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  1. Int'l Issues U.S. Defines Its Demands for New Round of Talks With Iran
  2. Religion Peter Boyles - Joe Kovacs a Christian/historian talk about the pagan holiday Easter
  3. British child hunting for Easter eggs finds hand grenade
  4. General Politics Stalin Museum Finally Talks About Uncle Joe's Atrocities
  5. U.S. Issues First Degree Murder Definitely OUT as a possibility for Zimmerman, No Grand Jury
  6. Obama $340 Billion Oh Shit
  7. Int'l Issues North Korea says rocket assembly almost complete ahead of launch
  8. Economics How the Buffett Rule will save America
  9. U.S. Issues Allen West recognizes Republican history of racism from the House floor
  10. Elections Santorum quits
  11. Education Does this forum foster better political understanding?
  12. U.S. Issues Mississippi Leads the Nation in Teen Pregnancy and Religiosity
  13. Obama Obama: I'm not trying to 'redistribute wealth'
  14. Legal Zimmerman will be charged
  15. Misc ‘Hunger Games’ Star Jennifer Lawrence: ‘Screw P.E.T.A.’
  16. U.S. Issues New Blog post
  17. Obama An open letter to the Obama campaign
  18. General Politics Big government ruins man
  19. Obama Report: Obama White House Pays Women Less Than Men
  20. Obama Oops...Obama screwing women workers is a pattern, not just an isolated event!
  21. Obama More Kansas Pride
  22. Religion Marines fight to protect crosses at Camp Pendleton as atheist groups seek removal Re
  23. U.S. Issues Viral video: Romney saying he's a Republican in Name Only
  24. Religion Atheists are smarter than everyone.
  25. Legal Fatal Collision Makes Car-Sharing Worries No Longer Theoretical
  26. Poop To vaccinate or not to vaccinate...
  27. Elections Santorum Supporter With One Of The Best Write Ups I have Ever Read
  28. General Politics Am I a Homphobe?
  29. Misc What's the biggest issue on which you've ever changed your stance?
  30. U.S. Issues Israel going to war with Iran
  31. Nat'l Security A Message From a US Escapee
  32. Elections No, We Don't Need Voter ID Laws...Just Ask Eric Holder
  33. Religion Which religion (or non-religion) do you associate with most?
  34. U.S. Issues Five Reasons Why The 1% Have NOT EARNED Their Money
  35. U.S. Issues No Five Knuckle Shuffle in Oklahoma!
  36. Obama Obama loves the sideboob!
  37. General Politics Ron Paul vs Rand Paul Favorability
  38. General Politics Friends and politics
  39. General Politics Would you ever write-in vote for someone ...
  40. U.S. Issues Secret Service Bragged About Protecting Obama While Partying At Colombian Brothel
  41. U.S. Issues One man's opinion
  42. U.S. Issues The latest gem from the Republican nut job factory
  43. Elections Obama has 9 point lead over Romney
  44. General Politics George Washington supported health insurance mandates
  45. Economics It's only a matter of time...
  46. Economics Do Small Businesses Create Jobs?
  47. Economics Who gains most from tax breaks?
  48. Obama Obamas gunrunner
  49. Nat'l Security We negotiate with these people?
  50. Legal Monsanto Found Guilty in France
  51. Local City Politics Involvement
  52. Int'l Issues India tests nuclear-capable missile
  53. Elections Obama clings to lead, but Romney scores on economy
  54. U.S. Issues Feinstein: No action on concealed weapons bills
  55. General Politics Five reasons Obama's Plan will not work.
  56. U.S. Issues Big Brother: The Car
  57. U.S. Issues Cops Take School Kids' DNA in Murder Case
  58. Obama New blog post
  59. Misc Olbermann at loose ends
  60. Misc Coca Cola linked to New Zealand death
  61. Education Homophobia Alive and Well in the Missouri House
  62. Economics Krugman: the real victims of quantitative easing are the bankers...
  63. U.S. Issues No taxation, no representation
