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  1. U.S. Issues Hope for change
  2. Elections WSJ - Romney's Tax Confusion
  3. Nat'l Security Iran: We Can Hit 35 US Bases in 'Minutes'
  4. General Politics House Report - Countrywide bought influence from Congress
  5. General Politics Spain is doing what Obama failed to do.
  6. Obama Judicial Betrayal
  7. Religion Mormons Leave Church in Mass Renunciation Ceremony
  8. Religion "This is our revolution " Paul campaign becomes internet freedom campaign?
  9. Elections "Voter ID ... is going to allow Romney to win Pennsylvania."
  10. Religion Another bad jobs report...
  11. General Politics Is he just another nut?
  12. Obama Bailouts: My way of betting on American Business
  13. Obama Photo of the Day from Ohio Obama success tour
  14. Obama Your tax dollars, at least those who pay tax, pissed away
  15. Economics California OKs funding for high-speed rail line
  16. Obama Obama Will Sign Gun Control Treaty on July 27 2012
  17. Nat'l Security Iranian family BBQ idea
  18. Nat'l Security US State Department lobbies for terrorist group?
  19. Int'l Issues The Ten Truths of Tyranny
  20. U.S. Issues Wage Chart since 1971
  21. Poop Rev Wright....dude can lay down some smack on white folk
  22. U.S. Issues DOT Construction Signs Hacked To Read ‘Impeach Obama’
  23. Elections Hmmmmmm...Romney and older white men with bad hair ?
  24. Obama Obama to give a speech. Do the tax dance, head out to golf or something
  25. U.S. Issues ... And in other 1%er news:
  26. Economics The Bush Tax Cuts: Diminishing Returns
  27. Economics Six degrees of economic separation
  28. General Politics Op nails both campaigns as of now
  29. Elections Missouri Republicans: Who are you supporting in the Republican senate primary?
  30. Elections Voters still don't know Romney, and the parts they do know, they refuse to believe?
  31. Elections Bully vs Nerd
  32. U.S. Issues Atlas Still Shrugging
  33. Obama Why does everyone pretend there's a spanking debate?
  34. Obama Even CNN Goes After Obama For Incredible Mistruths in Romney Attack Ads
  35. General Politics Something conservatives might laugh at
  36. Int'l Issues Some good news out of Libya: their election, quite successful.
  37. Elections States Calling on Fed to Do Their Job re: Illegal Aliens
  38. U.S. Issues CBO: The rich pay an outsized share of taxes
  39. Elections Who will you vote for?
  40. General Politics Episcopal Church approves same-sex blessing service
  41. Obama Peter Boyles - Joel Gilbert film "Dreams from my REAL Father"
  42. General Politics Demo nutcase in Mo
  43. Misc Bloomberg's Latest Way To Improve The Lives Of New Yorkers: Micro Apartments
  44. Economics And in other 99%er news.....
  45. Economics Future Discussion on the current Economy and Solutions
  46. U.S. Issues It's Official: Ground Hogs HATE America
  47. Obama Taxed Enough Already.... Lookit how freakin' HIGH taxes are under O'Marxist -SHOCKING
  48. Nat'l Security Podcast with CIA Agent
  49. U.S. Issues Nick Gillespie nails it.
  50. General Politics Romney gets booed at NAACP event
  51. Obama Incredible-Obama Shuts Border Patrol Stations To Allow More Illegal Immigrants In
  52. Poop Don't think I've ever started a thread here but I'm p!ssed
  53. U.S. Issues Does anyone care about the 2012 Farm Bill?
  54. U.S. Issues The Essex Show 5
  55. Obama Is Obama taking black vote for granted?
  56. General Politics Made in China-First time i agree with Harry Reid
  57. U.S. Issues EVeryone should get food stamps for the good of the economy,..
  58. Int'l Issues north korean film exposes western propoganda
  59. Elections Romney gets cheers at NAACP Event
  60. Obama Peter Boyles - Doug Hagmann discusses in depth analysis of OMarxist's SSN
  61. General Politics Did Romney perjure himself to the FEC?
  62. Obama Republicans accuse HHS of gutting welfare reform with quiet policy change
