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  1. Education Private, for-profit colleges aren't providing careers; sucking gov't dry...
  2. Obama Big $$ Wall Street Dems starting to run from Barry !
  3. U.S. Issues Another loser if Obamacare's repealed: pharmaceutical companies.
  4. General Politics What astroturf looks like.
  5. Elections The oligarchy is on. Billionaires financing elections.
  6. Economics damage control; Geuro coming?
  7. Nat'l Security Crazy Debby, the mouth of the Dem Party
  8. Economics The next debt ceiling debate will derail the economy.
  9. Obama Obama doesn't know a Nazi from a Pole. But Polls he knows
  10. Obama Mark Levin defends 'Birthers' and now 'Transcripters'
  11. Obama Stimulus Cost figures rise again
  12. Obama More evidence ObamaCare has to go.
  13. Economics Probably a mixed blessing: Disability scheduled to go broke in 2016.
  14. General Politics For the Dems here, was this expected?
  15. General Politics Enough of Ereckshun's Bullshit Lies:Don't Blame Heritage for ObamaCare Mandate
  16. Economics Top 5 delusional ideas China bulls have
  17. Obama Donald Trump is a racist threat to Latinos, women, and blacks...
  18. Obama Democrats are hypocrites
  19. Religion Long live Sparlock the Warrior Wizard!!!
  20. Obama Pretty amazing stuff
  21. Economics Coal industry has had a rough go... will probably get rougher.
  22. Legal Been a while since we had a good abortion fight.
  23. Media Fox News is run by teenagers, Vol. CLXI
  24. General Politics The Liberal mind.
  25. Religion Cardinal Dolan paid off molesting priests to go way
  26. General Politics Liberal handwringing over corporations and elections
  27. Legal Edwards acquitted 1 count, mistrial on others
  28. Obama Jobs report. Sounds bad on first look
  29. Int'l Issues The recession is now worldwide.
  30. Environment A Conservative's Approach to Combating Climate Change
  31. Poop Timing is everything. Hillary needs to go on a 6 month world trip and hide
  32. U.S. Issues Harry Reid's blame statement...POS
  33. Poop Bloomberg's War on Soda
  34. Education Louisana's privitizing their school system
  35. General Politics How wonderfully rich
  36. Obama Obama's Black Friday
  37. General Politics If you had the opportunity to meet a president/former president would you?
  38. Elections Who would be the least electable past president in today's world?
  39. U.S. Issues The Liberal (and Conservative) Mind
  40. Elections Gary Johnson polling at 12%
  41. General Politics A modest tax proposal...
  42. Poop Alex Jones Believes Bilderberg Attendees Ship in Gold Covered Roasted Babies to Eat
  43. Elections This is What We're Up Against in Florida and the Rest Of the Nation, Conservatives...
  44. Legal Fla. Gov. Scott Kills the Innocence Commission to save $200,000
  45. Economics 4 million NEW jobs? Really, Sarah?
  46. Local Springfield Vote to Repeal Smoking Ban
  47. Economics The political brinksmanship of the GOP.
  48. Int'l Issues US Whacks Sesame Street in Pakistan!
  49. General Politics Court Says Gay Rights Trump Religious Rights
  50. Elections Wisconsin recall election today
  51. General Politics MSNBC
  52. Media Opposing Viewpoints
  53. Obama The trouble with admitting Obama is socialist
  54. Nat'l Security A little inspiration from Jon Stewart
  55. Elections Walker's Victory Spells Doom For Public Sector Unions
  56. General Politics Crazy Maxine Ethics Probe
  57. Economics Clinton: Extend Bush Tax cuts
  58. Nat'l Security FBI looks into possible White House leaks
  59. Economics Following Europe
  60. General Politics Who is your political icon?
  61. U.S. Issues San Jose / San Diego voters vote for pension reform
  62. General Politics Let's guess who cosmo20002's political Icon is.
  63. U.S. Issues New fun post.
  64. Obama Obama was a member of socialist "New Party" in the 1990s
