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  1. General Politics Christy decided no
  2. U.S. Issues BUSTED: Liberals Admit Racism Charges Against Tea Parties A Tactic, Not A Truth
  3. General Politics Governments don't rule the world, Goldman Sachs rules the world...
  4. Economics Cain's 9-9-9 taxation plan
  5. Elections Tea Partier?
  6. General Politics RINO!
  7. Economics USPS trying to save government money and save their jobs
  8. U.S. Issues Save a pretzel for the gas jets
  9. U.S. Issues New blog post
  10. Economics The Devils Are Inside
  11. Economics Peter Boyles-Andrew Gause discusses our monetary dilemma and it's history and how....
  12. Obama Obama proposes letting the jobless sue for discrimination
  13. General Politics Good news for Bush, independents think Obama worse as president
  14. Local Tom Hoenig: KC Dump Earnings Tax
  15. Elections Democrat calls for suspension of free elections
  16. General Politics SC Gov Nikki Haley mandates employees tell people its a great day
  17. U.S. Issues New Ron Paul TV Ad - "The One Who Can Beat Obama"
  18. Nat'l Security Disciple of the religion of peace tries to bomb Pentagon and Capitol building
  19. General Politics Are Boomers To Blame For Broken Government?
  20. Economics PIMCO's El-Erian Drops The F-Bomb: "French Banks Are Down To 1% Capital, Institutiona
  21. Obama Heard "Frankie" (aka Doug Edwards) asking Obama to.....
  22. Elections Ralph Nader: Progressives Find Hope and Alliance with Ron Paul
  23. Obama Remember Obama the great one in Berlin?
  24. Legal 104 year old Fed Judge in Kansas tells ACLU NO.
  25. General Politics Christie may be back on....
  26. General Politics Dems want to go after 401k's to get more of your money
  27. General Politics Al Aqeada to Iran: Stop spreading 9-11 Conspiracy Theory
  28. Nat'l Security American Al-Qaeda Cleric Killed
  29. U.S. Issues Did the White House pressure FORD to pull Anti-bailout Ad?
  30. Media Classic stuff
  31. Economics Did Congress Kill the Debit Card?
  32. Economics Buffet not supporting Obama's Buffet Bill?
  33. Obama Obama sign in New Orleans
  34. General Politics And now Huckabee!
  35. General Politics Joe Biden opens mouth, again, Obama frets away ?
  36. U.S. Issues The due-process-free assassination of U.S. citizens is now reality
  37. Economics Jeff Bezos is pretty awesome
  38. Obama Herman Cain is now a racist !!!!!!!
  39. Obama Obama Money to Palestinians blocked. Good.
  40. General Politics RINOs and Lefty Dem Leninists and what they have in common...
  41. Elections Is Ron Paul the new Iowa front-runner?
  42. Nat'l Security U.S. mulls Canadian border fence
  43. Media Sharpton running a scam? Nawwwww cant be...
  44. Economics It is a start
  45. U.S. Issues LOL,....Republican cat!
  46. Nat'l Security 3,000 Islamists Attack Coptic Church, Destroy Christian Homes…
  47. Economics ECRI calls recession
  48. Local Brownback to cut or eliminate state income taxes
  49. Economics Obama's Stimulus Package vs. What Romney Wanted
  50. General Politics Surprise Surprise Herman Cain plays the race card
  51. Nat'l Security Obama supplying Turkey with attack choppers?
  52. Int'l Issues Koch Bros. - Iran's bmf's
  53. U.S. Issues Confused 'Occupy' DC Protesters Want to Reward Obama with Re-election
  54. Int'l Issues ‘We do not challenge legitimacy of Israel’ - Abbas
  55. Obama More Tax Dollars poured into a second rathole?
  56. General Politics Herman Cain putting his campaign on hold?
  57. General Politics You can't make this crap up : Joe Biden doesn't know who Van Jones is ?
  58. U.S. Issues New blog post.
  59. Poop Drats!
  60. Economics Rant worth listening to.
  61. Economics Example of why healthcare is so expensive...
  62. Elections "Call Your Shot" Republican Nomination Poll - October Edition
  63. Obama Barry Has a Boehner!
  64. U.S. Issues Supercommittee members receive lucrative lobbying efforts
  65. U.S. Issues Harry Reid(Scum-NV)Plays big time cover Obama's ass
  66. Obama President Obama’s shock troops are marching in the streets.
