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  1. General Politics Do you support a Government Shutdown?
  2. Obama Obama To GOP On Budget: Getting Your Way "Is Not How It Works"
  3. General Politics ACORN Bust
  4. Elections Eight Political Takeaways from the Census
  5. Elections Trump.
  6. Obama Obama will own the shutdown
  7. General Politics Resurrecting Dead Presidents
  8. U.S. Issues *Warning: HuffPo* Tea Party Blamed For Shutdown
  9. U.S. Issues What will happen?
  10. U.S. Issues Fasting with SEIU to protest budget. Good Lord.
  11. Int'l Issues General: U.S. may consider troops in Libya
  12. Education What does out-of-touch look like?
  13. U.S. Issues Abortion for Military Pay
  14. Obama Trump "spanks" Meredith Viera on birth certificate issue
  15. Obama Peter Boyles-Obama Fake Family Photo???
  16. U.S. Issues Kos kiddies are calling for a "unified proletariat" on the 5th of November
  17. U.S. Issues New blog post you gang banging thugs lol!
  18. General Politics Accountant gets over $2 million for whistleblowing
  19. Economics Most Illegal Immigrant Families Collect Welfare
  20. General Politics Oregon Legislature Rick Rolls Itself!
  21. Poop No more Easter eggs in Seattle, now called "spring Spheres"
  22. U.S. Issues Libyan rebels work for the CIA in securing oil installations ahead of US invasion
  23. U.S. Issues Repubs want to kill women!?!?
  24. U.S. Issues Deal reached. No Gov shutdown
  25. Int'l Issues US / Israeli governments behind Libyan crisis.
  26. Obama Joe Brown say's both Obama Family Photos are fake....
  27. U.S. Issues administration covers up union welfare program
  28. Nat'l Security Muslim Father Slits Daughter’s Throat
  29. Elections Mark your calendars! May 5 the Presidential Debate season kicks off!
  30. Economics A Balanced look at the debate on public pensions
  31. Obama Obama sings "Born In The USA"
  32. Int'l Issues U.S. plans to attack 7 countries: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Iran
  33. U.S. Issues US had technology in the 1990s to run cars, gas generators and army tanks using water
  34. General Politics Mississippi Republicans want to repeal Loving
  35. Environment Vancouver, Canada radiation tests show iodine-131 in rainwater at almost 100 times...
  36. Int'l Issues New cybervirus found in Japan / Stuxnet designed to attack off-line servers via USB
  37. Obama Dr. Chiyome Fukino comes clean on the BC
  38. U.S. Issues Arizona, uh ... keep those rainbow shades on a bit longer
  39. U.S. Issues U.S. Loots Social Security to Wage Wars
  40. Religion Was America founded on Judeo Christian principles?
  41. Obama Obama regrets his vote as a senator: Debt Ceiling
  42. U.S. Issues Cornel West: Obama is ‘another black mascot’ of ‘Wall Street oligarchs’
  43. Int'l Issues American High-Tech Weapons Fail to Prevent Tragedy
  44. Int'l Issues Move over Birthers, there are new Fruitcakes in town...
  45. Nat'l Security The Arab Risings, Israel and Hamas-STRATFOR
  46. U.S. Issues Democrat in Missouri to Oppose Health Care Law
  47. Obama Peter Boyles-Who is Jean Paul Ludwig and why is his SSN#
  48. Obama Washington Times Ad on SSN# Obama is using
  49. Nat'l Security France takes the stand against multiculturalism
  50. Media DNC Interim Chair Donna Brazile Says Racist Fearful Whites Are Why the Dems Don’t Do
  51. Poop Trump to GOP: Hire me or you're screwed!
  52. Economics Budgeting
  53. Nat'l Security Georgia Senate Passes Arizona-Style Bill to Restrict Illegal Immigration
  54. U.S. Issues LOL @ CNN and civil war poll
  55. Obama Obamas War, Obamas Rules
  56. Obama Obama's SSN#-Peter Boyles talks with Mario Apuzo about
  57. Int'l Issues State Dept.: China Detained ‘One-Month-Old’ Girl--Before Obama Toasted Chinese Leader
  58. Elections Nancy Pelosi: 'Elections Shouldn't Matter as Much as They Do'
  59. Religion Rick Santorum: Health care = "less than what God created you to be"?
  60. U.S. Issues Things that make you go hmmmmm
