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  1. U.S. Issues You want the truth? You can't handle the truth.
  2. Education Obama Still Wall Street's Honey ... Raises More (As Both Raw Amount And Percentage) F
  3. Education Where do you get your news and commentary?
  4. Int'l Issues Iraq, U.S. to discuss extended stay for troops
  5. Obama Obama & Big Government wants more power ? More control of you and me?
  6. Legal Supercongress or Committee may not be Constitutional and there is standing to sue
  7. Poop WAKE UP!!!!111!!!!!11!!!11!!!11!
  8. U.S. Issues Wasserman Schultz: "We've Really Begun To Turn The Economy Around
  9. U.S. Issues White House: no double-dip recession seen
  10. Media It's evident the liberal media has been given their Tea Party talking points
  11. U.S. Issues FAA Issue...
  12. Elections Potential candidate Rick Perry 2 Days after Gabrielle Giffords returns to Congress
  13. Economics Matt Damon clears it all up
  14. Economics Some taxes will be going up - just squarely on the middle class
  15. Obama Obama Wins !! Obama's Grand Slam
  16. U.S. Issues New Blog post
  17. General Politics White House Sues Alabama Over Controversial Immigration Laws
  18. Obama Obama: "We're Not Even Halfway There Yet"
  19. General Politics Andrew Sullivan: The Reality We Face
  20. U.S. Issues Market down over 300 points
  21. Nat'l Security Prince William County files suit over illegal immigration case
  22. Elections Someone just gave Mitt Romney $1 million dollars. And we have no idea who it was.
  23. U.S. Issues More Political, Big Government waste of taxpayers dollars.
  24. Economics Half of the nation's jobs created in June came from Wisconsin
  25. U.S. Issues John Kerry: Media Has "Responsibility" To "Not Give Equal Time" To Tea Party
  26. Nat'l Security Rumsfeld Must Face Vet's Claim He Was Tortured
  27. Economics BNY/Mellon informs large customers it will charge fee to hold their cash
  28. U.S. Issues University pulls boxes of Obama 'disappoint-mints' after state legislator complains
  29. Obama Disappoint-Mints
  30. Economics How long could the Fed Gov't run w/a 100% tax on everyone earning over $10M a year?
  31. U.S. Issues T or F: Clinton's blow job gave rise to GWB...
  32. General Politics Rick Perry's transcripts
  33. General Politics FAA Re-Authorization Extended to Mid-September
  34. General Politics AP: S&P Downgrades U.S. Debt From AAA
  35. U.S. Issues Downgrade means we should......Raise Taxes!! Harry is on the job
  36. Nat'l Security Ramadan Begins With Over 100 Muslims Torching Two Protestant Churches…
  37. U.S. Issues Economist James Grant Proposes Life Behind Bars For Bernanke
  38. Elections Chris Christie formally removes himself from the Republican Presidential field
  39. Economics Bernanke to the rescue!!!
  40. Science Confirms Life After Death is Real
  41. General Politics Blatant Racial Attacks in Milwaukee
  42. U.S. Issues Don't you think Congress should suspend their recess?
  43. Nat'l Security Fallen Navy Seals!
  44. U.S. Issues China renews call for another global reserve currency
  45. Economics What will the DOW do this coming Monday? You predict !!
  46. General Politics Is Obama "One and Done""? Who will win 2012?
  47. Economics Debt Ceiling: 10 Lessons Beyond That Crisis
  48. Nat'l Security World fails Afghanistan despite spending billions
  49. Obama Businesswoman calls it like it is
  50. Obama "PRETTY WELL F*****" Christina Romer
  51. Economics Tel Aviv Stock Exchange opens with 6% losses. Suspends trading in Israel
  52. Obama Inherited from Bush
  53. U.S. Issues Tea Party Downgrade
  54. Economics This isn't that difficult: 7 realities.
  55. Economics Rand Paul calls for Geithner to resign...
  56. Elections New Rasmussen Iowa Poll
  57. Economics If you want to want a good show with NO sugarcoating on the economic situation...
  58. Obama White Obama
  59. U.S. Issues Tokyo down almost 2%, Hong Kong almost 3%
  60. U.S. Issues USPS posts $3.1 billion loss in Q3, warns of default