  67. Elections Herman Cain slugs it out with Lawrence O' Donnell
  68. General Politics Marco Rubio will NOT be the next Republican vice-president
  69. U.S. Issues Obama and Congress ARE Wall Street, Geithner IS the Federal Reserve - Now What?
  70. Elections Herman Cain's full resume and his real.....
  71. General Politics Avoiding his most excellent leader...
  72. Obama Obama Approval Rating Keeps Heading South
  73. U.S. Issues Scientific studies conclude GMO feed causes organ disruption in animals
  74. Environment More Solyndra Fun
  75. General Politics Ron Paul wins value voters summit
  76. General Politics Anyone mad about the new mosque that opened near ground zero?
  77. Nat'l Security Predator Drones catch computer virus
  78. Elections "Anyone But Mitt" is still the clear frontrunner
  79. U.S. Issues Liberal myths vs. reality
  80. U.S. Issues Why do some people think 9-11 was an Inside Job?
  81. U.S. Issues Cash-Strapped Topeka May Stop Prosecuting Domestic Violence
  82. U.S. Issues my first piece for big goverment andrew breitbart site.
  83. Obama Peter Boyles-David Codrea discusses the inside scoop on Fast and Furious
  84. General Politics Interesting article on Congress and trade agreements
  85. Nat'l Security Live blog: FBI, DEA thwart terror plot in U.S. involving Iran
  86. Governer Christie Endorses Romney
  87. Elections *** Official "Shot Heard 'Round The World II" New Hampshire Debate Thread ***
  88. Elections Elizabeth Warren: "I Will Fix This Sh*t!"
  89. U.S. Issues National Vaccine Information Center Calls New CA Vaccine Law A “Violation of Parental
  90. Elections Voter indecision is normal, but also perplexing
  91. U.S. Issues Countries the US has invaded since 1890.
  92. General Politics Democrats kill Obama jobs bill in Senate
  93. Economics "Balance your cheque book, B"
  94. Obama Apologies Not Accepted (Obama Tries To Apologize For Atomic Bombings?)
  95. Elections New GOP Frontrunner
  96. U.S. Issues CHART - U.S. Corporate Profits Vs. Employee Wages
  97. Economics Pelosi Tells ABC: "Wall Street Protests Are A Reaction To Bank Bailouts" But...
  98. Economics Harrisburg PA Files For Bankruptcy Protection | First Municipality Domino?
  99. U.S. Issues Will Occupy Wall Street evolve into Tea Party status?
  100. Economics The Income Tax
  101. U.S. Issues Bill Gross: “Class Warfare By The 99%? Of Course, They’re Fighting Back After 30 Year
  102. Int'l Issues The last alleged Iranian Assassination Plot in US was a success
  103. Elections Seriously, why aren't the repubs winning????
  104. U.S. Issues It's always the cover-up (F&F edition)
  105. General Politics Goodbye to All That: Reflections of a GOP Operative Who Left the Cult
  106. Elections Carville gives a good answer to my question...Why aren't the republicans winning...
  107. Nat'l Security Missing Libya Missiles Find Their Way to Gaza Border
  108. Int'l Issues Intervention in Africa
  109. Obama Obama puts a knife to part of ObamaCare...
  110. Obama Wonder what he is hiding and how long it will take to scrub the evidence?
  111. U.S. Issues U.S. deaths in drone strike due to miscommunication, report says
  112. Legal Wrong People Arrested on Wall Street
  113. Obama President of Peace
  114. U.S. Issues Why Do the 50% That Don't Pay Income Tax Feel Ripped Off By 10% that Pay Most Taxes?
  115. Local My rep brags about how great these new free trade agreements are
  116. Obama What Obama Won't Tell You About His Jobs Plan (and Why It Would Fail)
  117. Media SNL on Ron Paul
  118. General Politics Deathmatch 2012: Rove vs. Kochs
  119. Int'l Issues Rome getting f'd up by occupy movement
  120. U.S. Issues More Union BS: More Corrupt Union Pensions Benefits in Illinois
  121. U.S. Issues 115-Year-Old Electric Car Gets Same 40 Miles Per Charge as Chevy Volt
  122. U.S. Issues Big Banks Refuse to Let People Close Accounts
  123. Economics G. Edward Griffin: A Den of Vipers
  124. U.S. Issues Media hoax exposed: Recent attack on vitamins a fabricated scare campaign
  125. Int'l Issues Did We Down Our Own Helicopter in Afghanistan
