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  1. U.S. Issues Political Correctness Gone WIld in Major League Baseball
  2. General Politics Romney: Spending Cuts will slow the economy
  3. ChiefsPlanet Sources Used In Pro-Conservative Threads
  4. Int'l Issues Iran Denies Access to IAEA.......Feb 21, 2012
  5. Int'l Issues Netanyahu calls top US general a servant of Iran
  6. Economics Kansas Economic Freedom Act
  7. Obama Obama's Dividend Assault
  8. Nat'l Security Time to attack Israel?
  9. Elections Pre Super Tuesday CNN Debate
  10. Elections Sex,Lies and Rick Santorum
  11. Economics Politicians fiddle while fiscal crisis looms
  12. Elections Santorum campaign says Mitt Romney 'has done deal with Ron Paul'
  13. Elections The battle for delegates
  14. Economics The Do-Nothing-Plan: Save $7 trillion dollars
  15. Int'l Issues Russia warns Israel not to attack Iran
  16. Int'l Issues RIP: Peak Oil - we won't be running out any time soon
  17. General Politics Oklahoma Republican Representative threatens to kill Senators over Paul Ryan Plan
  18. General Politics Chris Christie is a tough customer...
  19. Nat'l Security NSA Warns Anonymous Could Shutdown Power Grids! Anonymous Responds STFU!
  20. Elections Million Dollar Maher
  21. Obama NATO says we will try soldiers who burned trash
  22. Economics Sixteen trillion here, fifteen trillion there, soon you're talking real money
  23. General Politics Pond Scum
  24. Obama Majority of Americans aren't buying into Obama's rebounding economy BS!!
  25. General Politics Georgia Democrats propose limitations on vasectomies for men
  26. Media People call this news?
  27. Nat'l Security Oh Boy..WMDs in Syria?
  28. Obama First the Dutch Pull the Plug on Wind Subsidies, Now Germany Throws in Towel on Solar
  29. Legal Pennsylvania Judge: Muslims Allowed to Attack People for Insulting Mohammad
  30. Media New Romney Ad destroys Frothy
  31. U.S. Issues $5 Gas
  32. Nat'l Security Outrage over another cartoon
  33. Int'l Issues Iran’s grand ayatollahs: Earth belongs to Muslims, end is near
  34. Nat'l Security Are we going to Syria?
  35. U.S. Issues What should be free and public?
  36. Elections Bill Maher on Jesus Christ the Republican Candidate
  37. Int'l Issues Kids Art Gets Dad Jailed
  38. Nat'l Security U.N. sees spike in Iran’s uranium production
  39. General Politics Ed Rollins: What a f***ing mess
  40. Elections Romney Tells Crowd About Attending Event Before He Was Born
  41. U.S. Issues John Stossel's Illegal Everything
  42. Obama Obamas apology not transparent?
  43. U.S. Issues Rasmussen: Ron Paul 43% Obama 41%
  44. Economics 7 Gas Facts Obama Cannot Escape
  45. Nat'l Security Peter Boyles - Robert Spencer from Jihad Watch...
  46. Int'l Issues Former President Bill Clinton among Nobel Prize nominees
  47. U.S. Issues Documents: PETA kills more than 95 percent of pets in its care
  48. U.S. Issues What comes after Liberalism?
  49. Nat'l Security Gingrich admits defeat in Afghanistan
  50. Obama Durable goods orders off
  51. Int'l Issues We are Sooooooo Dead....
  52. Pro Choice Republicans?
  53. Nat'l Security US Does Not Believe Iran Trying To Build Nukes
  54. General Politics Arizona and Michigan Primary Results Thread
  55. Elections Arizona/Michigan Results Thread
  56. Int'l Issues What will War with Iran look like?
  57. U.S. Issues Ohio Shooting
  58. Elections Sen. Olympia Snowe is retiring
  59. Obama Is Obama using Espionage Act to silence whistleblowers?
  60. Obama Why did the White House Ignore plea for help from Iranian Green's?
  61. Religion Ethicists Argue in Favor of ‘After-Birth Abortions as Newborns "Are Not Persons"
  62. Int'l Issues Should Corporations Have More Leeway to Kill Than People Do?
  63. Nat'l Security U.S.: North Korea agrees to suspend nuclear activities
  64. Elections Republicans: Meet Your Mystery Candidate!
  65. General Politics Andrew Breitbart dead at 43
