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  1. General Politics Wisconsin Union Exposed by Gov
  2. Media NPR running damage control
  3. Obama Dem budget cuts overstated...CBO
  4. U.S. Issues Utah Rushes through HB 477
  5. Obama C.W. McCall's "Convoy" parody song of Mexican Trucking now approved....
  6. Economics Fannie, Freddie, and the need to reform the regulators
  7. Int'l Issues Egypt getting rid of any non believers. Freedom/Democracy?
  8. Nat'l Security 25 years for beheading his wife.....in New York!!
  9. Education Gov. Walker is going to cave
  10. Int'l Issues Libya -- what do we do
  11. Media A Rare Glimpse Into The Liberal (MSM)'s Mindset
  12. Obama Obama commits legislative fraud
  13. U.S. Issues Wisconsin calls an end around 265Pivot Charlie Play....
  14. General Politics About Fake Callers.......MSNBC Comes Clean
  15. Obama Obama Headaches Continue...
  16. Int'l Issues Iran supplying arms rockets to Taliban
  17. Obama Mario Apuzzo talks with Boyles about 'eligibility issue'
  18. Nat'l Security Kristof doesn't want to offend "Radical Mosques"
  19. Economics Madison, WI bus driver is city's highest paid employee
  20. Obama If Obamacare is such a great piece of legislation...
  21. U.S. Issues Rand Paul is pretty great...
  22. Nat'l Security Things that don't give you that warm/fuzzy...our National Intelligence Director
  23. Poop No wonder Fred likes it here
  24. Int'l Issues Clapper's going to go ahead and call it
  25. Int'l Issues New blog post.
  26. Economics Michael Moore's Solution
  27. General Politics Another RINO sellout
  28. General Politics Social programs vs. tax breaks for the wealthy
  29. U.S. Issues The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight, Part 127
  30. Economics Oil prices and speculation. You know I'm a free market guy.
  31. Economics Biggest Bond Fund Dumps U.S. Debt
  32. General Politics DOJ has suspect behind two Republican death threats
  33. General Politics Tell the truth, Republicans: You hate the GOP field for 2012.
  34. U.S. Issues Welcome Home Scumbags....nice
  35. Obama TSA Union....frightening
  36. Religion Westboro Baptist Scum to protest funeral of seven children
  37. Legal DOJ demands Dayton PD lower passing test score for new police officers
  38. U.S. Issues Jesse is a foolish old man like Carter. He needs to just stay home.
  39. Obama Obama would rather be president of China, it seems.
  40. Poop Anonymous Aiming at the Central Bankers - Federal Reserve, IMF, & Bernanke
  41. Local Now Super-conservative Kansas legislature to effectively ban strip clubs
  42. Economics Porter Stansberry's heads up on the upcoming US economic collapse
  43. Nat'l Security No-fly zone on Libya might not be 'wise' move: Gates
  44. General Politics WI State Senator lives outside of district with his new girlfriend. Oh the irony.
  45. Int'l Issues Jewish couple and three children killed in West Bank
  46. Int'l Issues Nuclear Power politics set back, what, 30-50 years?
  47. Obama Mark Levin explains sell out on extension of Obamacare
  48. Economics $7M not enough to be rich,
  49. Education Why is there no looting in Japan?
  50. Nat'l Security Islam is a Religion of Peace, Goodwill and Ethical Treatment of all People
  51. U.S. Issues Eisenhower Final Speech - warned us of the military industrial complex.
  52. U.S. Issues Teechers (sic) Union in Wisconsin...buttheads
  53. Obama Obama: SCOTUS stay away from ObamaCare
  54. Obama Obama's Gunwalker was a deliberate conspiracy vs. the 2nd Amendment.
  55. Environment Global Warming Nutbags in Full-Blown Hysteria: Climate Change Caused Japan Tsunamis….
  56. Obama Egyptian Coalition Refuses to meet with Hillary
  57. Economics The top 1%: This is not what democracy looks like
  58. Int'l Issues Should our military be helping Japan?
  59. Obama Despite Bush criticism, Obama mum on guns
  60. U.S. Issues US Troops informed, if Govt shuts down, no troop pay; but required to work.