  61. Economics Hey, lets loot from others to help out the 47% that don't pay taxes anyway!
  62. Religion Admit it, you were waiting for this
  63. Obama Obama's budget speech today
  64. General Politics Dennis Miller nails it..Christ vs. Darwin
  65. General Politics Multiple Choice Romney
  66. Obama Hope and Change Part #759
  67. U.S. Issues Kennedy was America's Last REAL President. IMO. Here's why he was killed.
  68. Economics House GOP's deficit reduction plan vs. Obama's.
  69. Obama WSJ take on the "Obama Plan"
  70. Obama WSJ: Obama's toxic speech
  71. Economics Larry Summers: The U.S. Is Like Japan In The 1990s And We Need To Keep Spending
  72. Obama Jobless Claims rise.....Obama proclaims lets raise taxes
  73. Economics Why $38.5B budget deal will only cut spending by $352M
  74. Obama Obama's Dreamland ?????????????????
  75. Obama Yes, Libya is not Iraq
  76. Elections So the House Republicans pulled a fast one on the tea party
  77. Economics 9 things the rich don't want you to know about taxes
  78. Economics Goldman Sachs accused of misleading investors
  79. Economics Who owns money?
  80. U.S. Issues New blog post
  81. Obama Buchanan explains why there will be no budget deal
  82. Int'l Issues It looks like there are only one maybe two left
  83. Economics IRS paid $513M in homebuyer tax credits to people who didn't qualify
  84. Misc What Conspiracy Theories do you find semi-plausible?
  85. Legal FBI basically shuts down online poker in the US
  86. Environment Oh Noes!! The Left shaken to its roots
  87. Economics Tracking your stimulus tax dollars...Don't worry, the rich will pay for it
  88. Obama Obama Renigs on Czars
  89. U.S. Issues Eric
  90. U.S. Issues Commerce Dept. unveils Internet ID plan
  91. Economics Five Truths that Liberals Hate
  92. Economics My yearly rant..I'm tired of paying other taxes. We need a flat tax.
  93. General Politics Where do you stand on gay marriage?
  94. Religion What happened to the climate refugees?
  95. Int'l Issues hamas condemns murderers of italian activist...
  96. Nat'l Security Report: Israel chief rabbi says Obama must free Pollard if he wants another term
  97. U.S. Issues The number one problem America faces....
  98. Obama Obama Plays Down S&P Outlook Change
  99. Economics FRAUD: Federal Reserve Is Selling Put Options On Treasury Bonds To Drive Down Yields
  100. Environment Any idea why this is the case?
  101. Religion The Pagan Origin Of Easter
  102. General Politics HBO Documentary: Gun Fight.
  103. ChiefsPlanet Comments
  104. Poop 'Piss Christ' Destroyed By Catholics In France
  105. Obama Trump: Media protecting Obama, BC issue, Tony Rezco & Bill Ayers
  106. Media Beck: Stewart and Colbert will not "occupy the space comedy alone."
  107. Poop Birtherism too crazy even for AZ governor
  108. General Politics Obama to Dallas Television Reporter
  109. Economics U.S. Hurries to Sell GM Stock
  110. Obama Peter Boyles-Jeff Kuhner Washington Times discuss O'Reilly's 'scrubbing website' i.e
  111. U.S. Issues Ronald Reagan On GE's Tax Avoidance In 1985
  112. General Politics Has anyone here...
  113. U.S. Issues Michigan: Police Search Cell Phones During Traffic Stops
  114. U.S. Issues Overseas-Contingencies-Kinetic-Aliocious
  115. General Politics Eat The Rich!
  116. U.S. Issues LOL@ Westboro FAIL
  117. General Politics New blog post
  118. U.S. Issues WAC-OK Activists Hold Street Action During 16th Anniversary of OKC Bombing
  119. U.S. Issues There is absolutely no reason you shouldn't watch this Trump interview.
  120. Environment Radiation Fallout From Japan Affects Food Safety Across North America
  121. Nat'l Security Bradley Manning to be moved to Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas
  122. Economics The Debt Ceiling: State your case.....
  123. General Politics Thanks, Dick!!
  124. U.S. Issues High gasoline prices prompt Justice Department to eye energy industry
  125. Elections And now, for the adults
  126. Economics Obama says new task force will examine gas prices
  127. Religion Mary not a virgin anymore?
