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  1. Nat'l Security Multiculturalism a failure.
  2. U.S. Issues FOX NEWS INSIDER: “Stuff Is Just Made Up”
  3. U.S. Issues The Essex Blog
  4. Int'l Issues Egypt Revolution 2.0 - Google's Wael Ghonim Speaks to CNN
  5. Economics The Only Difference Between The US And Greece Is A Printing Press
  6. Economics How the Government Will Take Control of Your Retirement Account
  7. Int'l Issues Mubarak Steps Down
  8. Int'l Issues I hope Iran has been watching the Egypt situation very closely
  9. Economics CNN: IMF calls for dollar alternative for world reserve currency.
  10. U.S. Issues Re: "Meddling in the Affairs of Others"
  11. Economics Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan & Prudential Steal From The Poor To Earn Subsidies On.....
  12. U.S. Issues 'You guys are al-Qaida,' said one soldier. 'Taliban,' said another
  13. Economics Obama proposes shutting down Fannie and Freddie
  14. Int'l Issues Protests in Algeria and Yemen
  15. Nat'l Security Why is Arizona Upset?: ‘Give Us Free Healthcare’; ‘You OWE us America’; We Will Shoot
  16. Nat'l Security Pakistan Nukes up 4x.
  17. Int'l Issues Congratulations Switzerland
  18. Economics Is HAVING to pay income tax considered unconstitutional?
  19. Obama Obama sends Congress $3.73 trillion budget
  20. Int'l Issues Security forces clash with demonstrators in Iran
  21. Economics Where Are the AIG Dividends? The Federal Reserve Is Getting Paid Back, Why Not Taxpay
  22. Media MPAA threatens to disconnect Google from the Internet
  23. Poop Soros Warns U.S. Could Be On Verge Of Dictatorial Democracy
  24. Int'l Issues US military finally cleansing southern Afghanistan of the Taliban.
  25. Obama Peter Boyles has Andy Martin the "Proofer King" on show today..
  26. Int'l Issues Jihadi who helped train 7/7 bomber freed by US after just five years
  27. U.S. Issues Your Life According to the Government
  28. Environment US study links pesticides to Parkinson's disease
  29. Int'l Issues Give Egypt a giant crystal Pyramid
  30. Economics Interesting statistics....
  31. Nat'l Security Patriot Act extended
  32. Obama Under 30?. You are on your own
  33. Economics Phil Donahue as Banyon and Obama
  34. General Politics OK, I'm still but unlike yesterday I feel like watching FOX News today...
  35. Obama Budget analysis shows more and more
  36. Economics Hope Boehner is right.
  37. U.S. Issues The Pattern of W/Rove
  38. General Politics South Dakota Moves To Legalize Killing Abortion Providers
  39. Elections Ron Paul: Something is Happening and You Don't Know What It Is, Do You Mr. Right Wing
  40. Education My opinion:
  41. U.S. Issues IRS Cost to just implement Obamacare
  42. Obama Peter Boyles takes Frank(anti-birther/proofer) to the woodshed. This is what...
  43. Obama Mark Levin "nails it" !!!!!
  44. U.S. Issues National Academies of Sciences: FBI Failed to Prove Anthrax Claims
  45. U.S. Issues South Carolina wants its own Currency
  46. U.S. Issues curious...
  47. Int'l Issues Egypt Crisis
  48. U.S. Issues Immigration Fingerprint Program Now In Colo
  49. Obama Obama Budget top 10
  50. Obama Big Government Obama Style
  51. Economics Why turn down a high-speed rail?
  52. Economics How the middle class became the underclass
  53. Obama Corsi on Boyles show talks about Hawaiin Newspaper Birth Announcements
  54. U.S. Issues At Clinton Speech: Military and CIA Veteran Bloodied, Bruised and Arrested for ....
  55. Nat'l Security Feds Accidentally Shut Down 84,000 Websites over Wrongful Kiddie Porn Accusation
  56. Int'l Issues Just a quick thing.
  57. Environment Scientists Connect Global Warming to Extreme Rain
  58. Media Excellent night on FIXED
  59. Nat'l Security Two TSA agents arrested at JFK Airport for stealing $39K from passenger's bag
  60. Obama Obama to tell UN that Israel has no right to settle occupied territories