  64. Elections Who Will Be Romney's Running Mate?
  65. Elections Little Johnny Huntsman throws a tantrum...
  66. Economics Social Security financial lifespan shortened three years
  67. General Politics The Echo Chamber
  68. Obama Now that's justice for Trayvon
  69. U.S. Issues Net migration from Mexico dips to zero
  70. General Politics Minnesota Republican Party HQ Gets Eviction Notice
  71. General Politics So what's crazy ole Corzine been up to since he lost a billion dollars on WS?
  72. U.S. Issues "Justice" Department sues Jacksonville, Florida
  73. General Politics Newts out
  74. Legal Arizona appears to have won on SB1070
  75. U.S. Issues Our honest Government officials
  76. Legal 9 yr Marine vet discharged for facebook Obama comment
  77. Obama Biden promises audience that Obama has a big stick
  78. Elections Critique this Political Ad
  79. General Politics Anti Free Speech Bill
  80. Media "[Barack Obama] is an unindicted co-conspirator of the Muslim Brotherhood."
  81. Obama Dreams from my 'real father'
  82. Obama Peter Boyles- Jack Cashill -Muslims don't eat dogs !!
  83. U.S. Issues California will burn to the ground
  84. Nat'l Security Gun carrying man ends stabbing spree at Salt Lake grocery store
  85. Local Kansas City Mayor Son Involved In Another Fight
  86. U.S. Issues Buy some snake oil from this guy!
  87. Obama Bundle me an ambassdor, please.
  88. Environment Home runs are up cause of global warming
  89. Obama This seem just not right
  90. Nat'l Security Now this is a couple of Dumbasses
  91. General Politics HB 2598
  92. General Politics Farrakhan: Tells Blacks — Breeding With Whites Is the ‘End of Your Race’
  93. Economics Ron Paul VS Paul Krugman
  94. Elections Romney tells Obama to back off on bin Laden issue
  95. General Politics A Little Timeout for Humor
  96. General Politics The lies of Mitt Ronmey
  97. Nat'l Security Top ICE figure pleads guilty in brazen, $600G scam
  98. General Politics Do women have too many rights?
  99. Obama Ouch..
  100. U.S. Issues Republican Civil War...
  101. U.S. Issues New blog post
  102. Obama The Occufilth is at it again
  103. Economics Transcendent Economic Genius Ron Paul Flunks History
  104. Obama They fell for it last time....
  105. Nat'l Security Muslims target Montana?
  106. General Politics Interesting
  107. General Politics Politics is weird
  108. Elections Should the Electoral College be abolished for electing a POTUS?
  109. Obama veterans for a strong america
  110. U.S. Issues Many health care mandates already exist in US
  111. General Politics Well we now know who Bin Laden would have voted for
  112. Nat'l Security Gotta wonder about these people
  113. Obama Peter Boyles- Jack Cashill discusses Obama's composite girl friend
  114. Economics Peter Boyles - Andrew Gause a banking historian discusses our banking system...
  115. Nat'l Security Peter Boyles - Robert Spencer from Jihad Watch with the latest...
  116. General Politics Is Romney Just Running as "I'm not Obama"?
  117. Economics Blame Obama for unemployment!!1!
  118. Obama "this is good news"
  119. Misc We Got Scared
  120. Economics Employment long term trends (not Bush or Obama's fault)
  121. Elections Lets put Romney in perspective
  122. General Politics Let’s just say it: The Republicans are the problem.
  123. Elections Gary Johnson wins Libertarian Party nomination
  124. Elections Romney's Practical Vision vs. Obama's Left-Wing Extremism
  125. General Politics If Unions were unilaterally banned in the U.S.
  126. Elections Ron Paul is winning most of the delegates in caucus states
  127. Nat'l Security Elizabeth "Runs like a Moonbat" Warrens new Campaign Poster
  128. Nat'l Security Just let em go
  129. U.S. Issues Probably been around before: Unconstitutionality of the Health Care Bill (now law)