  61. Economics President Obama’s Trivial Pursuits
  62. Education The Feds Instruct Teachers/Principals to Facebook Creep Students
  63. Legal Obama wants more crackdown on possible copyright infringement
  64. Int'l Issues It's test time, President Obama
  65. U.S. Issues Geithner says Congress must raise debt limit
  66. U.S. Issues Markets turn negative on the year..heaviest trading volume since last May on SP500
  67. Int'l Issues Missing reporters..NY Times
  68. U.S. Issues U.S. Debt Jumped $72 Billion Same Day U.S. House Voted to Cut Spending $6 Billion
  69. Obama Obama Looking For Ways Around Congress On Gun Policy
  70. U.S. Issues I'm drawing some serious 'parallels' here with this video that....
  71. Int'l Issues No Fly Zone....UN....US says may need more?
  72. Nat'l Security What Sharia Law will really bring as the ....
  73. Nat'l Security One Second After... Are you prepared? And could...
  74. Education College Student lack of preparedness
  75. Obama 22% of Likely U.S. Voters say the country is heading in the right direction
  76. Obama Obama Threatens to Help Irelands Economy
  77. Obama Liar in Chief....called out
  78. Nat'l Security Rep. King's Muslim Hearing: A Stunner today
  79. Nat'l Security CAIR objects to a Missouri Lawmaker
  80. Economics Some loser off's himself because he got laid off
  81. Economics Pay attention Young people. Harry Reid is screwing you major
  82. U.S. Issues International Reputation for Obama
  83. Economics NY Fed confirms intervention in currency markets
  84. Obama Jeremiah Wright Still Churning Out Obama's Ideology
  85. U.S. Issues Wisconsin Judge blocks Anti-collective bargaining law
  86. Economics Another Snout at the Public Trough
  87. Int'l Issues What's the latest on Egypt?
  88. General Politics US taking action in Libya
  89. Obama 64 Senators Declare Obama AWOL On Deficit, Entitlements
  90. Obama Peter Boyles with Jack Cashill-What do Obama and Thomas Wood have in common? SSN?
  91. Obama CBO revises Obama Numbers...off $2 Trillion. Hes at a party, no comment
  92. Poop This is like eating your own young
  93. U.S. Issues Joe Biden invokes a rape comparison while criticizing Republicans
  94. Obama The Brazil Visit Off to a good start?
  95. Int'l Issues French making toast in libya
  96. Nat'l Security Meanwhile Napolitano and Obama welcome immigrants...
  97. Int'l Issues Muslims attack Israel with heavy mortar barrage
  98. Media Fox News Takes A Shocking Turn
  99. Obama GaGoofy refers to Obama as "Our Son"
  100. General Politics This Guy LOVES Rachel Maddow
  101. Nat'l Security Why Obama screwed up in regards to Libya...
  102. General Politics Democrats talk Obama impeachment
  103. Obama Farrakhan to Obama: 'Be Careful, Brother. Who The Hell Do You Think You Are?'
  104. ChiefsPlanet Flow Chart on discussions
  105. Media Is Time Warner is Fox News Channel off?
  106. Nat'l Security UK needs a wake up call. Truth about the enemy not allowed?
  107. Environment New Oil Spill Appears in Gulf of Mexico
  108. Obama Why did Obama abandon the Iranian people...
  109. Int'l Issues Egypt moves closer to Islamist Control.
  110. Int'l Issues Position A, B or C
  111. Obama Hezbollah, Obama wants to be your friend.
  112. Scientists create animals that are part-human
  113. Obama BBC getting money from Obama?
  114. U.S. Issues Dem Congresscritters growing dumber
  115. U.S. Issues How to build a progressive "tea party"
  116. Legal SCOTUS slaps 9th circuit
  117. Economics Supreme Court: Fed must release all bailout data within 5 days
  118. Int'l Issues Yemen on the verge of collapse.
  119. Poop Watching Ronald Reagan on TCM right now
  120. General Politics Former state auditor fails to pay Income Tax...Claire, really?
  121. Obama Time Magazine Calling Obama out:Exaggerating Libyan Violence To sell attacks
  122. Int'l Issues Russian Puzzle
  123. Obama Nobel Peace Prize Winner......
  124. Poop So, a classmate had an idea on how to make some money
