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10-05-2004, 03:00 PM
Power Rankings: Eagles-Patriots anyone?
By Pete Prisco
SportsLine.com Senior Writer
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Updated Oct. 4

The chalk looks good -- for now.

Popular picks for the Super Bowl heading into this season were the New England Patriots from the AFC and the Philadelphia Eagles from the NFC.


Eagles QB Donovan McNabb is off to the best start of his career. (AP)
Is there anything we have seen yet to dispute that?

The Eagles and Patriots are two of the five remaining unbeaten teams, and both have given early notice they will be a factor come January.

They are the class of the upper class, which is a small elite group in this year's NFL.

After four weeks, it has become quite clear there are maybe 15 teams we can consider as being good. That's it, which means we're seeing a lot of bad football.

Bet you can't wait for Arizona-San Francisco on Sunday.

This caste system also makes the SportsLine.com Power Rankings the Kirstie Alley Rankings: Thick in the middle and getting thicker.

Which team would you rank No. 1 in the NFL right now?

There are a handful of good teams, a smattering of really bad teams and a whole assortment of so-so teams.

The NFL's middle class seems to grow every year.

Even some of the elite teams as of right now, like the New York Giants, are really no better than middle class. Despite their 3-1 record, they still have bigger holes than the one between Michael Strahan's teeth.

The middle group of the Power Rankings features a lot of disappointing teams, when you consider the Packers, Titans, Panthers, Ravens and Chiefs are in that grouping.

Maybe it was a wise thing to take the chalk this year. Maybe the Eagles can get past their NFC Championship Game woes. And maybe the Patriots can repeat.

So far, we have seen nothing to dispute that.

Of course, no titles are won in September.

The complete Power Rankings after Week 4:

Current Team Previous
1 New England Patriots 1
Can this train be stopped? It won't be this week when they break the consecutive-wins record against Miami. Watch out for Seattle in two weeks.
2 Philadelphia Eagles 2
The schedule hasn't been too tough, but this is a team heading into the bye on a roll. Terrell Owens has made Donovan McNabb a different player.
3 Indianapolis Colts 3
They won with the running game and big stops against the Jaguars, not with Peyton Manning's arm. That could be an important step in this team's growth.
4 Seattle Seahawks 4
Coming off the bye, they get the Rams in Seattle on Sunday with a chance to essentially put the division away after five weeks. Yeah, it's true.
5 Atlanta Falcons 8
Going on the road and beating the Panthers says a lot about this team. They aren't just about Michael Vick anymore.
6 Minnesota Vikings 5
Coming off the bye they have a tougher-than-expected game against the revived Texans in Houston. Watch out for this one, Vikings fans.
7 New York Jets 9
As bad as Miami is, they have always proved to be a tough game for the Jets. Getting past that game in ugly fashion is huge.
8 Jacksonville Jaguars 6
The bad news is they lost to the Colts. The good news is the offense came alive.
9 Denver Broncos 7
Beating the Bucs isn't what it used to be, but that's a nice road victory for the Broncos.
10 Pittsburgh Steelers 14
The Big Ben era is off to a good start. At 3-1, they have to be thrilled with where they sit.
11 Dallas Cowboys 15
Coming off the bye week, Bill Parcells faces his pupil in Tom Coughlin and the Giants.
12 New York Giants 20
The Giants started the season at the bottom of this poll, which says something about the coaching job by Coughlin.
13 St. Louis Rams 19
If they had lost at San Fran, the buzzards would have been hovering above Mike Martz. As it is, they are 2-2 heading into a key game Sunday at Seattle.
14 Baltimore Ravens 10
So much for the defense carrying this team to a Super Bowl. They can't play like they did against the Chiefs and think that will happen.
15 Detroit Lions 18
Coming out of a bye week is something young teams have to learn to handle. Playing a good Atlanta team won't make it easy.
16 Carolina Panthers 11
They were miffed at the one-year wonder talk during training camp. That's looking more and more like a reality.
17 Green Bay Packers 12
Mike Sherman's team is struggling. And that's putting it nicely. Forget the Lambeau Leap. It's now the Lambeau Losses.
18 New Orleans Saints 13
Why is it this team can't handle prosperity? At least they have their whipping boys, the Bucs, coming to town this week.
19 Tennessee Titans 16
They're falling faster than Kobe Bryant's reputation. Too many players have left the past couple of years to keep this a playoff team.
20 Houston Texans 24
Two consecutive victories rids us of David Carr's nasty 'do, but more important for the Texans it has them at .500.
21 Cleveland Browns 25
They got a big victory this past week, but the Redskins played poorly so it's tough to gauge. Plus, Butch Davis gets demerits for faking that field goal.
22 Oakland Raiders 21
Maybe Rich Gannon will be missed more than some of us thought. Kerry Collins has to play better.
23 San Diego Chargers 30
Something you haven't seen in this space before: Credit to Marty Schottenheimer. He is doing a heck of a job with this young team.
24 Washington Redskins 17
The Joe Gibbs II era isn't off to a good start. At some point, this team has to start holding onto the ball.
25 Kansas City Chiefs 22
There's still hope. That was a heck of a road victory Monday, shredding a good Baltimore defense.
26 Cincinnati Bengals 23
They are taking the step back I expected. When you start a young quarterback, there are going to be growing pains.
27 Chicago Bears 26
The Mighty (Jon) Quinn he wasn't. The Bears are in for a long season without Rex Grossman.
28 Arizona Cardinals 32
Give Dennis Green credit, he had his team ready to play against the Saints. There are some good young players on this team, something to build around for the future.
29 Buffalo Bills 27
Who was it that thought this could be a playoff team? They have competed in games, but that's not good enough.
30 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 29
Don't look now, but the Creamsicle-colored Bucs are back. This is bad.
31 Miami Dolphins 28
How low can they go? Check back next week after the Patriots throw them around. Does anybody have Earl Morrall's number?
32 San Francisco 49ers 31
This proud organization is struggling in a big way. But didn't we expect that this year?

Rain Man
10-05-2004, 03:02 PM
So we beat Baltimore and actually moved down in their rankings? That makes a lot of sense.

Baby Lee
10-05-2004, 03:28 PM
That is fupped-up. I KNOW we are better than GB and Tenn.

10-05-2004, 04:38 PM
We moved down 3 spots for winning at Baltimore? I ****ing hate the media.