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10-05-2004, 08:43 AM
Here's the advance copy of the Doggity Report. It'll be posted with all the other Doggity Reports on my website tonight at http://www.georgeblowfish.com. Enjoy!

The Doggity Chiefs Report Week 4 - 2004

Chiefs vs Starlings, Anonymous Corporate Sponsor Field at Camden Yards, Balto, MD

From in front of the big TV downstairs. The second straight year KC has faced the Ravens in Baltimore on the fourth week and beat them by 3.* As always, you can find the Doggity Reports from this and previous years at www.georgeblowfish.com! And visit “Radio Blowfish”- recently reloaded as a tribute to our buddy Uncle Fuzzy in Berkeley!* If you know others who might want to get this report in the ‘junk’ folder of their e-mail inbox – send me their addresses so we can add them to the list of people who have nothing better to do than read the Doggity Report each week. Remember our privacy policy - “All Spam should be canned.”

Overview –About time, eh? The team that played last year finally made the bus to this game. Not that they didn’t attempt to throw this one away, too. But unlike the Houston game last week, they didn’t get it botched this time. I will say that thanks to the Griefs and the Convicts, Houston QB David Carr can finally get a haircut. Way to step up guys. This week was about showing people on national TV that they really don’t stink as bad as Shannon Sharpe says. And except for a couple of plays, they did just that. Watching this team go from sleep walking through the Denver game until last night, there was steady, if not spectacular improvement. The D finally gets it – if you tackle people, they don’t get first downs and they have to punt the ball back to you. Doh! The O finally gets it – if there are eight in the box to stop Priest and Gonzo is double-teamed, there is only one guy left to cover the other TE and both wide outs. Heck, even Johnnie Morton can get open with those odds! The best part of the night, other than the “W” (and the sizzling interview with Colin Powell’s kid) was Ray Lewis’ mic. I love it when a cocky, trash-talker starts crying like a school girl on national TV.* “They’re doubling me on every play – that can’t happen. Mommy, make them stop!” The fact was, he was rarely double-teamed, but he was never a factor. He was just out played. I loved when Will Shields pulled and pancaked Lewis in the endzone for Priest’s second TD.
Offense –The O-line had their swagger back last night. Backs to the wall in the big show, taking on one of the best front sevens in the league, they pulled out the Costco-sized can of whoop-a$$.* Green was sharp, and everybody got involved. A couple of weeks ago, I said that Johnnie Morton needs to decide if he’s an underwear model or an NFL wide out. Last night he picked wide out. He actually fought for the ball, came back, went up, dove – with an apparent disregard for his personal beauty. Young Chris Horn showed how he managed to be the #2 receiver in the Arena League and the #2 receiver in NFL-Europe – with a blistering 12.0 yards per catch and a couple in critical third-down situations. Horn even came back for one to bail out Trent Green who was running for his life. Jason Dunn proved why you can’t always count on taking away Tony. He only had three grabs, but they were all big – including one for six. Trent showed a touch of Elway on a couple of runs including a 13 yard first down, ending in a head-long dive. Priest – what else needs to be said? He hauled a career high thirty-three rocks for a buck and a quarter and two scores – against a team that NEVER gives a hundred yards rushing. Priest’s legs and the ability of Trent to feed everyone in the offense kept the sticks moving. KC dominated every statistical category by wide margins – including hogging the ball for nearly 40 minutes. That let the defense rest, and prevented Baltimore’s offense from ever finding its rhythm.* But mostly, it humiliated the proud Raven defense.

Defense –Props to Gun and the boys. Nice effort, especially when they had to in the fourth quarter. That’s where they have been losing it the last few weeks. They would play pretty well until the final frame – then come unglued. In the three games before last night, KC had been outscored in the fourth by 34 to 7.* But when they needed it, the D got the big stops. Vermeil even trusted them with 6:50 on the clock and a 4thand 2 from the Baltimore 34 – he punted and dared the D to make a stop. They responded. They did what no KC defense has done in four years – they intimidated an opponent. They are maligned – rightly – for being a soft unit against the run. They faced one of the best backs in the league and THE best rushing offense in the league. They shut down the run and forced Kyle Boller to beat them with his arm. No vas. They got a good push up the middle, and the ends force things inside, even playing without standout DE Jared Allen. When they did blitz, they tended to get there – something they haven’t always accomplished. There were a couple of bone-head plays that let the Ravens hang around longer than they should have. The safeties both bit hard on the Jamal Lewis flee-flicker, leaving Hymes wide open in the middle of the field. Somebody – like pro-bowler Jerome Woods for instance – needs to stay at home on that play. The other came on the heals of a phantom interference call against Oh! Dexter! in the end zone.* Eric Warfield obviously grabbed the receiver’s shirt, drawing a flag and negating his interception. It would have been four in three weeks for the corner formerly known as Toasty. Instead, it was first and goal at the 1 – and a resulting Jamal Lewis TD.

Special Teams –Lawrence Tynes hit both of his field goals. That’s all the good you can wring out of the special kids this game. The punting stunk, the returns were not blocked and the coverage was abysmal. The punt with a minute left in the first half was a short line drive. No Chief was yet within 15 yards of Sams when he snagged it and took off running. I really question – as well as the defense had played – why they didn’t just kick it out of bounds. That score – coming right after the flee-flicker, brought the score back to 17-all at half, despite the fact that KC had dominated the game.**

The AFC West –

KC Chiefs – The reports of their death were pre-mature.*

Denver Donkeys – Another miserable outing for Jake the Joke and the old gray mares. Quentin Griffin ain’t Clinton Portis kids – sorry to burst your little bubble.*

East Bay Convicts – Oakland plays “barber” in Houston. Did they lay down for David Carr? Only his hairdresser knows for sure.

San Diego Bolts – These guys are schitzo. They spanked the suddenly weakling Titans.

Throw Him A Bone Award –

It would be way too easy to give this one to Priest again. Lighting up the vaunted Ravens was impressive, but the boner this week goes to the guy most responsible for making Priest’s game possible. Willie Roaf. For two consecutive weeks, Roaf has been dominant – but last night it was against the best in the game. He manhandled Lewis, Douglas and Suggs.
The Doggity Dog –

The only way Baltimore is even in this game is due to rancid special teams play. I was going to single out Jason Baker who showed again last night why he lost his job in pre-season. But it was bigger than that. With the exception of Tynes, the entire special bus was on blocks last night. For that performance, Coordinator Frank “Crash” Ganz, Jr. gets the rolled up paper on the nose.**

Tailgate Recipe of the Week -

I know we have been heavy on sweets this season – big deal. I like sweets. This time it has chocolate! From Ms Priscilla – who had the tailgate recipe idea in the first place, comes this luscious offering we simply call:

The Priscilla Pleaser

1 pkg yellow butter cake mix
1 sm. package of chocolate pudding mix ( 3 or 4 oz)
1/2 C water
1/2 c oil
8 oz sour cream
3 eggs
6 oz chocolate chips

Put dry ingredients in large mixing bowl. Add water, oil, eggs, and sour cream. Mix well. Add chocolate chips and fold in by hand. Pour into a greased and floured bundt pan. Bake at 350 for 1 hour. Cool and remove from pan. (very rich, I don't frost)

Next week –

Take a break, fellas! See you in two weeks in Jax against the former KC linebacker Jack Del Rio’s Jags.

Special thanks to all of you who offered thoughts and prayers to the Dog’s momma in the hospital this week.

Your faithful scribe,
Mr. Doggity