  126. Elections Ron Paul showing how serious he is about cutting spending and balancing the budget.
  127. Obama Obama blasts, mocks Senate GOP
  128. Obama R's hate puppies too
  129. U.S. Issues Ok this I've never heard of...giving 11 year olds drugs to block puberty
  130. Legal Does the First Amendment protect . . .
  131. Obama The O and his Obots...is this what you Obots support? Really?
  132. Tammy and her Moms
  133. U.S. Issues Atlantic: Ron Paul Media Blackout Confirmed
  134. Nat'l Security 1 Marine vs. 30 Cops at Occupy Wall Street (Marine Wins)
  135. Obama Obama opposes repeal of healthcare program suspended last week
  136. Obama Wookie making it hard to get into World Series
  137. General Politics Occupy Calvin & Hobbes
  138. Poop ChiefsPlanet: Ron Paul this, Ron Paul that, Ron Paul till you puke confirmed
  139. Elections *** Official "Triple Down on 9" Las Vegas Debate Thread ***
  140. General Politics Ron Paul is a Patriot!
  141. General Politics Ron Paul is a Jedi Too!
  142. Int'l Issues 1,000 terrorists for one pow?
  143. General Politics Ron Paul says 49 states shouldn't decide to dump waste into 1 state
  144. Media Whats going on Wallsteet you ask
  145. U.S. Issues Flip-Flopping, The Fed And Foreign Policy: Cain Is More Than Just the 9-9-9 Pizza Man
  146. Economics Sen. Rand Paul Questions Treasury Sec. Tim Geithner at Hearing - 10/18/11
  147. Gas Price Question?
  148. Int'l Issues Ron Paul Is Already Head of the Free World
  149. Elections Cain beating Perry in Texas...
  150. U.S. Issues Mitt Romney vs. Ron Paul: Top Campaign Contributors
  151. U.S. Issues The 5 steps of corporatism...
  152. U.S. Issues Reid signals government jobs must take priority over private-sector jobs
  153. U.S. Issues Q: When was the last time a poor man gave you a job?
  154. Economics Bank of America Deathwatch
  155. Economics GAO Finds Serious Conflicts at the Fed
  156. U.S. Issues Herm Cain: Anti Abortion but Pro Choice
  157. Economics Are you a shareholder of a public corporation?
  158. Nat'l Security Muammar Gaddafi dead
  159. U.S. Issues Ron Paul Unveils His Economic Plan - Cuts Spending By $1 Trillion In The First Year,
  160. Nat'l Security So, this is how it begins? TSA Checkpoints Now on TN Highways. Soon Nationwide.
  161. Elections Campaign Cash Scandal for Herm and Mitt
  162. Economics Important political question that's not being discussed right now.
  163. Int'l Issues With Gadaffi Dead, We'll Never Know...
  164. General Politics Latest GOP campaign videos
  165. Economics Scientific Study Reveals – The 147 Companies in Capitalist Network that Run the World
  166. Int'l Issues NSFW Don't shoot! Qaddaffi begs for his life. Seconds later, executed in front of mob
  167. U.S. Issues Kucinich vs. Bush rehash shot down again
  168. U.S. Issues 50% of All Workers Made Less than $26,000 in 2010
  169. U.S. Issues Americans are fat and lazy part dos
  170. Obama Amd Obama wonders why no one wants his new jobs bill?
  171. U.S. Issues Cain drops 9-9-9 to 9-0-9 for low income people
  172. Nat'l Security Obama: All troops out of Iraq by end of year
  173. Int'l Issues New virus threatens Iran's nuclear program
  174. Elections LOL! A little comedy break...
  175. General Politics So I got banned from RonPaul Fourms
  176. Obama Steve Jobs to Obama, It's about the Jobs or a 1 term POTUS
  177. Int'l Issues Testimony of Libya - Lizzy Phelan
  178. Environment Koch brothers accidentally fund study that proves global warming
  179. Nat'l Security Cain also completely flip-flops on negotiating with Al-Qaeda
  180. Nat'l Security Dressing up Islamist style
  181. Environment Mobile Bat Cave Economy Numbers
  182. Nat'l Security Obama's influence with Afghanistan equal to that with Congress
  183. Economics Greenspan: Government should have intervened in housing & burned homes to the ground
  184. Dialogue between me and a user
  185. General Politics Ron Paul wins Ohio straw poll
  186. U.S. Issues Classy Move Mom. God save her kids.
  187. U.S. Issues Sebelius. Again. Yea Kansas, be proud.