  63. U.S. Issues Peter Boyles - 2 for 1- NRA/U.N. - Why OMarxist lies.
  64. General Politics Obama spending less than any president since Eisenhower
  65. U.S. Issues Obama must win
  66. Poop Cannot make it up
  67. General Politics The End Of The "Romney Is A Felon" Bullshit
  68. Elections Who is going to win
  69. General Politics Sen. Paul eyes floor vote on stripping Pakistan aid unless jailed doctor released
  70. Obama If you own a business, someone else made it happen
  71. Int'l Issues The one time I would approve of stoning to death
  72. Elections .000063% of the American people have spent 80% of the superPAC $ so far.
  73. Economics Pew Research: Raising Taxes on Rich Seen as Good for Economy, Fairness
  74. Economics This is the most unproductive Congress we've had in, at least, 60-70 years.
  75. Obama Peter Boyles - Stephen Pidgeon discusses Obama's Muslim faith
  76. Legal Don't tell me the death penalty would be bad for this guy
  77. Elections Romney’s Bain Yielded Private Gains, Socialized Losses
  78. Obama Obama Unhinged
  79. General Politics Romney's Tax Returns Could Cost Him the Election
  80. Local Claire looks stupid. Again
  81. FL Lt. Governor caught being serviced
  82. General Politics McCain: Palin a better candidate than Romney
  83. Obama Blowhard, pantywaist, jerk? Obama PAC picked a bad spokesman
  84. Economics Can The Banking Industry Make It 24 Hours Without A New Scandal?
  85. U.S. Issues Rush says so, so it must be true!
  86. Economics Sooo... what is Romney running on, again?
  87. General Politics Filibuster Reform
  88. Int'l Issues Bus full of Israelis blown up in Bulgaria. Iran most likely responsible.
  89. Int'l Issues Is the Bulgaria Bombing the Last Straw for Israel?
  90. Obama Obama "to busy" to meet with jobs council
  91. Obama Peter Boyles - Sheriff Joe Arapaio and Susan Daniels
  92. Obama Peter Boyles - Tom Ballantyne and Mike Zullo
  93. Economics WikiLeaks trying to open back up for business.
  94. Elections Lewis Black as Mitt's Dog on the Roof!
  95. Misc Applause for John McCain
  96. Economics Unemployment claims jump, economic indicators fall
  97. Elections Obama is going to lose big time
  98. Elections Turns out this guy and thousands more like him DID build it.
  99. Elections Washington - first state to offer voter registration via Facebook
  100. General Politics Neat-O presidential candidate alignment quiz
  101. U.S. Issues So,... what IS Mitt's Afghan policy?
  102. Int'l Issues Syria's Tide Starts To Turn
  103. Economics Post Office About To Default
  104. Environment The ugly math of global warming. Geez.
  105. Legal Gun Control
  106. Economics The Fiscal Cliff Approacheth
  107. Economics Job outsourcing bill
  108. Economics Why did Republicans kill two jobs bills in the past week?
  109. Environment San Francisco Wants To Tax Drivers By The Mile
  110. Environment A History of Scientific Alarms
  111. Obama Mark Steyn: Obama builds roadblocks, not roads
  112. Economics Wells Fargo pays nearly $200m settlement for lending discimination.
  113. Misc HuffPo declares doom, the end is here. Moonbats swoon
  114. U.S. Issues US poverty on track to rise to highest since 1960s
  115. General Politics Do we need Truck Control?
  116. Int'l Issues Syria says will use chemical weapons if attacked
  117. U.S. Issues And we all thought that he was given a 'HUMAN' heart a few months ago!...
  118. Nat'l Security "Americans are more violent than other people."
  119. Int'l Issues Meanwhile, in Iraq...
  120. Elections Gallup: Bain still a positive for Romney
  121. General Politics Any chance Obama.....
  122. Obama Harvard student attempts to defend Obama's 'you didn't do it on your own' position..
  123. Economics The Big Happy Thread of LIBOR
  124. Economics Bloomberg Report: The U.S. Economic Policy Debate Is a Sham
  125. Economics Bush skipping the GOP convention.
