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  1. Economics Fannie/Freddie Acquitted
  2. Legal Do you enjoy reading statutes from medieval England?
  3. Obama Alas, Soetero's 15 minutes are up
  4. U.S. Issues More racial polarization by democrats
  5. General Politics Mad Crapper Carpet Bombing
  6. Economics Tax revolt in Miami Dade?
  7. Economics Superrich Driving Income Inequality
  8. Obama Obamacare worse than critics thought
  9. Obama Obama regime is anti-business
  10. Economics Warren Buffett: "We're still in a recession"
  11. Economics Whew! DISCLOSE Act fails again.
  12. Nat'l Security 9-11 Conspiracy Kooks: Iranian Nutbag Leader Is One of You
  13. U.S. Issues Spirit of the Tea Party in a photograph
  14. Obama B.O. can't say "endowed by their creator"
  15. U.S. Issues A Nation of Peasants??????????????????
  16. U.S. Issues When "right" seems "wrong" and "wrong" seems "right".
  17. General Politics Gov.Christie shuts up heckler at a Ca. campaign.
  18. U.S. Issues GOP plan slows spending but fuels the deficit, analysts say
  19. U.S. Issues Stephen Colbert Address Congress
  20. Obama B.O. at an all time low
  21. U.S. Issues Placebos are getting more effective...
  22. General Politics For the Liberals :A Sarah Palin Sound Off !
  23. General Politics ACORN, err, the new AHCA in trouble ?
  24. General Politics Prop 107-Outlawing Affirmative Action in AZ-Will obama Sue if it Passes?
  25. Economics Left-wing groups plan giant rally on Mall; will 're-commit to change'
  26. Int'l Issues Amanpour on This week with Ahmadinejad
  27. Economics The "party of new ideas" / "the Pledge"
  28. Poop A little vid...
  29. U.S. Issues Why Ron Paul is the leader of the Tea Party
  30. Obama More voter fraud uncovered
  31. Legal "Is Nothing Sacred?" KU Talks Phelps Clan
  32. General Politics Report: Obama Administration to Spy on Citizens Online to Fight "Terror"
  33. General Politics Biden & Kerry ?
  34. Obama Fox News Is "Destructive" Plus Another [Politically Stupid] Lecture From Obama
  35. Environment We Shall No Longer Be Crucified Upon the Cross of Coal
  36. Misc Moonbat "artists" are at it again
  37. Elections Election Panel Dismisses Complaint Against SEIU
  38. Obama Foreign policy incompetence sets back Mideast talks
  39. U.S. Issues Any guesses on how long we'll be paying reparations to Iraq?
  40. General Politics Feingold avoids B.O. like the plague
  41. Economics Bailed out Union workers on their lunchbreak
  42. Obama Well said
  43. Obama Obliterating a generation of Democrats
  44. General Politics The Rise of the 'Berserkers'
  45. Nat'l Security FBI raids in Chicago, two B.O. fellow travelers subpoenaed
  46. Obama Obama Ally Hatem Abudayyeh Investigated for Terror Ties
  47. Obama FBI investigates SEIU leader Andy Stern
  48. U.S. Issues Rand Paul: $2000 Medicare deductible...
  49. Elections McCain battling radical obama/Reid/Pelosi agenda
  50. U.S. Issues State attorney launches bizarre Internet war on openly gay college student
  51. Obama Doesn't Obama Realize You Can Increase Revenues By Lowering Taxes?
  52. Elections Dem's flee congress
  53. U.S. Issues McDonald's may drop health insurance
  54. General Politics The perks of being elected to congress
  55. Elections Sen. Barbara Boxer - CA - Busted
  56. Obama White House Asking Registrars To Voluntarily Censor Some Websites
  57. U.S. Issues Economy still needs reinforcement: Geithner
  58. Elections Sharron Angle has an impressive resume
  59. U.S. Issues Rand Paul / Jack Conway - Down the stretch
  60. Education Good Look at Waiting for Superman
  61. U.S. Issues William Ayers Denied Emeritus Status... By A Kennedy
