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  1. General Politics Republicans cannot celebrate Labor Day in Wisconsin
  2. Obama Obama's GM says it is not responsible for Pre-Obama GM Warranty.
  3. Int'l Issues Random question about oil (probably stupid).
  4. Elections Ricky Stanzi in DC
  5. U.S. Issues Chris Wallace vs. Ron Paul
  6. Legal Welfare drug-testing yields 2% positive results
  7. General Politics So when we say Bachmann is bat**** crazy, this is part of what we mean
  8. Obama Long Lost Uncle Omar Obama located. Mystery solved.
  9. U.S. Issues Profits Falling, Banks Confront a Leaner Future
  10. Obama New Obama Jobs Plan: More "Investment" in Infrastructure?
  11. Obama President Obama -- The Blamer-in-Chief
  12. General Politics Poor poor pitiful congress
  13. Environment LOLOL!! Al Gore compares anti-climate change folks to racists!!!!
  14. General Politics Perry to Hilary: Thanks for trying to pass healthcare reform
  15. U.S. Issues Bufffet should pay his taxes before asking for more...
  16. General Politics Bachmann: Irene is God's message for Washington
  17. Economics Just a reminder: Economics is not a science
  18. U.S. Issues Homeowners are absolutely screwed...
  19. Economics Entitlements really the 'immediate' issue ??
  20. U.S. Issues Low Rates Could Hold Back Economy
  21. Nat'l Security Obama 'backdooring' amnesty
  22. Legal Ugly? You may have a case !!!!
  23. U.S. Issues State paid sex offenders as baby sitters
  24. U.S. Issues Obama The National Debt Hypocrite - Caught On Tape
  25. Obama Poor Obama Now -10.2 In RCP Poll Average
  26. Obama St Xavier not religious enough. MUST Unionize
  27. Obama More Regulations!!!Yes!!! And More Billions in cost! Winning!
  28. Elections 'Jewish' Bachmann is costing Romney
  29. Elections The Greatest Plot Against the Ron Paul Camp To Date
  30. Elections Now that the country has gotten to know Ron Paul a little...
  31. Elections ANNOUNCEMENT: Obama Will Win 2012
  32. Environment Global Warming fun. Al Gore will be displeased...again.
  33. Economics Fight Back Against an Economic Attack, Buy Gibson Guitars and thier Products
  34. U.S. Issues Ron Paul 2012 - Ron Paul Destroys Michael Moore On Larry King
  35. U.S. Issues State Department: Don't Invade Privacy of Cleric on CIA Kill List
  36. Legal Will the "Thomases" eventually stop Obamacare?
  37. Nat'l Security Screw the WOT I wanna know what we are gonna do about
  38. Nat'l Security White House wants 'Fast and Furious' "OFF THE TABLE" ASAP!!!
  39. Obama More of the same failed approaches.
  40. General Politics Rep. Andre Carson: Tea Party Wants to See Black Americans 'Hanging on a Tree'
  41. U.S. Issues Cheney "fears being tried as a WAR CRIMINAL."
  42. Obama Obama schedules his rambling nonsense about jobs for the same time as Debate
  43. General Politics More Posturing: Boehner rejects Obama date for jobs speech
  44. U.S. Issues George Foreman threatens to knock out Cheney...
  45. U.S. Issues Rep. West threatens in letter to leave the Congressional Black Caucus over tea party
  46. U.S. Issues Another day, another Tea Party initiative blocked
  47. Obama The Libs At DemocratsUnderground.com Now Call Obama...
  48. Obama The magic touch. Another Obama success story declare bankruptcy
  49. Elections Ron Paul on NPR "Talk of the Nation" 8/31/11
  50. Economics Former Fed Governor Frederic Mishkin Is Corrupt
  51. U.S. Issues STUDY: 25 Of Highest Paid CEOs Earned MORE Than Their Companies Paid In Taxes, Others
  52. Economics Huntsman releases plan on taxes
  53. Obama Disapproval rating sets stage for further Obama Downgrade after he regives the same o
  54. Obama Obama Refinancing Bailout to Hammer Taxpayers, Banks: Bove
  55. U.S. Issues Fort Hood shooters cousin starts charity to denounce violence against Islam
  56. Economics The Illinois Way....ouch
  57. Obama Obama's Worldview and his burden of American Exceptionalism
  58. U.S. Issues Ron Paul Talking C.I.A
  59. U.S. Issues The Anti-Gun nuts just don't get it
