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  1. Hey, do you know what would be neat?
  2. US Christian Evangelicals Back Israeli Settlements to fulfill apocalyptic prophesy
  3. Planet war poll
  4. Which party is the party of fiscal responsibility?
  5. "George Bush, in Denial" - NY Times
  6. Go ahead and Fantasize, When Bush Loses...
  7. Right-wing machine trying to impugn the military honor of John Kerry
  8. Alright. Let's settle this political BS now
  9. Put Your Political Humor / Jokes Here...
  10. A duck walks into a bar...
  11. "The final battle in the civil war of values."
  12. Daschle Just Lost His Re-Election Bid in SD
  13. Charles Krauthammer On Iran and Nukes..
  14. ***Matt Blunt Appreciation Thread***
  15. possible spy in pentagon for Israel
  16. Do I see former President Clinton speaking politics in a church on C-Span?
  17. The Republican Prince Charming LIED through his teeth!!
  18. AP States Audience boos as Bush offers best wishes for Clinton's recovery
  19. Official Bush Bounce Thread
  20. Italians Claim Photos Show France Is Responsible For Forged Niger/Uranium Papers
  21. Purple Hearts
  22. DUHbya tells crowd: OBGYNs can't practice love with their patients...
  23. sKerry in photo-op waving around a gun he tried to ban
  24. Bush Will Bury Kerry
  25. Great news for John Kerry, liberals and the news media!!!! Awesome!!!
  26. Cheney: Kerry Victory Would Bring a terrorist Attack...
  27. Kerry Says Iraq War Part Of the War On Terror
  28. Bush: Incapable of debating in town-hall format... Backing out of debate
  29. Zogby: Kerry still leads in the electoral college... Bush improving
  30. Bush Campaign caught lying about guard records AGAIN
  31. Congrats Libs Europe wants Kerry:
  32. Kerry Sure Likes the Word "Wrong" (A New Flip-Flop On Iraq)
  33. Nebraska Judge: Abortion Ban Unconstitutional
  34. Social Security issues ? Got this in an email.......
  35. Kerry seen this weekend waving a gun which would have been banned if legislation he c
  36. Global Poll: Kerry wins in a landslide
  37. New Polls disagree with jaz - will wonders ever cease!!!
  39. September 8 - No electoral vote count yet.
  40. The giant elephant in the room... Corporate Controlled For-Profit Media
  41. Which Kerry Position On Terrorists and the Death Penalty Do You Agree With?
  42. Bush 'miscalculated' on Iraq? More like lied
  43. Democratic Sources: Kerry Campaign Divided and In Chaos
  44. Greenspan: Economy Regaining Traction
  45. Jaz, does your employer know that you are screwing around on the computer?
  46. GAO: BushCo defrauded Congress (again)
  47. Flipflop Olympics
  48. This would probably end the electoral college pretty quick if it cost the Reps the WH
  49. Wasn't there a LIMIT of TWO Threads per day here?
  50. Looks like the DNC has taken the bait...
  51. Lie to Entrap jAZ and Some Libbies Worked - Bush Not Hiring Fox Employees.
  52. Log Cabin Republicans will not endorse Bush for re-election
  53. "60 minutes" heads-up.
  54. Wow! Bush up 14 in MO and 8 in OH
  55. Aid agencies say they may pull out of Iraq
  56. Kerry Campaign Reduces Ad Buy To 14 States (9 Gore States/Only 5 Bush States)
  57. That Was Quick: Kitty's Source For "Bush Coked Up At Camp David" Denies Saying It
  58. Mods editorializing thread titles is fair play, IMO.
  59. I propose the O line be called the V Dubs!
  60. "Titanic" or "My Life" by Bill Clinton?
  61. Polls Thru Sept. 9 Show Bush At 276 Electoral Votes, Kerry At 209, Tied At 53
  62. Is This Why Bush Let His Flight Status Lapse In Alabama?
  63. Health Premiums Rise Faster Than Income
  64. Senator (Kerry) takes press's questions sparingly
  65. Funny conversation at work about the assault weapons ban
  66. Mark-up for Prescription Drug prices....OUCH!!
  67. "last week's (Job) number was inflated due to the hurricane"