  128. U.S. Issues Obama: "We Are All Connected" Whether You Crossed Rio Grande...
  129. General Politics Another member of the evil spawn party bites the dust
  130. Obama It's Funny Friday!! Some humor for some of you "Anti-birthers/proofers"
  131. Obama The Drumbeat Gets Louder !!!!!!!
  132. Religion Bill Hicks on The Easter Bunny
  133. Nat'l Security Child Marriage, Lets have a jihad for that
  134. Obama Explaining the Birthers
  135. Legal Coming soon? "Hate speech" fines
  136. Obama Heckled?
  137. Obama In the Tank with the Pres...
  138. Environment EarthDay 1970 Forecasts...dismal accuracy
  139. Nat'l Security The dumbass Rep. from Florida who helped create the TSA, John Mica, now wants it ....
  140. General Politics John McCain calls Al Aqeada backed rebels "heros"
  141. U.S. Issues 10 US Senators visiting China, have secret meeting with Chinese officials
  142. Religion Pastor Terry Jones was arrested for exercising 1st Amendment
  143. Obama So, this is a fuel pump?
  144. U.S. Issues IMF bombshell: Age of America nears end
  145. Obama Sesame Street's Big Bird questions Michelle Obama on BC issue
  146. Obama Thin skinned for sure!
  147. Nat'l Security FWIW: US knew Guantanamo detainees were innocent: WikiLeaks
  148. Obama Senator Slom from Hawaii talks about BC
  149. Obama Even Franklin Graham is calling Obama out on his BC
  150. Obama Why did the Democratic National Committee author two separate....
  151. Nat'l Security Iran : Star Wars ?
  152. Obama Fukino lies to help cover tracks
  153. Economics Good read, a number of links in the main
  154. U.S. Issues UMKC teaching Union Tactics
  155. Elections Haley Barbour: 'I Will Not Be A Candidate For President Next Year'
  156. Environment Radiation Expert: "Sr-90 and Uranium and Particulates Will Be Building Up in the USA
  157. Economics Jobs Bill? The Government Passed a Jobs Bill Years Ago ... Just Not for US
  158. Obama Gas Prices Top $1-a-Gallon Higher than Year Ago; Media Don't Blame Obama
  159. U.S. Issues Energy in America: EPA Rules Force Shell to Abandon Oil Drilling Plans
  160. Elections Ron Paul to launch presidential campaign
  161. Obama Obama wants more 'Death Panel' Power !!
  162. Local Mo. Lieutenant Gov's Car Stolen, Torched
  163. Nat'l Security Guy Gets SWAT Team-ed for Not Securing His Wireless Network
  164. Obama Obama trying end around 'Citizens United' via executive diktat
  165. Elections The 2012 Republican Nomination NEEDS to be
  166. Obama "Birther Redux" by Peter Boyles
  167. Nat'l Security Panetta to Sec. of Def.....Petraeus to CIA Chief
  168. General Politics White House releases Obama's birth certificate
  169. General Politics Talking heads seeing themselves as great patriots
  170. Elections Huckabee heading over to Barbour's for barbeque?
  171. General Politics Health Care Bargining To Unions In Massachusetts Is Now Limited Thanks to Dems.
  172. U.S. Issues Mexican Narco-Trafficker’s Revelation Exposes Drug War’s Duplicity
  173. U.S. Issues Berlin, NH, is Banking its Economy on . . . SLAVERY?
  174. U.S. Issues Armed agents invade Maxam Nutraceutics and steal natural health products...
  175. U.S. Issues Would America benefit from another political party?
  176. U.S. Issues A bit differant blog i talk about the draft a little
  177. U.S. Issues CDC vaccine scientist who downplayed links to autism indicted by DOJ in alleged fraud
  178. Education Terence McKenna's Final Earthbound Interview
  179. Economics Obama's "Spending Spree"
  180. Int'l Issues Iran's president and supreme leader in rift over minister's reinstatement
  181. Poop Another Liberal Triumph: Superman Renounces His American Citizenship
  182. U.S. Issues Another Obama facepalm
  183. Obama Just for you 'banyon'!! Peter Boyles last segment...
  184. Elections Will you vote for Donald Trump?
  185. Poop Hey there people, I'm banyon brown
  186. Nat'l Security Arizona getting on with it. Hope thy use inmates to build it.
  187. Media Trump takes a beating at 2011 Correspondents Dinner