  66. General Politics Obama claims he is the 4th best POTUS in American History...
  67. Media My Friend Andrew
  68. Environment Where did you wear it?
  69. Obama More Spotted Owl Fun
  70. Education Georgetown Law School must be a hotbed of crazy fun sex
  71. U.S. Issues Anonymous - Fed Reserve Caught Red Handed
  72. Pro-Life Video, unbelievable interactions in this video.
  73. U.S. Issues LOL, Schumer to Saudi's...Drill Baby Drill
  74. Yet another powerful video...this one about capitalism and revolution in America
  75. Environment Paper or Plastic: and a fine...
  76. Obama Vote for me because I am black
  77. I would not be willing to Peyton
  78. Obama Volt TV ads....
  79. General Politics Any JOCO Republicans posting here?
  80. ChiefsPlanet Everybody knows you never go full Manning...........
  81. General Politics Romney Urged Obama to add Mandate to ObamaCare
  82. Education Limp-wristed Politicians Who Can't Think For Themsleves???
  83. Int'l Issues When they come home they are tired and don’t beat us.
  84. U.S. Issues Obama birth certificate to turn into election year issue?
  85. Elections Mr. Romney or Mr. Burns?
  86. Obama Cardinal Dolan says they will not yield to Obama
  87. Int'l Issues 9/11 heavily funded by the Saudi establishment
  88. General Politics Ron Paul: No Federal Financial Aid for Tornado Victims
  89. Int'l Issues Wealthy British banker and his wife are killed on holiday by carbon monoxide poisonin
  90. General Politics El Rushbo's Advertisers Abandoning Ship!
  91. Religion Anonymous Declares War On Religion, Attacks Church Sites Calls religion a sickness to
  92. Elections Romney Family Members Endorse Ron Paul
  93. General Politics McCrazy Calls For Bombing Syria
  94. Obama Peter Boyles - Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Obama's BC
  95. Nat'l Security U.S. & others offer Iran nuclear negotiations
  96. Int'l Issues Bibi sounds pretty committed
  97. Religion Sorry if Re-post Pat Robertson on Tornadoes
  98. Elections Hackers Elect Futurama’s Bender to the Washington DC School Board
  99. Elections Romney Family Freudian Slip!
  100. Elections Official Super Tuesday Thread
  101. Obama Food Stamp President's America:Lottery Winner still on Food Stamps
  102. Obama Peter Boyles - Jack Cashill discusses Obama's passport breach
  103. Media Peter Boyles - Jeffrey Lord discusses the Progressive War on conservative talk radio
  104. Elections Top 10 Reasons Not To Vote for Ron Paul
  105. General Politics The Official *War is Fantastic* Thread
  106. General Politics Dennis Kuchinich gone...
  107. Religion White House presumes to lecture to Church Leaders
  108. Obama The Breitbart Files
  109. Economics Can they spin this economic BS any faster?
  110. Andrew Wakefield exonerated
  111. Elections Ron Paul aides ponder ‘frustrating’ race
  112. U.S. Issues USA #1? 40 Embarrassing Things That America Is The Best In The World At
  113. General Politics Question for all the Obama supporters/fans
  114. Economics Unemployment numbers up again
  115. U.S. Issues In Obama's defense, some jobs have been created
  116. General Politics Exclusive: Unedited Obama race video unveiled
  117. Neighborhood watch captain shoots innocent black youth and doesn't even get arrested
  118. Elections Phillip Rivers Backs Santorum
  119. General Politics The President is pimp
  120. Religion Obama's biblical hostility
  121. Elections What Super Tuesday in Virginia really tells us
  122. Obama For Those Who Think Romney Will Beat Obama
  123. Economics Pat Robertson: For Legalizing Pot?
  124. Obama Another shocking failure. Fiskers electric car
  125. Elections Romney being 'nudged' towards conservatism by Santorum
  126. Education Alamo Heights High School Students and Fans Racist????
  127. Elections Scientists Say: You're Too Dumb To Vote!
  128. Nat'l Security Emo haircut gets you killed ??
  129. Elections Kansas Caucus Threadnd.
  130. U.S. Issues Elected Oklahoma Representatives love them some preacher!
