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  1. Int'l Issues Palestinian Authority Publicly Calls for Genocide of Jews
  2. Int'l Issues Iran to return US secret drone... as a toy
  3. Elections Did anyone hear about the Gingrich interview?
  4. Elections Perry out?
  5. Environment Polyface farms...
  6. Elections Santorum "wins" Iowa Caucus
  7. Economics OP: Why doctors might be turning on 'ObamaCare'
  8. Elections John McCain's 200-Page Mitt Romney Opposition Research Book From '08 Found Online
  9. Obama Pipeline done, now on to closing generators
  10. Elections CNN South Carolina Debate Thread
  11. Elections CNN Republican Debate
  12. U.S. Issues Microsoft "Avoid Ghetto" App Draws Controversy
  13. Int'l Issues Feds Shutter Megaupload, Arrest Executives
  14. Economics The War on America's Manufacturing
  15. U.S. Issues Anonymous Goes on Megaupload Revenge Spree
  16. General Politics Obama Nominates RIAA Lawyer for Solicitor General
  17. Nat'l Security Fed Official to plead the Fifth on "Fast and Furious"
  18. Obama Dumb move makes China and Iran Happy, screws the US
  19. Economics Greece: Too big to fail... oh, and the banks take a bath!
  20. Obama Obama vs the Catholic Church
  21. Obama More Waste on Green
  22. Obama Obama 2012 Campaign Slogan
  23. General Politics I have just changed my party affiliation.
  24. Elections South Carolina GOP Primary/Ham Festival
  25. U.S. Issues Scientists Say Delay Breastfeeding to ‘Improve’ Vaccine Potency
  26. Misc How U.S. Lost Out on iPhone Work
  27. Economics For-Profit Highways?
  28. Obama Another Obama screwed up on oil example
  29. General Politics Gabby gifford leaving Congress
  30. U.S. Issues The New Debate About Capitalism
  31. Local Brownback screws pooch again on tax plan
  32. Elections South Carolina's Attorney General detects voter fraud during primaries
  33. Nat'l Security There Are 1.4 MILLION Gang Members In The United States And More Pour Into The ...
  34. Int'l Issues EU agrees on Iran oil embargo as part of nuclear sanctions
  35. Nat'l Security Rand Paul is currently being detained in Nashville Airport
  36. Elections Gingrich leads in FL
  37. Legal Supreme Court: GPS devices equivalent of a search, police must get warrant
  38. General Politics Karl Rove's superpac
  39. Elections Chris Christie: "We don't need another legislator in the oval office"
  40. General Politics Some Sick Shit in Arkansas
  41. General Politics Florida Republican debate...because I have no life
  42. Elections Santorum Launches Conservatives Unite Moneybomb (C.U.M.)
  43. Obama Catholic Church speaks out on Obama again
  44. Obama Gingrich Represents “Resentment, Racism And Angry White Male Rage
  45. Obama Cleaver is becoming more of an asshat than ever
  46. General Politics Supervillain or Newt?
  47. Legal The next sopa
  48. Obama Good Prework for tonights Totus Performance
  49. Elections Dems up double digits in new Congressional Poll
  50. Elections Gingrich: the sportsshrink candidate
  51. Elections I have no idea what it's supposed to mean
  52. General Politics State of the Union Address
  53. U.S. Issues Mass Graves Outside of Chicago
  54. Legal Busted: BitTorrent Pirates at Sony, Universal and Fox
  55. Elections GOP Presidential campaign having an impact
  56. General Politics I think I am done with politics....mostly
  57. U.S. Issues Kucinich: Corporations can legally buy elections
  58. Int'l Issues Elites Pushing Class Warfare is Just Another False Paradigm
  59. Local Hey, It's Just a Joke!
  60. Int'l Issues Iceland Declares Independence from International Banks
  61. Nat'l Security Obama is a pussy...Sends SEALS to rescue hostages
  62. Obama Obamas plan versus reality
  63. Elections Romney advisor: No Obamacare Repeal
  64. Obama FACT CHECK: Obama pushes plans that flopped before
  65. Elections At what point does inevitable become evitable?
