9. Body found in Iraq NOT Margaret Hassan (?)
  10. Kick Azz! Army Set To Deploy First Squad Of Machine Gun-Toting Robots In Iraq
  11. A Sad State: Hymn-Singing Christians face a possible 47 years in prison
  12. A reason to support Iran nukes
  13. U.S. told of Iranian effort to create nuclear warhead
  14. 'Passion' of the 'Fahrenheit'?
  15. Scalia To Synagogue - Jews Are Safer With Christians In Charge
  16. "Dem Führer Die Treue"
  17. Red state leading the way in morality (as usual)
  18. A Sad State: Man in prison for wanting to pray with Mel Gibson
  19. Good quote from Andrew Sullivan
  20. Political Quiz. Seemed a little bit better than most.
  21. Recount Ohio!
  22. Caption this... (consider yourself warned)
  23. Putin calls US dictatorial
  24. Bush Administratioin
  25. Bush Not Alarmed by Thompson's Warning.
  26. Ann Coulter at the Chuckle Hut
  27. Real Estate Tax Question...
  28. Get ready for the Michael Jackson Case ridiculousness...
  29. Eminems new ridiculous song
  30. New Senate Minority Leader Reid Calls Justice Thomas an Embarrassment
  31. Our Government must be bored....
  32. 2005 Free Agents?
  33. Pat Tillman friendly fire scandal
  34. yikes,Pentagon admits US losing hearts & minds, helping AQ recruit
  35. 2 C.I.A. Reports Offer Warnings on Iraq's Path
  36. This has to be publicized. Almost all FCC complaints from one source.
  37. Some top economists are beginning to question free trade
  38. What is up with the unwillingness...
  39. I found school teacher pam!
  40. Ted Nugent says I'm a bad American.
  41. Red States...blah blah...morality...blah blah...oops...
  42. How long can (the dollar) remain the world's most important reserve currency?
  43. Mass gays losing civil union benes.
  44. Rumsfeld tells soldier to piss off.
  45. Who poisoned Yushchenko?
  46. Has Anyone Been Watching Conyers "Hearings" On Vote "Irregularities"?
  47. Bush forced Texas into BCS to punish the Cal Libbies!!!!
  48. Ok, this is getting stupid...
  49. Keillor - Part Deux
  50. Kerry Supporters Have Become "Grinches"
  51. baha, Rush disses soldier for asking Dumsfeld 'planted' question
  52. Canadian Supreme Court allows gay marriage
  53. Moron.org pwns the DNC...
  54. Nothing but crap! Unreal!
  55. OMG Rush is dissing the Eagles
  56. Gay Marriage? Needs a different name
  57. Islam not to be outdone by Catholics
  58. A Soldiers Christmas poem
  59. Bernard Kerik withdrew from consideration
  60. Yushchenko was poisoned
  61. Some asshole bitched at me for saying "Merry Christmas" today
  62. Kerik: Nannies, taxes, warrants, and mistresses...oh my!!!
  63. 60 minutes right now.. great show..
