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  1. Obama Obama and Holder continue the war on states
  2. General Politics New Iowa Poll Numbers (Source PPP)
  3. General Politics Mitt Romney, Moderate Progressive
  4. Obama Pissing your money away
  5. Int'l Issues Now that the war in Iraq is winding down after 9 long years . . .
  6. Int'l Issues And in other news, Salem, Saudi Arabia....
  7. Education Skills/Education gap hobbling US Employers
  8. General Politics House passes payroll tax cut extensions and other Democratic wish list items
  9. General Politics Ah yes, Obama the leader bringing us together as a nation
  10. U.S. Issues My Time at Walmart: Why We Need Serious Welfare Reform
  11. Economics Newt's tax plan:
  12. Elections How Ron Paul could win nomination
  13. Elections Gary Busey withdraws Gingrich endorsement
  14. Misc The Politics of the Top 1 Percent
  15. General Politics Palko time in DC Forum..
  16. Elections Billionaire donors for Republican candidates
  17. U.S. Issues Central District Health will test job applicants for nicotine
  18. Religion "The US is an accomplice in the erasure of a whole people."
  19. U.S. Issues Should you leave the USA before the collapse? Words of wisdom from someone who tried
  20. Education What happens when an Iowa professor writes about Iowa for an East Coast audience?
  21. General Politics Was reading the junk you call Yahoo and saw this about the MOH
  22. Legal NTSB: Ban all driver use of cell phones
  23. Obama US citizens picked up on US soil now eligible for GITMO
  24. Elections Paul moves ahead of Gingrich in New Hampshire
  25. U.S. Issues Justice Department: Arizona Sheriff Arpaio violated federal law
  26. Elections Best quote of the debate...
  27. Int'l Issues Christopher Hitchens finally get to meet god
  28. U.S. Issues SOPA and NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) $662B Defense Bill
  29. U.S. Issues Sheriff Joe Arpaio to be Arrested?
  30. U.S. Issues Fannie, Freddie Ex-Officials Are Accused of Fraud
  31. Religion Fox News Chicago: "Santa Sez Screw You, Kids..."
  32. Elections I never thought I'd see an article like this on American Thunker...
  33. Elections Romney the New Leader in Iowa?
  34. Obama Why Is Obama Against The Keystone Pipeline?
  35. U.S. Issues Never Trust Anyone Who Hasn’t Been Punched in the Face
  36. Religion My take on Islam, Judaism, et al
  37. General Politics The Des Moines Register endorses Mitt Romney
  38. Religion Pope Benedict XVI’s peace message calls for wealth redistribution
  39. U.S. Issues Last American Troops Leave Iraq Marking End of War
  40. Elections Newt Gingrich rejects seperation of powers - Commander in Chief can ignore supremes
  41. Tebow on SNL
  42. Int'l Issues After this, what are your thoughts on Iran?
  43. We are actually out of Iraq ???
  44. General Politics Paul vs. Krugman
  45. First game post Haley? Beat the undefeated Super Bowl Champions
  46. Obama Barak's $4 Million Christmas Vacation
  47. Obama Something seems very odd in reference to.....
  48. Kim Jong II dead
  49. Media North Korea is reporting leader Kim Jong Il has died
  50. General Politics Ron Paul Leads Iowa In New Poll
  51. Int'l Issues Kim Jong Il Dead at 69
  52. General Politics GOP Comedy Hour
  53. Nat'l Security Buy all you can from Lowes for Christmas
  54. Elections Mitt: Man of the People
  55. Economics AT&T Surrenders, will not buy T-Mobile
  56. Nat'l Security Killed in the name of honor. What a life, huh?
  57. U.S. Issues Harry Reid...sorry Im on vacation.
  58. Obama Missing Bush
  59. Economics S&P Downgrade Proves Absurd as Investors Prefer U.S. Assets
  60. General Politics Newt Gingrich Called Out At Grocery Store
  61. Economics Rise in Home Construction Suggests a Turnaround
  62. Elections Gary Johnson drops out to run as libertarian.
  63. Int'l Issues I just had a conversation with an Egyptian..