  131. Elections Did anyone know that Rosanne Barr is running for POTUS?
  132. U.S. Issues U.S. soldier kills 16 Afghan civilians, Karzai says
  133. U.S. Issues Panetta: We seek permission from the UN, not the US Congress
  134. Economics Where's Nick & Heath when you need them?
  135. U.S. Issues Lovie Smith is a racist? If a White coach said this about RP/Mitt?Newt/Rick, heads wo
  136. U.S. Issues Obama administration blocks Texas voter ID law
  137. U.S. Issues Scariest horror movie ever made: GAME CHANGE!!!!!
  138. Legal Obama's war on medicinal marijuana
  139. Obama Why would Obama let this happen before the run up to the election?
  140. Elections Romney: I have a lot of friends who are NFL Owners
  141. U.S. Issues The plight of the white male in America..
  142. U.S. Issues A Pill That "Cures" Racism?
  143. Religion Pakistani Man Petitions Government to Ban the Quran in Spain
  144. Elections Deep, deep, deep South Primary Thread
  145. Environment Santorum: Tell that to a plant, how dangerous carbon dioxide is
  146. General Politics Biden hails middle class at wealthy fundraiser
  147. Obama CBO: ObamaCare Price Tag Shifts from $940 Billion to $1.76 Trillion
  148. Nat'l Security ORlando Airport opting out of TSA; favors privatized solution
  149. Misc Saul Good: A Love Obsession With Ron Paul
  150. Elections Why Ron Paul May Cut a Deal With Mitt Romney
  151. U.S. Issues Exclusive: U.S., Britain to agree emergency oil stocks release
  152. Legal Arizona Birth Control Bill Penalizes Women For Using Contraception ...
  153. Obama Oil Scarcity Myth ? We are sitting on 1.4 trillion barrels of oil !!
  154. Legal RIAA chief: ISPs to start policing copyright by July 12
  155. Economics What a real conservative looks like...
  156. Elections Paul leading the Americans Elect third party nomination process
  157. Religion As A Christian, Are Tattoos Allowed By The Bible?
  158. Obama What does Obama have against my boy Rutherford B Hayes?
  159. Our "Let's Pretend" Economy: Let's Pretend Student Loans Are About Education
  160. Local Missouri GOP Caucus
  161. Economics It IS a pretend economy...
  162. Elections We're not Racists!
  163. U.S. Issues 1% Rhetoric 101 Class
  164. Economics Obama costs taxpayers 350 grand for basketball game
  165. Obama Eric Holder: "We must brainwash people on guns."
  166. Misc -- Let's say you witness someone smoking a black and mild while pumping gas.
  167. Local The Latest Corruption in Adams County, Colorado.
  168. U.S. Issues Paul supporters arrested for videoing caucus proceedings...
  169. Economics T. Boone Pickens Ted talk on Alternative Energy
  170. Nat'l Security Here's Some Tinfoil Hat Fodder: NSA "Stellar Wind" Facility in Utah
  171. Nat'l Security The NSA Is Building the Country’s Biggest Spy Center (Watch What You Say)
  172. Elections We're Not Racists, Part II
  173. General Politics We don't make broad generalizations!
  174. Obama Obama lied and his bluff called during debt ceiling debate.
  175. Obama Obama Regime Expands Contraception Mandate
  176. U.S. Issues If you are not troubled by this you should be.
  177. Religion A mother slashes her child's throat to "release the demons"
  178. U.S. Issues Regulation at its finest - there are "pay to know" laws
  179. Misc Southern Mississippi punishes band members
  180. Obama Harmless Joke or Racist Comment?
  181. Elections Is Mitt Romney the Most Unpopular Likely Presidential Nominee Ever?
  182. Elections Romney Wins Illinois. Paul third.
  183. Int'l Issues Top 10 Lessons of the Iraq War
  184. Elections And they thought Palin would make a stupid VP
  185. Int'l Issues Israel clears out its embassy in Egypt 6 months after attack, flies staff and equipme
  186. U.S. Issues Paul Harvey - Prophet
  187. U.S. Issues Women Start "Knit Your Congressman a Vag" Campaign!
  188. Obama Time for a new speech writer.
  189. Economics What???Drill, baby, drill won't matter...