  60. Nat'l Security General: China Could Be Planning Surprise Missile Attack on United States
  61. U.S. Issues California bill to fund college for illegal immigrants advances
  62. U.S. Issues Nickelodeon gives little ones the 411 on 9/11
  63. U.S. Issues 9/11 coloring book?
  64. Environment Obama halts controversial EPA regulation
  65. U.S. Issues Undocumented workers got billions from IRS in tax credits, audit finds
  66. Int'l Issues Concern rising about Iran military nuclear work: IAEA
  67. U.S. Issues WSJ: Best of the Web Today
  68. Obama Thursdays speech may not be such a big deal after all..No Plan
  69. U.S. Issues Topless bar funded with federal AIDS money
  70. Obama ZeroBama cozies up to his UN buddies...
  71. Obama Solyndra Failure. Tie back to White House?
  72. Obama Thursdays speech is just posturing. But others should not do that.
  73. U.S. Issues Leveraging a Hurricane
  74. U.S. Issues Moonbats attack:California Dems Move to Regulate Babysitting Out of Existence
  75. Obama Europe caused Solyndra to fail. Obama blames Europe.
  76. U.S. Issues What do you think?
  77. Local This is a place where only the worst of law enforcement is shown, so...
  78. Obama One and Done? (Dowd)
  79. Environment Greenhouse Gas Theory Discredited by ‘Coolant’ Carbon Dioxide
  80. Obama Obama's Union Army.
  81. Nat'l Security Squirt guns and kids playing. Gets you arrested in Iran.
  82. General Politics Wait, so now people who have a low opinion of government are idiot mouth-breathers?
  83. Nat'l Security NeoCons responsible for 9/11...Iran
  84. Obama Did I hear this right???
  85. Obama Who are the 17% who think its working?
  86. Obama Steve Bridges as President Obama
  87. Media U MAD BRO?
  88. General Politics Ron Paul VS Rick Perry
  89. U.S. Issues Free trade destroyed the US
  90. Obama Is this the "PLAN"?
  91. Nat'l Security TSA Agent Threatens Woman With Defamation, Demands $500k For Calling Intrusive Search
  92. Int'l Issues EFSA boss: “We were pressured by industry to hijack science”
  93. U.S. Issues Should Fast food Places join the food stamp business?
  94. General Politics Just when you didn't think it could get any more petty
  95. U.S. Issues A new Call for Stimulus won't set well with this history as a guide
  96. U.S. Issues Big Oil: To create jobs, let us drill more
  97. Religion Mitt Romney is crazy
  99. General Politics Fun Political Game!
  100. Elections MSNBC Poll Results: Paul Landslide winner.
  101. Obama Proposal still growing...Now $400 Billion
  102. U.S. Issues WOW! There's ONE thing I agree with Dick Cheney about. I feel dirty!
  103. U.S. Issues FBI Raids Solyndra!
  104. Obama Obama and Hoffa getting what they asked for...
  105. U.S. Issues Just curious. Question for my fellow CP "liberals."
  106. Obama Hi, I'm a Chiefs fan and I voted for Obama
  107. U.S. Issues Perry campaign busts Romney on Social Security
  108. General Politics Obama's Big Pre-NFL game speech
  109. Economics Fed floating 50-year and 100-year bond ideas...
  110. Obama Terror threat with low poll numbers
  111. Nat'l Security How 9/11 Changed Flight Schools in Florida
  112. U.S. Issues New blog post
  114. U.S. Issues ACLU Report On Obama & Civil Liberties: Worse Than Bush
  115. U.S. Issues EPA declares hay a pollutant in effort to drive small, mid-sized family cattle ranche
  116. U.S. Issues Cheering for Executions
  117. Obama A Stale Campaign Speech
  118. Elections New Associated Press Poll
  119. Media Our Pollsters Are Concerned...
  120. Int'l Issues Baha Mousa: Kicked and punched to death by cowards
  121. U.S. Issues Michelle Malikin is upset
  122. Economics WSJ: What effect would the jobs bill have?
  123. Religion "I Was There"
  124. U.S. Issues The Real Pat Tillman Story - In His Own Words
  125. Obama Why Obama desperately needs the 'teleprompter'...
  126. Obama Barack Obachmann: gaffe machine
  127. Nat'l Security MSNBC: Day Of Distruction - Decade Of War
  128. Obama Jobs Speech wont pass any real examination
