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09-30-2004, 09:43 PM
The divisions for the VFL will be as follows:
Halas Division
Rausch (Steelers)
Rain Man Juneau Watts (Saints)
Fat Elvis (Ravens)
Raiderhader Black Pussy (Panthers)
Dungver Doncos (Broncos)

Hunt Division
Saulbadguy Bertuzzi Bruisers (Jets)
SDChiefsfan (Packers)
Keg in KC Loserville Benchwarmers (Bengals)
FirstDownElvis (Titans)
Chokeland Raiduds (Raiders)

Every team will play their divisional foes twice and the teams from the other division once with the exception of one cross division rival whom they will play twice. Those rivals are:
FDE/Fat Elvis- the fighting Elvis'
Rain Man/Keg- polls vs performance
Raiderhader/Saul- conservative/liberal
Rausch/SD- odd team out
Dungver/Chokeland- two duds fight it out

BTW week one games start this Sunday
Rausch @ Rain Man
Fat Elvis @ Raiderhader
Dungver @ Chokeland
Saul @ SD
Keg @ FDE

At the completion of the 14 game schedule, 4 teams make the playoffs. The two division champs will advance plus the next two highest ranked teams.

Rain Man
10-01-2004, 06:15 PM
Rausch is a dead man.