  65. Obama Obama's- Michelle blow job joke
  66. Obama Spinoff: Do you think Michelle Obama gives good head?
  67. U.S. Issues Rand is a Romney guy?
  68. Int'l Issues What countries are the world's "bad guys"?
  69. Economics How corporate socialism destroys
  70. Obama Barry's Bio brief edited repeatedly over 17yrs, but....
  71. Obama Min Wage rears its head
  72. Obama "Obama could be president now, if he wanted to be."
  73. Obama Oh Snap...."The private sector is doing fine" our President actually said that
  74. Elections More Gary Johnson Ads
  75. Obama Private sector doing fine...and more Obama stupidity
  76. Obama What is a "green job"?
  77. Obama Obama walkin it uuughhh back uuugh
  78. Economics U.S. debt load falling at fastest pace since 1950s
  79. Elections 5-term GOP congressman forced to retire after forgetting to get on the primary ballot
  80. Int'l Issues Now Spain needs a bailout.
  81. Environment Past year has been the hottest on record.
  82. General Politics Study: Healthcare reform is unlikely to cost jobs.
  83. U.S. Issues Another moron running a school
  84. Nat'l Security Obama's trying to be John Wayne
  85. Obama Obamas working to piss off Israel again
  86. Nat'l Security House committee schedules contempt vote against Holder
  87. Education Excerpt From The Greatest Commencement Speech Ever
  88. Obama Obama and Direk on same page on Climate Change-Job 1 in second term
  89. Economics Obama has set us back 20 years
  90. Misc Leaping to the past
  91. Religion North Dakota "Religious liberty" measure: Freedom from traffic lights?
  92. Economics The next bubble bursting: could be student loans.
  93. Economics The Stimulus, Before/After
  94. Nat'l Security This has probably been around many times before, I first saw it this evening.
  95. Obama Interesting Article
  96. Misc Lesbian Parenting Is Conservative Star's Newest Target
  97. Economics The Fiscal Legacy of George W. Bush
  98. Poop You can always tell when Direckshun...
  99. U.S. Issues Same Stuff, Different Dude
  100. Int'l Issues US: Russia sending Syria attack helicopters
  101. Economics Fed: Recession kicked median household wealth to 1992 level
  102. Legal Let's have a debate
  103. Elections Of the 15 US Presidents to be elected to a 2nd term
  104. U.S. Issues Current Laws of Mexico...Compare with the U.S.A.
  105. Obama Peter Boyles interviews Ed Klein about his new book "The Amateur"
  106. Economics The political brinksmanship of the GOP, volume II.
  107. Obama Peter Boyles - Diana West and Obama's eligibility and newspaper birth announcement
  108. Obama The effective packaging of Barry
  109. Obama How about everyone pay $1300 to UN?
  110. U.S. Issues Mitt Romney is such a huge freaking tool...
  111. Obama Private Sector doin just fine
  112. Economics Jobless Claims in U.S. Unexpectedly Rose Last Week
  113. Economics Under Obama: 30 Worst Months of Employment in the Past 25 Years
  114. U.S. Issues White Collar Crime Pisses Me Off!
  115. U.S. Issues The first vblog post.
  116. Obama Peter Boyles-Jack Cashill discusses The Weekly Standard's article on O'POSER's....
  117. Obama Peter Boyles-discusses with Katie Pavilich the latest on 'Fast and Furious'
  118. Obama Obama admits he can't fix what Bush supposedly broke so...
  119. Int'l Issues Obama Grants Workers Permits to Young Immigrants
  120. Int'l Issues I like this little video
  121. Obama Peter Boyles-Jerry Corsi discusses Joel Gilbert's new book "Dreams from.....
  122. Obama Obama makes election-year change in deportation policy
  123. U.S. Issues Chicago health care costs boggle the mind. Obamacare must go
  124. U.S. Issues Illinois is just an example
  125. Obama "Looking backward — and drawing the wrong conclusions — is no way to move forward."
  126. Obama Obama's top 5
  127. Obama Somalia and Yemen. Troops on the ground