  64. Something you guys can get behind...
  65. The Conservative Dilemna
  66. Time Magazine shows what we are dealing with concerning Muslims.
  67. Merry Christmas to all of you
  68. Scott Peterson sentence watch...
  69. How many of your peers are on the other side of the political spectrum?
  70. Anybody see Faren-Hype 9/11?
  71. Why is memyselfI so bend on dissing everything anti her?
  72. Increase in ‘death gratuity' considered
  73. John F Kennedy Didn't Receive A Majority Of the Popular Vote
  74. John F Kennedy Didn't Receive A Majority Of the Popular Vote?
  75. Bush Supporters: Name A Democrat You'd Vote For In 2008 and Why
  76. Anyone catch unfiltered with Tucker Carlson this weekend?
  77. Why isn't the mainstream media talking about this?
  78. Info is power: Vote with your pocketbook if you wish.
  79. Michael Powell has urged rejection of complaints over airing of Saving Private Ryan
  80. Dem Elector From MN Mistakenly Casts His Vote For John Edwards
  81. Retire in Chile: What do you think about privatizing SS. Wait until you read this.
  82. Judge Suspended For Wearing Blackface To Party
  83. Ooops, ole Bernie used donated 9/11 apartment for sex with mistress...
  84. Would you call this a hate crime?
  85. Chief Politics Yo!
  86. It's the Incompetence, Stupid.
  87. Chevy Chase
  88. A Republican I could love, vote for, campaign for...
  89. Annan pledges full cooperation with investigations
  90. So this guy walks into a bar...
  91. Libertarian Party Platform
  92. Cuba gettin creative? Billboards showing US abusing Iraqi prisoners...
  93. Bush looking at freezing domestic spending
  94. Supreme Court Retirement?
  95. People wondered how the German people allowed the holocaust to happen...
  96. The Stinnett murder and the internet
  97. Missouri dentist locked up for 8 years without a trial
  98. Bush Named Time Magazine's Person Of the Year
  99. Ahnold: Repub's Too Far To The Right
  100. Florida Republican Congressman implicated in vote fraud, sought to alter 2000 totals
  101. Sweet Jesus Frickin' Gawdalmighty! ROFL
  102. ACLU: Bush Authorized Torture
  103. 22 killed, 51 wounded in attack on US base in Iraq
  104. Woman Pleads Guilty To Threatening President
  105. he-he, come inauguration W's approval ratings could be lowest in history...
  106. Libertarianism and the warfare state...
  107. George W. Bush: Republican's Version of Harry S. Truman
  108. Gregoire wins by 8 votes?
  109. Is Islam a religion of Peace? Read this before deciding.
  110. Abortion & Itsy Bitsy Babies
  111. At The Current Rate It Will Only Take 470 More Recounts For Kerry To Win Ohio
  112. Fastest growth found in ‘red states'
  113. More 9/11 & Iraq propaganda...
  114. The cognitive dissonance of Bush supporters between the election and the Iraq War
  115. Don't like the religious aspect of Xmas?
  116. Arafat's successor: Palestinian state will replace Israel
  117. Anti-Death Penalty Group Kills 28
  118. It's the incompetence, stupid.
  119. jaz reminds me of...
  120. Intresting
  121. Conscience question... would you invest in a company that is affiliated with satan?
  122. Leonard Pitts - Party Allegiance Erases Objectivity
  123. Poll shows troops in support of war
  124. Election conspiracy brewing in Iraq?
  125. uh-oh, Rumy mentions that PA 9/11 plane was SHOT DOWN
  126. Anyone have a link to Barrack Obama's Dem convention speech.
  127. Help on Patriot Act...
  128. How do you increase patrols in your neighborhood? Lie about a hate crime, of course.
  129. 2004 Misinformer of the Year
  130. Unbelievable!! Freaking U.S. Liberal on Saddams Defense Team!
  131. Clear Channel Bans Ads
  132. Is Rossi showing his ass asking for a re-vote?
  133. Something that roasts my chestnuts
  134. Terrorism? Prank? Aliens?
  135. Thought I’d get a jump on….
  136. This is awesome...
  137. Should the UN be kicked out of the U.S.?
  138. Al-Jazeera prints lies
  139. New U.S. Memo Says Torture Violates Law
  140. the war in Iraq enters another year...how goes it?