  64. Obama Will Obama actually abandon the 'White Blue Collar Vote' ??
  65. Obama Not to be discouraged my 'true fellow Patriots"
  66. Misc Irate Packers fan charged with choking daughter
  67. Elections Ron Paul's closing argument in Iowa
  68. Elections Jerry Doyle endorses Ron Paul - (Paul now has a home on the national Radio dial)
  69. Economics Keynes vs. Hayek - Second Round
  70. General Politics Politics is the art of the possible.
  71. U.S. Issues So why isn't this tax cut permanent anyway?
  72. Elections Paul surges ahead of Gingrich in New Hampshire
  73. Nat'l Security Marco Rubio vs. Rand Paul
  74. General Politics Ron Paul's Racist Newsletters
  75. Economics Amazon's Holiday "Workamps"
  76. Elections Gingrich probably won't be on the ballot in Virginia
  77. General Politics The National Review's Racist Rants
  78. Elections Next line of attack - Is Ron Paul's non-profit activity even legal?
  79. ChiefsPlanet Back fron church. Merry Christmas
  80. U.S. Issues How the feds fueled the militarization of police
  81. Christmas Attacks
  82. Merry Pagan Holiday Everyone!!
  83. Media Just Got Sirius XM Satellite Radio - Need Talk Channels/shows
  84. Nat'l Security Iran stoning fun
  85. Int'l Issues US Federal Judge now blaming Iran for 9-11?
  86. Elections Frontrunners Ron Paul and Mitt Romney offer voters a clear choice
  87. Obama Obama to ask for debt limit hike: Treasury official
  88. Elections Paul climbs to 17% in national polling
  89. General Politics Sen. Nelson NE retiring
  90. Nat'l Security Obama won't live by the law he signed...again
  91. Elections Iowa GOP moving vote-count to 'undisclosed location': to prevent a Ron Paul victory.
  92. ChiefsPlanet So if Ron Paul wins a state in the Republican Primary Saul has to leave?
  93. Elections Quick! Newt needs a boost in NH! What can we do!?
  94. Economics China 1-Obama and USA zero
  95. Nat'l Security CIA used modern abstract art as weapon against Soviets
  96. Media What's the best ANTI-"Christian Right" book written...
  97. U.S. Issues New blog post.
  98. U.S. Issues Computer Programmer Testimony He Was Requested to Write Code to Rig U.S. Elections
  99. Elections Bachman accussed Ron Paul of "buying off" her former Iowa chairman
  100. Elections Anyone catch Santorum's definition of the three Republican primaries?
  101. Elections Paul breaks 21% in New Hampshire poll
  102. Int'l Issues Ex-Goldman Sachs Analyst: "Major War" Coming End Of 2012
  103. Elections Romney campaigns with KKK slogan
  104. Religion A meteor destroyed Sodom, Gammora and changed the world as it was known??
  105. General Politics Romneys son calls for Obamas birth certificate
  106. Elections How Romney's Bain Capital was really saved
  107. Elections Rising Rick Santorum Would Rewrite the Constitution, Abolish Courts
  108. General Politics Ron Paulless Future of Libertarianism
  109. Elections Des Moines Register Final Poll - Romney Leads, Santorum Surging Into Second
  110. Elections is anyone here actually attending the iowa caucus?
  111. Elections Santorum and Bachman: Joining Forces?
  112. Int'l Issues Iranian Commander Backs down on his threat to close the Srait of Hormuz
  113. Tim Tebow proves that prayer doesn't work
  114. Elections PPP Polling Final Iowa Poll: Ron Paul in lead
  115. General Politics Ron Paul's Quest To Undo the Party of Lincoln
  116. Obama Gives you a warm feeling
  117. General Politics Andrea Mitchell is a Bigot
  118. U.S. Issues Hey Ron Paul Supporters, don't worry - Iowa will be using the 'Corn Counting' method!
  119. Nat'l Security Biden's buds getting together
  120. U.S. Issues Romney is the only sensible choice for the GOP
  121. Elections Republican Strategist: Iowa GOP Will Not Allow Paul To Win
  122. General Politics Our own "Hoover" is on C-Span right now talking Republican politics
  123. Nat'l Security now we negotiate with terrorists?