  129. U.S. Issues Are the archives from 2001 still available?9/11/01 posts would be interesting to see.
  130. Nat'l Security Peace loving Islamists
  131. Obama More on Backdoor Amnesty by Obama
  132. Obama Hits keep on comin.....New Jobs bill comes with....
  133. Obama Obama Might Move His Agenda Forward Using Executive Orders…
  134. U.S. Issues obama's Illegal Uncle Gets Drunk
  135. Obama Jobs bill, pay-fors, and bullshit. All Obama, all the time
  136. Economics The National Debt simplified so anyone can understand...
  137. Elections Official CNN Tea Party Express Debate Thread
  138. U.S. Issues Women of WW2....look, learn, enjoy
  139. Elections FACT CHECK: Social Security prompts debate miscues
  140. Economics Obama the Silent Tax Cutter
  141. U.S. Issues Pentagon finally admits there are American troops on the ground in Libya
  142. Nat'l Security Holder is so “inept that he is dangerous"
  143. Economics Where can I get this job? Spending $450 billion with no accountability. Awesome.
  144. Obama Teechers do not ned to be phluant in Anglish....DOJ Rule
  145. Obama All or Nothing, the White House Demands. DOA the jobs program
  146. Economics Tax Money: Study Climate Change impact on Prairie Dogs.....
  147. General Politics Feinstein Claims Treasurer Looted Campaign Account as Fraud Case Deepens
  148. Misc Dude killed 3 Hells Angels...
  149. Obama Obama's Strategy of Silence
  150. U.S. Issues Republican Governor Passes a State Obesity Registry for Children
  151. General Politics Meh, but I guess its news
  152. Obama Someone from the Obama Camp, help me understand please?
  153. General Politics Palin's One Nighter with Rice
  154. Nat'l Security Illegal entry into US=Jaywalking. Obama Administration take
  155. General Politics Obama Energy Department predicted Solyndra would go bankrupt during loan review
  156. Nat'l Security Reporter Claims TSA Agent Would Speed People Through Security For $10
  157. U.S. Issues Ron Paul Vs. Dick Cheney: 'Dick Wants To Be A Dictator'
  158. U.S. Issues GE Dumps Offshore Wind-Power Plans AFTER Collecting $125 Million In Stimulus From Tax
  159. Obama Carville: What should the White House do? Panic!
  160. Environment Nobel Laureate Ivar Giaever Quits Physics Group over Stand on Global Warming
  161. Obama Work around Congress?
  162. Obama Is Obama Toast? Solyndra and 4 others go belly up from Stimulus !
  163. Obama AttackWatch, defend our President!
  164. Economics Help a Wall Street Job Creator!
  165. Obama If it wasnt so pathetic it would be funny
  166. General Politics Pelosi ....must be drugs
  167. Media Political Outrage as Publicity
  168. U.S. Issues Concerned citizens unite against Republican E-Verify Bill
  169. U.S. Issues Merck vaccine scientist Dr. Maurice Hilleman admitted presence of SV40, AIDS and canc
  170. U.S. Issues Ron Paul In 1988 - End The Drug War
  171. U.S. Issues new blog post
  172. Obama Obamascare behind the scenes...Sign them up "ASAP" !!!
  173. Environment Nasa warns of fresh risk from Ł468m satellite falling from space
  174. U.S. Issues Neocons rejoice in Romney!
  175. Obama $253,263.00 per job
  176. Obama Looking bleak for Dems
  177. Misc 51 = Bad age for Dem's daughters?
  178. U.S. Issues Media Blackout: CNN, Fox, and MSNBC Ignore Thousands Of US Day Of Rage Protesters
  179. Obama Officials: Obama to propose new tax rate for millionaires
  180. Obama Chicago Trib sorta not to high on Obama..
  181. U.S. Issues Federal Jobs Plans
  182. U.S. Issues I remember having some respect for Cleaver
  183. Elections Ron Paul wins California Republican straw poll
  184. Obama Obama back to threatening
  185. Obama Fast and Furious, Obama's nightmare continues
  186. Obama If you thought $500 Million lost by DOE was bad, Hold on,They aint done yet..$9.2 Bil
  187. Nat'l Security Brzezinski speaks on Policy re: US,EU,ME,IS
  188. U.S. Issues New blog posty
  189. General Politics Obama Yields to Liberal Outcry on Entitlement Reform
  190. Int'l Issues Hottie Cheryl Cole Target of Islamists now
  191. Obama Solyndra Blowing up. Rats scurry for cover