  62. Legal A great takedown of a slimy little bitch.
  63. Cnn Rick Sanchez attacks Jon Stewart and gets fired?
  64. Obama The brain trust
  65. General Politics "I want your money" - movie trailer, out 10/15
  66. Int'l Issues Idiotic and Offensive Ad by 10:10 Global Warming Group
  67. Nat'l Security Iraninan Nutcase aka Iran's President
  68. Economics Unemployment Rising
  69. Elections PELOSI/DEMS COUNTER: “If we don’t win, [the GOP] will try to unravel [Obamacare]"
  70. Economics Interesting NPR article
  71. U.S. Issues 2012 American Spectator GOP Straw Poll
  72. Elections MSM TO THE RESCUE: New Polls Show Dems Closing the Gap (til You Look At the Numbers)
  73. Legal Been a Run of Federal Judge Ne'er-do-wells lately
  74. General Politics Christine O'Donnell: I'm not a witch
  75. General Politics RW Jesus on the gays
  76. Education Here's the Truth
  77. Elections The dangers of Republican under-confidence
  78. Obama Obama Endorses Global Taxes on Eve of U.N. Summit
  79. Obama Bad Policies Push U.S. In Wrong Direction
  80. Obama Science Foundation(Your Taxes)Backs Climate-Change Play
  81. Nat'l Security Jet Skier shot on border lake still missing
  82. Nat'l Security Tony Blair on point
  83. Obama Working class whites shun Democrats
  84. Obama Billions not reported....
  85. Environment the Obama Adminstration doesn't believe in transparency
  86. Economics Dollar tumbles broadly as Fed moves expected
  87. U.S. Issues 3M to stop offering health insurance plan to retirees citing Obamacare
  88. Legal Snyder v. Phelps
  89. General Politics Democrats secret weapon for 2012.. Marijuana.
  90. U.S. Issues POLL: Dislike of healthcare law crosses party lines, 1 in 4 Dems want repeal
  91. Economics Welfare to their debit card accounts and 5 kids.
  92. Elections California Proposition 19
  93. General Politics I made a mistake...
  94. Elections Stephene Moore is completely clueless
  95. Elections Four Weeks - Remember November
  96. Lou Dobbs:Your Real American Fraud
  97. General Politics Just Answer the Damn Question
  98. General Politics Ed Schultz
  99. Economics Democrat Congress vs. Obama Veto
  100. U.S. Issues Obama Admin deports 70% more illegals than Bush Admin
  101. Obama Could Obama come across any more racist and egotistical??
  102. Media Why does Bill Maher live on CNN?
  103. U.S. Issues Food Stamp Nation
  104. Legal Kids continue to bully other kids , it's out of hand.
  105. Economics How's this for : CHANGE"?
  106. Obama Officials: Obama's terror warning was politically motivated
  107. Nat'l Security So Amnorix, Direckshun and Frankie were on their way to an Obama rally when
  108. Economics Here's one reason for our budget problems.
  109. Economics Obama Vacation Photos
  110. Obama 72000 dead folk got stimulus bucks. Gotta feel good about that!
  111. Elections Report: Dems planted NJ tea-party House candidate
  112. U.S. Issues National PierogiDay. Almost missed it.
  113. U.S. Issues State snatches baby when dad accused of being 'Oath Keeper'
  114. Environment Should private companies control the water supply?
  115. U.S. Issues Nutjob car
  116. Obama Krauthammer Nails it again
  117. Elections Obama and the Dems Lie About Foreign Money in Elections
  118. U.S. Issues Dish may take Fox off
  119. Obama Why Obama is losing the political war
  120. Elections Finally, more than a dime's worth of difference between the parties
  121. Elections Voting Machine vs. Slot Machine
  122. Education Once upon a time...
  123. Elections Missouri "Hackman" Campaign a riot...
  124. Obama Obama the "Uniter"
  125. Elections Republicans Maintain Strength Among Likely Voters
  126. Elections Fact Check busts Dems in a bold faced lie