  130. Worst U. S. Economy Ever!!
  131. Obama Obama grew the government!!1!
  132. U.S. Issues Racism Charges on Obama Campaign Staff
  133. Nat'l Security CIA Thwarts New al Qaeda Bomb Plot
  134. U.S. Issues energy independence?
  135. General Politics Romney taking credit for auto industry success
  136. Environment All this time we've been wrong about why dinosaurs became extinct...
  137. U.S. Issues Want to know why business startups are at the lowest level since records were kept?
  138. General Politics Obama!
  139. Economics July 1st: Federal student loan rate doubles.
  140. General Politics Happy Birthday Harry Truman!
  141. Elections Sen. Richard Lugar defeated in Indiana's GOP primary
  142. Obama 15 kids, preg with number 16. This is why we need change.
  143. Economics Chomsky's Take: Job's Aren't Coming Back
  144. U.S. Issues Amendment One North Carolina: Anti-Gay Marriage Measure Passes
  145. Obama Keith Judd, Texas Inmate, Gets 40 Percent Of Votes Against Obama In Dem Primary
  146. Obama Obama had drafted a CYA Memo Before launching the Osama Killing...
  147. Media Double Plus Ungood!
  148. Obama Poor Obama. Pro gay, no not really. Well once. Not now, But maybe
  149. Economics Why France Has So Many 49-Employee Companies
  150. Elections Life of Julia
  151. Obama Electric Cars...a business on fire. Kinda
  152. Nat'l Security Parents of captured Idaho soldier reveal secret efforts
  153. Elections Wisconsin in play?
  154. U.S. Issues Not bad for a "Community Organizer."
  155. Obama Peter Boyles - Alan Jones and James Picht discuss Obama's Selective Service Info...
  156. Nat'l Security Music brings us together
  157. Obama Obama to new French leader, "NOT YET, PLEEEEEEEASE" !!!!!!
  158. Int'l Issues Gay marriage not a human right per European ruling
  159. U.S. Issues Gary Johnson Crushes Obama On Gay Marriage Question
  160. Elections Liberals Accuse Romney Of "Bullying" Gay Classmate - Back In 1965!
  161. Elections No Delegates to the RNC are Truly Bound
  162. Local Recall, Mayor and city council, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.
  163. U.S. Issues The New Blog post
  164. U.S. Issues I'm told that illegals are not a burden to the U.S.
  165. Obama Another poll...seems like a trend
  166. U.S. Issues The Sacking of Dixon, IL: Great Story
  167. Obama Obama team tried to bribe Rev. Wright in '08 campaign
  168. Obama Is this good for Obama?
  169. Obama North Carolina a political headache for Democrats
  170. Nat'l Security Mexico..49 heads missing?
  171. Economics delete
  172. Elections Ann Romney=Hitler + Stalin according to MSNBC
  173. U.S. Issues Conservativism's Whiteness
  174. Elections How Did Mitt Make His Money? Glad You Asked!
  175. Religion Paul drops out
  176. Obama NYT publishes a biased poll against the O.....
  177. General Politics Rusty Buttcyst Inducted into Hall of Famous Missourians
  178. U.S. Issues Spot on or totally off base? How accurate is this video?
  179. General Politics The Race tightens
  180. Elections Liberals white guilt
  181. Int'l Issues US to Arab Spring: Fuck You
  182. General Politics White House edits history to insert Obama
  183. General Politics James Lipton's advice for Mitt Romney
  184. Obama Just wondering for those who plan to vote against Barry, what is your thought process
  185. Economics My Big Fat Greek Shit Fest
  186. Poop Kennedy's and Women. Booby Jr's wife found dead
  187. Obama Anything to get reelected....
  188. Economics Supply side economics is, of course, garbage
  189. Misc Stevieray
  190. U.S. Issues Senators to Unveil the ‘Ex-Patriot Act’
  191. Int'l Issues Iran attack decision nears, Israeli elite locks down
  192. Elections Under Romney, Massachusetts Had Highest Per Capita Debt Of Any State