  126. Elections Scott Brown rips Warren and Obama in New ad
  127. Elections Voters punish the incumbent for presiding over bad weather.
  128. Local Gun Control Part II
  129. Obama More good news for business...
  130. Obama Direckshun I'd like to challenge you
  131. Obama Va. state senator blames racism for Romney gains
  132. Environment How bad is the drought?
  133. Elections All things considered, pretty boring election so far.
  134. Misc Time mag historical ignorance...
  135. Legal South Dakota Moves To Legalize Killing Abortion Providers
  136. Economics Hairy Reid Proves Again He's The Biggest Piece Of Shit
  137. U.S. Issues *****Official Olympics Horse Ballet Thread*****
  138. Legal Fort Hood Shooting: Nidal Hasan Could Be Forced To Shave Beard, Judge Says
  139. Elections Reconciling Romney
  140. Economics Senate passes cuts for all but richest Americans
  141. U.S. Issues Emanuel goes after Chick-fil-A for boss’ anti-gay views
  142. Economics Glimpse into our future?
  143. Elections Rove is financially centralizing the GOP around him.
  144. Nat'l Security Here is the First Lady of .....North Korea
  145. General Politics Mitt Romney, non celebrity
  146. Obama Peter Boyles - Paul Kengor Ph.d. discuss his new book "The Communist" - Obama
  147. Obama Hawaii Official Now Swears: No Obama Birth Certificate
  149. Poop You know what I miss?
  150. Obama Four Little Words....
  151. Obama GDP sucks, watch for a new round of QE here and in Europe
  152. Int'l Issues Life according to Mr. Mittens
  153. General Politics Stupid Students
  154. Economics Democrat senators slip gun control amendment into cyber security bill
  155. Obama Just how conceited can Obama be?
  156. Obama If Obama had another son
  157. Misc Hey, Mr. Obama: Prescription drugs kill 6200% more Americans than homicidal shootings
  158. General Politics Buchanan nails it ! Is the GOP(a la RINOism) dead in the long run?
  159. Obama What's the definition of 'insanity' again ?? And you thought.....
  160. U.S. Issues Carry and conceal in ACTION !! Don't "F" with....
  161. Legal Scalia: Guns may be regulated
  162. Int'l Issues Russian, Western navies to face off near Syria
  163. Economics Ohio GOP Senate hopeful shorting U.S. Treasury bonds and betting on default
  164. Nat'l Security Obama canceled Bin Laden raid 3 times at Valerie Jarrett's urging
  165. General Politics Romney Praises Israel's Socialized Health Care System
  166. Elections Obama's center-left pragmatism vs. Romney's far right ideology.
  167. Elections Romney Goes To Israel
  168. Obama Obama's Fast and Furious won't go away
  169. Obama Dem Convention should be interesting
  170. Int'l Issues Israeli Defense Minister: Obama Doing More For Israeli Security Than Previous POTUS's
  171. Obama AMAZING--Obama related to the FIRST slave in the USA
  172. Elections Prediction Models look Dismal for Obama
  173. Economics No Confidence continues to climb
  174. U.S. Issues Just joined the NRA
  175. Int'l Issues Lech Walesa: Romney Will Restore U.S. Leadership
  176. Obama Obama administration fears mass layoffs on Nov. 1st
  177. U.S. Issues HR 6190 “Asthma Inhalers Relief Act,”
  178. Elections "In Mitt Romney, we have such a candidate."
  179. Chic-Fil-A Was crazy today!
  180. Economics New Study: Romney tax plan cuts taxes for wealthy raises taxes for everyone else
  181. Poop If Chic fil a runs out of chicken.
  182. Elections Political rantings of an idiot
  183. General Politics Ted Cruz and The Tea Party Win: Liberals Scared.
  184. Obama Peter Boyles - Joel Gilbert film "Dreams from my REAL Father" Part II
  185. Ahmadinejad: World forces must strive to annihilate Israel
  186. Misc Anger issues or just getting even? Angry Farmer
  187. U.S. Issues Police Say Man Handcuffed With Arms Behind Back Shot Himself In Head
  188. Unemployment rises in July
  189. Obama Devil is in the details. Solyndra will dog Obama.