  124. Elections The Problem With My Uncle Rick
  125. Elections What is more radical about Ron Paul?
  126. General Politics The Official 2012 "I'm A Political Wonk With No Life" Caucus Thread
  127. Nat'l Security A10 mini gun and a treeline full of talibunnies
  128. General Politics MSNBC is so transparent
  129. Environment If you respect Al Gore...
  130. Obama Has Obama pushed too far?
  131. U.S. Issues Bachmann Out
  132. Elections Perry: "Here we come South Carolina"
  133. Elections "Call Your Shot" Republican Nomination Poll - January Edition
  134. Environment "Drill baby, drill?!"
  135. Obama Obama's Electric Car moves production to China
  136. General Politics CA Judge: Ramming Jewish Woman with Shopping Cart ‘Free Speech’
  137. General Politics Trouble for GI who spoke at Paul rally...
  138. Elections Iowa GOP strips Paul of delegates, awards them to Romney & Santorum
  139. U.S. Issues Rick Santorum is coming for your birth control
  140. Environment Greatest Clue as to the nature of Earth Climate Change
  141. Economics Sad deal for Kansas.
  142. Obama Kodak CEO oversees bankruptcy while serving on Jobs Council....
  143. Economics Federal Reserve calls for expanding Fannie, Freddie
  144. U.S. Issues My musing on presidential primary
  145. Elections Zogby: Paul surging in New Hampshire. Closing gap with Romney
  146. Int'l Issues Europe Takes Bold Step Toward a Ban on Iranian Oil
  147. Should Dexter Manley be banned?
  148. Elections Rick Perry Iowa victory speech
  149. Economics The US debt is greater than the value of ALL of the gold in the world.
  150. Media Paper of Record in Mitt's home state endorses... Huntsman
  151. Adverse possession spreading in TX
  152. Nat'l Security The Atlantic: Ron Paul vindicated on Iran
  153. Elections Vote-Counter Says Mistake Gave Mitt Romney 20 Extra Votes
  154. Elections Anyone actually WANT/PREFER Santorum?
  155. Elections FINALLY...A GOP Debate you can watch!
  156. Elections The moment a 19-year-old Mitt Romney demonstrated in favour of Vietnam War draft
  157. Elections Obama Campaign Fails to File Delegate Slate for New Hampshire Primary
  158. Religion Could Timothy Dolan be the first pope from America?
  159. Elections Vice-presidential nominees?
  160. Elections Paul drops the boom on Santorum with new ad
  161. General Politics LOL - Huntsman supporters create anti-Huntsman ad and post it as Ron Paul supporters
  162. Int'l Issues USA Rescues Iranian Fishermen from Somali Pirates in Arabian sea
  163. U.S. Issues Mitt Romney is the clearly the right choice.
  164. Elections Ron Paul Interview On John King USA 01/06/12
  165. Int'l Issues CIA Agent Exposes How Al-Qaeda Dosen't Exist
  166. General Politics Santorum and Hillary
  167. Legal Man Makes 3 Calls to 9-1-1 about Break-In, Gets Ticketed
  168. Poop Rick Perry ...
  169. Poop Newt Gingrich 2012: R.I.P.
  170. Elections 21% OF DEMS HAVE LEFT PARTY
  171. U.S. Issues Boston Globe reveals elitist Mitt was arrested as a scoff law
  172. Elections Thoughts on the 2 NH debates
  173. Elections Perry falls below the Buddy Roemer "Mendoza line" in NH
  174. Nat'l Security 2012 Terrorist Identification Chart
  175. Int'l Issues In Canada, asking for a date can bring a harassment claim
  176. General Politics Romney: I like firing people
  177. Int'l Issues Madness in Middle East
  178. Obama Daley didn't last long, must have pissed off Mooch
  179. Obama Poll: Americans, 2-1, Fear Obama's Reelection
  180. Elections Mitt Romney: Man of Grease
  181. Nat'l Security SHOCKER: Panetta admits Iran not developing nukes
  182. Int'l Issues Obama's deceptively incompetent foreign policy
  183. Elections Poll: Romney, Paul Tie Obama
  184. U.S. Issues Obama's Chief of Staff Resigns - At Start Of Election Year
  185. Elections 58% of Republicans want more candidates
  186. Int'l Issues Greece deems pedophilia a disability