  188. Religion John Paul II - Saint or aint?
  189. General Politics President to Address the Nation around 10:30 PM EDT on Sunday
  190. Legal If Health Care Act goes to SCOTUS . . .
  191. Nat'l Security President Speech. Your thoughts?
  192. U.S. Issues Obama does something Bush couldn't ... kill Bin laden
  193. Int'l Issues Libya disabled children school hit in NATO strike
  194. Int'l Issues Graphic: Supposed Osama Death Photo
  195. U.S. Issues Kudos to Republican Rep. Peter King from New York
  196. Bin Laden buried at sea
  197. Nat'l Security WH confirms DNA matches OBL
  198. Nat'l Security GAO Report on Illegal Immigration
  199. Nat'l Security Using Waterboarding to Hunt Terrorists....now on CD
  200. Int'l Issues Peter Boyles talks with Robert Spencer from "Jihad watch".....
  201. Int'l Issues Stupid Question
  202. Economics William Black: "The de facto policy right now is elite frauds go free if they're ...
  203. U.S. Issues Osama bin Laden’s Second Death
  204. U.S. Issues US Army Corps detonates explosives on flood levee
  205. Religion Religion of Peace strikes again..
  206. Nat'l Security OBL's Death a Victory for the Adults
  207. Int'l Issues Alleged Death of Pseudo-Bin Laden Sets Pakistan Up for US Attack
  208. Int'l Issues Why does the world look at us as ignorant for celebrating?
  209. Nat'l Security Gates, Clinton Advising President to Not Release OBL Photograph
  210. Nat'l Security Use of Geronimo's Name was NOT APPROPRIATE!
  211. Int'l Issues Thoughts on Greenwald's argument re: torture & Bin Laden.
  212. Elections PLEASE tell me the first GOP debate Thursday night will be televised.
  213. Nat'l Security Obama: No pictures of Osama
  214. Nat'l Security Saudi police: al-Qaida member surrenders
  215. Religion Man found crucified on cross, thorn crown like Jesus Crist
  216. Religion Gaza demonstrators condemn death of bin Laden
  217. Int'l Issues Nothing said about Osama and 9/11 on FBI Website
  218. Misc Reuters shows 3 deadmen at Bin Laden House
  219. U.S. Issues Thank Colorado, bitches! WOOT!!
  220. General Politics "It's a big club, and you and I ain't in it." - George Carlin FTW
  221. Int'l Issues ROFL Alex Jones Mega Rant
  222. U.S. Issues Iran's ties to Al-Qaeda
  223. U.S. Issues FDA approved Big Pharma drugs without effectiveness data
  224. Economics Weekly Claims Soar as Job Market Recovery Turns Sour
  225. Nat'l Security Pakistan Warns the U.S.
  226. U.S. Issues Happy Cinco De Mayo!
  227. Economics 51% Pay no Fed Income Tax
  228. Misc Cool warplane Picture.
  229. Education California Prison Academy: Better Than a Harvard Degree
  230. U.S. Issues The new stuff
  231. Int'l Issues That old Persian magic has me in its spell
  232. Economics Journalists Shield Obama From Road Rage Over High Gas Prices
  233. U.S. Issues Ron Paul campaign raises $1 Million Dollars in a day
  234. Poop Sources Describe Bin Laden’s Cowardly Last Moments in Compound
  235. Int'l Issues Torture May Have Slowed Hunt For Bin Laden, Not Hastened It
  236. General Politics Funny stuff to help lighten the mood
  237. Obama Is there an official story yet?
  238. Obama DCers weigh in on going after AQ without Pakistani permission:
  239. U.S. Issues Obama Planning $1 Billion Bailout For Egypt…
  240. Nat'l Security I feel like we may have been robbed of a pretty special moment in American history.
  241. U.S. Issues Red Skelton from 1969
  242. Obama Pakistani PM to Warn Obama They Will Attack U.S. Forces
  243. Economics America’s Middle Class Crisis: The Sobering Fact
  244. Int'l Issues "Round up the usual suspects."
  245. Religion Apparently Hillary was NOT allowed in the WH Situation Room when the OBL hunt went d
  246. Big Oil CEOs to face lawmakers
  247. Obama Obama to Tout Amnesty in Speech
  248. Obama U.S. was prepared to fight Pakistani forces
  249. General Politics Liberals in southern Arizona seek to form new state
  250. Obama Should our POTUS still hang out with people of questionable character issues ?