  127. Economics How GM "lied" about the electric car
  128. Obama ****The Official Barack Obama fan inquisition tread****
  129. U.S. Issues Real help is on the way in this mortgage mess...
  130. U.S. Issues Tax the rich, and only the rich bear the burden...
  131. Elections Ron Paul speech in Virginia... Prelude to a 2012 campaign?
  132. General Politics The US needs to just get out to the middle east all together...
  133. Religion Facebook Fad Post Regarding the Mosque at Ground Zero
  134. Nat'l Security Al-Qaeda Magazine Includes ‘Proud Traitor’ and ‘Tips’ for Killing Americans
  135. Int'l Issues "These are dark-skinned people, not Europeans like you and me"
  136. U.S. Issues Don't-Ask Policy Is Halted By Judge
  137. Obama Clooney meets with Obama
  138. Legal Do in-school interviews require warrants?
  139. Obama Obama: 'There's no such thing as shovel-ready projects'...
  140. U.S. Issues Joe Biden does it again...and again...and again
  141. Elections Dems keep repeating the lie
  142. Nat'l Security Boxer helped arrange trip for Code Pink to support insurgent groups
  143. ChiefsPlanet ** Request to Administrator **
  144. Obama College students' Obamamania wanes
  145. Elections Accidental Mistake or just Illinois Politics? ..... Military ballots may not count
  146. Obama Gotta love people
  147. Economics To all the wonderful people who called me a racist
  149. U.S. Issues Judge lets states' healthcare suit go forward
  150. Economics Corporate Profits, killing the economy?
  151. Elections Reid lost the debate to Angle
  152. U.S. Issues Bacon attack on an American mosque: prank or hate crime?
  153. General Politics Obama meets with C. Rice regarding Arms Control Agreement
  154. Elections Pelosi can talk with Microsoft but not voters
  155. U.S. Issues Health Care Reform Blamed for Huge Hike in Premiums
  156. Education It gets better...
  157. Environment Professor Emiritus Hal Lewis Resigns from American Physical Society
  158. Economics $1.3 TRILLION budget deficit. Frakin Thieves.
  159. Elections Is this a real attack ad?
  160. ChiefsPlanet I ask this again, louder: WTF IS SAD CRAP DOING ON CP W/O GETTING BANNED?!!
  161. General Politics Libertarians: Still In Search Of Their Perfect World. Practically Irrelevant.
  162. Obama Big O in bed with Big Junk Food
  163. U.S. Issues Question Re: Health Care "Reform"
  164. Elections Mid Term elections and the stock market
  165. Misc Poll: Who would like to see Moi post more in the Lounge?
  166. Elections This is what desperation looks like
  167. General Politics Obama the elitist..you're not thinking clearly because you're scared
  168. Obama Obamacare has a captial gains tax for real estate in it
  169. General Politics The Sad Truth About This Tea Party Revolution
  170. Obama Rep. Darrell Issa (R.-Calif.) vows accountability
  171. Obama Moonbat Monopoly
  172. Elections O'Donnell questions the separation of church and state
  173. Obama Irony: Obama on mythbusters
  174. Obama Ocommie did it again
  175. General Politics Break out the Jackboots
  176. Elections Pelosi gone as speaker regardless of election..
  177. Economics Rent is Too Damn High
  178. Legal Justice Thomas' wife asks Anita Hill for apology
  179. Elections How to Keep Your Seat 101: Don’t mention that you’re a Democrat
  180. Int'l Issues Interesting Victor Davis Hanson interview
  181. Nat'l Security Military recruiters told to accept gay applicants
  182. Education The Culture of Poverty
  183. Economics Public Financing vs. Special Interests
  184. Economics Obamanomic Job Losses Fire Up Teapublicans
  185. Media Juan Williams fired from NPR for Muslim comments
  186. Economics Google only pays 2.4 tax rate
