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10-05-2004, 08:28 PM
Opening Monologue
“I don’t know if we have had a team since I’ve been here play more consistently as hard on every snap…”

“Overall, in preparation, the staff’s ability to handle adversity properly over the last three weeks led to a positive contribution to our players handling it and allowing us to play a pretty good football game against a pretty good football team in a tough environment.

“Games like that don’t happen by accident. They usually don’t happen out of desperation. They normally take place because of determination and hard work and because of the people you have with you. But our determination to turn our season around was apparent all through the week not just through Monday night. I could see it and feel it.

“The players did a great job of really getting themselves ready to play. They set a real fine standard for themselves. But all we did last night is guarantee ourselves we won’t go 0-16. We know we’ve got one win.

“It was a win that for our organization from Lamar Hunt and Norma (Hunt) on down can really enjoy and, hopefully, build on.

“We keep talking about our profile and the character of our players. I think that was really demonstrated last night and to be able to demonstrate an effort as consistently on every snap as they did last night is a reflection of the kind of kids they are. They really played hard and I don’t know if we have had a team since I’ve been here play more consistently as hard on every snap as they did last night. Even when we made mistakes on certain plays they ended up being good because there was such an outstanding effort made on each snap.

“Our whole attitude and whole process was being attacked and I think the players responded in a way to add some credibility to their own performance as players and also to how and why we do things and the way we do them.

“I talk to them all the time about using adversity as an ally. I think they did that. I think most of the country that watched the game enjoyed it as a true pro football game in every aspect.

“The twelfth man in Baltimore last night was our team character, not the fans”

“I think the twelfth man in Baltimore last night was our team character, not the fans, not the situation. The twelfth man was the depth of character of each kid who played in the ballgame.

“Willie Roaf played the finest game that he’s played since he’s been a Chief. He was a dominator. In my opinion, he was the best tackle on the field. He played that way last night. I’ve seen him play well a lot, but through four quarters of football coming off the ball, run blocking, pass protection, that’s his best game as a Chief. He was impressive.

“What can you say about Priest Holmes? He’s a football player, a great football player. To do what very few in the National Football League do – to go to 5,000 yards in less than full five seasons is remarkable and a positive reflection on my coaches and the offensive line.

“Trent Green did a great job and came up with some plays under pressure and duress. He converted some critical third downs and (Tony) Gonzalez makes a big play, C(hris) Horn makes a big play. Johnnie Morton made some plays for us on offense. Jason Dunn played super. Brian Waters had a couple of great blocks on a great linebacker…Will Shields, our right tackle, John Welbourn’s getting a lot better.

“Defensively, we came off the ball as a down group better than we have at any time. Actually, the defensive line was led by the captain of the ballgame – Lional Dalton. He played awfully well. Not only did a make plays, he ruined a lot of other plays he wasn’t able to make. But the other guys played well too: John Browning, Eric Hicks played extremely hard, Ryan Sims was playing super until he pulled a hamstring, our young guy, Junior Siavii played better. He grew. That’s what he needs to do. Monty Beisel did some real good things until we had to move him to the outside where he hadn’t been working. We lost Fujita so we moved him outside there. Considering how little football Kawika (Mitchell) has played he did OK – not up to our expectations but he showed some flashes.

“Our secondary for the most part did a very, very good job. Greg Wesley had his best football game, Jerome (Woods) wasn’t tested as much back there at safety. Our corners did a good job. Dexter (McCleon) got a penalty called on him that you can’t see on tape, so it was a mistake, in my opinion. The holding call on Warfield on the interception in the endzone, he did hook his jersey and when they see that they’re going to call it.

“Our special teams, especially our coverage teams, were poor. We’ve worked on it enough to be better. They weren’t at the tempo with everybody else, so we have to evaluate that. We also have to consider a young linebacker that maybe we should bring up. We’ve got (Keyeron) Fox healthy now, so maybe we ought to get him up cause some guys aren’t getting it done.

“When you take Monty Beisel out of the mix on our coverage teams – especially on kickoff coverage – it affects us.

“Our kicks were not what they should be. They will be better. (Lawrence) Tynes did a nice job kicking field goals. He did not do a good job kicking off. One of the reasons we kept him was he could do both well. He has done both well in ballgames already. There was no reason except for being a little bit too up tight and kicking the ball too hard.

“Jason Baker started out poorly and got better as the game went on. That’s been his profile and I’ve just visited with him as he leaves our organization. If he can ever learn to start as he finishes he’ll punt in the National Football League. He tries to hit the ball too hard.