  61. U.S. Issues Investors: The $1 Billion Armageddon Trade Placed Against The United States
  62. Nat'l Security The TSA Robs You To Run a Thrift Store
  63. Obama Is Obama really this tone deaf?
  64. Obama Everyone relax, President Downgrade will speak at 1 PM Eastern
  65. Nat'l Security US prepares for military intervention in Somalia
  66. Economics S&P downgrade showed ‘terrible’ judgement: Geithner
  67. Economics A local "discussion" on the Dow drop
  68. U.S. Issues Senate Banking Panel Looking Into S&P Downgrade of US Credit Rating: Reuters
  69. General Politics Michele Bachmann's Newsweek Cover
  70. U.S. Issues The Tea Party is coming off to be the parents in all of this..
  71. U.S. Issues Jobs: Worse than you think
  72. Nat'l Security Clever girls.
  73. U.S. Issues Blatant Racial Attack in Jackson
  74. U.S. Issues Poor guy has to die over money
  75. General Politics 25 reasons not to vote for Rick Perry
  76. Economics Second Recession in U.S. Could Be Worse Than First
  77. General Politics Ouch, Maureen rips on the CIC
  78. U.S. Issues Philadelphia mayor talks tough to black teenagers after ‘flash mobs’
  79. General Politics TP Covers the GOP in Glory
  80. Poop Democrat calling for assasination of Mitt Romney
  81. Int'l Issues London Riots
  82. Economics LOL, this just in from the Fed Reserve....
  83. U.S. Issues The Anti-Gun Candidate
  84. Poop Did Barney rip one on MSNBC?
  85. U.S. Issues Kansas returns health insurance exchange grant
  86. U.S. Issues Defict\debt ceiling deal...a sham?
  87. Elections Dems getting creamed in Wisconsin Recall election....
  88. Environment Death of a carbon salesman: Chicago Climate Exchange
  89. Economics CNN Poll: Majority want tax increase for wealthy and deep spending cuts
  90. Obama Is Obama smart?
  91. Nat'l Security China's first carrier starts sea trials
  92. Economics Researchers: Obamacare cost estimates hide up to $50 billion per year
  93. Economics Bravo: A Dylan Ratigan rant on our debt!
  94. Overthinking God and universe?
  95. Economics Extending Unemployment benefits is an Obama Job creator
  96. Education Adam & Steve? No, Bert & Ernie.
  97. Obama Joe "You Lie" Wilson was right
  98. U.S. Issues Mo. woman sends message to Wall St...BY PLANE!
  99. Obama Change You Can Believe In: Obama Approval Down 18 Pts In 10 Weeks
  100. General Politics **** Official Fox News Iowa Republican Debate ****
  101. General Politics Hypocrisy At It's Finest
  102. Int'l Issues U.K. useful idiot anarchists reject the very system they wanted....
  103. Nat'l Security Last Man Out on 9/11 Makes Shocking Disclosures
  104. Int'l Issues 'Iran ready to send peacekeepers to UK'
  105. Economics Tea Party activists: Bring on defense cuts
  106. Economics Tiny Iceland Shows us the way with their on-going financial revolution
  107. Elections Romney BOMBS at Iowa County Fair
  108. Obama Obama will say anything to make himself look good!
  109. Economics Who said the debt ceiling couldn't produce an epic rant?
  110. U.S. Issues Gun Owner Retires Carjacker
  111. U.S. Issues New blog post.
  112. Economics 30,000 college students kicked out of food aid
  113. Economics George Soros reportedly nets $850MM on U.S. downgrade
  114. Religion Hey, Look. Leaders Do Use Christianity Do Promote Warfare
  115. U.S. Issues Obama Pay Your Bills-Felonious Monk Tells The Truth
  116. U.S. Issues Why is this a bad question?!
  117. U.S. Issues I just want to thank the Fed Gov....
  118. Economics Are there such things as long term safe bet stocks?
  119. U.S. Issues Ron Paul comes in from the fringe
  120. General Politics Don't come between a mama grizzly and her maternity leave
  121. U.S. Issues Ames Iowa Straw poll
  122. U.S. Issues Did media cover up Sen. Durbin's confrontation with reporter? (VIDEO)
  123. Economics Does QE exacerbate income inequality?
  124. Local Kansas City's Henry Bloch calls for higher taxes on wealthy
  125. Environment Heat Index?