  187. Elections Hezbollah contributing funds to Harry Reid
  188. Obama I dedicate my new thread to Flunkie
  189. Nat'l Security Things that make you go wow.. B. Clinton misplaced nuke launch code card for "months"
  190. Elections Blue states depopulate of normal people
  191. Elections Midterm elections 2010: Tea Party poised to storm Washington
  192. Obama Tea party saves GOP from themselves
  193. Elections Public Sector Union Spending $87 Million To Re-Elect Democrats And Keep Government Hu
  194. Misc Friday Funny
  195. General Politics The Barney Shuffle
  196. Obama Obama to hold 'beer summit' for Juan!!!!!!!!
  197. Obama If Obama isn't careful, he's going to look pro-gay.
  198. Obama Hot air? White House takes credit for Bush-era wind farm jobs
  199. Elections The country, nay, the world owes Harry Reid a debt of gratitude
  200. Elections Illegal Aliens Canvass for Votes in Wash. State
  201. Obama Obama's teleprompter is making history!
  202. Poop Jesse Ventura
  203. Obama From "Change" to "Extreme Radicals" in 2 years flat...
  204. U.S. Issues Earn up to $59,328 and still qualify for food stamps?
  205. Elections Huffington Post tells you how you're going to vote.
  206. Obama Obastard is George Soros' puppet
  207. Obama Breaking Point: How B.O. conned his way into power
  208. Nat'l Security Chemical Weapons Were Found In Iraq
  209. Misc Rent too damn high spoof.
  210. Elections The coming landslide
  211. General Politics This is great! Senator Boxer comedy video
  212. Obama Proof Obama has changed the tone in politics....
  213. Economics U.S. sells debt with a negative yield for 1st time
  214. Economics California Gov race. Looks like the Latinos are going to give the win to
  215. General Politics The Pledge of Allegiance
  216. Elections So much for a Post-Racial President
  218. Elections Voter reports problem with ballot machine
  219. Religion Either the world isn't paying attention or Christians aren't doing our job.
  220. Misc Dad Confronts Abortion Protesters
  221. Elections Rand Paul up 13 points in PPP Poll
  222. Elections One week to go Predictions..
  223. Elections Possible glitch with vote-by-mail system
  224. Elections More moonbat voter fraud
  225. General Politics Flight of the Libertarians: TeaParty Demographics Changing
  226. Elections Residents cry foul over ballots
  227. Economics So....
  228. Elections Daytona Beach Commissioner Arrested On Fraud Charges
  229. General Politics The Coming Split Congress
  230. General Politics obama on daily show
  231. Elections The Baity Awards
  232. Education Diane Ravitch goes after "Superman
  233. General Politics The most akward debate moment EVAR!
  234. Education Sullivan: interpreting a recent NYT poll.
  235. Obama Obama betting on the 'evil' of America as opposed to....
  236. U.S. Issues Happy Halloween!
  237. Local FB Furor and Free Speech?
  238. U.S. Issues Soldiers and families Ok with gays in the military
  239. Nat'l Security Arizona beheading raises fears of drug violence
  240. Nat'l Security Suspicious Packages on planes all over today...
  241. Elections Democratic Closing Argument: Personal Attacks
  242. U.S. Issues Obammy Pretty Cool With OPEC Imports
  243. Elections Question about a 'news' item
  244. Economics We're on the road to recovery! The Obama way!
  245. Obama Thought for the day
  246. Economics Poor Krug.
  247. U.S. Issues Breast-cancer pink tainted by abortion red
  248. Nat'l Security Apparently the Daily Show Rally was today
  249. U.S. Issues Signs at Stewart/Colbert rally show Republicans with Hitler mustaches...
  250. U.S. Issues Two years later, Washington still doesn't get it.