  128. Obama It's old. It's tired and worn out. It's the same old teleprompter
  129. Elections Romney championed green energy fund
  130. Elections Mitt Obama
  131. Int'l Issues Taliban: Stop Drone Strikes or else we will stop giving polio vaccine to our kids
  132. Obama Name one difference between obama
  133. Obama Peter Boyles - talks with Joel Gilbert new book "Dreams from my real father" -NSFW
  134. Education Chicago's teachers getting ready to go full retard
  135. Nat'l Security NIce move by Obot Crazies. Burn Church Buss
  136. Religion Speaking of closing loopholes: Religious Tax Exemptions cost US $71,000,000,000
  138. Elections Getting to know local candidates.
  139. Media Unbiased Mainstream Media (MSNBC and NBC) Is At It Again...
  140. Legal Michigan Seeks To Legalize Discrimination Against Patients For Religious Reasons
  141. Int'l Issues Peter Boyles - Robert Spencer from Jihad Watch on recent election
  142. Obama Obama claims executive privilege over 'Fast and Furious' documents
  143. General Politics Bryce Harper is a conservative hero, per dumbass
  144. General Politics Romney dressage horse Rafalka going to the Olympics!
  145. U.S. Issues The Essex Show 2
  146. General Politics Ron Paul On Social Security
  147. Obama Peter Boyles-Hollywood Producer Viviano-"Bill Clinton told me directly that.......
  148. General Politics The Official Alex Jones Inforwars.com Thread
  149. Obama The Sunday Standard - June 27,2004
  150. Obama Fast and Furious scandal is turning into President Obama's Watergate
  151. Economics Interesting idea to help underwater mortgages...
  152. Legal Executive Privilege Is Illegitimate to Shield Wrongdoing
  153. General Politics Here I am in Orlando Florida~
  154. Obama Obama: A Unique Fraud
  155. U.S. Issues Pelosi: mind numbingly stupid
  156. Poop Cosmo=Jensen=Literature
  157. Obama Obama has hit rock bottom in the slimiest way possible...Believe it or not...
  158. U.S. Issues Gay activists so mad
  159. Religion High-ranking priest guilty on one count in child sex abuse case
  160. U.S. Issues More that one thead about the Catholics and activites, including pedofilia
  161. Obama What desperate re-election POLITICAL DARTS will Obama toss next hoping they....
  162. Int'l Issues hamas and israel?
  163. Religion Study Finds People Who Believe In Heaven Commit More Crimes
  164. U.S. Issues So, let's assume the Supreme Court strikes down Obamacare...
  165. Obama Obama White Support Is Too Low to Win
  166. General Politics Erase One Person from US History
  167. Obama Hey ! Ya think OMarxist is trying to send a message to.....
  168. Obama "Arab Spring"
  169. Obama "Fork" the President...
  170. Legal Supreme Court upholds key part of Arizona immigration law
  171. Elections If Democrats were smart.....
  172. Legal Mark Levin - Commentary on the SCOTUS decisions today on the Immigration law
  173. U.S. Issues A president should remain limited to two terms but...
  174. Elections Romney is supposed to be a leader? Spineless reply on immigration case
  175. General Politics Dems skipping the Convention...Including Claire McMoonbat
  176. U.S. Issues Oreo celebrates gay pride
  177. Environment Oh my God!!! The ice is still ice!
  178. U.S. Issues Dear Leader (De Facto Dictator) - Feds will no longer respond to calls from Arizona!
  179. U.S. Issues The Essex Show 3
  180. U.S. Issues The Black Panthers have come a long way in 50 years...
  181. Obama Florida gets to keep on purging voter rolls
  182. Nat'l Security Cleavers crowd are all nuts
  183. U.S. Issues Has the left overplayed the racist card?
  184. Economics Natural gas: the other car fuel.
  185. Int'l Issues The most brutal places on earth.
  186. General Politics So...
  187. Obama 20 minute countdown to Obamacare
  188. ObamaCare Upheld...