  126. Obama Obama's Bus Tour then a 10 Day Vacation..again
  127. U.S. Issues Anybody see 60 minutes tonight re corp tax havens?
  128. General Politics Wasserman-Shultz and her alternate reality
  129. U.S. Issues Facing Ninth Deployment, Army Ranger Kills Himself. 'No Way' That God Would Forgive H
  130. Obama Federal judge throws out Obama drilling rules
  131. Economics China is trapped into buying our bonds
  132. Int'l Issues What Trump's people in Hawaii found out: Operation Barry
  133. Elections Once a fringe candidate, Paul shaping 2012 race
  134. U.S. Issues Pat Buchanan Challenges Warren Buffett:
  135. Obama Obama's three Day Bus ride....$$$$$$$
  136. Economics Breaking news: Water is wet and Paul Krugman's been watching Watchmen
  137. General Politics Ron Paul Remains Media Poison
  138. General Politics Guess who else is from Waterloo?
  139. Obama How Much Is Obama Really to Blame for the Economy?
  140. U.S. Issues Obama: I reversed recession until 'bad luck' hit
  141. Elections Rick Perry and the stimulus money
  142. Elections Jon Stewart Annihilates The Corporate Media For Ignoring Ron Paul's 2012 Campaign
  143. Economics Nine days ago today ...
  144. General Politics Perry will resonate with a lot of people
  145. Education High School in Republic, MO
  146. Elections Ryan for President?
  147. U.S. Issues US, Hamas Cut Deal on Gaza Aid
  148. U.S. Issues "Job creator" wants to build new countries.
  149. General Politics Kansas governor seeks U.S. funds to encourage marriage
  150. Elections New GOP Strategy Involves Reelecting Obama, Making His Life Even More Miserable
  151. General Politics Karl Rove warns against extreme GOP candidates
  152. General Politics Obama's worst nightmare?
  153. General Politics Kudlow on Perry vs Bernanke issue
  154. Economics Interesting chart
  155. Obama Food Stamps are Economic Stimulus...OK
  156. Economics Audit of the Federal Reserve Reveals $16 Trillion in Secret Bailouts
  157. Obama Obamas Magical Misery Tour
  158. Economics Man Pretends To Be Hank Paulson To Make Fake $353,000 Mortgage Payment To Citi, Succe
  159. Obama Obama's Job's Tour Bus....MADE IN CANADA
  160. Obama Come September, Obama will give us the answer
  161. Elections Obama Reaching Out To Experts
  162. General Politics Describe what you think is the average voter in America
  163. Media Islamist Moonbattery: Off David Letterman. WUT?
  164. Poop How Long Before This Is On SNL?
  165. Obama ATMs again blamed for unemployment and internets and stuff
  166. Economics SEC Attorney Darcy Flynn Blows Whistle on Wall Street-Washington Incest
  167. Elections Will Bachmann's former church be as controversial as Obama's?
  168. General Politics Why the deficit cutting committee will fail
  169. Obama Obama losing his grip?
  170. Economics Michelle Bachmann: "I'll bring back $2 gas"
  171. Int'l Issues Biden.....what else can you say?
  172. Economics The Dow is fun to watch
  173. Int'l Issues Violence breaks out on Madrid's streets on eve of Pope's visit
  174. Elections I can't wait for the POTUS debate between Ron Paul and...
  175. Economics How Washington is destroying the economy
  176. General Politics Paulbots going total moonbat
  177. Obama Obama Buys Votes with what amounts to amnesty. Open Border next?
  178. U.S. Issues Why black people vote democrat
  179. General Politics Michelle Bachmann isn't a doctor she just plays one on tv
  180. U.S. Issues It is time to end the death penalty
  181. General Politics Laura Ingraham vs. Charlie Rangel - smack down
  182. U.S. Issues David Stockman—GOP Candidates "Have Checked Out of Reality"
  183. Nat'l Security Gates: Another War In The Middle East? You Should Have Your Head Examined
  184. U.S. Issues STIMULUS - REAL OR FAKE: Can you tell which of these government spending projects are
  185. Economics Morgan Stanley's Butler and Tzolov Get To Keep $4.5 Million Bonuses After Committing
  186. U.S. Issues New blog post and things.