  125. Int'l Issues China calls for immediate cease-fire in Libya after days of allied airstrikes
  126. Economics Drill, Brazil, Drill!
  127. Legal Copyright Trolls RightHaven, LLC about to be officially smacked
  128. U.S. Issues US jet crashes in Libya
  129. General Politics James Earl Carter.
  130. Int'l Issues Military Considering all options......not a good sign
  131. Int'l Issues HuffingtonPost Article - vailpass, blaise, et al - DO NOT READ
  132. Obama He must go, He can stay, what next???
  133. Obama Would Hillary have done better?
  134. Int'l Issues The foreign-policy debate is going where Ron Paul already was
  135. Obama Senator Biden on War without congressional approval
  136. Int'l Issues Details surfacing. Leadership vacuum.
  137. Obama Gorelick on B.O.'s list to head FBI
  138. Legal Senators: DUI checkpoint apps are "harmful to public safety"
  139. U.S. Issues Biden to lead an effort to impeach Obama?
  140. Nat'l Security Remember When...
  141. U.S. Issues Why I Am Not a Neo-Conservative
  142. U.S. Issues Rights Are Curtailed for Terror Suspects
  143. Elections And.... they're off!
  144. Elections Rand Paul To Explore 2012 Bid?
  145. Economics Vehicle Miles Traveled Tax
  146. U.S. Issues Florida Judge Defends Imposing Sharia Law
  147. Nat'l Security Border issues, Iraq, Afghanistan, Mexico and now Libya
  148. U.S. Issues Al-Qaida = Cheap bastards
  149. Local Illegal Immigration fraud in KS social services rampant acc to testimony
  150. U.S. Issues Vermont House passes single-payer / universal healthcare bill
  151. U.S. Issues Attrition through abortion?
  152. Obama Even Libyans know the guy is no good
  153. General Politics AK Judicial Nominee: Premarital sex should be a crime
  154. General Politics How/Why are checkpoints legal?
  155. ClayWhit proves again that he just doesn't get it.
  156. U.S. Issues Like Ike, he wants to be like Ike
  157. ChiefsPlanet Are You Prepared?
  158. General Politics Geraldine Ferraro Passes at 75
  159. Economics 250,000 crowd central London in budget protest
  160. Nat'l Security Libyan rebel commander admits his fighters have al-Qaeda links
  161. Economics Would Cat leave Illinois?
  162. General Politics Herman Cain at CPAC
  163. Int'l Issues Obama administration finally coming clean on Libya
  164. Nat'l Security Obama: 'We're Succeeding in Our Mission' on Libya
  165. Obama Loudest Obamacare cheerleader wants out
  166. Int'l Issues IDF smokechecks rocketeers.
  167. Nat'l Security Joe Biden's staff locks reporter in a closet
  168. U.S. Issues Youngstown, Ohio waves the white flag
  169. Int'l Issues Gingrich has 2 strong positions on Libya, unfortunately, they are contradictory
  170. Int'l Issues US Interests
  171. Nat'l Security Defense Secretary: Libya Did Not Pose Threat to U.S., Was Not 'Vital National Interes
  172. General Politics Top Political Donors 1989-2010
  173. Media linguistic evasion....good read
  174. Int'l Issues Which side is the greater obstacle to peace, Israel or the palestinians?
  175. Economics Higher Down Payment requirements to come
  176. Economics 60 Minutes - US Corporate tax rate highest in world and why companies flee US
  177. U.S. Issues The Mortgage Interest Deduction: Should it stay or should it go?
  178. Nat'l Security Border Patrol Rips Big Sis.
  179. Int'l Issues Now Syria seems to be on the brink...
  180. Obama Question about Obama's dithering in the mideast
  181. Int'l Issues Interesting 2009 take on political changes in the ME that appear to be coming true
  182. Obama Peter Boyles- The Donald/Mario Puzo/Jack Cashill and the "proofer issue"
  183. U.S. Issues Herman Cain refuses to appoint a Muslim to his cabinet. Or the federal judiciary.
  184. Int'l Issues EU to ban cars from cities by 2050
  185. Obama No surprise. Fact Check says Obamas speech BS
  186. Int'l Issues Rolling Stone March 28, 2011: The Kill Team
  187. Media Pakistani female actress