  187. Misc Scary!
  188. Int'l Issues Beijing rejects sanctions on Iranian oil
  189. Economics Pennsylvania to make food stamps people receive contingent on amount of their assets
  190. Obama True to his roots, Marx would be proud.
  191. Obama This what more government gets us...
  192. Obama Those shovel ready jobs? Well...not so much
  193. Elections The New Hampshire Thread
  194. Elections Romney's infamous quote
  195. Obama Regulating an industry out of business
  196. Elections Mitt will get the nomination... But Paul will get...
  197. Int'l Issues Shit's about to get real? Iran sentences Former Marine to Death for Spying.
  198. Int'l Issues Another Iranian Nuke Scientist Assassinated -- On the Anniversay Date of the last one
  199. U.S. Issues Ron Paul opens a bridge for African Americans in the GOP
  200. Nat'l Security Paul and the PDB
  201. Int'l Issues This should make even the 'no-emotion' Mr. Spock jealous.
  202. U.S. Issues DNC chair blames Tea Party for Tucson shooting
  203. Obama Top 5 ‘let them eat cake’ moments of the Obama White House
  204. U.S. Issues Cop killing in Arizona connected to Fast and Furious?
  205. Legal Court: Oklahoma can't enforce Sharia law ban
  206. General Politics VIDEO: King of Bain: "When Romney Came to Town" (Full Documentary Released)
  207. U.S. Issues Marines peeing for this Christian nation!
  208. U.S. Issues Rubble doesn't cause trouble: Ron Paul’s Appeal Among the Military
  209. Int'l Issues Letters of Marque and Reprisal
  210. General Politics Pawnmower is a Welfare Collecting Deadbeat
  211. ChiefsPlanet How much would I have to donate to ChiefsPlanet in real dollars to....
  212. Elections Krauthammer: Paul the biggest winner in New Hamshire
  213. Obama Obama Explained
  214. Elections Poll: Who are you voting for?
  215. Obama Economic Breakout fizzels
  216. Economics Obama to Propose Merging Agencies
  217. Legal Haley Barbour, MS gov pardons 210, including Murderers & Rapists
  218. Economics Bankrupt Solyndra seeking to pay bonuses
  219. Obama Breaking records.
  220. Obama Green Energy Success!
  221. U.S. Issues Major Paul Surge in South Carolina underway as Santorum plummets
  222. Economics Changes to KS State Taxes and Deductions
  223. General Politics New blog post
  224. Nat'l Security Allen West on the Marines Incident: 'Shut Your Mouth, War Is Hell'
  225. Nat'l Security Israel's Mossad agents posed as CIA to recruit terrorists
  226. Religion Religion of Peace tries to spread love in Tampa
  227. Religion Religion of Terrorism, WBC and Lady Gaga
  228. Obama Its Official. Republicans are now Anti Israel
  229. Obama Little late. Should have reaffirmed the relationship 3 years ago
  230. Religion Do Mormons really belief this stuff?
  231. Nat'l Security Rats in DC are safe!
  232. Obama The Worst Economic Recovery Since The Great Depression
  233. Obama Not an Angry woman at all
  234. Elections Ron Paul can beat Romney and Obama
  235. Elections Huntsman is dropping out
  236. Elections What do most major Republican leaders have in common right now?
  237. Obama Islamists will not take this well...
  238. Elections When Romney ran Bain Capital, his word was not his bond
  239. Elections Romney Has 23-Point GOP Lead Nationally
  240. U.S. Issues US system: Personal Attacks and Character Assassination. Then you have Islam...
  241. General Politics SC Republican Debate
  242. Media Get Ready For Chinese News
  243. General Politics Wikipedia to be blacked out Wed to protest anti-piracy bill
  244. General Politics Newt does it well there is no doubt
  245. Obama Would Obama us Bain as an issue vs Mitt?
  246. Economics 200 pages of Romney opposition research.
  247. U.S. Issues New blog post
  248. Obama New Obama OMB director a Bain alum
  249. Obama Jobs President to kill job project
  250. Int'l Issues Palestinian Authority Publicly Calls for Genocide of Jews