  193. U.S. Issues Italian court rules MMR vaccine did trigger autism
  194. Obama Obama's Literary Agent in 1991 Booklet: 'Born in Kenya
  195. General Politics On the front page of Drudge
  196. Elections Strassel: Shades of Nixon - Trolling for Dirt on Obama's Enemies List
  197. Obama Shocker! Obama was still 'Kenyan-born' in 2007
  198. Elections Number of Democratic Party Voters to Shrink by 53,000 in Florida
  199. Economics Bush/Obama Tax cuts
  200. Obama Peter Boyles - Joel Pollack and Jack Cashill discuss the 1991 booklet
  201. U.S. Issues The blog post you been waiting for.
  202. Obama No surprise here. Just write whatever and no one will look
  203. Nat'l Security Latest defense authorization bill would legalize Pentagon propaghanda.
  204. U.S. Issues Milwaukee Paper comes out for Walker
  205. U.S. Issues Mitt Romney Autotuned
  206. Elections Why is Scott Walker Facing a Recall Vote?
  207. U.S. Issues Catholic organizations across the country file suit against contraception mandate
  208. Obama French Prez may be brighter than we thought
  209. General Politics Great summation on Warren fiasco
  210. Economics The Facebook Fiasco
  211. General Politics Masturbation month?
  212. Obama Teacher yells at student for questioning Obama and is suspended with pay
  213. Nat'l Security Donkey Rape. How goofy are Islamists?
  214. Economics Grow Now, Cut Deficits Later
  215. General Politics Michigan “Dem” pulls ultimate dick move, jumps to GOP too late for another Dem to run
  216. U.S. Issues Why did Republicans vote to end the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey?
  217. U.S. Issues 10 Political and Economic Imponderables that Should Drive You Crazy
  218. Elections Pretty interesting: Big Dig collapse an insight into a Romney administration.
  219. Obama Penn Jillette on Obama's drug policies
  220. Religion This Attack on Innocent Children Brought to You by God
  221. Economics Let's do the Bain thing again.
  222. Economics Some pretty great news in the auto industry.
  223. Poop Anti-bullying bill shot down in Illinois because the GOP thought it was gay.
  224. Int'l Issues Doctor Who Helped Find Bin Laden Given Jail Term for Treason
  225. Elections Shellacking
  226. General Politics Hustler publishes fake explicit photo of S.E. Cupp, sparking criticism
  227. Education Has this country completely lost its collective mind?
  228. Obama Lord Monckton and Obama's eligibility
  229. Obama Penn Gillete's RANT against Obama !!!
  230. Int'l Issues Iran, world powers tight-lipped as nuclear talks continue
  231. U.S. Issues New blog post
  232. Obama Judicial Watch Obtains DOD and CIA Records Detailing Meetings with bin Laden Raid Fil
  233. Economics Romney: too many people have health insurance.
  234. Obama President Obama Won’t Be Returning His Donations From Bain Capital
  235. Religion Quake reveals day of Jesus' crucifixion
  236. Nat'l Security Let Americans make their own dietary choices!: Obesity hurts national security.
  237. Nat'l Security Drones could be coming stateside.
  238. Media The Power of 'Cool Liberalism' that buys......
  239. Obama Shameless Bias by Omission
  240. Int'l Issues Iran boosting sensitive nuclear capacity: IAEA
  241. U.S. Issues Peace is Cheaper
  242. Economics The big banks are crooks...
  243. Obama Obama's Jimmy Carter Moment
  244. Media George Zimmerman a racist profiler? Really?
  245. Economics Obama's War on Unemployment
  246. Elections Mitt Outs Himself as Following Obama's Economics
  247. Elections Romney Meets With Rand Paul
  248. Elections How "We The People" will send Obama packing this Nov......
  249. Education Private, for-profit colleges aren't providing careers; sucking gov't dry...
  250. Obama Big $$ Wall Street Dems starting to run from Barry !