  188. Environment Chevy Volt: The Car From Atlas Shrugged Motors
  189. Economics The Price of Taxing the Rich-WSJ
  190. Nat'l Security Signs of al-Qaida in Libyan rebels
  191. Obama More handouts coming for Government Motors?
  192. Media George Soros’s Media Matters vows to “sabotage” FOX News
  193. Economics Watch it
  194. U.S. Issues Budget Talks Sour, Dems Blame Tea Party for Stalemate as Deadline Looms
  195. Int'l Issues Qaddafi Welcome to Live in Uganda, Spokesman Says
  196. Nat'l Security Before he was leading Libyan troops, Gadhafi’s son was on U.S. internship
  197. Obama Bill Kristol says "Obama has came along way"
  198. Environment California "TreeHuggers" shut-down Solar Project because of "Mohave Squirrel"
  199. Nat'l Security Should US Provide arm to Libyans?
  200. Nat'l Security We are doomed!
  201. Education Who is a public figure from the past century you admire?
  202. Obama Libya could backfire
  203. General Politics New blog post
  204. Economics Obama Underwrites deepwater drilling for Brazil but prohibits it in US Offshore
  205. U.S. Issues Is Nobel Peace Prize Winner Obama More Brutal than Bush?
  206. Obama Wal-mart CEO Bill Simon warns of coming inflation
  207. Poop Rand Paul, Stand Up Guy
  208. Nat'l Security Crazy Kathleen, an Honored Kansan
  209. Nat'l Security Lefty Feinstein is nuts. Even lefties have to agree
  210. Int'l Issues NATO Now Threatening to Bomb Libyan Rebels…
  211. Media Breaking news
  212. Economics Missouri to drop extended benefits for unemployed
  213. Elections Obamas first 2012 ad
  214. Economics Most of Fed giveaway went to foreign banks
  215. Economics An Ag related outlook story
  216. Elections On, Wisconsin!
  217. Economics March jobs report: Jobs gain, unemployment falls
  218. Obama Obama on 'The Apprentice' the "Eligibility Edition"
  219. General Politics The American People Have Been Played By The Fed
  220. U.S. Issues Freddie, Fannie, Barney, and the dems buds
  221. Int'l Issues Bernanke Provided Billions In Loans to Gaddafi
  222. Int'l Issues Young Egyptians waking up to realworld.
  223. U.S. Issues More Waivers for Special Friends
  224. Int'l Issues Religion of Peace strikes again..Two U.N. staff killed in Afghanistan were beheaded
  225. General Politics Ron Paul outraises all candidates again
  226. U.S. Issues Rand Paul backs Reid, Obama and Senate into corner on Libya
  227. Int'l Issues Every war fought in the last 1000 years
  228. Obama Imagine....
  229. Economics 44-year-old schoolteacher millionaire
  230. Economics GOP Budget Plan to Cut More Than $4 Trillion Over Decade, Rep. Paul Ryan Says
  231. Int'l Issues Petraeus Says Quran Burning Endangers War Effort .
  232. Int'l Issues New week, new dictator ordered by Obama Admin to step down....
  233. Economics Who's left to screw over? The Shareholders
  234. Environment BP to restart deepwater drilling in Gulf
  235. Religion Religion of Peace strikes again.. Religious zealots blowup workers for joining Gov
  236. Int'l Issues UN set to recognize Palestine as a sovereign nation, including all of the West Bank a
  237. Economics TARP moves into the black
  238. Legal September 11 suspect to be tried at Guantanamo Bay
  239. Economics We have officially now become a 'Nation of Takers and Not Makers'
  240. Religion Mormons
  241. Economics It takes a billion dollars to win the presidency.
  242. Int'l Issues Now Ivory Coast's dictator is about to fall.
  243. Nat'l Security 9/11 news: Career Army Officer Takes Bush Administration to Court
  244. Environment Summer is officially here.
  245. General Politics Talk about a Moonbat Pick....damnnnnnn
  246. U.S. Issues Top Ten Reactions to Ryan's Budget Proposal
  247. Nat'l Security Peter Boyles-Muslim Ceremonial Tradition "Ashura" practiced in Europe
  248. U.S. Issues Don't let the door hit you in the ass Glenn!
  249. U.S. Issues What's in that pipe, Rep. Ryan?
  250. Economics What kinds of post-retirement health care options do you find acceptable?