  192. U.S. Issues Bad bad Barack wants to raise this guy's taxes!
  193. U.S. Issues Solyndra execs will decline to testify at hearing
  194. Economics Will Fed announce QE3 today? Operation Twist?
  195. U.S. Issues A Request
  196. Obama Moron in Chief at UN Photo op
  197. Elections PRESIDENT ZERO
  198. Elections Mitt Romney Has Raised More Campaign Cash From Lobbyists Than All Other GOP Candidate
  199. General Politics Fun facts of the day
  200. U.S. Issues Revolution Step #1 - How To Build A Personal, Portable Tar And Feather Gun
  201. Poop The Death Penalty Club
  202. Media Please explain to me how the Huffington Post is a reliable news source again?
  203. Economics Perry's Job Growth: 40% Of Texas Job Growth Since 2007 Went To Illegal Immigrants
  204. Int'l Issues Ahmadinejad to RT: Israeli theft failed, occupation days numbered
  205. General Politics **** Official Fox News Florida Republican Debate ****
  206. Obama Obama is Right, we need more fairness
  207. General Politics Obama's Coattails? Grim outlook for Dems in Congress...
  208. Elections Fox News: Who Won the Debate?
  209. U.S. Issues That's why she's one of my favorite ladies.
  210. Media Peter Boyles-Hampton Sides discusses the stalking of MLK
  211. Religion Outrage Continues as HTC phones Capitolize the word God.
  212. General Politics Harry Reid strikes again.
  213. Nat'l Security Holder covering his and his bosses ass.
  214. U.S. Issues One-day rehiring nets former Chicago labor leader a $158,000 city pension
  215. Elections Porn Magnate offers $1 Million Dollars for Dirt on Perry
  216. Environment Bank Of America Holds Patent On 'Changing Your Emotions' During Customer Service Call
  217. Faux Sports Makes Up Headlines
  218. Elections Rick Perry is a liar
  219. General Politics Christie Reconsidering
  220. General Politics Waxman says Repubs badgered Solyndra dudes
  221. U.S. Issues Government and a Ceiling on Civilization
  222. Economics Five Banks Account For 96% Of The $250 Trillion In Outstanding US Derivative Exposure
  223. Environment Obama Administration Set to Ban Asthma Inhalers Over Environmental Concerns
  224. Elections ... And the Florida Straw Poll winner is ...
  225. Environment Global Warming: the Guilty Men
  226. Obama Obama has gone from "Campaigning" to "Community Organizing"
  227. Nat'l Security Crazy old Max at it again...
  228. General Politics Herman calls Bullshit. Refreshing is it not?
  229. U.S. Issues The freed American hikers that were held in Iran
  230. General Politics Rhetoric from Left sounds like panic
  231. U.S. Issues EPA Say New Greenhouse Gas Regulations Would Require 230,000 New Government Workers,
  232. U.S. Issues Pay-by-race bake sale at UC Berkeley still on, student Republican group says
  233. Nat'l Security Peter Boyles-Robert Spencer from Jihad Watch discusses the "Arab Spring"
  234. Economics BAILOUT MADNESS - Wall Street Socialist Millionaires Mock Protesters While Drinking..
  235. Elections The Hill: Perry To Drop Out, Ron Paul To Be Romney’s Rival
  236. General Politics Could Mitch Daniels win the GOP and could he beat Obama ?
  237. Economics Remarkable interview with Eurozone Trader
  238. Elections Ron Paul With Jon Stewart - Daily Show Video (9/26/2011)
  239. Religion Public School football coaches in trouble for bowing heads during student led prayer
  240. General Politics Harry delays Jobs Bill....No one wants to touch it
  241. Elections The Trouble with Herman Cain
  242. Economics things getting serious in Greece...pay new property taxes or we cut off the lights
  243. General Politics Christy decided no
  244. U.S. Issues BUSTED: Liberals Admit Racism Charges Against Tea Parties A Tactic, Not A Truth
  245. General Politics Governments don't rule the world, Goldman Sachs rules the world...
  246. Economics Cain's 9-9-9 taxation plan
  247. Elections Tea Partier?
  248. General Politics RINO!
  249. Economics USPS trying to save government money and save their jobs
  250. U.S. Issues Save a pretzel for the gas jets