“For some reason what I say is not believed. The credibility is not deep enough…”

“Overall, it was our best football game and I think a better indication of the kind of team we expected to be right off the bat and weren’t. We’ll spend tomorrow studying why we weren’t in the opener the way we were last night, or why we weren’t in the second game at home. Same guys, same coaches, same process. We have to evaluate all those things.

“I’d like to think we can build on it. I know that’s a cliché and most people know that every week is a new experience. The nice thing about this week is the experience is rest, evaluate and recover and get ready to go back to work.

“I don’t know if it’s a blessing if we have the bye now. Last year we were 8-0 when we had our bye. It was a great time to take the bye and we came out and played real well the next ball game. We have some catching up to do.

“I’ve said this all along. For some reason what I say is not believed. The credibility is not deep enough, not established well enough that when I say we’re getting better and it soon manifests itself that I mean it and am sincere and basing it on facts not baloney. I think the defense demonstrated that last night.

“I said the defensive line was getting better. They’ve demonstrated it. I’ve said it all along in games that we’ve lost. Collectively, you could see that in the ball game last night and we will play better than that. People are turning it loose and not being afraid of making a mistake.

“There were some great glaring shots of us just knocking people around. The thing I got a kick out of and just mention in passing is how flamboyant (Baltimore) introduces the linebacker. I think that ought to be a 15-yard personal foul. We get called 15 (yards) for going in the stands with a guy. That sort of was a motivating tool for our football players. They looked over and….

“Great football atmosphere. That was as noisy a stadium that isn’t enclosed that we’ve been in for a long time. It was very intense for both teams. That was a very good, solid tough football team. I think their record at home demonstrates that over the last couple of years.

“There’s a little bit of sportswriter in everybody and they love you more when you win.“

Q: Does the bye interrupt momentum or factor in in any way?

DICK VERMEIL: “Doesn’t interrupt mine, I’ll tell you that. No. I don’t think so. I don’t know what our record with teams has been (following the bye). I know last year we came out of the bye and won. I know this: you go to Jacksonville you’re going to play one of the best defenses in football. You don’t need any excuses. You’d better use the bye as an advantage to get healthy, to gain quickness and explosion back.”

Q: As far as the momentum, is it especially good to get a win a week before the bye?

VERMEIL: “Oh, I think it is. I think it was important for us because we didn’t experience winning. I don’t know what the numbers are in studying the overall history of byes coming in and out. For us, it was very important. It rewards your psychological stamina. It rewards your work ethic. It rewards the efforts that you make to play your way out of it.”

Q: When you talk about criticism, are you talking about the national media or locally?

VERMEIL: “I don’t read the newspapers or listen to the radio. I just know what people say around the building. There’s so much innuendo about what has been said and this or that, who stinks as coaches, what a dumb decision this is, or the defensive line can’t play, the defensive coaches can’t coach, all these sorts of things. It always changes with winning.

“In a way there’s a little bit of sportswriter in everybody and they love you more when you win. Whether it be fans or radio guys, TV guys or people in organizations, it’s nice to sort of clean the air and say, ‘listen, it was a good football team coming into the season. We didn’t start out well. We’ve got to find out why and evaluate it, which we’ve been doing, and correct it. We just didn’t all of a sudden drop dead.’”

“You get better or worse, you very seldom remain status quo.”

Q: But doesn’t winning come from making the right decisions, having the right preparation?

VERMEIL: “A high percentage of it.”

Q: Losses, therefore, would come from bad decisions and poor preparation?

VERMEIL: “Not necessarily. Sometimes you play better teams. Sometimes you get wins early in the season like certain teams have in this league who haven’t played anybody yet. Right now, we’ve played the toughest schedule in football over the first four games — the toughest and two of them on the road.

“Sometimes you make wrong decisions that lead to losing, no question. We turn the ball over twice against Carolina here and you’re going to lose. Maybe we made some wrong decisions in preparation. But more often than not, unless there’s total changes in the people making decisions the decisions don’t vary that much. Sometimes you didn’t get better. You’ve heard me say it many times: you either get better or worse, you very seldom remain status quo. We were better last night.”

Q: You talk about the turnover thing all the time. On Sunday there were 13 games and 10 teams that were plus went 10-0.

VERMEIL: “Going into the game it was one win and 20 losses (when minus in turnovers).”

“By the end of the year there will be four or five teams that will probably separate (from the pack).”

