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09-10-2000, 03:47 PM
It's hard being postive this close to a tough loss, but things I liked during the game..

1. Despite what our resident Grbasher claims, Grbac was very solid. He avoided the sack better than expected and threw the ball well. The passing game was good today.

2. Related to #1, the O-line protected very well. This is a very aggressive defense. Victor Riley manhandle Kearse.

3. The defense was hitting hard. Woods and Wesley--WOW!!!

4. Good pressure all day by the front four. Clemons and Hicks!!! Vs. less mobile QB's they would've had a field day. Then O'Donnell comes in and they go with 3 D-Lineman and Edwards. Go figure.

5. Coverage units are tackling pretty well. Suarbrun is leaving them out to dry with his short, line-drive punts. Mason is a top return man and for the most part, the coverage units were pretty good. The punting just sucked

Fat Homer
09-10-2000, 03:54 PM
1. Grbac pump faked several times today! We've all been calling for it... now he's doing it.

2. Grbac ran the ball when necessary & got us a few key first downs. Yes, he is very, very, very slow - but he pulled them off anyway.

3. WRs didn't drop anything today. You guys see any dropped passes? (The one behind Lockett doesn't really constitute a 'drop' -- the ball was too far behind him to be catchable)

4. Clemmons and Hicks did a great job at DE today, the committee at DT did a fine job stuffing Eddie George at the line.

5. Donnie Edwards -- man, at this rate, if he doesn't get into the ProBowl...

09-10-2000, 04:01 PM
1. The team plane didn't crash en route to Tennessee.

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09-11-2000, 06:44 AM
donkhater and HC_Chief both had very good points. There were a number of positive aspects to this game.

liked a lot of what he saw.

Ugly Duck
09-11-2000, 06:55 AM
I think what kept us in this game was #2. I heard Kearse's name about twice, once for a sack and once for another tackle I think. We did a good job of neutralizing the freak. i am proud of Grbac and the whole squad of PLAYERS, but I am quite agitated by the stooges. (Should we add Gunther as the 4th stooge like Shimp now that we know he has a lot to do with the play calling).

Devin Vierth
09-11-2000, 07:17 AM
Tennessee tackles-assists-sacks Tennessee tackles-assists-sacks (unofficial): Blaine Bishop 4-3-0,
Denard Walker 5-1-0, Jason Fisk 4-2-0, Randall Godfrey 3-3-0, John
Thornton 4-1-1, Greg Favors 3-2-0, Samari Rolle 4-0-0, Kenny Holmes
3-1-1, Marcus Robertson 3-1-0, Henry Ford 3-0-0, Jevon Kearse 2-0-1,
Perry Phenix 2-0-0, Eddie Robinson 1-1-0, Joe Salavea 1-0-0, Robaire
Smith 1-0-0.

Victor Riley had a really good game for Kearse to be limited to 2 tackles and 1 sack. Didn't see the game, but to limit the freak to that was pretty good. Wasn't it??


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09-11-2000, 07:29 AM

1. Elvis' pump fake was great. It took the camera crew a few seconds to realize he still had the ball. Elvis also showed some mobility and wasn't afraid to occassionally run.
2. We are spreading the ball around to our receivers.
3. We tried to run outside.
4. We were able to pressure McNair for 4 quarters.
5. Our safeties were hitting like trucks.

1. Run blocking.
2. WE NEED A HB. Richardson is a great FB, not a HB. Moreau is just another HB of the week.
3. Stoyo sucks. Why is it that the majority of fans can see the need to change kickers before our coaching staff does?
4. Peterson was correct, why the heck wasn't Clemons and Stills in the game in OT.

09-11-2000, 07:40 AM

I don't think you can blame Moreau's performance yesterday on him. The running game in general was horrible, and I blame that on the coaching.

Lenny, Gretz, and Holthus agree with me that there were 3 main reasons for our loss yesterday.

1) coaching
2) coaching
3) coaching

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09-11-2000, 07:43 AM
Very good points donkhater, I agree. I think our players played well when given the opportunity. Gaz, the defense is doing just what you want, crushing the pencil neck. I was sorry to see him actually injured as I never want to see players hurt, but man that was a great hit that Clemons put on the QB.

I have to lay the blame for the loss directly on the stooges. Raye couldnít call an offense if you held a gun to his head. 33 runs and 22 passes when the passing game is the one working is just STUPID!

Special teams? Stock should be put in stocks.

Shottenheimer. This guy is a gutless, inept dope. He was calling a great game until Hasty went out, then he lost all of his nerve. Just look at this quote by Gun, it says it all:

"We had three rookies out there," coach Gunther Cunningham said. "I'm sure Kurt was going through some sort of mental gymnastics of which way to go. He asked me. I said, `Kurt, keep calling them the way you've been calling them. You're doing a good job. Stay within what you've been doing and continue to call them the same way.' "

Gun tells him to just keep up the attacking D and what does he do, but puts us in a soft zone. I donít think that he can regain my respect no matter what he does the rest of the season. He should be GONE!!!!!
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