  187. U.S. Issues More layoffs coming...
  188. Environment Carbon emissions run danger of inviting alien attack.
  189. General Politics Could it have been and can it be worse than Obama?
  190. Obama U.S. officials: Gadhafi could be planning a 'last stand'
  191. Education Silly Lew Rockwell/Thomas Di Lorenzo article of the day
  192. Int'l Issues China Finds 100,000 SQ Miles of Radiation In Pacific Ocean 300 Times Higher Than Norm
  193. Economics Economic Point/Counterpoint - Krugman vs. Moore
  194. Nat'l Security Hypothetical: What do you think the US response should be if...
  195. Obama Nov 2012
  196. Environment Utilities warn of higher rates because of pollution rules
  197. Economics Shut the fuck up B
  198. Religion Man is under arrest, prays, gets tasered and escapes.
  199. Local Brownback screws up Kansas arts funding
  200. Environment BP Gulf Oil Spill: Leaking Again?
  201. Elections Huntsman blasts other GOP candidates as fringe and extreme
  202. Int'l Issues Endgame in Libya?
  203. Economics Audit reveals Wall Street Aristocracy Got $1.2T in Secret Loans
  204. U.S. Issues Spending Cuts, Not Tax Hikes, Best for Deficit: NABE
  205. Obama Obamas plan, now an outline...
  206. Obama Job boosters...Obama has not submitted them, complains about Congress
  207. Nat'l Security Ahmadininutbag....send drones. Kaboom!
  208. Obama Obama: Low rating shows unhappiness with Congress
  209. U.S. Issues Where black people meet
  210. U.S. Issues Tased From Above! New Robot Copter To Begin Patrolling Our Skies
  211. General Politics Dem Rep. Frederica Wilson Blames High Unemployment Among Blacks On “Racism”…
  212. U.S. Issues Since June New Car Purchases will be installed with a Mandatory Black Box
  213. U.S. Issues New Fairness Doctrine rules issued by Obama
  214. ChiefsPlanet ChiefsPlanet needs a new Prefix
  215. Religion Bible Shows Human Errors, Scholars Say
  216. U.S. Issues If Bankers Run the World...
  217. ChiefsPlanet We need to look for the successes and not be so negative
  218. Obama Libya, the next chapter....
  219. Obama Record Setting
  220. Elections Obama 39% Paul 38%
  221. Environment Record-setting Earthquake in D.C. | Obama's Fault.
  222. Local Sly James wants gun checkpoints
  223. U.S. Issues FOX News Whistle blowers
  224. U.S. Issues Life according to Mr. Rick
  225. Nat'l Security Illegals Get Drivers Licenses in New Mexico, Sue Governor
  226. U.S. Issues Bloomberg Bans Clergy From 9/11 Ceremony but Ground Zero Mosque OK
  227. Economics Big Banks: Under-Capitalized, Overexposed, Opaque
  228. Obama For those out of work who voted for Obama, just wanted to recap....
  229. Poop Cheney's Letter to Bush
  230. Legal Could Lloyd Blankfein Face A Prison Sentence?
  231. Education (Big) College Conspiracy
  232. U.S. Issues Boys will be boys
  233. General Politics Is Obama & dems in trouble with AFL & CIO?
  234. Poop Marines: Can't fart no more!
  235. Economics Madoff: Insider trading rife on Wall Street
  236. U.S. Issues New blog post
  237. U.S. Issues Goshen College Bans ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’
  238. Obama Look in the mirror Mr. Usurper of the Oval Office!!!!
  239. U.S. Issues Maybe it can be cool to be a Republican again!
  240. Economics When parties "switch" sides: the pay-roll tax
  241. Int'l Issues Ahmadinejad: Iran is determined to eradicate Israel
  242. Int'l Issues What to make of Qaddafi's crush with Condoleezza Rice?
  243. Economics Matt Taibbi On Iowa AG Tom Miller: The Best Way To Raise Massive Campaign Funds?
  244. U.S. Issues Federal Government Raids Gibson Guitars Under Indian Law While Continually Ignoring..
  245. Obama Out of touch Obama continues....
  246. General Politics Perry bills feds $349M for incarcerating illegals
  247. Economics A Huge Housing Bargain -- but Not for You
  248. ChiefsPlanet Photo of the day
  249. Economics Cuts need to be much bigger must faster
  250. General Politics Republicans cannot celebrate Labor Day in Wisconsin