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10-12-2004, 02:07 PM
Week 6 NFL Power Rankings
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The top-ranked Patriots' 19-game winning streak will be put to the test in coming weeks. After three bye weeks (playing the Cardinals and Bills is more like scrimmaging against the JV team), the Patriots' next four games are: No. 6 Seattle and No. 5 New York Jets at home and on the road at No. 11 Pittsburgh and No. 12 St. Louis. The Eagles could be primed for a takeover.

ON THE RISE: The surprising Chargers continue to play well behind QB Drew Brees and hopped eight spots this week from 26th to 18th. Tampa Bay (won at New Orleans) and Kansas City (bye) also leaped seven spots.

FALLING FAST: The Jaguars' defense has been exposed, and Jacksonville pays the price in dropping eight spots from 11th to 19th. The Cowboys (lost vs. Giants) and Panthers (lost at Denver) also fell six places each.

NOTE: Rankings are updated by Tuesday midday every week.

Rk Team Last Week Rising/Falling High/Low Comment
1. Patriots (4-0) 1st SAME 1st/1st This team, winners of a record 19 games in a row, looks better than last year's Super Bowl team. Big challenges come next, beginning with Seattle this week.
2. Eagles (4-0) 2nd SAME 2nd/3rd The Eagles, who had the week off, have dominated on both sides of the ball with 18 sacks from 13 players on defense and Terrell Owens and Donovan McNabb on offense.
3. Colts (4-1) 4th

(+1) 3rd/5th Peyton Manning is hot and has more targets than most teams can cover. The subpar defense plays over its head and might be good enough to win the conference.
4. Vikings (3-1) 6th

(+2) 4th/13th The Vikings beat the hot Texans on the road. Their fourth-string RB was good for 32 touches and 182 yards, and Daunte Culpepper had his second 5-TD performance of the season. The defense, however, ranks last against the pass and must improve.
5. Jets (4-0) 7th

(+2) 5th/18th The Jets' schedule (Cincinnati, San Diego, Miami, Buffalo) was conducive to this fast start. Still, the Jets have weapons and rarely make mistakes.
6. Seahawks (3-1) 3rd

(-3) 3rd/8th The Seahawks manhandled the Rams for three quarters but couldn't finish the job. Hopefully, it's a lesson learned. New England is up this week.
7. Broncos (4-1) 9th

(+2) 7th/14th The Broncos haven't inspired many believers. Despite quarterback Jake Plummer, the Broncos are winning with strong defense and running back by committee.
8. Falcons (4-1) 5th

(-3) 5th/20th The Falcons lost at home last week, but there are big reasons to believe in this team the defense, the potential of a strong running game and the maturation of Michael Vick.
9. Ravens (3-2) 10th

(+1) 7th/12th The Ravens can't beat good teams with Kyle Boller but seem to be able to win the games they should. How will they do without Jamal Lewis the next two weeks?
10. Giants (4-1) 13th

(+3) 10th/27th Tom Coughlin coaches to eliminate mistakes and let his opponents make the errors. There are better rosters, but few teams are better prepared. The Kurt Warner signing is a gem.
11. Steelers (4-1) 12th

(+1) 11th/24th This looks like the Tom Brady effect all over again: A young QB plays because of an injury and is good immediately, elevating everyone's skills. Plus, the Steelers can run the ball. By December, Pittsburgh could be a top-five team.
12. Rams (3-2) 15th

(+3) 7th/22nd This team fluctuates a lot, but it has the offensive firepower to beat any team. The late-game rally in Seattle is a statement victory. Keep your eye on the big rookie RB, Steven Jackson. He can protect a lead.
13. Lions (3-1) 16th

(+3) 13th/28th The Lions' accomplishments are admirable, but injuries are mounting. The team should trade for Oakland WR Jerry Rice ASAP. If this team doesn't make a trade, it'll slide.
14. Cowboys (2-2) 8th