  190. Obama Another Obama lie with his fake "180 degree flip flop" on Keystone
  191. Economics Paul Ryan Budget Fakery
  192. Obama Virginia Middle School Teacher Forces Students To Search For "Weaknesses" in Reps...
  193. U.S. Issues LA Police to ignore impound law amid concerns of fairness to illegals
  194. Education Hey Tennessee: Scientific Truth is Still True Even If You Deny It
  195. Obama Panetta calls for death penalty for the Sergeant in Afghanistan what about...
  196. U.S. Issues Women are Ragging on Rick Perry's Facebook Page
  197. U.S. Issues get well soon dick...
  198. Elections Ron Paul Gets Most Delegates From GOP Caucuses In Jackson County, St.Louis
  199. Economics European Tax Rates
  200. U.S. Issues Sarkozy Calls the shot right
  201. Nat'l Security How is this not posted yet? (what Obama told Russian President Dmitry Medvedev)
  202. Environment This guy knows what's wrong with you all
  203. Obama Obamacare
  204. U.S. Issues CHICAGOLAND: Man, 80, charged after shooting burglar in own home...
  205. U.S. Issues Muppets Confront Goldman Sachs!
  206. Obama Joke
  207. U.S. Issues Would it be unconstitutional for Congress to mandate every family buy broccoli?
  208. Media I'm back
  209. Economics The Unconstitutional Mandate
  210. U.S. Issues So is Obama a White-black guy?
  211. Legal Gobsmacked - Dismissing 200+ year precedent out of hand
  212. General Politics Obama: End tax breaks for big oil
  213. U.S. Issues COPS: Beating of white man by 6 black men may have been racially motivated...
  214. Obama Ronald Reagan was the REAL first Black President
  215. U.S. Issues Obama administration attack on cheap energy continues
  216. Economics San Francisco's $10.24 minimum wage make Subway's $5 footlongs impossible
  217. Education Dust that Sings...
  218. Elections Did Rick Frothlube almost call Obama a nigger?
  219. General Politics $100 bill vs. $100 bill
  220. Obama Keith Olbermann's Show Canceled
  221. Poop Rush Limbaugh
  222. Legal Kansas advances legislation that would allow religious defense for discrimination
  223. Religion To those who consider themselves "religious"
  224. Legal Your specific take on what probably happened in the Travon Martin shooting
  225. Economics Forget Subway, you want to work at JCPenny's. Startng salary 1st Year: $53M per Month
  226. Misc Piers Morgan Owns Toure CNN Debate Over Trayvon Martin Story
  227. U.S. Issues TB Times: A look at what happened the night Trayvon Martin died
  228. U.S. Issues Supreme Court Sez: Grab your Ankles and Say HI!
  229. U.S. Issues Mitt Romney is a dick!
  230. Obama Obama Budget Voted Down 414-0
  231. General Politics Tell me, how can a constitutional law professor make these statements?
  232. Elections Is Romney going to sweep the April primaries?
  233. U.S. Issues NBC admits 'editing' of Trayvon Martin 911 call
  234. Legal ABORTION! Sort of... (because it hasn't been discussed enough...)
  235. Obama Obama vs SCOTUS
  236. U.S. Issues The ‘biblical view’ that’s younger than the Happy Meal
  237. U.S. Issues New blog post
  238. Int'l Issues For the Tinfoil Conspiracy Kooks... Supreme Court Ruling Allows Strip-Searches...
  239. Obama New Take on Mandatory Health Care and Voter ID Laws
  240. U.S. Issues Officers, Why Do You Have Your Guns Out?
  241. Media It Begins… Youths Screaming “This Is For Trayvon” Beat 78 Year-Old in Toledo
  242. Media "Racist" Burger King Ad With Mary J. Blige Singing About Chicken Gets Yanked
  243. U.S. Issues MIT knows what time it is (they can see an economic collapse happening)
  244. Economics Explaining our screwy tax code over beers...
  245. Obama What Obama will say and do IF he is......
  246. Elections Gingrich group files for bankruptcy
  247. Nat'l Security Texts from Hillary Clinton
  248. Economics Bernanke's Lectures on the Fed and the Crisis
  249. Nat'l Security DHS ordered 450 million bullets...WTF??
  250. Int'l Issues Ozzie'a at it again