  66. Economics Gingrich promises US Moon Colony by 2020
  67. General Politics Obama and Az. Gov Jan Brewer exchange words
  68. Poop Good News Regarding Our Food Supply - China Won't Eat it
  69. Obama Fair Share? Not if you work in White House
  70. Elections Re-Elect Obama: Vote Newt!
  71. Int'l Issues Scientists cure cancer, but no one takes notice
  72. Poop More Bad News on the Food Front - No More Fetuses
  73. Misc Watching CNN...
  74. Elections Florida Republican Debate Part II
  75. Misc If you're missing your 16 kilos of coke...
  76. U.S. Issues Would this guy be in Gitmo if he were a Muslim?
  77. General Politics Paul knew about racist newsletters and signed off on them
  78. Economics More green energy fun
  79. U.S. Issues Newt winning why?
  80. Elections Who wins in a straight run off between Mitt Romney and Ron Paul
  81. Elections CP members knew about Ron Paul Racist newsletters...
  82. Education Look @ these Deer Rifles! American youth @ their best!
  83. Elections Romney and Medicare fraud
  84. Poop Moses
  85. Media 15 questions for Obama
  86. Religion The Outrage!
  87. Local Brownback approval rating lower than Obama's in mostly Repub state
  88. Obama How will Obama and his UN cronies respond to this...
  89. General Politics Mitt the extremist. Wasserman Shultz strikes again
  90. U.S. Issues Ron Paul sues for defamation
  91. Obama How I woke up to the untruths of Barack Obama
  92. Nat'l Security Congress Woman Outraged as she is Wiretapped...but voted for the Patriot Act
  93. Media Have you heard from Johannesburg? on Independent Lens
  94. Elections Mitt and the "White Horse" Prophecy
  95. Elections Mitt and the RINO elite's revenge against the Tea Party??
  96. Obama Peter Boyles - John Samson- Will Obama try to run the clock out on his....
  97. Elections Newt Gingrich Endorses Obamacare
  98. Elections Watergate part two?
  99. U.S. Issues Paul likely to win more delegates than either Newt or Santorum this weekend
  100. U.S. Issues Does not bode well for our future
  101. Elections Newt Speaks!
  102. U.S. Issues Confidence dropped...latest
  103. General Politics The basis for Newt Gingrich's campaign
  104. Elections Florida Primary Results Thread
  105. General Politics Mitt and the "White House" prophecy...
  106. General Politics Game Change trailer. HBOs Sarah Palin movie
  107. Elections Soros: "Romney not much different than Obama"
  108. Obama First lady Michelle Obama cites 'remarkable progress' on the economy
  109. General Politics Mitt: I'm not concerned about the very poor....
  110. Local Brownback's weekly oops...probably violated KOMA
  111. Obama Gallup state numbers predict huge Obama loss
  112. Religion How do real Catholics feel about the Obama attack on the church?
  113. Environment Gasland Director Josh Fox arrested for filming public congressional hearing
  114. Elections Gingrich to challenge FL vote count
  115. Poop Bad Lip Reading Vids of Candidates
  116. U.S. Issues Helping Small Business Grow
  117. U.S. Issues What the hell is wrong with us?
  118. U.S. Issues Obama is selling all the houses the banks stole via robosigning to the 1% !!!
  119. Who is gonna help me with my light bill?
  120. U.S. Issues Thomas Jefferson Time Machine
  121. U.S. Issues ACLU sues Obama administration over assassination secrecy
  122. Elections Romney/Trump vs. Obama/Buffet
  123. Economics Obama: Jesus would support my tax-the-rich plan
  124. General Politics Romney trust involved ties to Iran, China and abortions
  125. U.S. Issues Federal land as a percentage of total land, by state
  126. Nat'l Security Peter Boyles- Robert Spencer from Jihad Watch discusses the latest from the M.E.
  127. U.S. Issues Grassroots: No One But Paul Moneybomb
  128. U.S. Issues Romney and Paul good buddies?
  129. General Politics Congress May Get One Thing Right This Year