  188. Obama Obama Credit Downgrade 2
  189. General Politics Herman Cain was a lobbyist before he was an ousider
  190. U.S. Issues Peter Boyles-Pat Buchanan discusses his new book "The Suicide of a Super Power"
  191. ChiefsPlanet Football
  192. Nat'l Security Libya to be sharia through and through
  193. Int'l Issues Peter Boyles-Robert Spencer from 'Jihad Watch'-What now in Libya ??
  194. U.S. Issues Leftist Loons. This is what will defeat Obama
  195. U.S. Issues WROL/SHTF
  196. General Politics The US Declaration of Independence illegal?
  197. Obama Obama gonna spend those Obama bucks regardless
  198. General Politics President Obama and the Politics of Envy
  199. Int'l Issues Wikileaks ended the Iraq war...
  200. Economics New Michael Lewis piece on California and muni debt
  201. U.S. Issues RomneyCare allows free medical care to illegals
  202. Elections Death, Taxes, and Mitt
  203. Elections Bachmann's ex-NH staff: Campaign was rude, cruel
  204. Elections Perry Aides' $3 Million Island Disappears From Web
  205. Elections Bad news for Mitt Romney: Tony Fabrizio says "I'm in" on team Rick Perry
  206. General Politics Question for RINO hunters: Is Pat Robertson a RINO?
  207. Elections Herman Cain produces his first commercial... Yes, it's amazing!
  208. Obama Obama Hires Lobbyist for WallStreet
  209. U.S. Issues Romney opens up a huge hole on his flank. Refuses to back Kasich on unions...
  210. U.S. Issues Occupy Oakland...
  211. Nat'l Security Rahm needs to bring this to an end
  212. Economics Obama Taps Taxpayers For Student Stimulus
  213. U.S. Issues At 'Occupy Wall Street,' Capitalism Is Alive and Well
  214. U.S. Issues Trade Agreements; CRAPitalism at its best!
  215. General Politics Disappointment in some people in this forum.
  216. Environment U.S. Government Considers Testing Anthrax Vaccine On Children
  217. Nat'l Security Mexican drug suspect: U.S. gave me immunity
  218. Economics CUE THE VIOLINS - Bank Of America CEO Brian Moynihan 'Incensed' People Don't Recogniz
  219. Nat'l Security Russia delivers radar jammers to Iran
  220. Elections America needs a doctor
  221. Elections Republicans...I am talking to you...
  222. Economics Could it be the economy is ready to break out?
  223. ChiefsPlanet Impressed by everyone in this forum.
  224. General Politics National Review on income inequality
  225. Obama Liberals : I am talking to you about ObummerCare, Now!
  226. U.S. Issues Ron Paul does not rule out third party run...
  227. Legal Should Chiefsplanet get sued?
  228. U.S. Issues Nobel Peace Prize winner assassinates 16 year-old, Colorado-born, United States citiz
  229. U.S. Issues Bad Lip Reading - Herman Cain
  230. General Politics New Iowa Poll
  231. U.S. Issues What is Occupy all about? This clarifies it
  232. U.S. Issues Top US foreclosure law firm threw Halloween party where staff dressed as homeless, ..
  233. General Politics Justin Bieber: Kim Klobuchar should be "locked up" (seriously, he actually said that)
  234. Elections Romney = Dukakis
  235. Elections Herman Cain Accused of Sexually harrassing 2 employees
  236. Economics Do you feel guilty about being in the global top 1%?
  237. Environment Climategate 2.0? The Muller Con Unravels! Hid Data? Muller accused by his co-author o
  238. Obama Executive DisOrder
  239. Economics Ex-Reagan adviser: REGULATIONS! = complete fabrication
  240. General Politics Rick Perry is LIT
  241. Int'l Issues US apology demanded for anti-Iran ploy
  242. Kansas City Chiefs & Mitt Romney............
  243. U.S. Issues Jersey Shore Judge Andrew Napolitano Lays Down Constitution and Self-reliance
  244. Obama Michelle has been dispatched as an........
  245. Economics Occupy Wall Street Hits Cedar Rapids
  246. Religion End of Days for Armageddonist
  247. Economics Freddie/Fannie pay $13M in bonuses to 10 execs for meeting modest performance targets
  248. Economics Gold Bust
  249. U.S. Issues Bank forecloses on homeowner ... three years after his house destroyed by a hurricane
  250. Economics US's "largest private brokerage firm" a fraud machine.