  61. Int'l Issues City of Baghdad demands apology, $1 Billion from US
  62. Misc Music: This is incredibly wrong
  63. U.S. Issues Wisconsin anyone ? How about those Dems skipping town
  64. U.S. Issues Budget Cuts are Racially Motivated
  65. U.S. Issues Betty McCollum fights US Army's NASCAR sponsorship...gets owned.
  66. U.S. Issues Chinese companies mass producing fake rice out of plastic
  67. U.S. Issues The Essex blog
  68. General Politics Donald Trump says he might run for president
  69. U.S. Issues Intellectual and Ideological Cowardice
  70. Obama Stunner!! Supreme Court to give "eligibility" another look.
  71. Int'l Issues Winston Churchill on Islam
  72. General Politics Air ... we don't need no stinkin' air
  73. Economics Why isn't Wall Street in Jail?
  74. Int'l Issues 14 to 1
  75. Obama ObamaCare Repeal: $1.4 Trillion!!!
  76. Nat'l Security Peter Boyles talks with Robert Spencer from "jihadwatch"
  77. Obama Peter Boyles talks with Joe Farah from WND about....
  78. Economics Wisconsin teachers' salaries =$89,500 a year
  79. Int'l Issues Libyans are being massacred now.
  80. Religion War On Christmas Redux
  81. U.S. Issues Wisconsin anyone ? How about those Pubs trying to curbstomp the middle class?
  82. Education State-by-state grades for teaching US History
  83. Economics Government shut down.
  84. Nat'l Security Obama allocates $44 billion for Body Scanners
  85. Int'l Issues U.S. pledges $150 million to help Egypt's transition
  86. Nat'l Security Attend a SEIU rally near you
  87. Religion Matthew 19:24
  88. Religion The Blasphemy Challenge
  89. Int'l Issues Qaddafi's son Warns 'Rivers of Blood'
  90. Int'l Issues Robert Fisk: These are secular popular revolts – yet everyone is blaming religion
  91. General Politics Scott Walker For President?
  92. Religion Donger is seriously curious - why??
  93. U.S. Issues The Great Who Dunnit - the assassination of JFK
  94. Int'l Issues U.S. official: Accused American in Pakistan a CIA contractor
  95. U.S. Issues Is South Dakota too earth-bound to secede?
  96. U.S. Issues Some people just need to die in a fire
  97. Education Speaking Of Public Education Cuts.... Detroit Closing Half Of Its Schools
  98. Int'l Issues Muslim Brotherhood calls for Libyan Military to off Kadhafi
  99. Obama Michael Brown has Peter Boyles on 850 KOA about "proofer issue"
  100. Obama The Real 'Birther' Conspiracy Theory
  101. Elections Who to vote for in Kansas City Mayor race?
  102. Int'l Issues Somali killed the American hostages
  103. U.S. Issues Which side would you fight on if the Civil war was fought today?
  104. Legal Autism-vaccination lawsuits are now even more difficult to win
  105. U.S. Issues Should Women Be Required To Register For Selective Service?
  106. Int'l Issues "CIA spy" Raymond Davis was giving nuclear bomb material to Al-Qaeda, says report
  107. Religion Avoid ‘misuse of sex’ in marriage, Canadian bishops warn
  108. Religion Genesis 38:9-10
  109. Religion For the Christians... why is homosexuality wrong?
  110. U.S. Issues Once again, the market is better at solving social problems than government is...
  111. General Politics Politicians photoshopped embarrassingly
  112. U.S. Issues new blog posty
  113. Nat'l Security $5 gas and Obamas bans on drilling
  114. Nat'l Security Democrat raises the stakes..get bloody
  115. General Politics Sara Palin Tell All Book with emails
  116. U.S. Issues Governer Walker punked
  117. U.S. Issues Imperial Presidency, anyone? Where is all the shrieking?
  118. Economics GM's sweetheart tax deal
  119. Education Walker Should Fire Wisconsin Teachers
  120. Nat'l Security Teachers docked pay for AWOL days
  121. U.S. Issues The Filibuster
  122. Elections Let's revisit this topic again: public financing of campaigns.
  123. Int'l Issues LOL, Saudi king shaking in his...