  68. An open apology to Russ...
  70. The Department of Wellness?
  71. Al Qaeda Leader Appears On Video - Howard Dean Questions Timing (Usama Dead?)
  72. Teresa Calls Opponents Of Kerry's $900 Billion Health Care Plan "Idiots"
  73. CBS is going down!
  74. Kerry Camp comes out slinging!
  75. Kerry giving up on good ole Missouri?
  76. Poll shows Bush 52%, Kerry 43%...
  77. ABC News: CBS Documents Reviewed Independently - May Be Forgeries
  78. The teflon President..
  79. The superscript "th" probably wasn't forged...
  80. Pakistan bombs suspected al-Qaida camp
  81. CBS Stands by the documents...
  82. The superscript supersucks.
  83. The DNC Has A Winner On Their Hands...
  84. Killian's widow speaks out
  85. DNC/Kerry Campaign Had CBS Documents 6 Weeks Ago (Get Ready For the Blowback)
  86. Donger: Costco is a pinko commie collective
  88. An open apology
  89. Cato Scholar says Real Cons Don't Vote Bush
  90. Democratic Strategist: Kerry Has the Highest Negatives Of Any Challenger In History
  91. Now it's Bush's turn to squirm
  92. Dan Rather: "I know this story is the truth"
  93. Vietnam POWs Slam Kerry in Documentary
  94. DoD hid up to 100 prisoners from Red Cross... CIA hiding documents from Congress.
  95. Pentagon questioning PO Box Number
  96. McAuliffe Questions Rove Over Memos (Concedes Something CBS Apparently Won't)
  97. CBS Releases FOURTH Statement On Questionable Records
  98. New Dem Strategy: Claim Bush Will Institute A New Draft
  99. I thought there was a thread starting limit
  100. CBS News is walking the plank for the Kerry campaign
  101. It's Pretty Bad When the Dems Own Pollsters Show An 8-Point Bush Bounce
  102. CBS Releases FIFTH Statement On Questionable Documents
  103. Amy Barnes on Radio: "My Dad Lied."
  104. Kerry Tells Bush to 'Get Real' on Assault Weapons
  105. US Military: The memos are likely forged
  106. Muslim group takes responsibility for 9-11; "We are so sorry."
  107. I have no idea what to think about these guys...
  108. In the Army now
  109. General From CBS's Document Story Says CBS Misled Him - Thinks They're A "Fraud"
  110. "What's the Frequency, Kenneth?"
  111. Is affirmative action needed?
  113. This man wants to be President of Iraq.
  114. Never forgive & Never forget
  115. Wrong Way Bush
  116. CBS falls for Kerry campaign's fake memo (Mark Steyn)
  117. A Dozen Questions For Dan Rather
  118. New Time Poll: Bush Bounce Persists (Still Up 52-41 - Job Approval @ 56%)
  119. New Newsweek Poll (Bush 49, Kerry 43)
  120. Bush's failed War on Terra: Failed to caputure 19 of 22 most wanted terrorists
  121. Former skeptics admit that CBS Documents could be legit
  122. Not as important as typewriters, but in Afghanistan
  123. CBS' Expert Wrote In 2002 That You Can't Authenticate Copies (Like He Did For CBS)
  124. Newsweek: Bush's bounce Bush's bounce deflates... loses 6%
  125. New Bush ad
  126. Blast, Mushroom Cloud Reported in N. Korea
  127. *WMD mystery deepens as engineer 'vanishes'
  128. Hinderaker: Suicide Bombers and CBS News
  129. Why BushCo won't dismiss the CBS docs? They don't know which docs they shredded?
  130. Hundreds of Republicans Injured; Rush Limbaugh Dead
  131. Has Kerry Gone Over The Deep End?....
  132. Newsweek: Source Of 60 Min. Story Is Disgruntled Bush-Hater Who Had Nervous Breakdown
  133. Kerry Didn't Respond To Swift Boat Vets Because...Focus Groups Told Him Not To
  134. Don't make me ground your ugly asses
  135. All you politics b!tches need to get over...
  136. So nice to be diverted from politics by pigskin
  137. Officials: 31 killed in widespread Iraqi fighting
  138. Here's another font guru
  139. So nice to be diverted from pigskin by politics
  141. Okay, time to drown myself in politics for a few days...
  142. Why are you guys so interested in these documents?
  143. USA Today: FBI Expert Says Signatures On CBS Docs Are Probably "Forgeries"
  144. Bring it on, John by Oliver North
  145. If you are a veteran and want to look up old friends..
  146. What's Up With Al Gore?
  147. Ooops: US fires on crowd in Iraq, reporter killed on live TV
  148. My request for information
  149. Florida OK's Nader's Name on Election Ballot
  150. CBS Source: "We Got Copies Of These Memos From the Kerry Campaign"
  151. Kerry Hangs Up On Staff: "He Doesn't Seem To Want To Acknowldge That He Has Problems"
  152. CBS expert backs away..
  153. CBS Expert Recants On Authentication Claims, Kerry House Of Cards Crumbles...
  154. North Korean Mushroom Cloud
  155. Making my stand on Kitty Kelley's book
  156. Pokin' fun at skerry
  157. Gay students offered special scholarships
  158. "It's Worse Than You Think"
  159. Swifties vindicated: Docs show Kerry lied Rather than tell the truth
  160. Powell Concerned by Putin's political changes
  161. 60 Min. Expert Has No Document Analysis Training (Claims He Can Assess Libido Though)
  162. 60 Min. Expert Has No Document Analysis Training (But Can Assess Libido From Writing)