  190. General Politics So I'm curious what people think of Harry Ried's latest antics
  191. Obama Obama campaign gets creepy
  192. Elections Republican Convention Speakers Named
  193. Media Domestic Terrorism
  194. U.S. Issues Msm pushes malicious fluoride lie: Fluoride-free bottled water is harming children,..
  195. Elections Former Klan Activist John Abarr Running For Montana's Lone U.S. House Seat As A Repub
  196. Education Civics Test
  197. Religion Did our founding fathers establish the separation of church and state?
  198. Economics Take me down to the parasite city
  199. U.S. Issues FOX NEWS? Misleading?!... No way!!!
  200. Int'l Issues Iran backs misunderstood niceguy Assad
  201. Local Anyone ever heard of KSTROOPERS.COM?
  202. Elections Rick Santorum, Rand Paul to speak at Republican convention
  203. Obama Barry ought to not piss off the Pope
  204. Elections 538
  205. U.S. Issues Deferred action program could legalize 1.8 million young immigrants
  206. Obama ACORN back at it
  207. General Politics Pelosi.....nutbag
  208. Obama Our new illegal buddies tearing up the crime stats...Thank you Obummer
  209. Legal 'Stand Your Ground' hearing could potentially clear Zimmerman in Trayvon Martin shoot
  210. Obama Woman, 84, raped; husband, 93, savagely beaten inside home
  211. Elections Mittens wants a ceasefire
  212. Media Worst show ever
  213. Nat'l Security Manet Napolitano Sued For Discrimination
  214. Elections I see why the dems liked Huntsman for the R's so much
  215. Local Friend of a friend calls bigot on his bigotry
  216. General Politics Mitt Romney Will Announce His Running Mate at 9AM ET Saturday
  217. Economics Ending Medicare as we know it.
  218. Elections Paul Ryan Begging For TARP
  219. Elections The Romney Alinsky Connection
  220. Elections Conservative Group Launches “Dump Romney” Campaign
  221. U.S. Issues The Essex Show 9
  222. Nat'l Security Rep. Issa Announces House Oversight Committee Will Sue Eric Holder
  223. U.S. Issues John Thune's tax plan...
  224. Several people, including law enforcement officers, have been shot near Texas A&M
  225. Religion A week at Sun Dance...
  226. Elections The truth about Ryan's Medicare reform....
  227. Elections The Case Against Re-electing OMarxist
  228. General Politics Let's debate the House/Ryan budget against the Senate Dem plan
  229. Legal CONVICTED: Bush 1300+, Clinton 1000+, Obama 0.0 (+/-)
  230. Int'l Issues Any bets regarding Iran jumping in on the other side?
  231. Elections Uh-oh...Clinton White House Chief of Staff Erskine Bowles Caught Praising Paul Ryan
  232. Media The Unbiased Mainstream Media...
  233. Elections Paul Ryan — Power Elite Crook too
  234. Nat'l Security Russian nuclear submarine patrols Gulf of Mexico for weeks undetected
  235. Elections Paul Ryan is going to absolutely annihilate Biden
  236. Elections The Auto Bailout Paul Ryan Supported Set To Lose Trillions
  237. General Politics Obama Pledges To Veto Any Bill that Takes Away His Medicare Cuts
  238. Elections Dick Cheney applauds the choice of Paul Ryan
  239. General Politics What has the Republican party done for the poor or middle class?
  240. Int'l Issues Thai Senator "Accidentally" Kills Secretary With Submachine Gun, Has Arrest Immunity
  241. General Politics The madness continues
  242. Elections A Romney first: over 40% of youth vote back him
  243. Obama To protect ethanol, Obama seeks to inflate beef prices
  244. Int'l Issues Leader of anti-Semitic party in Hungary discovers he's Jewish
  245. Int'l Issues The official Big meat Thread
  246. Economics No Alpha: Bain Capital’s Investment Results
  247. Economics America’s Aversion to Taxes
  248. Nat'l Security Not so veiled threats continue from Iran
  249. Nat'l Security Gov't agencies making major ammo purchases
  250. Poop New Devo Song for cosmo20002 to sing in front of his mirror