(-6) 8th/15th Coach Bill Parcells is winning with tricks and preparation. It doesn't work every week, but he still can get his team ready to beat most coaches.
15. Chiefs (1-3) 22nd

(+7) 5th/22nd The Chiefs have only one win but can compete if the defense shows improved tackling skills. Perhaps the open week did them some good.
16. Texans (3-2) 21st

(+5) 16th/30th The Texans won two in a row before losing to Minnesota in overtime. QB David Carr has arrived, WR Andre Johnson looks like a Pro Bowl player and there is RB depth. This team is ready to roll.
17. Titans (2-3) 17th SAME 4th/17th Things are tough for the once mighty Titans, but it's not over. RB Chris Brown is a joy to watch, Steve McNair still is Steve McNair and the defense plays with an attitude.
18. Chargers (3-2) 26th

(+8) 18th/32nd Good coaching, better defense and the best player in the NFL make the Chargers tough to beat these days. Don't take the Chargers lightly.
19. Jaguars (3-2) 11th

(-8) 10th/22nd The Jaguars either have hit a wall or have seen their luck run out. The Jags' interior run defense is stout, but their perimeter is shaky.
20. Panthers (1-3) 14th

(-6) 2nd/20th All those miracle finishes last year are a thing of the past. The front four no longer dominates, and the team's elite RBs are hurt.
21. Redskins (1-4) 18th

(-3) 14th/21st The Redskins are better than their 1-4 record and are better than this ranking. They just have to prove it. It's hard to believe that LaVar Arrington's injury would make this big a difference. The offense, particularly QB Mark Brunell, has been bad.
22. Bucs (1-4) 29th

(+7) 21st/29th The defense will not quit, RB Michael Pittman can move the chains and the QB change has provided a spark. A backslide is possible, though.
23. Packers (1-4) 20th

(-3) 8th/23rd The Packers were a solid playoff team last year and now are getting blown out at home. They can't stop the run, they get burned by reckless blitzing and they can't hold on to the ball. Three losses at Lambeau? This season almost is over. Almost.
24. Raiders (2-3) 19th

(-5) 17th/24th The talent is good, but this team is too sloppy to take seriously. The team must shape up starting with DT Warren Sapp. The defense is struggling, and the offense seems to make a turnover every other series.
25. Browns (2-3) 23rd

(-2) 23rd/26th The Browns have plenty of injuries and excuses. They play hard but scare no one. This team is heading south in a hurry.
26. Cardinals (1-4) 28th

(+2) 26th/32nd Dennis Green's team lacks the talent to finish off opponents, but the Cardinals play hard. The same can't be said for most of the teams in the bottom 12.
27. Bengals (1-3) 25th

(-2) 13th/27th Don't blame QB Carson Palmer. Blame a defense that can't stop anyone, a personnel department that can't evaluate CBs and a coach that didn't get Palmer ANY experience last year and still didn't make the playoffs.
28. Saints (2-3) 24th

(-4) 16th/28th The Saints have lots of talent but little heart. QB Aaron Brooks wants to reevaluate his position on the team? Try playing up to your skills. This team used to show up every other week; now it looks like once a month.
29. Bills (0-4) 30th

(+1) 23rd/30th If J.P. Losman were healthy, he likely would be getting the start this week at QB. Drew Bledsoe can't move, and this team isn't going anywhere despite a decent defense.
30. Bears (1-3) 27th

(-3) 24th/30th The Bears have too many injuries to do much damage, but the team plays hard every week and RB Thomas Jones is having a breakout season.
31. 49ers (1-4) 32nd

(+1) 30th/32nd It was good to finally see the 49ers show some pride last week, but the team lost its best player for the season.
32. Dolphins (0-5) 31st

(-1) 17th/32nd The Dolphins are not the worst team, but they can't win a game. Ricky Williams should never be forgiven. The defense has played well and kept the team in games, but the offensive line makes playing QB a life-threatening activity.

10-12-2004, 02:27 PM
why the fvck does everyone love the broncos so damn much.