  130. Int'l Issues Anonymous gain access to FBI and Scotland Yard
  131. Obama Obama will not on Georgia's ballet
  132. Obama Harry Reid. No Budget from the Dems...
  133. U.S. Issues Ron Paul's foreign policy shows more strength than current policy...
  134. General Politics Keynesian Job Program / Stimulus Plan
  135. Economics Why the GOP should stop invoking Reaganomics
  136. Nat'l Security All this tough talk against Iran is just talk...
  137. Local PETA opposes naming Cairn Terrier KS State Dog
  138. General Politics Democracy, Utopia or Opiate?
  139. U.S. Issues Term Limits may be the only answer. I hate it but....
  140. Elections 2012 GOP Mystery Candidate to the Rescue!
  141. Obama Spin Bitch, Spin
  142. Elections Gingrich Campaign caught in Virginia Petition Fraud Conspiracy
  143. U.S. Issues Armed Forces Journal: Lt. Colonel puts it all on the line...
  144. Obama Catholic League Poised To Go To War With Obama
  145. U.S. Issues Was the Clint Eastwood Super Bowl ad, Pro Obama?
  146. General Politics Obama embraces PAC and it's money
  147. General Politics Charles Murray on the class divide among white America
  148. Religion Court: Calif. ban on gay marriage is unconstitutional
  149. U.S. Issues Reuters Nat'l Poll: Romney 29%, Ron Paul 21%, Gingrich: 19%
  150. General Politics Non-Binding Tuesday
  151. U.S. Issues Puerto Rico will vote on the statehood question again this year.
  152. Obama 300,000 abortions. Sick.
  153. Elections where have all the paulistas gone?
  154. Obama What Clint Eastwood really meant to say.......
  155. Obama Peter Boyles - Robert Spencer discuss the latest on Syria....
  156. Nat'l Security The Core Of Our democracy is at stake.....
  157. Religion Speaking of Catholicism - here's your chance to name a cathedral
  158. U.S. Issues WND poll: 20% of Republicans leaning towards Obama
  159. U.S. Issues New blog post
  160. Int'l Issues Nobel peace prize jury under investigation over choosing such winners as President Ob
  161. Education Massachusetts among 10 states to get No Child Left Behind waiver
  162. Nat'l Security TSA Help Wanted
  163. Environment U.S. may approve 1st nuclear reactors since 1978
  164. U.S. Issues Governement makes deal with banks over housing crisis
  165. Obama Canadian oil going to China? $4 gas for US soon?
  166. Elections Sheldon Adelson bails on Gingrich
  167. Obama Obama has screwed our kids and grand kids
  168. Misc Question about "Obamacare"
  169. Elections Ron Paul may have the most delegates to date
  170. Nat'l Security Iran sent pink drone to Obama
  171. Int'l Issues Striking Brussels firemen soak cops, PM office
  172. Int'l Issues Ahmadinejad: Major nuclear announcement expected within days
  173. General Politics The "weigh in on Austinchief vs Orange" thread
  174. General Politics Mitt Romney wins Maine
  175. Obama Obamas big Tax and Spend Plan. DOA
  176. Elections Maine: With 84% of vote counted, they stop counting & declare for Romney
  177. Elections Republican Erick Erickson wishes for "sweet meteor of death" instead of current field
  178. Obama Obamas Truth Squads....what a joke
  179. Economics Get Ready for $5 Gas This Year: Ex-Shell CEO
  180. Economics The Federal Reserve's Explicit Goal: Devalue The Dollar 33%
  181. Elections Rupert Cornwell: The Romney dog-food brand still isn't selling
  182. Could Kansas lawmakers jeopardize our ability to effectively solve problems?
  183. Int'l Issues Obama must do something tangible for Syria
  184. Int'l Issues Power Struggle Within the Vatican
  185. Nat'l Security He will close the Jew Vote for sure
  186. General Politics Santorum Surge
  187. Obama Sun may be setting on another Obama Solar Project
  188. Int'l Issues Russia faced major nuclear disaster in 2011-report
  189. Economics Pakis get more Obamabucks in his budget
  190. Economics Hows this make you feel? R or D, this is not good on any level
