View Full Version : Are you tired of Fantasy Football yet?

10-04-2004, 07:26 AM
This may be heresy..but god damn, i'm getting tired of it. I am in a couple of leagues, and i'm a "casual" player, but now that the major networks are picking up on the immense popularity of it, i'm just getting fed up with it.

Here are a couple of things that tick me off...

1. The networks scrolling tons of stats, along with game scores. Ok, I see the Jets are beating the Bengals, but do I care how many touches Rudi Johnson got? Nope. I just want to see the score, and on to the next one please. Instead, I get a ton of unnecessary "fantasy" stats that delay the whole thing.

2. "Fantasy notebook, fantasy line, fantasy this that etc etc..." Those little breaks the broadcasters take to review player stats, instead of focusing on the game itself.

3. People at the game saying "yay..he is on my fantasy team!" This really pisses me off when Andre Johnson catches a huge pass at Arrowhead, and the lady next to me, who is a Chiefs fan, says "Well, at least he is on my fantasy team.."

4. The next day at work when my co-workers says "Man..my team really took a beating last night". I respond with "They didn't look THAT bad..", he says "No..my FANTASY team!"

Maybe i'm just a bit too sensitive, but now that the mainstream media and everything has caught on to it, is it time to cool off a bit? I'd like to sit through one football game without hearing about someones GD fantasy team..is that too much to ask?

10-04-2004, 07:30 AM
You think you're fed up...

I hear every week, sportswriters across the country receive a barrage of hate mail and voice mails from strangers cursing them out for suggesting a player to start, or even sit...