  163. Kerry Poll Rank
  164. The Democrats Have Lost Their Minds
  165. Can you believe this?
  166. Elway's Not So Bad After All...
  167. Teresa Kerry- Bush unwilling to change
  168. News: Insurgents Target Iraqi Police; 59 Dead
  169. Chiefs planet Iraq, 2003
  170. Where in the world was Matt Lauer?
  171. 'I reckon you're fired
  172. The Forger from "Catch Me if You Can"
  173. Bush Up +7.0 In New ICR Poll (Was Tied Less Than 2 Weeks Ago)
  174. All people who think not stopping Saddam is worth it.
  175. 'I reckon I'm hired'
  176. So whatever happened to jAZ?
  177. Youve probably seen this...but...
  179. Bush could make a quick 50k
  180. Judge Frees Violent Sexual Predator
  181. IT job losses - down 18.8% since 2001
  182. "CBS News plans statement to 'clarify' Bush Guard docs story..."
  183. It ain't me ...
  184. New York In Play?
  185. More veterans climing on Kerry...this time some on his side in '71
  186. Congressman Calls for Investigation into Validity of CBS Docs...
  187. Help : I can't stop fugging laughing
  188. Army's learning curves for physical, mental and moral aspects of Iraq War
  189. Bush Re-Election Bid Goes Against Grain
  190. Kerry camp seems to be diverting again
  191. Top Dem Rips Kerry Campaign
  192. Judge Orders Nader Name Off Fla. Ballot
  193. Didn't Jaz Post A Thread About Former Skeptics Admitting the CBS Docs Were Legit?
  194. Bush Within 6 In New York, Within 4 In Illinois...Kerry Campaign Collapsing
  195. "219 GIs Wounded In Past Week"
  196. Dems New Strategy: Claim Bush Will Reinstitute the Draft
  197. 'Bribe' got bomber on Russian jet
  198. Drudge: documents traced to Texas Kinkos..
  199. U.S. criticizes Saudi religious freedoms
  200. Teresa Heinz Kerry: "Let Them Go Naked For A While, At Least the Kids"
  201. Rather Concedes Papers Are Suspect
  202. Breaking news! Bush is a "Dunce"
  203. Anybody catch John Kerry windsurfing yesterday?
  204. CBS Guard Documents Traced to Tex. Kinko's
  205. ooops, US Intel paints bleak picture of Iraq mission disputing rosey DUHbya
  206. U.S. Alarmed Over Suspected Iran Nuke Site
  207. Interesting Report from Embedded Journalist
  208. Nov. 13, 2001 Air Crash over New York Was Work of Al Qaeda Suicide, Says Canadian Int
  209. If I Was A Democrat I Would Be PO'd That Kerry's Campaign Manager Said This:
  211. Political Troll?
  212. Religious base of the U.S.
  213. New Moveon.org Ad
  214. I found it interesting what CBS radio just reported.
  215. Judge Orders U.S. to Find Bush Records
  216. Starbucks gouges and refuses to service Marines.
  217. Funny Movie of Kerry.
  218. Top Repubs blast BushCo on Iraq
  219. It's Official: Democrats Make Kids Cry
  220. Expect another "TERROR ALERT!"
  221. Judge Orders U.S. to Find Bush Records
  222. On the Other End Of the Spectrum...Gallup Has Bush Up 54-40
  223. New Gallup Poll: 54-40 Bush
  224. U.S. Weapons Inspector: Iraq Had No WMD
  225. Bush Defends Strategy
  226. Hilarious new swiftvet ad
  227. John Kerry & Gun Control...
  228. Poll Indicates Bush, Kerry Deadlocked Again
  229. Peter Kinder or Bekki Cook?
  230. Robin Carnahan or Catherine Hanaway?
  231. Bush is soft on terror.
  232. Kerry says Vice President Cheney profited from Iraq war
  233. GIs claim threat by Army
  234. The Democrats Ever-Changing Story On This Election
  235. Kerry's Nuclear Power Problem
  236. After Stephen Davis uncovered Bush's service records...
  237. Polls Thru Sept. 17 Show Bush At 334 Electoral Votes, Kerry At 204
  238. questions at the first lady
  239. Kerry Accuses Bush of Hiding Troops Plan
  240. CIA Officer: al-Qaida Efforts Still Lag
  241. Statement by Former Senator Bob Dole
  242. General Stoudt speaks...
  243. Nader back on the ballot in Florida
  244. New CBS Poll: Bush Expands Lead To 9.0 Points
  245. Max Cleland Told CBS Source To Give His "Damaging Info" To Kerry Camp in Mid-August
  246. Annan: Invasion of Iraq 'illegal'
  247. A Look Back At Kerry's Changing Campaign Slogans ("W Is For Wrong" Didn't Last Long)
  248. Anyone ever use factcheck.org?
  249. Interesting Quote From Pollster John Zogby...Kind Of Shows Which Way He Tilts...
  250. W has epiphany...now warns of danger and deterioration in Iraq