  124. U.S. Issues Another Runaway General: Army Deploys Psy-Ops on U.S. Senators
  125. Obama Telegraph: Obama makes Jimmy Carter look like Douglas MacArthur
  126. Nat'l Security Dallas Target: Texas Resident Arrested on Terror Charge
  127. Int'l Issues FEMA's video game for kids.
  128. U.S. Issues How Public Employees and Taxpayers Got Scammed
  129. Int'l Issues Canada, U.S. agree to use each other’s troops in civil emergencies
  130. U.S. Issues DEA to legalize marijuana chemical for Big Pharma but keep it a crime for everyone ..
  131. Obama Obama's mystery links to Gadhafi uncovered....
  132. Obama Freddie Mac needs an additional $500 mil????
  133. Obama 1 Job=$228,055. But its a good Union Job so ok....
  134. General Politics Rachel Maddow at Free State Brewery
  135. Economics What republicanism means...
  136. Economics Wisconsin budget repair bill passes overnight
  137. Economics MSNBC: Federal Reserve Causes Middle East Unrest
  138. Nat'l Security Islamists Power growing. So much for celebration of democracy.
  139. U.S. Issues Pulling Apart
  140. Economics I can't believe nobody wants to talk about the economy
  141. U.S. Issues Union Thugs come to Kansas
  142. Economics Raise taxes, according to AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka.
  143. Int'l Issues Ordinary Compasses Thrown Off by Changes in Earth's Magnetic Field
  144. General Politics Politico
  145. Nat'l Security Obama Admin busted collecting journalist bank records, and more...
  146. General Politics It is clear Bush is still in charge
  147. U.S. Issues Where are the calls for a "windfall profits" tax?
  148. Obama As the world burns
  149. U.S. Issues Politicians Slash Budget of Watchdog Agencies
  150. Nat'l Security Dems become the party of no....Shoe on the other foot...
  151. Economics Why do people "invest" in Gold ?
  152. Obama Corsi talks with Peter Boyles about Abercrombie politics since
  153. Obama ObamaCare may go away sooner than later
  154. General Politics Which side of the Fence???
  155. Nat'l Security Obama must embrace Islam as a way of life
  156. U.S. Issues Wisconsin Fun and other UnionDem Thuggery
  157. Nat'l Security Moonbats, the Whitehouse, SEIU, MoveOn and other Moonbats in cahoots with Unions
  158. Misc Marauding Gay Hordes Drag Thousands Of Helpless Citizens From Marriages...
  159. U.S. Issues You Have More Money In Your Wallet Than Bank Of America Pays In Federal Taxes
  160. U.S. Issues Ron Paul: Reject the Welfare-Warfare State!
  161. Misc WW2 Thunderbolt Flight Footage...Very Cool
  162. Poop Iran threatens London boycott over 'racist' Olympic logo
  163. Obama Gov Walker on the Presidents Understanding....
  164. U.S. Issues Anonymous Koch Blocking!
  165. General Politics CBC can make the sunrise a race issue
  166. Economics Refreshing...Senator admits Congress doesn't know what it's doing after GAO report
  167. General Politics Walker now wildly unpopular,
  168. Economics Wisconsin one of 41 states where public workers earn more
  169. Nat'l Security Thoes Brits....good luck
  170. U.S. Issues OK if Feds do it, Slavery if States do....Charlie Rangle
  171. Nat'l Security Babs Boxer. (R)'s hate Elmo
  172. Int'l Issues Pirates Seize Danish Kids
  173. General Politics More Hypocrisy from the Right?
  174. U.S. Issues CBA...why is it a Right?
  175. General Politics The President's Speech
  176. U.S. Issues More shameful racebaiting by Cleaver
  177. Elections Republican Field may not be so big after all
  178. Obama LOL...another Obama do as I say but not as I do moment
  179. Local Missouri Sharia Bill
  180. Obama Is B.O. deliberately destructive?
  181. Legal Wow...S.C. sides with Fred Phelps.
  182. U.S. Issues Not sure what we are for but we are against stuff too
  183. Nat'l Security Sharia4America.....makes you wonder
  184. Obama Governments involvement in NFL
  185. Nat'l Security Muslim Murders US Servicemen in German