Q: Every team knows that, but it seems like such a fine line.

VERMEIL: “Officiating calls in an even game. A good call your way or a bad call against you and it goes against you. A turnover by you or a takeaway by you determines the game. There are so many teams that are pretty darn close to each other. By the end of the year there will be four or five teams that will probably separate. Hopefully, we can be one of those teams. I don’t know if we can or not, but that’s what we’re working for.”

Q: You talk about so many teams being so close and when you think about that catch that (Baltimore’s) Johnson almost made on the fourth down. If he gets that maybe they’re in position to get a field goal and tie it up. Talk about how single plays like that can make a difference between this great feeling of elation you have and….

VERMEIL: “Just like we were called for holding on the 61-yard pass completion (to Chris Horn). If. If a frog had wings he could fly. It doesn’t count. It’s what happened. You have to learn to live with those. Part of the problem is you start – even I did it – a couple of calls go against you and some things break down and you say, ‘Gawd.’

“We’ve had seven balls on the ground this year by opponents and we’ve recovered (just) one of them. Sooner or later this is going to turn because over a period of time they end up 50/50. You have to study the game to know it. You might go one season and recover 12 of 24 fumbles, but another you recover six of 24. Right now we’re one of seven. You start to think, when is this going to go the other way?”

“Last year we played a number of opponents that when certain things went wrong for us it didn’t matter.”

Q: Do you generally find that good teams make things happen?

VERMEIL: “Good players make things happen. Good players make up good teams and you make up for the things that went against you. Last year we played a number of opponents that when certain things went wrong for us it didn’t matter. We already had enough points or continued to produce points. Right now, in terms of total offense we’re exactly the same as we were last year after four games. But points we’re down in.”

Q: The last couple of games you’ve dominated both games in time of possession, in total yards, dominated in every important stat. Is that what you’re talking about: a key penalty here, a play there?

VERMEIL: “Can be. I have my opinion on the Carolina game that’s very strong. I’m not going to talk about it. In fact, I get a kick out of doing the interviews (with TV) before the game for ABC. They study tapes and the game. Even they said, ‘Wow.’”

Q: Are creating big plays one explanation?

VERMEIL: “When you have been a very big play team offensively, the number one thing people do is study you and work on it to make sure they take away some of those big plays. We had some opportunities last night to make some big plays and came very, very close. We had a couple of runs that came within a few yards but were tripped up. Priest ran right into the back of a couple of our wide receivers who were getting in position to block and didn’t anticipate him being there that fast. Those are all the things you hope you can grow from.

“I think last night just demonstrated that we’re better than our 0-3 record that we went in there with and that we can play good football.”

Q: From what we saw from Jason Dunn yesterday, was that the result of a match-up against Baltimore or will we see more of that?

VERMEIL: “That wasn’t a match-up on anything. Same things we’ve done. The touchdown pass (to Dunn) they tackled Tony Gonzalez. Two guys had a hold of him. Absolutely tackled him, wrapped their arms all the way around him. I can show you pictures. Couldn’t throw to Tony Gonzalez. But they turned Jason Dunn over coming underneath. That’s why he caught (the TD).

“The overall execution number one primary receiver was a combination pattern that Tony Gonzalez catches it in the back of the endzone. But not when he’s wrapped up and held like he was held. With the overemphasis on him, there goes Jason Dunn.”

Q: You didn’t necessarily go into the game thinking you could do things with Jason Dunn.

VERMEIL: “No. We didn’t go in there planning it. He’s part of patterns and when coverages single him we have confidence he’ll make the play.”

Q: He seems to be moving really well?

VERMEIL: “You know, he had a great week of practice last week, too. The last two weeks he’s had great practices.”

Q: Has your quarterback ever played a better game? I’m not talking about stats or passer rating, but has he had a game where he made more clutch plays?

VERMEIL: “I don’t know. He’s played some perfect games, you know, maybe not against a team that had as good a reputation as the Ravens had. The Ravens are a good football team and they have good football players. They have some superstars. The Lewis twins: you just don’t shut those kinds of guys down. They make their plays and make their runs and yards. But if you can get your share of wins in a game against a team that has them, you have a chance to beat them.”

“I had my concerns when we came out of training camp”

Q: You indicated that last night’s team was the real Chiefs team. What would lead you to say that as opposed to the Chiefs from the first couple of games?