  189. U.S. Issues Does This Mean El Rushbo Is Outta Here?
  190. Economics Biden calls the economy like it is
  191. General Politics Supreme Court Strikes Down Stolen Valor: You Can Lie About Military Service
  192. Obama Holder in Contempt
  193. General Politics Romney website: ‘Mitt will nominate judges in the mold of Chief Justice Roberts’
  194. Legal I'm pretty sure Roberts changed his vote at the last moment.
  195. Economics Please, god: the housing market may be starting to recover.
  196. Nat'l Security A soldier lost his shit at Fort Bragg today. Killed one, injured two.
  197. Obama If the government made it illegal to not buy your product
  198. Legal Mark Levin commnentary on today's SCOTUS decision to uphold Obamascare
  199. Legal Health Care Questions
  200. U.S. Issues Could the Republicans really repeal Obamacare?
  201. Economics Democratic Presidents Are Better for the Economy
  202. Obama Veto Bill cause it doesn't raise fees on Service People.
  203. General Politics Gov. Jindal: La. won't implement health care law
  204. Elections Claire in hiding
  205. Obama Former CBO Director: SCOTUS Ruling Could Increase Cost of Obamacare By $500 Billion O
  206. Nat'l Security CAIR Moonbats
  207. U.S. Issues Power to tax. Good read
  208. U.S. Issues How F&F went down - it's not what you think.
  209. U.S. Issues "ObamaCare:" Saved by Disdain for a "Tax"
  210. No more grace period on student loans
  211. Education New Hampshire Repub Thinks Kindergarten Causes Crime!
  212. General Politics What the Scotus decision means to me and my family.
  213. Obama Seriously, So what's it gonna be?
  214. Economics The Uncertainty Trope
  215. Obama What part of ObamaCare makes health care cheaper?
  216. Obama Your health care is covered, but who's going to treat you?
  217. Nat'l Security Security at Disney World
  218. Legal Houston Police Crack Down On Woman Warning of Speed Trap...
  219. U.S. Issues Chicago gun buyback unknowingly raises money for NRA kids' gun camp
  220. Obama Peter Boyles-Lord Christopher Monckton discusses Obama's BC
  221. Nat'l Security Yes this is an email, but check out the link
  222. U.S. Issues The Republican turn against universal health insurance
  223. U.S. Issues Republican calls for Constitutional Amendment on healthcare law as a 'tax'
  224. General Politics Dems: Mandate is not a tax!
  225. Legal Typical CP member's view of George Zimmerman
  226. Media Yet Another Beloved Liberal
  227. Nat'l Security Iranian Bombers captured
  228. U.S. Issues Its about yo momma
  229. Obama Lefty Spinoff: F&F why did Team Obama do it?
  230. U.S. Issues A Rational approach on HC
  231. Economics No Freedom From Taxes this Fourth of July
  232. Economics U.S. munis face $2 trillion in unfunded pension costs
  233. Economics The Republican Health Care Plan
  234. Obama Peter Boyles - Part II of Ed Klein's book "The Amateur"
  235. General Politics State congresswoman accidentally mis-votes, legislation passes
  236. Obama Hmmmmmm...Obama and older white men ?
  237. Obama IRS power grows under Obamacare
  238. Obama Obamacares ugly history
  239. Int'l Issues Pakistan re-opens border
  240. Legal Identity theft triples in one year
  241. General Politics Didn’t send your kids to war? You ‘owe’ money to those who went,say fundraising group
  242. U.S. Issues Hope for change
  243. Elections WSJ - Romney's Tax Confusion
  244. Nat'l Security Iran: We Can Hit 35 US Bases in 'Minutes'
  245. General Politics House Report - Countrywide bought influence from Congress
  246. General Politics Spain is doing what Obama failed to do.
  247. Obama Judicial Betrayal
  248. Religion Mormons Leave Church in Mass Renunciation Ceremony
  249. Religion "This is our revolution " Paul campaign becomes internet freedom campaign?
  250. Elections "Voter ID ... is going to allow Romney to win Pennsylvania."