  186. Economics Poll Finds Support Lacking for Entitlement Reductions
  187. General Politics A moment of sanity
  188. U.S. Issues liberals have struck fools' gold in Wisconsin
  189. Local Public school teacher sexually assaults 7 year old
  190. General Politics Christie: I love collective bargaining
  191. U.S. Issues Are Americans "over-taxed?" Really?
  192. Obama Inspekteur der Sicherheitspolizei Holder: My People
  193. Economics China "Attacks The Dollar" - Moves To Further Cement Renminbi Reserve Currency Status
  194. Religion Mormons worse than Catholics?
  195. General Politics Ron Paul: Education and Medical Care are not a right
  196. U.S. Issues ObamaCare on the ropes
  197. Legal Who actually commits voter fraud?
  198. U.S. Issues New blog post
  199. U.S. Issues So, this union member and Tea Bagger walk into a room....
  200. Int'l Issues France bans the burqa
  201. Economics Unemployment drops to 8.9 192K Jobs Added
  202. U.S. Issues The Disposable Woman
  203. Nat'l Security Investigation: US ATF Secretly Arming Mexican Drug Cartels (Mar 3, 2011 - CBS)
  204. Elections Dan Bern for President
  205. Obama The Mendacity of Hope continues
  206. Obama Sebelius ObamaCare Double count....
  207. General Politics Public Employee Scandals...fun read. No R or D involved just theives
  208. U.S. Issues Wisconsin Dem looks like a complete idiot
  209. U.S. Issues Boehner-Led Group To Defend DOMA In Court?
  210. U.S. Issues Great Read/watch. Union misleads at every turn, Obamas buddy Trumka at his best.
  211. Obama Hey, Eric Holder: Meet My People
  212. Obama Rangle(D-sleazeball) goes to bat for druggie..
  213. Religion How big a sin is lying?
  214. General Politics Musical Conservative?
  215. Obama Obama's Abortion Commitment is strong. Veto Pen Ready
  216. Nat'l Security Mexican President whines to Obama
  217. U.S. Issues The End of the Beginning
  218. Economics Burst of hiring could mark turning point for jobs
  219. Nat'l Security Italy makes immigrants speak Italian
  220. Poop Today's Turbulence: Tot Traumatized in Transit
  221. Economics Are public unions on the decline?
  222. Obama America's secret plan to arm Libya's rebels
  223. General Politics Legalization Of Marijuana
  224. Obama God save us.
  225. Local So who's the best mayoral candidate in Denver?
  226. Obama The Age of Hopey Change™
  227. U.S. Issues Brit Doc Opens a can of worms...
  228. U.S. Issues Wyoming to allow concealed carry without a permit
  229. Nat'l Security Egypt/Islamists: main enemy abroad is the US and the Zionist gang
  230. Nat'l Security Murdered Border Agent Forced To Use Nonlethal Beanbags
  231. U.S. Issues Government posts biggest monthly deficit ever
  232. Nat'l Security fractured skull 'for teaching other religions to Muslim girls
  233. Economics Inequality, Consumption, & Happiness
  234. Economics Stewart Exposes FOX's Hypocrisy
  235. Obama Peter Boyles interviews Denver Post owner Dean Singleton on Obama BC issue
  236. U.S. Issues ACLU may have a fight in this school.
  237. Obama Only 14 schools request Barry come read his teleprompter
  238. Economics Illinois Democratic Leader Floats Tax on Some 401K Retirement Savings
  239. U.S. Issues Question about taxing the "rich"
  240. Nat'l Security Obama backtracks on Gitmo
  241. Education Polling Differences, interesting
  242. U.S. Issues Reids Nightmare. Dem Senator Critical of Obama
  243. U.S. Issues The DailyKoz beds down with SEIU. Keeps the garbage in on can.
  244. Obama Barry O's Fifth Column advances in Wisconsin
  245. Media Dick Morris: Drug Test all High School Students and calls Ron Paul horrific
  246. Obama Record number of US children living in poverty
  247. Economics Welfare State: Handouts Make Up One-Third of U.S. Wages
  248. General Politics Wisconsin Union Exposed by Gov
  249. Media NPR running damage control
  250. Obama Dem budget cuts overstated...CBO