  191. U.S. Issues Andrew Breitbart,... 'nuff said!
  192. Economics Obama releases his budget
  193. U.S. Issues New blog post
  194. Obama Obama to say no to domestic oil
  195. U.S. Issues Members of Congress caught using torrents while pushing SOPA down our throats
  196. Nat'l Security The Difference between a Liberal,Conservative and Texans question...
  197. Legal And you Libs wonder why the 'silent majority'(a la Tea Party) is no longer silent and
  198. General Politics Here's how the primary should work
  199. Economics Economy slowly improving. Fox News says it's a conspiracy.
  200. Economics Paul Responds to Obama Administration's 'Global Tax' plan
  201. General Politics Brokered Convention = Jeb Bush vs Sarah Palin
  202. Obama Where Obama and the Dem party are pushing the middle class..On purpose !
  203. Legal So, I'm listening to two of the attorneys in my office...
  204. Nat'l Security Santorum to North Dakota: "Terrorists will bother you"
  205. General Politics Ok - I will play too...Santorum against Libertarians...
  206. Elections New Winner In Maine?
  207. Obama CBO throws cold water on happy recovery talk
  208. Elections Ron Paul Coming To Kansas City Feb 18
  209. Obama Ambulance Service=Taxi Free Healthcare
  210. Elections March 1 Repub debate cancelled.
  211. Elections Ron Paul rocks Washington State
  212. Misc Star Trek is the result of a Liberal Utopia
  213. Obama African Americans for Obama
  214. Media Judge Napolitano Kindly Asks His Fans To Stop Sending Angry Emails To Fox News… ‘NOW’
  215. Nat'l Security Intel Official: Iranian Missiles Could Hit Nearby U.S. Targets, Europe
  216. U.S. Issues Republicans bow to Obama on Payroll tax and Unemployment Benefits
  217. U.S. Issues Moochers Against Welfare!
  218. Elections VoteVets body slam Santorum in viral ad
  219. General Politics One of the bellwethers of the Democrat Party-Republicans are Demons!
  220. Economics Uh Oh......Unemployment Numbers not so hot?
  221. Obama Mooch's food police strike again
  222. Economics Middle Class under assault by Entitlement Class
  223. U.S. Issues Over-regulation scaring Internet startups out of US
  224. Int'l Issues Thanks to the media in the UK...
  225. U.S. Issues Chicago. Teachers Union. 30% Raise?
  226. Nat'l Security Islamist Suicide bomber at US Capitol
  227. Int'l Issues Chinese Protests
  228. U.S. Issues That Cat Taft is a Bad Mother....Shut Your Mouth!
  229. Int'l Issues How Iran can have Nuclear Power and the World can have Peace
  230. Education ADD/ADHD- Is it real?
  231. Elections Did the founders write the bible or the constitution?
  232. Nat'l Security John McCain: Talk To Taliban
  233. U.S. Issues Gas prices are highest ever for this time of year
  234. Obama Obummers budget worse than it looks
  235. Elections Paul says US `slipping into a fascist system'
  236. General Politics AZ Anti-Immigration Republican Sheriff has gay sex with illegal alien
  237. Obama Herman Cain on Obama's report card.
  238. U.S. Issues 88 million out of work and not looking for a job
  239. U.S. Issues Paul Super PAC gets another $1.7 million
  240. Elections Ron Paul: Social Conservatism is a losing position
  241. Elections Social Conservatism Always WINS!!
  242. U.S. Issues Happy Prez Day: 5 cool things about George Washington
  243. Int'l Issues I saw this on FBN this morning...
  244. Nat'l Security Consequences To Expect If The U.S. Invades Iran
  245. Legal Peter Boyles - talks with columnist Julie Gunlock about the child's lunch taken away.
  246. Elections Scamtorum Ad in Michigan
  247. U.S. Issues 70 percent of Americans take more out of the tax system than they put into it?
  248. Legal Affirmative Action case next SCOTUS term
  249. U.S. Issues Radical Lesbo Commie Abortionist Indiana Girl Scouts!
  250. U.S. Issues This Brit sees our country like we should