VERMEIL: “We played more like our best football that we played last year. We were more physical, more physical than maybe we’ve been at any time. It was as physical an approach as we’ve taken in playing a football game at any time. I think the offensive line has felt good about their growth. John Welbourn played his best game. He’s learning how to play right tackle. He made a couple of mistakes, but he’s playing better. I think all those things help.

“I had my reservations when we came out of training camp, my concerns, remember? Some of them demonstrated I had reasons for concerns and some of them demonstrated I had no reason for concern. I have my own opinions in regard to starting out slower. Some were maybe self-induced excuses or the result of some solid thinking.

“I did not like the last two weeks of training camp. I didn’t like how it was organized. I didn’t like the schedule and how we had to do things, how we had to practice. It was very disruptive to continual growth as a football team. But that’s how it is today. You play a Monday night game and then a Thursday night game. You break camp and all those different things. It was not conducive to continual growth of a football team. It’s not an excuse, but I don’t control that.”

Q: One of your concerns coming out of camp, I think, was not being physical enough was it not?

VERMEIL: “Uh huh. Like I say, that’s a concern I don’t have right now. We weren’t that way in the opener (either).”

Q: What got it turned around in the last couple of weeks?

VERMEIL: “You just keep working at it. You guys don’t stay on the practice field because we close it. But we keep working. When you guys leave we keep working. We get a lot done. We keep working on fundamentals of the game. Certain people get better.”

Q: Did your players react at all about this new physicality? Was that a reaction to some of the criticism?

“As a person in a responsible position of leadership, you can’t fluctuate in your opinion…day to day, week to week.”

VERMEIL: “No. As a person in a responsible position of leadership, you can’t fluctuate in your opinion of your players as players or a team day to day, week to week. You’ve got to have a strong feeling for what they are, what they can be and you’d better stick to it. If you allow outside influences to affect how you evaluate your team and how you evaluate the process it’s a spiral downward, believe me.”

Q: Are you getting more than you expected from Lional Dalton?

VERMEIL: “Yeah. We saw this in him when he left the Ravens and went to Denver when we were in the hunt to get him. We saw this in him when he went to the Redskins and tooled around in trying to trade for him. But he never played like he played last night. I think he’s playing at a level that he’s proud of. He’s excited. That’s why he was captain (vs. Baltimore). He’s played like that two weeks in a row prior to this ball game. He’s practiced like that on the practice field. I think he likes being a Chief. He likes our defensive coaches, our defensive line coaches. He likes what they’re teaching them and he’s having fun. It’s a different style than he’s been allowed to play in the other schemes.”

Q: Did you get a chance to talk to Gunther Cunningham about his reaction to some fans after the game? ABC showed a quick shot of a couple of fans jarring at him and he got mad and yelled back. Was that something that was going on (all game)?

VERMEIL: “I heard a little bit about it. The thing is you’re in the press box and right here (points in front of him) are the fans. I can remember broadcasting games in that environment. Wow. You don’t want to be a defensive coordinator calling signals. That can be tough.”

Q: What about Johnnie Morton’s performance?

VERMEIL: “No training camp, so to speak. Then he started out and got leg weary and tired because he was getting back in shape. He’s back and is on the rise. He made some plays for us last night. Our quarterback trusts him. He throws the ball up to a spot. He knows Johnnie will get it. The first one down the sideline they blitzed with safeties and we can’t pick everybody up. Trent read it and so did Johnnie. Boom. Experience. Laid it up there right over the outside shoulder, perfect throw, caught the ball, big time. That’s why he’s here and I think you’ll see more of those kinds of plays. I don’t think we have yet taken full advantage of what Johnnie can give us.”


10-06-2004, 04:32 PM
*bump* Press Conference updated.

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the Talking Can
10-06-2004, 05:09 PM
I agree, in a sense, that it was as hard as I've seen both sides of the ball play in the same game. They were just relentless.

We have a long way to go, but if we can sustain that type of play, and get a few lucky bounces (lord knows we've been screwed enough this year) we can be a better team than last year.

But we have to beat Jacksonville. If we lose and we're 1-4 all the doubt will creep back in.

10-06-2004, 06:00 PM
VERMEIL: “Good players make things happen. Good players make up good teams and you make up for the things that went against you. Last year we played a number of opponents that when certain things went wrong for us it didn’t matter. We already had enough points or continued to produce points. Right now, in terms of total offense we’re exactly the same as we were last year after four games. But points we’re down in.”

This really sums up the BASIC reason for our record at this point, sure there have been other factors but the higher competition thus far has made our weaknesses/mistakes GLARING, you can hide those types of things when your playing lesser opponents.