  141. Kudos to W for getting over the 'Clinton: I feel your pain' hangup...
  142. Yet another Republican I could vote for, campaign for, and love...
  143. Kerry: 'I'm Going To Learn'
  144. Mayor of Baghdad shot dead....
  145. al-Zarqawi reportedly arrested in Iraq
  146. Father, son headed to Iraq in same unit
  147. Bullock, Dicaprio: Money where their mouth is...
  148. Gallup poll: Average American owns 1.7 guns
  149. Idiots in the News Media
  150. Kudos to the US military...
  151. Dems About To Make Fools Of Themselves Again
  152. A little more good news for victims of recent corporate fraud...
  153. Marine Charged With Desertion In Iraq Now Missing
  154. Something about a man in uniform
  155. Army Reserve Commander comments bring draft back into question
  156. Palestinians don't know what to make of Richard Gere's commercial...
  157. Irony Alert!!
  158. Officially no reason to tune in to CNN
  159. Do Liberals Love America? This is pretty good.
  160. The Liberal Media
  161. Tsunami Has Killed 160,000+, How Long Before We Invade Iran?
  162. Looks Like the Flu Vaccine Shortage Wasn't As Bad As First Thought
  163. For those who think UN military control is better
  164. Sen. Clinton's Ex-Finance Chief Indicte
  165. Bush administration actually BUYING endorsements of policy decisions by media pundits
  166. Section 8 Housing, Talking Can, Amorix, Mememe and others
  167. It just ain't America(tm) without death-squads!
  168. Has anyone read "Ten Years Later"
  169. Porter Goss sure is revamping the CIA ROFL
  170. The 'to the matresses' wing of the Dems' heads will explode, but
  171. Yet Another Reason To Be Thankful That Kerry Didn't Win...
  172. US helicopter crashes in Banda Aceh
  173. CBS Ousts 4 For Bush Guard Story
  174. You had a miscarriage? Call the police!
  175. Court Won't Hear Gun Industry's Appeal
  176. Ukraine Orders Troops Withdrawn From Iraq
  177. From the Washington State teachers union..
  178. Question about the Israeli/Palestinian "crisis":
  179. Official: U.S. ends search for WMD in Iraq
  180. Typical Republican..................
  181. Court: Privacy Limited in Public Restroom
  182. Supreme Court: Federal Sentencing Guidelines Sorta Unconstitutional
  183. U.S. Trade Deficit Hit Highest Figure Ever
  184. Dems Plan to Obstruct Bush Agenda
  185. U.S. Lowers Expectations on Iraq Vote
  186. The liberal media strikes again
  187. No Kid Rock at Bush conert
  188. Conflict within the Pentagon
  189. Farenhype 9/11
  190. China to build "road link" to Tawain? (enclosed: excellent FARK headline)
  191. Iraq is New Terrorist Training Ground, Study Says
  192. How long will Michael Jackson's Prison Sentence be?
  193. More WMD Blather....
  194. "Mahqmoud, the moonlight makes your eyes irresistable"
  195. The Crisis of 'Sam's Club' Republicans
  196. Bush: 'Sometimes, words have consequences'
  197. Clint Eastwood: I'll Kill Michael Moore
  198. Blue Valley's Book Burning, The Other Side of the Coin
  199. Voter Turnout for 2004 Highest Since 1968
  200. Why changing law in the legislature doesn't work
  201. Prisoners from Iraq's Abu Ghraib escape
  202. Galveston County, TX Privatized Social Security 20 Years Ago (Getting 6.5% Return)
  203. not one damn dime day
  204. Catholic Archbishop Abducted in Iraq
  205. The question that blew the presidency for Kerry...
  206. Report suggests changes in exit poll methodology
  207. Kerry Still Smarting?
  208. I thought the Libbies said there is no ties between Iraq and Al Quaeda?
  209. It's Official: Bush sworn in....
  210. Sen. Clinton urges use of faith-based initiatives
  211. The Hard-Left Libs Are the GOPs Greatest Asset (Great Protests During the Parade)
  212. Congress To Introduce New Military Draft Legislation...
  213. It's Official: Zach sworn in
  214. Oppsie poopsie Zach lied!
  215. Hans Blix: Zach never had WMDs
  216. Zach found and captured just outside of Islamabad!
  217. Ann brings the wood on hypocrisy of inauguration grousing.
  218. Let the Eagle soar...
  219. These Hard-Left Libs Hate the Troops As Much As the President (Disgusting Pic Inside)
  220. What are your favorite political metaphors?
  221. Hurry, we need an amendment to ban marriage between sponges and Gays
  222. The OPPOSITE THREAD: Enter if you dare.
  223. Dance the War Away!
  224. Rating the Presidents
  225. U.S. in danger of losing war....
  226. US Military gives soldiers in Iraq (fighting for 'democracy') media 'talking points'
  228. When was the last time that Saturday Night Live was actually funny?
  229. Flat Tax
  230. The Democrats (Well, At Least Hillary) Are Pulling No Punches To Stop Howard Dean
  231. Ringleader, it's time to get rid of Donald Sutherland.
  232. Iraqi ELECTIONS
  233. Democrats Charged With Election Day Tire Slashing
  234. Something To Ponder Before Saying Iraqi Elections Aren't Legit If Sunnis Don't Vote
  235. Top lieutenant to al-Zarqawi held in Baghdad
  236. Hillary's path to the Presidency: Peace in the Abortion War
  237. Sources: Bush wants $80B more for Iraq, Afghanistan
  238. Turner: Fox News popular like Hitler
  239. Troops May have to stay in Iraq until 2006
  240. Boston threat a hoax
  241. Deadliest day for U.S. in Iraq war
  242. Ooops, yet another RWNJ talking head hired by WH cabinet...
  243. International Taxes (via France)
  244. Okay, who voted for this bastage?
  245. another media member takes money to promote whitehouse agenda
  246. Oops! Senate Minority Leader's Staffer Arrested
  247. Officer investigated for threatening woman with arrest over bumper sticker
  248. LWDBs
  249. Coulter blasts Bush
  250. The Inaugural Ball: Dancing with Wolves